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東日本大震災 (地震、津波、原発事故) について


責任編集: 中川 徹(大阪学院大学)

掲載:2011. 3.22; 4. 2; 4.15; 5. 8: 5.19

  ==> 東日本大震災と今後: 参考資料とノート (責任編集: 中川 徹) (別ページ) (2011. 5.19; 6.15)

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[6] 海外の読者の皆さんからのメッセージ (22人 14ヶ国) と 中川の返信(一部) (4月16日〜5月 8日) (2011. 5. 8)

[5] 海外の読者の皆さんからのメッセージ (36人 23ヶ国) と 中川の返信(一部) (3月23日〜4月15日) (2011. 4.15)

[4]  編集者より:  現況報告 (中川 徹、2011年 4月 2日) (2011. 4. 2)

[3]  編集者より: お見舞いと報告 (中川 徹、2011年 3月22日、『TRIZホームページ』更新) (2011. 3.22)

[2] 海外の読者の皆さんからのメッセージ (52人26ヶ国) と 中川の返信(一部) (地震直後 〜 3月22日) (2011. 3.22)

[1] 編集者より (中川 徹、2011年 3月15日、『TRIZホームページ』更新案内) (2011. 3.15)


本ページの先頭 [1] 中川メッセージ2011. 3.15 [2] 海外からのメッセージ (直後〜3/22) [3] 中川メッセージ 2011. 3.22 [4] 現状報告 (4. 2) [5] 海外からのメッセージ (〜4/15) [6] 海外からのメッセージ (〜5/8)   大震災と今後(参考資料) 英文ページ


  [6] 海外の読者の皆さんからのメッセージ (22人 14ヶ国) と 中川の返信(一部) (4月16日〜5月 8日)

  Toru Nakagawa     2011/04/16  0:30   (Second Announcement of Japan TRIZ Symposium 2010)

For many people suffering from the terrible disaster caused by the March 11 Great Earthquake and Tsunami and subsequent Fukushima Nuclear Plant accident, we sincerely pray for comfort and we would like to contribute to the recovery.

We have recently decided as follows: "We continue to prepare for holding the Symposium in our original plan:  The 7th TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2011 to be held by the Japan TRIZ Society on Sept. 8-10, 2011 at Toshiba Kenshu Center, in Yokohama, with some possibility of change/reduction/cancellation of the event in case of much worsened situation in the future."

Plan of the invited lectures, including the Keynote Lecture and one-day Advanced Seminar by Dr. Simon Litvin, are now announced. Please refer to the two PDF files attached.
We eagerly wish you to contribute your paper to our Japan TRIZ Symposium. If you want any further information, please write to me via email. Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa

  A. Z. (USA)    2011/04/16 1:01

Thank you for your email and the brochure with incredible pictures of the earthquake disaster. We would like to join you in your prayers and hope for the fast recovery of your great nation. We will look into a possibility to participate.   Best regards,  A. Z.

  P. F.   (UK)   2011/04/16 4:27

Sorry I cannot make it this year. I am though already booked for SI conference in Shanghai (end of May). Are you going?
C. (and I) are trying to organise a special concert in aid of the pottery area of Mashico in association with the pottery's in St Ives. Catherine is also seeing if it is possible to produce a special CD.
Also attached a photos of hundreds of origami cranes made by our university students and staff as part of an appeal for Japan.   Best wishes,  P.

  S. L.  (USA)      2011/04/16 7:13

Thank you for the update on Japan TRIZ Symposium 2011 and magazine that I got from you by mail with terrible photos of Japanese earthquake and tsunami. I will be happy to support heroic efforts of Japanese people fighting consequences of this disaster.  Best regards, S.

  D. J. Y. (Korea)    2011/04/16 8:34

I hope that JTRIZ sysmposium has a good result against the disaster.  And, I will cheer your active devotion for TRIZ.  Thank you for all.   D. J. Y.

  K. S.  (Thailand)   2011/04/16 11:13

Please forgive me for the very late reply.   I've already got the "Asahi Graphics" Magazine from you since last 2 weeks. Thank you very much for your kindness. I hope Japan recover from sorrow soon.  Rdgs,  K. S. 

  J. D.  (Belgium)    2011/04/16 17:02

A couple of days ago the magazine you sent me arrived: thanks a lot !  The magazine is actually a remarkable collection of photographs that manage to capture the scale and tragedy of the tsunami disaster in an astonishing way. The photographer (one or probably multiple persons) has solidified such hard to imagine effects in a way that one can feel what it must be to be directly confronted with the situation.

In Europe the news reporting on the disaster is a bit less intensive now, with main focus on the nuclear threat. But the solidarity remains large: we have an action at KUL here to collect some money but especially for people to wear badges with the Japanese flag to show solidarity. It is not clear how money could help, however: judging from what we see in the news reports, the Japanese emergency relieve seems to work well and was activated within the first hours. We are used to learn about disasters like this in countries that can not help themselves: Indonesia, Bangladesh, ... So we have a bit of problem to decide how we could be of assistance to a mature, advanced society like Japan. I guess that respecting the time it will take for Japan to rebuild some infrastructure and for the economy to recover is the most obvious answer.

In the mean time I do hope that the human suffering will not grow further due to escalation of the nuclear effects. In Europe governments are now organizing intensive screening tests for the old nuclear installations still in use. Some news disasters may perhaps be prevented by such a reaction. We will probably never now. But we can only aim to learn from history and grow in our knowledge.  Thanks for contributing to this by sharing your information with us.  Best regards   J.

  D. C. (Ireland)  2011/04/16 18:01

Thank you for all your hard work on this important topic. Cannot confirm anything at this time. Client travel commitments overwhelming right now.  I did just want to tell that the Japanese people are in my thoughts at this time.  Inde  Regards,   D.

  X.-Y. Z.  (China)    2011/04/17 0:09

I have received your e-mail and your copy of the magazine, thanks a lot!  Regards!  X.-Y. Z.

S.-W. K. (Korea)    2011/04/18 10:57

I wonder and ask your health.  Thank you for your post and I share my neighbor's big sorrow.  I have heard the news of neighbor and your weekly magazine gave me more sadness of disaster.  I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences and consolation to the victims and people. And I show admiration for their rationality, order and caring in extreme situation.  I believe wise Japanesel people can overcome the difficulties and I support and cheer the bright bravery.  Keep courage up, keep in there, please ! Sincerely yours, S.-W. K.

  H.    (Korea)     2011/04/18 19:51


  H. R. (USA)   2011/04/18 20:36

Thank you very much for forwarding the copy of the "Asahi Graphics" Magazine's Special Issue. The pictures were shocking and sorrowful.  I have shared this issue with my friends and co-workers. We are amazed at the tragedy, and hope that your county men and woman gaining strength form your struggle. It is amazing how vital for life a drop a water can be, yet so devastating how a great wave of water can be on the same life.
We are want to help. Dr. Nakagawa, Is there any specific items you need or any connects that we can make for you to support your country's recovery?  Thank you for sharing the news,  H.

  Toru Nakagawa          (Reply to H.R.)        2011/04/23 9:17

Dear H.,  Thank you very much for your message. I apologize my delay in reply.  The photos can convey real situations of the disaster, much more than words.
Thank you so much for suggesting us your support. The "Asahi Graphics" Magazine was published as a special issue and a part of its sale is donated to the charity through 'Asahi Shimbun Social Welfare Organization'.  Thus I called the Organization and found: They have recently (on Apr. 15) opened a Web page, where people can send the charity with a credit card, either VISA or Master Card.   The page is in Japanese at moment. They are going to open the page in English as well, they say.
(Japanese Red Cross, through US Red Cross, may be the standard route for charity. The Asahi's organization will serve in a complementary way, I hope.)  Thank you again, Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa

Y. O. (Turkey)    2011/04/19 4:26

a) Thanks for the info on the TRIZ Symposium. I won't be able to join to the Symptosium, FYI please.
b) Although I noted that you were not obliged to send me the photographs of the Eartquake and the Tsunami, you kindly send the document to my address. Please note that I have received it and thanks for this.
c) Let me point out again that we still pray from here in Turkey for the victims of the Eartquake and the Tsunami and share your deep sorrow. We wish no one experience these kind of sorrow again.   Best regards, Y. O.

G. C. (Italy)   2011/04/20 7:24

First of all I would like to thank you for the magazine with the impressive photos of the tsunami; I have just received it and despite we have had an overexposure to this images through internet, it still makes a lot of impression to see once again the dimension of this tragedy on the paper..

Thanks also for keeping me informed about the plans for the 2011 edition of the triz symposium.  Indeed I would like to attend the event, also as a small sign of encouragement to Japanese people; so from my side the accident won't be as a "deterrent" to participation. Nevertheless I won't hide that due to the controversial information we have received so far, some questions arise; as a suggestion to the organizing committee, if you will be able to clarify some issues the probability to receive participants from overseas will dramatically increase, I think. Most of all I wonder about the initiatives which have been taken to control radioactivity of water and food (which are both not univocally related to the venue of the conference). I'm sure that your government has taken precise initiatives from this point of view, but unfortunately Japan is not anymore the main topic of our newspapers these days, just some news about the perspectives of the nuclear plant appear, but nothing about the people...
So, I suggest to add this kind of info to the conference information set, in order to avoid that "ignorance" will cause exaggerated fear...  Keep in touch.  g.

  Toru Nakagawa        --  May 8, 2011  (Editorial)

In short, "No affect to our and your health".  I am going to make a Web page where I gather and decscribe the information related to the current (and past) situations in Japan especially on the topic of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident.  Give me a few more days.

