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Courses and Syllabi

2019-20 Course Outline and Syllabi

  • Course Outline (Fall)
  • Course Outline (Spring)
  • Course Outline (Fall)
  • Course Outline (Spring)
  • Class Timetable (Fall)
  • Class Timetable (Spring)
  • Course Outline (Fall)
  • Course Outline (Spring)

Fall Syllabi

JSL (Japanese for Speakers of Other Languages)
1001 JSL Level 1 (Introductory Japanese) PDF
JSL Level 1 (Introductory Japanese) PDF
1002 JSL Level 2 (Elementary Japanese) PDF
1003 JSL Level 3 (Intermediate Japanese) PDF
1004 JSL Level 4 (Upper-Intermediate Japanese) PDF
JSC (Japanese Studies Classes)
1031 The Performing Arts and Fine Arts in Japan PDF
1032 Japanese Technology Companies PDF
1034 Japanese Business Culture and Practices PDF
1035 Power of Japanese Pop Culture PDF
1036 Japanese Psychotherapies PDF
1037 Japan's Environmental Issues PDF
1038 Religious Identity in Modern Japan PDF
1040 International Development Cooperation PDF
J-bridge Classes
1022 Introduction to Japanese Literature 日本文学入門 PDF
English Bridge
1060 Media in Japan PDF
1061 Business & Industry in Japan PDF
JSP (Japanese For Specific Purposes)
1011 Osaka Dialect 大阪弁 PDF
1012 Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills 読解・作文 PDF
1013 Japanese Culture and Society 日本事情 PDF
1050 Japanese Communication Skills(Lower-Intermediate) PDF
1051 Japanese Communication Skills(Upper-Intermediate) PDF

Spring Syllabi

JSL (Japanese for Speakers of Other Languages)
2001 JSL Level 1 (Beginner Japanese)
2002 JSL Level 2 (Pre-Intermediate Japanese)
2003 JSL Level 3 (Intermediate Japanese)
2004 JSL Level 4 (Upper-Intermediate Japanese)
2005 JSL Level 5 (Advanced Japanese)
JSC (Japanese Studies Classes)
2031 Japanese Labor Market and Employment
2032 Japanese Spirituality as a Channel to Peace
2033 Sub-Cultures and Philosophies in Japan
2034 Japanese Marketing and Business Management
2035 International Economics
JSP (Japanese For Specific Purposes)
2015 Sharing Information about Japan 日本を発信しよう
2016 Readings on Social Science 社会科学読解
2017 Understanding Japanese in movies 映画聴解
2018 Reading Contemporary Japanese Novels 現代小説を読む
2019 Business Japanese ビジネス日本語
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