TRIZ Paper: Industrial application

Development of a Spinning Top by TRIZ & TM & Simulation  -- Challenge at All-Japan Koma Taisen --

Tomohiko Katagiri (IDEA Inc.), SWCN (Solid Works Club of Nagano)

Presented at 10th TRIZ Symposium in Japan, Sept. 11-12, 2014, at Waseda University, Tokyo

Posted: Mar. 7, 2015; Updated: Mar. 27, 2015

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 2, 2015)

This paper was presented last September at 10th Japan TRIZ Symposium and obtaind the 'Best presentation for me' Award as a result of participants voting.  In my Personal Report of the Symposium , I have introduce this paper as follows:

SWCN stands for Solid Works Club of Nagano, which is a voluntary, not-for-profit group of engineers and SME owners of different industries having activities since 2007 (according to their Web site).   'All-Japan Manufacturing Industry Koma Taisen (Spintop battles)' was first held in Feb. 2012 and second in Feb. 2013.   The koma (or spintop) must be smaller than 20 mm in diameter and be turned by fingers without using any tool.   There is no limit in the weight, length, shape, materials, etc.   The battle between 2 komas is performed on a slightly concave ring. The koma spinning longer on the ring wins the game, and the koma winning the game twice in a row win the match.

The slides in the Proceedings explain the processes of considering various contradictions in the design and examining different design prototypes by use of Taguchi method and simulations. However, the SWCN's koma which won the second place at the Second Koma Taisen was extraordinary in its shape; just after turning the koma opens its 3 arms for hitting out the competitor (named 'cat's punch').   At the Symposium I did not attend at this presentation, but had a chance of glancing their koma.  Battles and komas are shown by movies posted in the Web site of the Koma Taisen Association (also in English ).

-- Very interesting event and interesting koma designs.   The 3rd Koma Taisen will be held in Feb. 2015.

In the Japanese page, the full descriptions of the extended abstract and the presentation slides are shown in HTML, by virtue of the original .doc and .ppt files provided by the author.  The presentation slides in the Proceedings are now openly publicized in the Web site of Japan TRIZ Society; click here for the Japanese slides in PDF .

Abstract and the presentation slides were translated into English by Japan TRIZ Society.  The PDF file of the slides is accessible in the JTS Web site.  For your convenience, I show the Extended Abstract here in English with figures in Japanese.



Development of a Spinning Top by TRIZ & TM & Simulation

Tomohiko Katagiri (IDEA Inc.), SWCN (Solid Works Club of Nagano)

Presented at 10th TRIZ Symposium in Japan, Sept. 11-12, 2014, at Waseda University, Tokyo


Abstract    (English translation by JTS)

At the 2nd All-Japan "Koma Taisen" (Spinning Top Competition) held in February, 2013, the SWCN team, to which the author belonged, took second place, while 100s of competing teams from all parts of the country crushed.  Also, its technical capabilities are top class in the whole country taking first place in the prefecture level team event in July, 2013. 

SWCN (Solid Works Club of Nagano) is a group dominated by engineers engaged in the manufacturing industry of Nagano Prefecture, and is a manufacturing exchange sharing and dispatching information on the latest digital tools, the latest methods, etc. in a spirit of "give 5 and take 1."  Participating in All-Japan "Koma Taisen", the SWCN team, by making full use of TRIZ, Taguchi Method, 3D CAD, motion analysis and SNS, has developed a unique and strong spinning top in a short period of time while raising cooperation between members. 

I would like to introduce this approach to product development, being an advanced measure valid to how to enter into a completely new product field outside one's experience, as its concrete example. 


Extended Description:  (English translation by Nakagawa)

(1)  The Spintop "Cat's Punch 2", which won the second place in All-Japan "Koma Taisen" 2013


The spintop is 20 mm in diameter before turning, but when it spins it opens the three arms due to the centrifugal force.  It can hit the competitor out of the ring instantaneously by its overwhelming moment of inertia.

(2)  Findng the essence of the problem: with Function-Attribute Analysis

The first step is to find the essence of the problem in the spintop battles.  Function-Attribute analysis and cause-effect anaslysis of the battle system are carried out, and the design parameters and resources are revealed.  The following figure shows the Function-Attribute analysis.

(3) Idea generation


(4) Parameter design by use of the Taguchi Method, the most powerful robust optimization method

(5) Preliminary virtual battle simulation via motion analysis

(6) And then, further efforts for the first place at the 3rd "Koma Taisen"


 Presentation Slides    ==> PDF  (in the Official Web site of Japan TRIZ Society; English translation by JTS)

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Extended Abstract:  in HTML ,    in PDF

Presentation Slides:  in HTML ,    in PDF  (Official Web site of Japan TRIZ Society)


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