  J. V.  (UK)   2011/04/22 4:48

Many thanks for sending the magazine about the tsunami. It has generated a lot of interest at the BRLSI. We are all very impressed at the speed and efficiency with which Japan is recovering. The problem with the nuclear reactors is difficult, though, and I wonder if it can be solved with USIT or similar?   Best wishes,  J. V.

  M. K. (Iran)    2011/04/24 14:56

Hope to be fine and healthy.  I have received the envelope including the magazine yesterday. Thanks so much for keeping me update with the new situation and my good memories from Japan.  I may show it in one of the live talk shows and remind people about the impacts and efforts in Japan.
We are working on a paper for Symposium and I hope to make it ready as soon as possible.  Hope to meet you soon again,  Best wishes, M.

  Toru Nakagawa   ( Reply to M.K.)   2011/04/24 20:51

Dear M., This morning I called the Asahi Newspaper Company and talked them about your plan of showing some photos of the Asahi Graphics magazine in your TV program.
The lady of their Copyrights Department said:  They are happy to learn that you are going to show the photos to people in Iran on TV.  They have approved your showing on Nakagawa's phone call, even though the arrangement is rather informal, with the consideration of urgency, exceptional case of disaster, and nature of charity, etc.  They are happy that the magazine and the photos can convey the real situations of the disaster to people in the world, even without translating the language.
So please show the photos to your people.  You may use any photo, even with close-up views.
Thanks and best wishes,  Toru Nakagawa

  U. M.  (India)   2011/04/24 16:30

I received the Asahi magazine on Japan earthquake. Although I had seen many photos/ videos on Japan earthquake/tsunami in the TV, these pictures are all different. I think these pictures were taken by their own photographers and hence not shared by the general media.
Apart from the heartrending pictures of devastation, I got fascinated with the japanese city view, wooden houses etc. What I liked most is the cute pictorial fonts :). Sorry for being childish - but they look beautiful especially when put vertically on the photographs :).  Best regards, U.

  A. T. N.  (Ukraine)    2011/04/25 23:22

I received the magazine by airmail.  Thank you!  This is very valuable to me.  Best wishes for a Happy Easter!  A. T. N.

  J. L. C. (Taiwan)   2011/04/26 10:46

Thank you for your emails and special magazine for the Japan earthquake , tsunami, & nuclear power plant crisis.  I wish Japan can recovery very soon.  May God Bless You & Your Family!  J. L. C.

  S. H. Y.   (Korea)  2011/04/26 17:46

I am now sending deepest condolences to Japan.  At first, I am sorry I couldn't write earlier.  To tell the truth, I was occupied by several big schedules. ...

I found your magazine on Japan Earthquake. Quite big catastrophy. Actually our university collected donations for Japanese people and it was sent to Japanese embassy.  I am so sympathized by the size of the accident and also one of friend in Korea got degree from Tohoku university and I had heard much about Sendai from him.  Really sorry about that.

And also I send my respect your decision to go on Japan TRIZ symposium.  Yes, it is good to show the will of your association.  Korean friends will do best to help and participate as much as possible.

Recently I heard the sad news of Mr. Khomenko's passing away.  So I think the seminar at last year's Japan symposium might be his last international presence.  I know Mrs. Natalia Narbut passed away a few years ago.  Yes, in this direction the founder, Altshuller passed away in 1998.  I feel that the 1st generation of TRIZ is going by.  As a TRIZ evangelist, I feel sorry those are passing away.  Before all the first generation go away, I think we should make firm ground of TRIZ and CAI (I am sorry to say this, but recently I frequently use  this term.)  I heard Prof. C. is now collecting Mr. Khomenko's writing.

I thank you for your continuous information and the magazine.  I wish Japan and Japanese overcome this difficulty wisely and completely.  Sincerely, S. H. Y.

M. K.  (Iran)    2011/04/27 11:21

Thanks for your kindness and follow up.  I am happy to hear that Asahi Newspaper let us showing the photos with the people.  I have also noted my colleagues to talk to NHK officer in Iran and invite him for a live talk show too. I know a gentleman who got his PhD in Sun Energy field and has been in Japan for around 13 years. He can read also the Japanese text and explain us them.  Thanks in advance,  Warmest regards, M.
PS: Pass my warm regards to all of my friends and kind people of Japan especially those I met them in Symposium.

  A. M. (Germany)    2011/04/28 20:51

Thank you for sending me the journal about the catastrophe in Japan. It is in Japanese language, but the pictures tell everything.  If you need any help please send me a message.

The paper I have presented two years ago in TRIZ-conference in Japan was about a methodology for development of regional or local sustainable concepts. You or we could implement this approach for some Japanese regions to create innovative energy supply, energy efficiency, renewable energy or energy saving solutions.  Anyway, I wish you all the best.  Thinking of you.  A. M.

S. L. (USA)  2011/04/29 8:02

As I already informed you, I am still planning to participate in Japan TRIZ Symposium in September. I will be more than happy to support heroic efforts of Japanese people trying to overcome consequences of terrible natural disaster - earthquake and tsunami.  ...   Thanks and best regards, S.

D. D. S.  (Taiwan)    2011/05/01 12:11

Many thanks to your sending the Japanese Earthquake magazine. I was so touched by the scene. I felt very very sad about the tragedy. Hopefully, Japan can recover quickly. With best wishes!  ....  D.

  Toru Nakagawa   2011/05/02 2:28  ("TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Update Announcement)

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated tonight (dated Apr. 30):

Forum: Conference Report: "Personal Report of The Sixth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2010:" Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.)
(23-10 Added) Part H. Applications to Soft & Non-technical Areas
(23-11)  Miscellaneous and Concluding Remarks 
-- This finishes my Personal Report!! --

Having written this Personal Report to introduce you to all the presentations in some detail, I am very happy to find the presentations have contributed much to better understanding TRIZ and further extending TRIZ in wider fields of applications.
On the basis of big success in TRIZ Symposium 2010, and overcoming the March 11 Earthquake & Tsunami disaster,  we are now preparing for holding the 7th TRIZ Symposium in coming September 2011.  Why don't you join us!!

  Donald Coates (USA)     2011/05/03 10:29

I was awestruck by the pictures of the Japanese disaster in the brochure you sent to me.  I would like to send it to my nephew who is going to college in Minnesota. He loves Japanese and is studying Japanese as a major but is only a freshman. So I do not know if he can read it all but he will try.  Thanks for the brochure, it really was a terrible tragedy. I was very impressed with the discipline of the Japanese victims. They set a good model for the rest of the world.  Very sincerely,  D. 

  [5] 海外の読者の皆さんからのメッセージ (37人 23ヶ国) と 中川の返信(一部) (3月23日〜4月15日)

(注: 中川 徹、2011年3月22日) 地震の日以後、海外の多くのTRIZ関係者から、お見舞いと激励のメッセージをいただいております。日本の皆さまへのメッセージですから、英文のままですが、この国内向けページに(ほぼ、 2011. 4.15)その全部を掲載させていただきます。 皆さんの心のこもったメールですので、一部だけ選択することは不適切と思いました。個別に掲載の許可を得てはおりませんので、個人名は伏せてイニシャルだけにさせていただきました。ご存じの人にはどなたかが分かることと思います。なお、文脈が分かるように、中川が海外に出しましたメールの一部も同時に(英文のままで) 挿入しています。

  G. C. (Italy)   2011/03/24 0:53

Thanks for your kind message, once again I'd like to express my greatest solidarity to you and all the Japanese people.  It is very emotionally intensive to read all the post you have collected from all over the world!
Sure please go ahead with the publication of the slides [of our presentation at Japan TRIZ Symposium 2010] in a page with open access; I confirm also that your post properly interprets and comments our work.  All the best, G.

  E. S. (USA)    2011/03/24 5:37

The newspapers and TV continue with unending daily updates on the terrible conditions Japanese are suffering throughout your country. With so many people unaccounted for this has to create further suffering around the world, when distant relatives cannot contact their loved ones. Our prayers are with you, your relatives and your nation.  E.

  Toru Nakagawa    2011/03/26 2:59

Dear E., Thank you very much for your message and for your prayers.
The number of victims is still increasing and very uncertain, because several thousand people each in several coastal towns were washed away and no one can report who were there. Very terrible situation.
In case of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, the engineers and the government etc. will have to solve and overcome various small troubles one by one when they come up.  We are eagerly hope that they succeed this series of difficult jobs.
Thanks and best wishes, T.

 E. R. S. (Mexico)    2011/03/24 7:56

I apologize deeply for not having written more promptly.  I hope your family and relatives did not suffer from all the calamities that happenned in Japan. How can I help?  Kindest Regards, E.

 L. L. (China)    2011/03/24 22:30

I admire the spirit that they can keep on working in the earthquake. Please take care of yourself.  I am very sorry that I cannot give the practical help. And I wish Japan will soon be restored from the suffering.  Best wishes, Yours sincercely, L. L.

 I. B. (USA)    2011/03/24 23:13

Thank you very much! My wife, daughter and I admire tenacity and courage of Japanese, Best Regards, I.

 H. a. B. (Jordan)    2011/03/25 5:19

I am writing to extend my deepest sympathies to all the Japanese people. I was so very sad to hear about the Earthquake & Tsunami.
I had the honor of being a Lebanese scholar in Japanese history and culture, after understanding this great heritage it is my obligation to support this great nation facing the catastrophic disaster, so I created this group =Solidarity with Japan=
Please let me know whether there is anything I can do to help during this difficult time. Japan is in my thoughts and prayers. Best Regards, H. a. B.

