TRIZ Textbooks:  CID Course for Children, 3-1W0
Planet of Unsolved Misteries:
Course of Creative Imagination Development (CID), 3rd Grade, 1st Semester, Children Workbook
Natalia V. Rubina, 1998 [published in Russian]
English translation by Irina Dolina, June 3, 2001
Technical Editing by Toru Nakagawa, December 15, 2001
Published in this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" in English on Dec. 17, 2001 under the permission of the Author. 
(C) N.V.Rubina, I. Dolina, T. Nakagawa, 2001

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     We are very glad to welcome you on the pages of our book.
     When a new academic year begins, it is pleasant to recollect the careless summer days.
     Think of one of these days…  During your vacation a distant relative of your age visited you.  You were to make his stay interesting, so you decided to show him the most fascinating things in your city.  Where will you go?

     Write about it and draw a picture.

     Devise an attraction, a museum or other place of amusement, which exists nowhere else.

  1. Choice of a method.
  2. Choice of a system, on the basis of which a new idea emerges.
  3. Steps of the method.
  4. Supplements and details of the idea that has emerged.
  5. A picture or a story, explaining this idea.

Scale “Fantasy – 2”.


How do you understand a novelty?

How to define the level of a novelty (from 1 to 4 points):

It is important that the idea should be not only new but also true.

Define how persuasive this idea is (from 1 to 4 points):

Humanitarian Value.
What new information does your idea can give about a human being or about a mankind?
Artistic Value.
The idea is not a story nor a novel.  Yet, judging by the way a person expresses his ideas, much can be said about the author.
Subjective Evaluation.
Have you ever thought about the reason why you like or dislike books, stories, movies?
     Evaluate your today’s works.
Give points from 1 to 4 to yourself.   Give points for your neighbor’s idea from 1 to 4.
Novelty Novelty
Persuasiveness Persuasiveness
Humanitarian value Humanitarian value
Artistic value Artistic value
Subjective evaluation  Subjective evaluation

     Compare your points.
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