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Message: Start of CrePS Institute and publication of "TRIZ Practices and Benefits" book series

Editor: Toru Nakagawa
(Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University and
Director of CrePS Institute )

Posted: Feb. 16, 2014
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Message (Toru Nakagawa, Feb. 14, 2014)

Under the background situations which I wrote in my New Year Message , I have just started 'CrePS Institute', a sole proprietorship, and have become its Director.

I have started this as a minimal body of business for running publications and trainings, etc.   The official statements as requested by law are as follows:

Name: CrePS Institute
Business form: A sole proprietorship
Responsible Director: Toru Nakagawa
Office address:

3-1-13 Eirakudai, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-0086, Japan

Tel. & FAX +81-4-7167-7403

Web site:
Email address:   (
Business activities:

Research, education, and proliferation activities of creative problem solving methods (e.g., TRIZ, USIT, CrePS, etc.).
Specifically: research and development of such methods; real applications of such methods; training and education of such methods to engineers, business people, students, and younger people; consulting; authoring, translating, editing, and publishing on such methods; delivering information through internet Web sites; participating and involving in academic or public conferences and projects; and other types of proliferation activities of the methods.

Date of establishment:

Established on May 1, 2013  as CrePS
Renamed on Dec. 2, 2013 as CrePS Institute

The activities stated above are just the ones I have been doing  for these 16 years or so.  The operations and policies of the present Web site, "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" will not be affected at all, especially in its basic nature of not-for profit and public service .  For starting the publication of TRIZ book series, it has become necessary for me to take the official business responsibility as a publisher.   I have chosen a minimal business style, a sole proprietorship.  I am going to use the name of CrePS Institute in the business-related aspects of my activities of publication, training, etc. 

As described in separate pages, the CrePS Institute is restarting the publication of "TRIZ  Practices and Benefits" book series .  The series was published by Sozo Kaihatsu Initiative, Ltd. (SKI) since 2004, containing Vol. 1. HOSI (by Darrell Mann) and Vol. 2 Matrix 2003 (by Darrell Mann et al.).  SKI ceased its business by the end of 2012, and I received the rights of publication of 5 books in which I was involved as the main translator.  I negotiated with a few commercial publishers on publishing the book series, but failed because the publishing companies were declined in taking the financial risks in sales.

Recently I have found that the publication in the style of downloading digital files is practical for readers and for publishers.  For authors and publishers it is an easy and convenient system; once uploading the finalized manuscripts, the system takes care of selling and delivering the digital files and does not request financial risks to the publishers.  For the readers, the downloading is convenient.  However, there is one inconvenience, at moment, for the readers; the current site (DLmarket in Japan) does not allow the option to buy printed books. (The site is currently developing such an optional service, I am told.)

Thus I have just started the digital publication of "TRIZ  Practices and Benefits" book series in the name of CrePS Institute as the publisher.  The first volume is a revised Japanese edition, "HOSI with Matrix 2010" and the second volume will be "Matrix 2010" (both written by Darrell Mann).  I wish both these volumes help many people understand TRIZ in its modernized form and apply it to their jobs of creative problem solving.

I wish to make CrePS Institute productive and helpful for the proliferation of creative problem solving methods in Japan and in the world.  Thanking you all for your supports.

Toru Nakagawa,  February 14, 2014.


PS (Toru Nakagawa, Feb. 14, 2014): 

For avoiding unnecessary confusion, I would like to state the following points:

CrePS is the short-hand word for 'General Methodology for Creative Problem-Solving/Task-Achieving', or more plainly 'Creative problem solving methods'.
CrePS is not meant to be a trade mark; it wants to be a name of the methodology having the approach described so far in my papers and to be developed further (by many people).

The symbol mark of CrePS

The symbol mark of CrePS has been designed as shown here:
I would like to thank Mr. Kazuo Gotoh for his help in designing this symbol mark.
CrePS Institute is going to develop and proliferate the methodology CrePS, but will not try to 'own' CrePS.


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