 K. C. R. (USA)    2011/03/26 1:13

I hope this email finds you well Sir; especially with the recent events of the earthquake/Tsunami. My wife’s Japanese family is from Hokkaido and we’ve been praying for them; she and I are now living in East Tennessee. Can I ask you a question? From your knowledge, what is the true status of the Fukushima plant? I’m not sure if we are getting the full story here in the States.

I know it’s been quite a while since you and I have communicated. I’m sure you are still promoting TRIZ well in Japan and around the world. Have there been any advances in software and TRIZ? I still have some ideas shelved on this subject – time is not something I have much to spare these days.

Incidentally, you came to my mind the other day in morning prayer; later that day our local Christian men’s fellowship prayed for you and your family and all of Japan. Please let me know if there is something we can do to help you.  With Great Regards/Respect for You, K. C. R.

  Toru Nakagawa     2011/03/26 2:46

Thank you so much for you email. I am glad to have contact with you again.  I have been working on TRIZ continuously for these 14 years.  Please find my Home Page Update message, which was issued the day before yesterday [Mar. 24, 2011]. It replies to your question, I hope.

 A. T. N. (Ukraine)    2011/03/26 5:30

I got the news about your site.  Much new information and a lot of work.
I appreciated the pictures in your letter.  People in Ukraine understand the situation in Japan very accurate.  Distance from Tokyo to Fukushima close as from Kiev to Chernobyl.  I think there are many important tasks is in Japan now.  Many different solutions is needed all the time and using of TRIZ is needed too.  If you need TRIZ-advice or other help from us - you can write.  My colleagues and I will try to help you permanently.  Sincerely, A. T. N.

 L. K. (Russia)    2011/03/28 4:17

The terrible earthquake in Japan shocked us.  Y. and I are worry about you.  My bad English does not allow to express the feelings.  Best regards,  L. K.

 W. S. (Austria)    2011/03/28 23:05

I apologize for the delay with the precious water recipie. Please see the attached Precious water recipie from the former Schauberger Employee, Fritz Watzl. It is a word file and has 2 pages. The minerals in the recipie are for 10 liters of water.  I really hope it can help the people in Japan, please forward it and use it if you have a use for it.

Just a idea, for cooling.  Would it make sense to use snow Gun´s to cool the nuclear plant ? Here is a Link to a producer of commercial snow guns.
Therea are several concepts like, Kryo, Vaakuum, underpressure and propeller snow making machines.  Probably it could help to cool, these machines could be put on old Tanks or other RC controlled vehicles. Power supply could be done by a "swimming power plant" like a freight ship filled with power units and the required fuel.
With best wishes from Austria!  W. S.

  Toru Nakagawa     2011/03/29 0:18

Dear W., Thank you so much for your message and for the information about the Precious water.  Reading the structure of the special kind of sieve device, I am surprised with its sophistication and materials used. Thank you and Mr. Fritz Watzl for disclosing us the valuable recipe.
I learned that reproducing the equipment is not an easy task and costs much. Natural stones, like 'green stones' and 'rose quarts', seem to be difficult to obtain the same ones used in Austria.  Maybe drinking the 'Precious Water' for myself is necessary before I start thinking of building the equipment.

Viktor Schauberger seems to be a great pioneer, even though we Japanese do not know him much so far.  After your email of Mar. 18, I visited the Web site of Improsion and ordered 4 books of Viktor Schauberger through  2 of them already arrived from UK. 2 more is not ready. (all in English versions)  The site of Improsion is interesting, but I cannot read German well, to my regret.  I will be very slow in reading Viktor Schuberger's books.  But certainly am interested in him and his thoughts.

Thank you for your idea of using snow/ice for cooling the Nuclear Power Plant. It is a serious difficulty/problem.  Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa

  G. G. (France)    2011/03/29 5:43

We follow regularly the news from Japan and are concerned with the difficult situation. How is the daily life for you ? What will happen in the near future ?  With kind wishes, G & M.

  A. T. N. (Ukraine)    2011/03/30 6:14

Nikolai Nikolaevich Khomenko (09.12.1954 Ukraine - 27.03.2011, Canada)       Photo attached.

  Toru Nakagawa     2011/04/01

Dear Dr. A. N., I was much surprised when I saw the photo of Nikolai Khomenko with the second date below it, and understood its meaning.
I am very sad with the news of his passing away. The Keynote Lecture he made last September at our TRIZ Symposium and the one-day Seminar on OTSM-TRIZ on the day before were very extensive. I know he spent much time for the preparation of them and he kindly served us, Japanese, with his full strength and knowledge.  Could you please pass me any further information about his recent days?  God bless him and his family!  Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa

PS. You might know one of my Web page: "An Award Is Presented to Mr. Nikolai Khomenko for His Contributions to TRIZ and OTSM-TRIZ"

  I. B. (USA)    2011/03/30 23:55

Dear All, Very bad and tragic news for all of us - our dear friend and colleague, the best of us - Khomenko Nikolai is gone. He passed away on March 27th after one year struggling with stomach cancer.  Love you guys, I.

  Toru Nakagawa     2011/03/31 1:53

Dear Mrs. Vera Khomenko, On the news that your husband, Dr. Nikolai Khomenko, passed away last Sunday, we deeply miss him forever.
We remember well Nikolai's excellent Keynote Lecture and his intensive one-day OTSM Seminar on the occasion of our TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2010 last September in Atsugi and in Tokyo.
He was so kind to us all, TRIZ people in Japan.  Having him as the Keynote Speaker at our Symposium was our great pleasure.  Management Members of The Japan TRIZ Society are sending him sincere gratitude and wishing him God's blessing.

It was nice that you also visited Japan with Nikolai last Septmeber. We hope that you have a memory of Japan especially in a suburban city of Tokyo.

It was my pleasure that the Award was presented to Nikolai by the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Foundation last year.  On the occasion I wrote about my warm memory of Nikolai in my Web site:
God bless Nikolai, you, and your family!  Best wishes,  Toru Nakagawa

  Toru Nakagawa     2011/04/01

Dear TRIZ Friends,  The disaster caused by the Mar. 11 Japan Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident is really terrible.
Asahi Newspaper Press has just published a special issue of "Asahi Graphics" Magazine on the disaster, with many vivid photos. Even though the magazine is in Japanese, those photos do not need words. I would like to send the Magazine to you and a number of other TRIZ friends via airmail.  But I now face some difficulty. I am maintaning the email addresses of people but not the postal addresses. Many of you intimate friends do not show the postal address in recent emails.  Could you please reply this email with your postal address?
Thank you so much for your giving us, people in Japan, condolence and encouragements. Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa

  D. M. (USA)    2011/04/01 11:05

Our deepest condolences to the Japanese people and their loss as a result of the terrible earthquake, resulting tsunami and nuclear disaster. Too many things nearly at once to properly deal with and of course the still unknown quantity of lives tragically lost. Our hearts go out to all who are suffering.
Yes, please do send me a copy of "Asahi Graphics" Magazine on the disaster, with the many vivid photos so that we can better understand the magnitude of this horrible disaster.

Also, thank you for being such an outstanding TRIZ supporter, as well as your many e-mail updates and maintaining your web page on what is happening on with TRIZ on that side of the world and elsewhere. I too have dedicated many years to introducing and promoting TRIZ at Boeing and elsewhere and can appreciate the amount of effort you expend in supporting your TRIZ effort.
Although I am mostly retired now, I still find the opportunity to coach TRIZ enthusiasts at Universities and occasionally a perform TRIZ consulting services for businesses to supplement my retirement and keep me fresh in the subject of TRIZ. As such, I still strive to keep up with TRIZ happenings around the World as much as possible.
Again, thank you and may the many in your country who are still struggling find peace soon.  With warm regards, I am sincerely, D.M.

  E. D. (USA)    2011/04/01 13:30

Thanks very much Toru. My postal address is at the end of this message.
Everyone in my area is very concerned about helping with the recovery in Japan. My music teacher is a Buddhist priest, and he is organizing contributions to help rebuild cultural and religious facilities, and many of us have directed contributions to his group. Others are contributing to the Red Cross. If you have other suggestions, please let me know.  Best wishes,  E.

  K. S. (Thailand)   2011/04/01 13:52

I'm really sorry for the Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident at Japan, my beloved land. Please be safe and take care.  My postal address is ... Sincerely yours, K. S.

  M. K. (Iran)   2011/04/01 15:11

Thanks for keeping us update.  I am following the news of recent situation of Japan. All the people in Iran those I met them or talked to them in the spring holidays are seriously unhappy and affected about the impacts of quake and tsunami. I have reviewed my memories from Japan for many friends and family related.
I will wait for the magazine which you will kindly send it to me. I have planned to talk about Japan and the actions after quack in my weekly show at education channel of TV. It is planned for Thursdays (the day before Friday which is official weekend here). 
My address is pictured as the attached file. This is the address of office. ... You can print it (Farsi attachments) and stick in on the envelope. Office address is better for receiving the envelopes as usually colleagues are at office.  Thanks in advance, Best wishes, M.

  J. M. V. G. (Spain)  2011/04/01 22:04

Many, many thanks to you and your courage to keep triz Japan alive and steady!  We have been very worried about your compatriots but we are sure nuclear power is far safer than any other human engineering design, despite the much problems aired in media.  Please find my postal address: ... Best, J. M. V. G.

  J. D.  (The Netherlands)  2011/04/01 22:10

Yes, we do feel a lot of sympathy with the Japanese people by occasion of this very unfortunate coinciding of the earthquake and tsunami effects. I hope that Japanese inventiveness will help to overcome the major effects, especially the radioactivity related problems. A real challenge for TRIZ users. In the footer of this message you will find my postal address. Best regards, J. D.

