TRIZ Lecture: 
 Hands-On Systematic Innovation --
 Evolving The World's Most Powerful
 Creativity & Innovation Processes
 Darrell Mann (CREAX)
  Presented at the Systematic Innovation Forum for Celebrating the Publication of the Japanese Edition of Darrell Mann's "Hands-On Systematic Innovation", Sept. 6, 2004, in Kyoto and Sept. 7, 2004, in Tokyo
 [Posted here with the courtesy by the author.  Oct. 18, 2004]  All rights reserved.  [Posted in Japanese translation on Oct. 7, 2004]
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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 12, 2004)

As announced  three months ago, we have published the Japanese Edition of Darrell Mann's HOSI Textbook as follows:

Original book:  "Hands-On Systematic Innovation"
                            by Darrell Mann, CREAX Press, 2002

Title (translated back from Japanese):   "TRIZ  Practices and Benefits. 
                           Vol. 1. Systematic Technological Innovation",

Publisher:         Sozo Kaihatsu Initiative (SKI), Tokyo,
Supervising Translator:  Toru Nakagawa,
Translators:           Knowledge Creation Study Group  (17 members)

[The following documents are posted in English  in this site:  Mann's and Nakagawa's Prefaces for the Japanese Edition,  Q&A documents on the English Edition,  Hierarchical structuring of section headers, Table of Contents, and Translation Notes.]

For celebrating this publication, we have invited the Author to Japan and have held "Systematic Innovation Forum' in Kyouto and Tokyo as follows:

Forum:  Systematic Innovation Forum (for Celebrating the Publication of the Japanese Edition of Darrell Mann's "Hands-On Systematic Innovation")
Held by:  Sozo Kaihatsu Initiative, Ltd. (SKI) and  SANNO Institute for Management
Date and Place:      Sept.  6, 2004 at the Auditorium of Sekisui Chemical Industries, Ltd., Kyoto, and
                                 Sept. 7, 2004 at Chuo University's Surugadai Memorial Building, Tokyo.
Program Outline: 
                Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.):  Introduction to HOSI  ,
Manabu Sawaguchi (SANNO Inst. for Management):  On developing next-generation products,
Hiroshi Ueda (SKI):  For producing powerful intellectual properties,
                Shinsuke Kurosawa (SANNO Inst. for Management):  TRIZ:  evolving innovation methodology
                Mamoru Zenko (IDEA):  Innovative thinking process with TRIZ
                Darrell Mann (CREAX):  Hands-On Systematic Innovation
Darrell Mann's talk at the Forum is posted here by the curtesy of the author.  103 slides of the talk (excluding 9 excercise slides) are show in the PDF format.  The Author gives a vivid overview of his recent work embodyed in his excellent textbook.  We are sincerely grateful to Darrell Mann and CREAX, nv, for their allowing us this posting. 

Darrell Mann  (CREAX):   Email:
CREAX, nv. (Belgium)    Web site:


Hands-On Systematic Innovation:
Evolving The World's Most Powerful Creativity & Innovation Processes

Darrell Mann (CREAX)

Systematic Innovation Forum,
Kyoto and Tokyo, Sept. 6 and 7, 2004

Click here for the slides.  PDF 842 KB

[103 slides, 2 slides/page, in the PDF format]

Outline of the Talk  (Compiled by Toru Nakagawa)

1.  Big Picture Overview
Innovation and creativity,   TRIZ and Systematic Innovation,    Re-Organizing TRIZ,
TRIZ - Tool? Method? Philosophy?    TRIZ Process for 'Tangible Benefits'

Five Pillars of Systematic Innovation:   Space/Time/Interface,   Resources,    Contradictions,
Functionality,   Ideality  (Trends of evolution,   Ideal final result,  Self-X)

2.  System Dynamics
The Law of Diminishing Returns - The 'continuous improvement' paradox,
Typical product life-cycle S-curve,   The overriding importance of evolutionary S-curves,
Root cause analysis paralysis,    S-curve family

3.  Contradiction Elimination
Whack-a-mole,   The design process as a fluid-filled bag,  
Trade-off vs breakthrough thinking

Parameters of the Contradiction Matrix,   TRIZ Contradiction Matrix,  
TRIZ 40 Inventive Principles,   40  Inventive (Management) Principles, 
Brain storming using Inventive Principles,  
Difference between traditional and TRIZ design philisophies,

Matrix 2003,   Management Contradictiion Matrix

4.  Evolutionary Potential, Trends of Evolution
Traditional technology forecasting methods - All are wrong.   
Predictable technology evolution with TRIZ,   TRIZ Evolution Trends,
Trends - A final thought regarding 'Resources'

Evolutionary potential assessment method,   Evolutionary  potential rader chart,
Objects for analysing the evolutionary potential,

How to use the evolutionary potential chart,   Evolutionary benchmarking,
"Industry Dynamics",   Application example of Trends of Evolution,

5.  Putting it all together:  Summary
Three means of changing a system,    Process of problem solving in the Systematic Innovation, 
'Define' Pack - Forms for problem definition, 

TRIZ short-cuts (1) Contradictions,  TRIZ short-cuts (2) Resources, 

Promoting TRIZ:  Importance of Win-Win spiral,  
TRIZ:  New capabilities for engineers and managers,  
CREAX Web site, 


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