  F. S. (Switzerland)  2011/04/01 22:48

Thank you for your kind email! We suffer with you and with the Japanese people.  Can you please give me the necessary information in order to send some money to persons or an organization who needs it most. I would be very pleased to contribute just a little bit to the reconstruction of a house or to refurbishing it.  My address: ... F. S.

  H-Y. Y. (Korea) 2011/04/01 22:59

Thank you for your kind information.  I hope you and all of Japanese will overcome this difficulty and sorrow.
I am afraid I have to inform you of an additional sad news Nikolai Khomenko passed away on 27th of March.  I am really so sad....  He is the horizon of my TRIZ life.
The following address is mine. ...  Yours sincerely, H.

  E. S. (USA)    2011/04/02 5:03

Another good idea of yours. We are very interested in keeping up to date on the disaster and recovery in Japan. A broad picture through photographs would be very interesting. We get a few pictures each day in the New York Times and brief video clips on the TV.  Our address is: ... Thanks for your kind consideration. E.

  Toru Nakagawa:  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Apr. 2, 2011)    2011/04/01

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated last night (Arp. 2):

[4] Forum:  On The East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Power Plants: Editor's Message; Messages from Overseas: Short Report on the current situations. Toru Nakagawa (OGU), Apr. 2, 2011
(1) After 3 weeks from the Earthquake and Tsunami, the disaster and suffering have become clearer lately. ...
(2) The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Complex still  needs careful watching. ...
"Asahi Graphics" Magazine published a special issue (in Japanese) on the disaster with many vivid photos. The photos tell us magnificent power of the nature without words, and we have no words on seeing them.  Any reader who wants to read this graphics magazine, please send an email to me writing your postal address. I will send you a copy of it via airmail, under the support by some voluntary TRIZ members. No payment to us, please. email to:

  V. B. (Russia)  2011/04/03 19:17

I commiserate of the terrible tragedy occurred in Japan.  I have friends living in Yokohama, they wrote me.  My postal address is: ... Take care your health.  V. B.

  R. L. (USA)  2011/04/04 0:26

I am glad to hear that you are doing well in the midst of all the suffering and turmoil. Do you have heat and electricity at home? Are you working on a regular basis?  My address is: ... You are in my prayers, R.

  N. S. (Belarus)  2011/04/04 19:45

Thank you for your letter and proposal to send "Asahi Graphics" Magazine. The terrible disaster... The earthquacke, tzunami and nuclear explosion - too much for one time. My country, Belarus, knows well what is nuclear catastrophe. My condolence and encouragements for people in Japan. I wish your people of energy, patience and persistence to cope with trouble consequences.

The terrible time... My friend, Nikolay Khomenko, dead. It becames more boring here...

My address is: ... Best regards, N.

  J. T. (USA)  2011/04/04 22:00

Thank you for you note. I hope that you and your family have been unharmed through this crisis in Japan. I feel badly for all my friends in Japan, as I can only imagine what you and the country is going through at this time. 
Please accept this humble haiku as my wish for a bright future.
      Spring offers new hope.
      Tears give rise to the new dawn
      of the Rising Sun.

Per your request, my postal address is: ...  Sincerely,  J. T.

  F. S. (Switzerland)  2011/04/05 0:24

Thank you for your kind email! We suffer with you and with the Japanese people.
Can you please give me the necessary information (IBAN, Banking Codes, Name of Recipients etc.) in order to send some money to persons or an organization who needs it most. I would be very pleased to contribute just a little bit to the reconstruction of a house or to refurbishing it.  My address:... F. S.

 K. R. (Finnland)  2011/04/05 1:51

Thank you for your kind message!  My conventional postal address is: ...
I have last years written popular stories on technolygy and tried to apply the tools of TRIZ to journalism.  I have written much, and continue to write, on nuclear energy. I would like write a story of nuclear energy in Japan after Fukusima or which conclusions Japanese scientists and engineers are making from the experience of last days. If you possibly know nuclear experts in TRIZ community or outside of it, I would like make correspondence with them.  Kind regards,   K. R.

 G. C. (Italy)  2011/04/05 8:25

I'm just back to Milan after 8 days in South Korea.  All these days, talking with my relatives and friends, I keep mentioning your kind message immediately after the earthquake with your long trip on foot... nevertheless, unfortunately we know now that it was just the proverbial tip of the iceberg and that the situation in Japan is still very critical.  I would really appreciate to receive your magazine, if you still have some copies left. You can find my address in the bottom of the mail (it is safer to receive the mail at politecnico instead of at home)

Once again I would be extremely glad to give some practical support, if possible anyhow.  I believe that due to the critical situation you still have no idea about what to do with the 2011 Japan TRIZ Symposium, but as a demonstration of friendship and collaboration, please consider me available to support you for any initiative you would like to plan.  Kind regards, G.

  G. G. (France)  2011/04/06 4:00

We have received this Magazine. Thank you very much. It is heart-breaking to see all these destructions and all these poor people who lost their family and their house. We hope that at the end, the reactors will be stopped but certainly many people sacrified their life to prevent the catastroph.  Best wishes, G. & M.

  I. M. (UK)   2011/04/07 2:01

May I take this opportunity to say thank you for sending me the magazine, which arrived this morning. There is little I can say at such devastation from a natural disaster. I hope you and your fellow countrymen are able to make steady progress in the years to come to rebuild your country to its former position.  I wish you and your family good health in the future.  Best Regards,  I.

  J. A. M. (USA)   2011/04/07 12:13

I am most sorry for not sending you my address sooner. I very much appreciate your thinking to send me the Asahi Graphics Special issue.  We are constantly seeing news about the tremendous damage caused by the earthquake and Tsunami and status of the recovery; much of it is about the efforts to bring the reactors under control and the problems of radiation in sea water and foodstuffs.

Many people here are very interested in the recovery and rebuilding, and many have difficulty in understanding the true extent of the damage.  They wonder how the recovery will ever take place but everyone has great confidence that recovery will proceed rapidly.  I will be be very honored to receive the publication from you, and I will show and share it with people here, so they will have a better understanding of the real situation.

Like you, I was very saddened by the news of Nikolai's death. I admired and respected him a great deal. I remember the time you and Nikolai and E.D. and I meet in Milwaukee to discuss how to cause better understanding and acceptance of TRIZ among business people worldwide.

I look forward to our next opportunity to meet.  My address is: ... My Best Regards, J.

  P. J. (Czech Republic)   2011/04/07 14:31

I hope that your situation in Japan will be better and better. We watch TV concerning problems with nuclear power every day. My postal address:... Best wishes, P.

  P. S. (Switzerland)    2011/04/07 15:43

Here follows my postal adress: ...
Thank you very much for updating me since years about your TRIZ activities in Japan and now also about the terrible earthquake with all the consequences with the nuclear power plants in Fukushima.  Here in Europe but especially in Germany and Switzerland some political parties supported by the press started hysterical campaign against all nuclear power. I however admire the way how the Japanes people remains much more rational and work hard to overcome the  consequences of the desaster. With admiration and kind regards, P. S.

  J. V. (UK)  2011/04/07 17:10

Thanks for your kindness. I am Chair of a local charity which has arranged a meeting to inform about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and to collect information and donations. It will be really excellent to be able to present them with the copy of Asahi Graphics.  Please send the copy to me at: ... Best wishes, J.V.

  H.    (韓国)   2011/04/07 17:13


先生!参考のため韓国のTRIZFriendの郵便番号と住所を送りますのでご参考くださいませ。<a copy of the "Asahi Graphics" Magazine's Special Issue on the Japan Earthquake & Tshunami disasters.>を送っていただくと大変感謝の気持ちと今回災難で被害を受けて様々方に対する回復の祈りがもっと深くなります。ではまたメールいたします。先生の元気と活発な研究を祈ります。よろしくお願いします。

  D. S. (Germany) 2011/04/08 3:04

Thank you for this idea! I would really appreciate this magazine for personal reasons. Here my address: ...

In the meantime, my parents and my sister are back from Japan and came home safely.

Things were even worser as I knew during their time in Japan. During the earthquake, they were in a train that stopped in Tagajo, which is the harbour city of Sendai. Then they entered a taxi, and that taxi was hitten by the Tsunami - swimming! The driver managed to enter a side street, where the flood was not so strong. They left the watered car through the window and could swim to a fence, holding them there. They have no idea, where the taxi driver disappeared. Hopefully he is also alive, somewhere. My mother was hit by a swimming refrigerator, but kept holding. A young Japanese guy helped them over the fence. They ran altogether into his house, where he lived with his grandparents (90 years old). All the six had so sit for twelve hours on a table and a cupboard, because the house was full of water. When the water recessed, they were brought into a shelter in Tagajo (the university) by the army.

They lived there for four days and they tell heartbreaking stories of how the Japanese people there helped them with clothing, food and water.
From that point, I got an SMS and knew where they were. Getting them out there was complicated, as I had no idea of the status around this area. The story is too long. In the end, they helped themselves and got help from many other Japanese people - even significant amounts of money.
They were taken to Niigata by a private man, but they still had to go back to Tokyo (German embassy), as they had lost their passport.
It is very embarrassing to me, that especially German authorities in Japan and also Lufthansa were of so little help, as those people seemed to be afraid of the radiation from Fukushima. Finally, my family flew with Finland airline.
We checked them for radiation immediately, when they came back: No significant measurement possible at all! I really think, that especially German media (television and newspaper) are exaggerating the situation in a hysterical way, for internal German political reasons.
I can only hope, that the Japanese people will not register this, as they have obviously other problems.

My parents want to come back to Japan maybe in some years, as they have really learned what great people are living there!
Thank you so much for just being there. I had the good feeling, if we wouldn't have any other idea remaining, I would have at least a last chance in asking you for a hint. Luckily we always had other helping people around or had ideas of what to do next.
I wish you all the best for your family, and don't hesitate to contact me if you travel to Nuremberg! I would be very proud to show you or your students around, showing what we are doing in our company.
I am the one that developed (with colleagues) the electrical table leg and retractable car spoilers. Great TRIZ Products, that use the "Separation in time" principle ;-)  Best regards, D. S.

  M. A. d. C. (Brazil)  2011/04/08 9:17

The tragedy in Japan has taught me many lessons. The most obvious one is about the strenght and harshness of nature and the limitations of man. Another is the impermanence of materiality. The most beautiful lessons, however, are the team spirit, organization, industriousness and solidarity of Japanese people. I've included Japan in many of my prayers and meditations.  My address is: ...  Best regards, M.

  E. S. (USA)  2011/04/09 3:41

Thank you so much for the photographic coverage of the tsunami devastation. The destruction is horrible. I can't imagine how anyone living in the midst of the destruction can deal with it.  Your magazine gives a much clearer picture of what happened than anything we get in the news. I will be sharing this with my friends.  All the best, Ed

  F. S. (Switzerlnd)  2011/04/09 21:14

It (the speial issue) arrived - it is breathtaking! Fantastic pictures. Excellent selections. Thank you so much Toru!  Best wishes and greetings, F. S.

  W. S. (Austria)   2011/04/11 7:40

Thank you for the magazine, there is no words necessary to describe the pictures.  I really hope and pray that people and land in Japan recover good and quick.  Heartly greetings and best wishes from Austria,  W. S.

  S. A. (Australia)    2011/04/11 18:44

This afternoon I received the magazine Asahi Graphics which you had mailed to me on the 6th. Thank you so much. There is the old saying that picture is worth a thousand words; in this case each of these pictures is mind-boggling in its intensity. The images convey the sense of total destruction in fantastic detail and clarity, even when we have become accustomed to Hollywood blockbuster movies with entire cities being demolished as modeled in CGI . The one thing the computer generated imagery cannot match is the perfect irony which only Nature can command. I was amazed with the image of the intact sea-ferry swept away and deposited on top of the roof of the two-storied building, and the total destruction visible in the surroundings. There is an eerily tranquil feeling about the image with the aft deck chairs and tables in perfect symmetry ( perhaps they are bolted to the deck ). Full credit to the master photographers working at Asahi Shimbun. This is photo-journalism of the highest order.

Also just now I watched the breaking news of the latest 7.1 magnitude earthquake at Fukushima. This is really beyond belief. This TV news channel then switched to NHK TV for their live broadcast.

I know very little about earthquakes, except that a major quake of 7+ Richter may be preceded by one or two smaller quakes, and is surely followed by several smaller magnitude events as the tectonic plates / fault lines settle down into their new settings. This series of a 9.0, 7.3, and today's 7.1 appears to be a different pattern. I sincerely hope and pray that this series has exhausted the under-ground tectonic energy, and that with the Will of God Almighty, things will settle down for a very long time.

From your notation I see that on March 23rd, the official fatality figure was at 9,523. I believe that now this figure has gone past 25,000. One can only pray for the salvation of those who have lost their lives in this calamity. The survivors have a huge challenge ahead of them and I pray that God Almighty will give them the strength to bear the loss of their loved ones and to continue to rebuild their lives. I have also observed that Kashiwa is about 190 KM from the most affected zone. I hope and pray that this apparently unending series of disasters will now come to an end, and stay so for a long time.

With best regards and wishes to you and yours ( family and associates ), S.

 E. D. (USA)   2011/04/12 2:16

The book with the pictures of the disaster arrived. The drama shown is overwhelming. I have showed many friends, and tonight I will give them to the people organizing the fundraising efforts. Today on the news we heard about the aftershocks and about 100,000 people still in shelters, so I know there is continuing need for international help. I hope you and your wife are being careful to stay personally safe!  E.

  L. R. S. (USA) 

Thanks so much for sending me the magazine with pictures about the earthquake. I am sharing it with my son and friends - it helps to be more aware and to keep those affected in our thoughts and prayers.

Thanks too for enabling Nikolai [Khomenko] to come to Japan and do what he loved the best in the last few months of his life - teach and share TRIZ.  You are a treasure and the entire TRIZ community is grateful for your many contributions.  L.

  Toru Nakagawa    2011/04/13 0:21

Dear L., Thank you so much for your message.  Pictures tell us much!

It was our great pleasure to have Nikolai [Khomenko] at our Symposium last year.  (Even in 2009 he wanted to come, but could not.) Last year he worked hard to prepare for his Keynote Lecture.  The PDF file of his Keynote is already posted in the Official Web site of Japan TRIZ Society.  The lecture is well organized and concise; we may think it one of his final, and most systematic works of his thoughts.  He also gave a one-day Seminar of OTSM-TRIZ last September.  We are going to post its PDF file in some Web site(s).
Thank you for your so kind words to me. I feel so much honored.  Best wishes,  Toru Nakagawa

 I. B. (Australia)   2011/04/14 10:42

Thank you for sending me a magazine with a terrifying record of Japan’s earthquake.  My family, as all Australians, have been very saddened by colossal loss of lives and destructions enforced on Japan by the Nature. Please accept my sincere condolences for the losses of many Japanese families.  Knowing how persistent and hard working Japanese people are, we are entirely certain that Japan will not only recover soon, but also will improve its economic and social position in a very near future.  Kind regards,  I.

 J. T. (USA)   2011/04/15  1:50

Thank you for sending the magazine showing the broad and devastating impact of the recent earthquakes and tsunami. Although I can’t read the magazine, the photographs transcend the language barrier.

I also wanted to let you know that Invention Machine is trying to help out. M.A., our CEO, has launched a campaign to collect contributions from all Invention Machine personnel to be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. Invention Machine, the company, will also be making a donation to the Japanese Red Cross. We hope in this small way we can help our friends in Japan at this difficult time.  Best regards,  J.

  Toru Nakagawa    2011/04/15  9:51

Dear J., Thank you for your message.  We are very happy and obliged by your and your company people kindness for the donation to Japanese Red Cross.  Best wishes, Toru

  V. S. (The Netherlands)  2011/04/15    2:45

Just wanted to let you know that I received the issue of "Asahi"you sent me - thank you very much!  Yes, the scale of devastation looks different... I really hope that this kind of disaster will not happen again.
When I was 10, back in Minsk I watched the movie "Death of Japan" (it was Russian translation) at a cinema. I do not know if your know it: "Nippon Chinbotsu". It was back in... 1976.  It was the first "catastrophe" movie I ever saw, so I was quite scared, and I still remember it.

Now we are all concerned about the nuclear plant.  My father-in-law was a co-founder of the Institute for Monitoring Chernobyl Effects after the Chernobyl accident. So I know very well what might happen and how it all can influence life of people. Unfortunately, he was almost brought to death by government which did not want people to know the reality (and still does not want). I really hope Japan will get out safe from this situation!  Best wishes, V.

  Toru Nakagawa    2011/04/15  9:51

Dear V., Thank you so much for your message.  I knew "Nippon Chinbotsu" but did not see it. We are concerned abot the nuclear plant. We eagerly wish that the poeople involved in the plant can predict and solve various difficult problems one by one.  Best wishes, Toru

  R. G. (India)   2011/04/15  20:17

I hope the Japanese people are coping now with the tragedy and normalcy is returning fast.
Today I received a copy of the Asahi Graphics magazine that you have sent me and I thank you for this.  Although I cannot read the Japanese Language, the pictures tell the story vividly. I can't forget the image of the ship on top of the building or the photograph of a newly-wed couple covered in mud. I sincerely hope that the strong will and courage of the Japanese people builds a stronger nation and leads the way for the rest of the world for the challenges of the next century and beyond.  Sincerely, R.

  [4] 編集者より: 現況報告 (中川 徹、2011年 4月 2日)


緊急復刊アサヒグラフ『東北関東大震災』 (2011年3月30日号、3月23日発売) の写真を見て、震災特に津波の凄さに息をのみました。被災されました皆さまに改めてお見舞い申し上げます。これを100部購入し、海外のTRIZ関係者に郵送し始めました。ご協力いただけます方がありましたら、ご連絡下さい。

  [3] 編集者より (中川 徹、2011年 3月22日)

このたびの東日本大震災 (地震、津波、および原発事故) において、被害に遭われました多くの方々に心よりお見舞い申し上げます。未曾有の大災害で、お亡くなりになりました方、行方がまだ分からない方、負傷された方、家が流されたり、壊れたりした方、また避難を余儀なくされている方々、またご家族が被害に遭われた方々など、皆さまにお見舞い申し上げ、慰めが得られますことをお祈りいたします。


地震の日以後、海外の多くのTRIZ関係者から、お見舞いと激励のメッセージをいただいております。日本の皆さまへのメッセージですから、英文のままですが、この国内向けページにその全部を掲載させていただきます。 皆さんの心のこもったメールですので、一部だけ選択することは不適切と思いました。個別に掲載の許可を得てはおりませんので、個人名は伏せてイニシャルだけにさせていただきました。ご存じの人にはどなたかが分かることと思います。なお、文脈が分かるように、中川が海外に出しましたメールの一部も同時に(英文のままで) 挿入しています。





謝辞: 2枚の写真について:   このページを作りたいと思い、それにあわせて白百合の写真が欲しいと思いました。そこでGoogle の画像検索で「百合」をキーワードにして検索し、多数の写真の中からこの写真を見つけました。「とっこ」さんという方が撮影され、ご自身のブログ『季節の言葉』に2010年6月20日に掲載されたものです。「白い色は恋人の色」という森山良子さんの唄の詞を添えてありました。初めてみたブログでしたので、少し最近のものを読んでいましたら、2011年3月19日に掲載されたばかりの第2の写真に遭遇し、感動しました。「とっこ」さんは、「春の水」とタイトルをつけておられて、「冬の間涸れたり凍ったりしていた水が、雪解けとともに流れ始め、その上に麗かな日が照るので、春の水は輝かしくも豊かな感じがします」と書き添えておられます。光の反射を明瞭にするために、シャッターを極く短時間にして逆光で撮り、その結果水面が実際よりずっと暗くなったのだそうです。私はそのような説明を読む前にぱっと見て、暗い夜の静かな海面に多くの霊の光が輝いているように感じました。「とっこ」さんにお願いしましたところ、違う文脈で使うのにも関わらず本サイト、本ページでの2枚の写真の使用を許可下さいました。厚くお礼申し上げます。「とっこ」さんのブログ『季節の言葉』は、沢山の素晴らしい写真と、俳句などが掲載された心の暖まるものです。 URL: 

  [2] 海外の読者の皆さんからのメッセージ と 中川の返信(一部)  (地震直後 〜 3月22日)

  S. A. (Australia)   2011/03/11 17:25

I just came home and saw the TV news.  I hope that you and yours are safe and well.   Please do not bother to reply till a convenient time after the emergency has passed.  With best wishes and regards,  S.

  T. P. (Thailand)   2011/03/11 22:22

I heard about the big earthquake and Tsunami in japan today, Hope you are safe.  God Bless,  T. P.

  R. L. (USA)    2011/03/11 23:39

Just checking to see if you are directly affected by the devastation.   I hope you and family are well. Best regards,  R.

  S. L. (USA)    2011/03/12 7:38

I saw today in the news terrible pictures of a huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I hope everything is OK with you and your loved ones. If you need any help please let me know.  Best regards, S.

  Replies from Toru Nakagawa   2011/03/12 15:40

Thank you for your message. My family and I are fine.

When the earthquake occurred at 14:46, I was at the TRIZ Society's Board Meeting at Akihabara, the center of Tokyo. The small 5-storied building was shaken so much, and so long, at the level I never experienced before.
We checked the news with internet TV and learned it a big earthquake in the Tohoku area. The Earthquake level was 7 (the top most level) in some area near Sendai, and 6+ in large areas in the north-eastern part of Honshu.  But at that time we did not know much about the real situations of disaster.

After finishing the Meeting at 16:30, I went to JR station and learned all the JR trains, and other railroads, and subways were out of operation, until uncertain time. Many people stayed near the stations for waiting for the recovery, and many other people decided to walk home.
I decided to walk to my home 28 km far. I was OK till for about 15 km, but had pain in my legs because of the burden of my old heavy PC. Walking about 18 km, around 23:30 I crawled in a restaurant, which says open till 3:00 am. I simply could not walk any farther. I ate late supper and took a rest for a while.
Then the young owner of restaurant suggested me and another guests to give a ride to our home.  By virtue of his kind ride I came back home at around 2:15.

My wife was at a town near home and could come back home with a taxi, she says.
I could make a cell phone contact at about 19:00 with my elder son calling me from Berlin, Germany. He says my wife wrote him an email and he called me from Germany. (Cell phone calling in Tokyo did not work because the lines were so busy, until around 22:00.)
The family of my younger son living in Kawasaki were also found being well.

The railroads did not work last night, except subways. Thus 5 other Board members of JTS probably could not get back home last night, I guess.

The disasters due to the earthquake and tsunami have been revealed more and more. We ourselves are astonished with the news in newspapers and TV today. Really terrible.

Anyway thank you so much for your message. Since I received several messages from my friends abroad, I am writing this thanks note.

I am also planning to update my Web site in 2 or 3 days, for posting some more parts of my Personal Report of Japan TRIZ Symposium 2010.
Thanks and best wishes,  Toru Nakagawa

  A. T. N. (Ukraine)   2011/03/12 22:31

I see the situation in Japan today, and I'm worried about you.  Especially I think about the problems of nuclear power plants and other technologies.  Such problems are understandable to us in Ukraine, unfortunately.  If you need any help - please contact me.  You can count on advice and support.   Sincerely,  A. T. N.

  P. K. (India)  2011/03/13 8:24

My heartfelt condolences for the catastrophic disaster there. My prayers are with you. Hope you and family are safe and not impacted.   Best Regards,  P.

  S. A. (Austrlia)  2011/03/13 8:33

Thank you so much for your prompt, very kind and detailed reply. I am very glad to know that you and your family are all safe and well, and that no damage has otherwise been incurred materially.

I had sent my short email as soon as I heard the news on TV, just to seek your welfare. I am extremely impressed with the calm and practical manner in which you, and the entire Japanese nation, has faced this enormous trial imposed by this series of natural calamities. I was visiting Pakistan in October 2005 when a 7.6 scale earthquake hit the Northern Areas, and over 75,000 perished. These were mostly villagers living in poorly constructed dwellings in mountainous areas. Although I was located about 250 km from the zone, I still recall the significant shaking and ground movement.

This earthquake at a reported 8.8 Richter is by comparison many many times more powerful and the damaging effects have been hugely increased in the coastal zone by the 10 meter tsunami. What a disaster! I have also heard that the water-cooling capacity of one or possibly two nuclear reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 complex have been damaged, and the radiation containment situation is not yet completely under control.

Nature can be extremely callous, and this series of events is something beyond our powers of reasoning. I have always had the highest respect for Japan and the Japanese people. It has been extremely generous to provide economic assistance world-wide, and it was till recently Pakistan's top benefactor ( and is still helping very significantly ). The Japanese people are extraordinarily hard working, skilled and gifted, and exceed these values only by their unassuming modesty. How can they be subjected to such compounded series of trials is beyond my comprehension. I hope and pray that the resulting loss of life, limb and property is far less than what is being feared.

There has been a chain of natural disasters to have befallen the Asia Pacific region in the past 4 months. Australia, New Zealand, and now Japan, which was just now emerging from a period of slower economic growth. I have heard from several vastly disparate sources that the years 2011 and 2012 are going to be very challenging for the world, with some predicting dire consequences. The more current notion is the effect of the lunar near orbit, the Super Moon, on the geo-technical aspects of earth. I do know how a scientific and analytical mind like yours would consider such notions.

I would suggest that you may kindly consider posting your personal experience and observations of this earthquake, as you have detailed in your email, as an update to the TRIZ Japan Home Page. Almost all of the overseas readers of the homepage would be deeply interested in news of your welfare and your comments and observations, as you may have gathered from some of the emails you have recently received. You may periodically expand on your comments, as you see fit.

With very best wishes and regards,  S.

  Replies from Toru Nakagawa   2011/03/13 10:38

Thank you so much for your message.
Receiving several messages from my friends abroad, I wrote a thanks note yesterday afternoon:   [==> See above.]

The disasters due to tsunami of over 10 m high were really terrible. We saw on TV a number of recorded scenes of the massive water coming and destroying many houses near the port. The numbers of death and unfound are over 1000 and still increasing.

We watch TV on the troubles in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant complex. Engineers there are trying to control the plants in a difficult situation. We should be neither optimistic nor pessimistic. I feel they are doing well on the difficult narrow ridge of balance.

Thanks so much.  Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa

  G. C. (Italy)    2011/03/13 20:01

I'm sincerely shocked by the tragedy that has hit your country.  According to the map of the disaster, Osaka should be out of the most critical area and I hope that you and your family are safe, but I believe it is a dramatic bereavement for your people. If I might do anything, I would be glad to give my support. I send you my warmest greetings and best regards .  G.

  M. K. (Iran)    2011/03/13 21:07

I was at home on Friday as the normal weekend in Iran.  It was terrible watching the live reports of earth quake in Japan on NHK.  With Nona we talked together about the real situation in the different location of Japan.  At the moment all of you and JTS members reviewed in my memory.  How are you and how are things there?  Hope to fine and healthy,  Best regards,  M.

  E. D. (USA)    2011/03/14 0:12

I hope you, your family, and your university are OK?  We are worried about all our friends in Japan.  E.

  R. S. (Malaysia)    2011/03/14 1:25

With a deep of sadness; hear about earthquake in Sendai, Japan which follows with TSUNAMI.  Condolence to friends and family who miss their loved ones.  Please take care of yourself and be strong.   Rgds; S. R.

  P. K. (India)  2011/03/14 2:00

Good to hear you and family are safe. I hope Japan recovers from this very soon as they always had in the past! May be TRIZ can help people to identify new solutions for reactor issue and other rescue effort.  Best Regards  P.

  C. C. (Poland)  2011/03/14 15:58

I am very sorry due to this what happened in your country.  Please take my good wishes to manage best this disaster.   I hope it were not touched you personally. yours sincerely, cc

  Replies from Toru Nakagawa   2011/03/14 18.16

Thank you so much for your message.
Receiving several messages from my friends abroad, I wrote a thanks note on Saturday afternoon:  [==> See above.]

The following was a note on Sunday afternoon: [==> See above.]

The real situations caused by the tsunami are revealed to be disastrous more and more. ... 
Anyway I have just updated my Web site, and am going to write my Update announcement soon.
Thanks so much.  Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa

  Message from Toru Nakagawa in  2011/03/14 22:20

Dear TRIZ Colleagues,
"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" was updated today (dated Mar. 13):

On last Friday, March 11, a huge earthquake (of Magnitude 9.0) and tsunami hit Japan in the north-eastern part  and caused disasters on many towns along the coast. Real situations have become clearer only lately.  The number of death seems to jump up to the order of  10,000 today, after realizing the fact that a town of  10000 habitants was completely washed away.

Troubles in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Complex due to the difficulty of cooling down the reactors  are also reported on TV.  Engineers there are trying to control the plants in a difficult situation. We should be neither optimistic nor pessimistic. I feel they are doing well on the difficult narrow ridge of balance.

We have received rescue teams from several countries.  And I personally received a number of messages from  TRIZ friends overseas. Thank you so much.

 B. C. (USA)    2011/03/14 22:23

Thank you so much for sending news about Japan.   I think the whole world is watching and pulling for the people of Japan. There is so much destruction and heartbreak! We wish you all the best. Words are not sufficient to say how the wellbeing of your people is in our hearts. I saw a child in the U.S. This morning say that he was sending a tsunami of prayers to Japan.   Sincerely, B.C.

 A. N. (Malaysia)   2011/03/14 22:23

Sorry to hear on the disaster, but I'm glad your fine.  Hope everything will be recovered with internal and external support.  Do advice if any help needed.

 M. H. (India)  2011/03/14 22:27

Extremely sad to know about disaster and estimated loss of 10000 Japanese people.  May their soul rest in peace. Regards, M. H.

 H. S. (Nicaragua)   2011/03/14 22:43

In that difficult moments I send you my full solidarity being sure that your brave people will face this huge challenge as usual: with discipline, honor, and a work ethics.  Hope that you personally do no have any familiar problems with this tragedy.

Living in Managua, Nicaragua (a strong sismic place) and had been 15 years ago a Quality Manager in a nuclear power plant in Cuba, I am very very concern around the situation.  Now the recovery will be long and hard, in spite of the fact that it took just minutes to Nature destroy everything.  Well, my friend, now that Japan is in the center of world attention, I can tell you that everybody is appreciating how well people are reacting, how calm. That attitude is very different to what you see in other latittudes.  Be brave!  Best regards,  H.

 B. M. (France)  2011/03/14 22:47

I'm very happy to have some news from you.  We are all very sory for you and all the Japan population with this major disasters...  I wish you all the best for the future, ...  Thanks a lot for your message.  Best whishes, B.

  D. S. (Germany)   2011/03/14 22:52

My deepest regret for you, your family, and the japanese people in this very hard hour.  My wishes and hopes are with you.

Personally, I have since three days a very close relationship to Japan through all possible channels:
The problem is, that my parents (age 67 and 72) and my sister were as tourists in the vicinity of Sendai, when the earthquake and the tsunami came. They needed to run for their lives from the wave. They are alive and not injured, thanks god. But I don't know much more.
Now they are waiting in a public shelter in Tohoku Gakuin Daigaku, which is said to be the University in Tagajo City near Sendai, Miyagi-ken. they have no electricity, no more power for cell phones, and I don't know wether they have water or food. They are together with local residents in the same shelter.
I have contact to a german rescue team in Sendai International Center, which is the rescue central. It is only 15 kilometers from where they are, unfortunately there are rivers to cross.
My hope is, that they will get through to them in the next days. German embassy told me, that they will try to reach them soon.
My sister luckily speaks japanese quite well. She is with my parents, this is a great relief.

Personally I have the feeling, that Japan is the best organized & prepared country in the world to cope such a catastrophy. No panic at all, but serious work on the problems. In any other country, the problems would have been multiple times worser.
The same is with the german embassy, I feel relatively well supported. So at the moment, I have no more idea of how anybody could help my father, mother and sister. If the germans will fail or stop actions, I would be very glad if I could contact you again and we could share ideas of whom to alarm within japanese authorities.
But at the moment, everything seems working. Slowly, but working. No need for hasty actions.

Good luck for the Reactors! I am following japanese media, and this sounds much lesser panicking compared to what is published in Germany. Here people already begin a political discussion. disgusting to me, as I have lesser, but similar problems like many japanese people at the moment.
Let us hope for the best!  Best regards,  D. S.

  Reply to D.S. from Toru Nakagawa   2011/03/15 2:26

Dear D.S., Thank you so much for your message.
I live in Kashiwa City, near Tokyo. My personal reply message to some of my friends abroad is written below.

I am surprised to hear that your father, mother, and sister were near Sendai at the time of the earthquake and tsunami.  I am glad to learn that they successfully ran for their lives from the wave and are alive without injure.  The public shelters may be hard for many, especially foreign people. But there is no panic and no fighting among the people there and all through in Japan. Food, water, warmth, etc. may be arriving there, even though not quickly enough.

It must be a challenging time for your family.  I wish they and all other people in the midst of disaster be safe and recovered as soon as possible.  I will be of any help for your family. Please tell your sister my home address: --- 
It is now Spring vacation of my university, till early April.  I am staying and working at home.
With best wishes and prayer for many,  Toru Nakagawa

==> Father, Mother, and Sister together got a ride in a car from Sendai to Niigata, and then arrived safely at Tokyo on Mar. 16.  [D.S. in "Person Finder", on Mar. 16.]

 I. M. (UK)  2011/03/14 23:26

I am glad to hear you are safe and well after such a massive earth quake.  My thought are with you and your family at this dificult time.  Regards, I.

  K.W. L. (Korea)    2011/03/14 23:28

We (all Koreans) wish and pray that Japan will be recoveried well soon.
Last week" the 2nd Globlal TRIZCON 2011 in Korea" had been finished well due to exellent speakers with two Japanese speakers. (  Maybe you can liesten on the news from them.
Anyway, we hope Japan will overcome the difficuties well again.  - K.W. L.

  N. F. R. S. (Mexico)  2011/03/14 23:36

My best regards and wishes to overcome soon this enormous disaster, sincerely, Norma F Roffe

 A. K. & T. T. (Estonia)  2011/03/14 23:38

Thank you for the information about situation in Japan!  We have watched the information in TV and now we are informed that you are OK! We hope that the terrible days are over.
A. K., T. T., and others colleagues from Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

  P. L. (Germany)   2011/03/14 23:51

In this difficult time I wish you, all Japanese people strength and courage to overcome the disaster without more losses.   I follow the situation so closely as I can, and express my deep condolences to victims of this incredible catastrophe.  With best regards   P.

  L. L.L. (China)    2011/03/15 0:00

Are you fortunately? Whether avoid in time.   For these days, I have been shocking I continue obtain the news from TV and Net. I do worry extremely whether my Japanese friend is security in this big earthquake. I simultaneously admire about the Japanese to keep calm, to defend the order, to help mutually, government's information opening, disaster relief mechanism effectiveness.   I Hope the heaven blesses you all safely, hope Japan will soon cross this disaster, replies the safe happy condition.   Best Wishes!  L. L.L.

  M. M. (USA)    2011/03/15 0:01

We have been following the horrific news about the earthquake & tsunami that have hit Japan. Our sympathy goes out to all the people of Japan at these terrible events. I do hope you and your family and friends are all OK.  In deepest sympathy,  M. M.

  D. M. (Malaysia)    2011/03/15 0:02

I am deeply saddened by the news of the earthquake and tsunami  I hope you are your family are ok.  Thanks for the updates nevertheless and stay safe.  regards, D.

  R. G. (India)    2011/03/15 0:08

My heartfelt and sincere condolences for the people of Japan who are undergoing this very difficult situation. I pray for the survivors and those who passed away in the disaster and hope that the worst is over and that Japan can rebuild itself quickly.  Sincerely, R.

  Y. O. (Turkey)    2011/03/15 1:01

We are watching news from TV & newspapers.  We feel really sorry for your nation & those passed away.  Pls accept our condolocences & wish you best. Y. O., Turkey

  J. A. M. (USA)    2011/03/15 1:27

I was very glad to hear through E. D. that you and your family were safe and well.  I hope you are recovering from your long walk home.  I saw in your notes about the first evening that you were in Akihabara. I spent many happy days there, years ago.  I am saddened by the news of the many deaths and suffering.  I hope that the recovery goes quickly and you and your family remain well.  Best Regards,  J. M.

  P. v. H. (The Netherlands)   2011/03/15 1:49

My thoughts have been with you and all friends in Japan for the last days. I hope you and your family are well.  May Japan find the strength, wisdom, help and guidance to forge a new and safe future!  Best regards, P. v. H.

  P. F. (UK)   2011/03/15 2:19

I was about to email you to send C. and my best wishes to you and your wife and to the country. We have watched the awful pictures on television and cannot really imagine what you must be going through. We hope that the suffering is brief and that the reconstruction leads to a better world.  Our heartfelt thoughts are with you,  P.

  G. D. (Romania)    2011/03/15 3:07

It was a great moment to see your e-mail! I am very happy of the great news of you and your optimistic attitude!

I have seen the news from Japan on the CNN broadcast TV and I was shocked and impressed, too. Please, keep in mind that you have a good friend thinking of you even from Romania. We are discussing a lot about the natural disaster in your country and our authorities have started to talk about an earth-quark even in Romania. It is expected to have such a phenomena in the nearest future …. The last one was in 1977, and the intensity was 7.2 on the Richter scale.

I was surprised of your intensive work in preparing the next TRIZ Symposium against the bad situation existing in Japan!!! Congratulation of my side! I wish you a lot of success in organization procedure of the scientific event.  Best regards, G.

  G. C. (Italy)    2011/03/15 3:09

I'm very sorry about the catastrphic event, and wish good luck to your beautiful nation.  We had a major earthquake in my region back in 1976, 1,000 people died, I was there, so understand from the deep.  My best wishes, G.

  P. J. (Czech Republic)    2011/03/15 4:41

I am pleased to hear you.  We are following the news from Japan and we believe that you will get out from all.  The devastation is really large. Hold tight there and TRIZ community is with you. Sincerely,  P. J.

  G. G. (France)   2011/03/15 6:40

For three days, we tried to send you a message but the E-mail address we had was clearly obsolete and the messages bumped back. Now that we have a valid address, we would like to tell you how anxious we were for you and our other Japanes friends.
Now,; we know that you are OK and we are relieved, but my son F. has no news of his previous colleagues from Sendai. Of course, communications are very difficult with Sendai and neighbourhood.
Here in France, everybody is concerned with the situation in Japan. We have seen terrible images of the tsunami and we follow, hour after hour, the situation in the nuclear plants.
It is nevertheless good that all buildings in Tokyo resisted to the earthquake, which proves that your country has at least mastered the problem of the earthquakes, but nature is terrible, isn't it ?
Let us hope that the nuclear plants will resist !  Very hearty wishes, G. and M.

  D.C. P. (Korea)   2011/03/15 8:39

Thanks for your kind e-mail.  I am very sorry to hear that there has been a big earthquake in Japan.  I really wish that there will be no more victims.  I hope that Japanese people will overcome it.  Thank you very much.  D.C. P.

  W. H.S. (Austria)    2011/03/15 9:24

I am very happy that you are well, hopefully your family is well too !!
I really highly admitt and appreciate the Japanese people and culture.   If there is a country and culture which is capable of managing such a task, then it is Japan (my personal opinion).
It feels sad sometimes when i remember my visit in Japan, when i think about how all the places may look like now.

If you mind it, i would like to send you some water, based on a "original recipie" from Victor Schauberger, i recived this "recipie" for "precious water" from a former employee(the former employe of Schauberger is now 84 years old) of Victor Schauberger.
He gave me the recipie a few years ago and he told me that it is very close to the water which Schauberger produced with his "apparatus for precious water" (Schauberger created this recipie after the Austrian medical chamber prohibited his apparatus for the production of precious water) this water has very strong healing and supporting effects on the human body he said.
If you mind i would send a few bottles of it to a adress of your choice.
Schauberger also had strong ideas and a very clear concept about how to use the water of the deep see for the production of energy/electricity in a very simple way. Probably in his time technology was not capable of realizing this concept and they did not belive him and labeled this concept as foolish idea.
Hopefully the time comes now to use this save and simple technology for harvesting energy.

I wish the very best for you and all of your landsman / woman.  Please extend also greetings to Katagiri san, Kataoka san, Sawaguchi san, Shonai san.  With the very best wishes from Austria, Wolfgang H.Sallaberger

  N. L. R. (Mexico)   2011/03/15 9:30

Thank you very much for your "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" and also for the information about the huge earthquake and tsunami.
I personally and my family are very shocked about the magnitude of that disaster.  We wish you, your family, colleagues, students and all the Japanese people will find the right answers at the right time for all the challenges that you are confronting now.  It is good for me to get this email from you as that it is a sign that you are working and healthy. Please let us know if we could help any how.  Sincerely,  N.

  X.Y. Z. (China)    2011/03/15 9:31

I'm sorry to hear the news about the earthquake and tsunami in your country.  God bless Japan!
Thanks for your new information about TRIZ, and I will visit your website as soon as possible.  Best Regards, X.Y. Z.

  S.W. K. (Korea)    2011/03/15 13:40

I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences and consolation to the victims and people.  And I show admiration for their rationality, order and caring in extreme situation.  I believe wise national people can overcome the difficulties and I support and cheer the bright bravery.  Sincerely, S.W. K.

  K. R. (Finnland)   2011/03/15 15:23

Thank you for your kind message  I and my family would like to offer our deep condolences to Japanese people.
I have last years worked as a science journalist and written stories of nuclear energy, among other things. Just now I am writing a story on the final disposal of nuclear fuel. That’s why I have keenly followed especially the efforts of engineers in nuclear plants. I feel that they are working very professionally.
I am also sure that TRIZ community in Japan and other countries will contribute to reconstruction with good inventions and innovations. I myself try to tell of all this to great public.  Kind regards, K. R.

  L.C. (Russia)   2011/03/15 17:43

All thoughts of my colleagues and mine about Japan and the situation in your country these days.  Please, accept our sincere sorry about the tragedy.  Our hearts wish you and your people to overcome all difficulties as soon as possible.  Sincerely, L.

  U. M. (India)   2011/03/16 0:30

The calamities in Japan are heart breaking. All the Indian news channels continuously broadcast the video footage of the horrible tsunami.
I express my deep concern to the innocent Japanese people who have lost their lives, home, property etc. and I pray God to give courage to everybody there to face the aftermaths of such a disaster.
The recent news was telling that there is high level of neuclear radiations found in Tokyo. I believe you are safe and sound although the situation would have perturbed you to a great extent.  Hope the engineers there do a good job to stop worsening the situations in neuclear plants.  Warm Regards, U.

  T. P. (Thailand)   2011/03/16 0:31

We (not only me) all Thai people talk about this.  A lot of people in Thailand now they pay for Japan Disaster Fund, It will not so much money but as much as we can from our heart.
We never have the question to the Spirit of Japanese.  All of us believe and wait for big coming back of Japan and Japanese. T. P.

  A. R.  (France)   2011/03/16 7:37

I hope that you, your family and your friends are in good health.  There are so many problems after that.  It is a terrible time and I hope that the situation in Fukushima will become better as soon as possible.  Best regards,  A. R.

  R. A. (Germany)  2011/03/16 21:38

I was also thinking of you as I heared of the earthquake in Japan. I hope you are in good shape and health.  With best regards,  R. A.

  F. S. (Switzerland)   2011/03/17 4:33

We are very sad to hear and to see about the catastrophe which hit your country and so many people.  We wish you all the strength necessary to cope with the situation and follow the developments very closely.  Sincerely,  F. S.

  V. S. (The Netherlands)   2011/03/17 5:14

Here in Holland we are very carefully following the unfolding of events in Japan.  Needless to say, I am very sorry to see what's happening.  But no one is really insured from natural disasters; we are not the masters of the universe, even with TRIZ.  I really hope that things will settle down soon and neither your family, relatives nor friends will experience any damages.  So let us hope and pray,  V.

  I. L. (Israel)   2011/03/17 6:32

With all the horror Japan is experience, I was happy to receive your mail and learn that you are OK.  My heart is with you.  I. L.

  I. D. (Russia)   2011/03/17 12:33

I, like most people in the World, has been watched the news from Japan in the state of strong emotions during the last days.  It is so awful, and I deeply sympathize with you misfortune and troubles.
I sincerely wish all of you, your families and all the Japanese people to recover from all of these awful natural calamity's consequences.  I deeply believe that peace and prosperity will soon come again to your wonderful country.  I.

  D. M. (Malaysia)  2011/03/18 9:51

How are you and your family doing? I hope everyone is ok over there? I understand that it is a very difficult time for all of you over in Japan and I hope for the best for everyone and also for the nuclear situation to come under control soon.

If you and your family due to the situation worsening with the nuclear exposure may need to temporarily seek shelter outside of Japan, then do not worry as you may come to Penang Malaysia and stay with me till the situation improves. I hope I am not intruding too much but I think if the need arises and not to make the situation even more harder for your family and you than it already is, know the fact that there is a place for you in Malaysia. Please do not feel bad to take up this offer. We will be happy to have you over. Keep this option open. My address is: --   Take care and stay safe!  regards,  D.

  Reply to D.M. from Toru Nakagawa   2011/03/18 11:42

Dear D., Thank you for your message.
The situations in the Tohoku areas are still hard, but getting better, thanks to many rescue teams from all over Japan and abroad.

The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Complex seems to get under control more and more overcoming the most critical time, even though some apparent damages in the outer building walls.  (Explosion occurred in the space outside the reactor shelter, thus it broke the outer walls of the building but not the reactor shelter itself, fortunately.)  No radiation materials have been released so far.

In Japan, we are not in a panic at all even though there are some difficulties in electricity and transportation of people and goods.  Thank you so much for your warm message.  Best wishes,  Toru Nakagawa

  D. M. (Malaysia)  2011/03/18 12:02

Thanks for the update and great to hear that things are beginning to get better.  Do stay safe.  Thanks!  regards,  D.

  A. R. (Israel)  2011/03/19 14:47

Please extend to TRIZ people and all people in Japan my sincere sorrow for the casualties in terrible disaster that hit Japan.  May god will help the wonderful people and beautiful country to recover quickly.  A.

  I. K. (Germany)   2011/03/20 6:30

Thank you for your message with info about "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" and about situation in Japan after 11 March. Sorry for a delay with my answer. I have sometime difficulties with my email.
We are feel pity for all Japanese people and wish them overcome all problems. Every hour I am reading news or watching TV. We are talking with colleagues about Japan. Our World is so small and we are so near by each other.  With best regards, I. K.

  A. M. (Germany)  2011/03/20 22:37

It is really bud catastrophe happened to the Japanese nation and people.  But I think the Japanese people are strong and can overcome the situation.  If you think, I can help you somehow, Pleas just let me know.  Kind regards,  A.

  P. F. (UK)  2011/03/22 21:24

I'm very pleased you are safe and that the reactor problems are slowly being solved.
I'm happy with you using the pdf. I expect D.M. will email you soon.  --- Best wishes,  P.

  D. M. (UK)  2011/03/22 22:48

Please allow me to add to P.'s comment that we're all very happy to hear that you are safe. I am in Jakarta at the moment and my friends here suggested that maybe I shouldn't travel because it might not be safe due to the radiation from Japan (!)
Like P., I am very happy to offer my permission to reproduce the pdf content.  Thanks as ever for asking.  Best regards, D.

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