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USIT Case Study 2.

How to prevent a staple from being crashed

Source Ref.  Kazuaki Kamiya (Toru Nakagawa), Thesis, Osaka Gakuin University (2004)

Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University, Professor Emeritus)

Japanese edition: May 21, 2015
English edition: Jun. 21, 2015

Posted: Jun. 26, 2015

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jun. 21, 2015)

This is the USIT Case Study No. 2 documented in the "Collection of USIT Case Studies" .  UIST is a concise, consistent, and general process for practicing the General Methodology of Creative Problem Solving (CrePS).  The process is explained in detail in the USIT Manual , and it uses the 'Six-Box Scheme'. 

The present HTML page shows first 3 introductory slides of the case study and the last overview slide summarizing the case in the 'Six-Box Scheme'.  The whole set of slides are posted in the PDF file .


This Case Study is originally based on Kazuaki Kamiya's Thesis at Osaka Gakuin Univeristy (2004) and is further revised by Nakagawa .  In binding sheets of papers with a stapler, the staple may be crashed in case of 30 or more sheets.  We wanted to improve the stapler so as to be able to bind some more sheets.  Initailly we suspected that the looseness around the axle was the cause of weakness.  In the middle of some experimentsk, we met an unexpected phenomenon and found the root cause of the problem.  For solving the problem we used Altshuller's Smart Little People's Modeling (SLP).  This Case Study is valuable since it tells us the importance of expriments and obserbation in invention.  Since even children can understand and enjoy this cas study, I put this at the second of the Collection of USIT Case Studies. 

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 USIT Case Study 2.  How to fix a string shorter than the needle

Slides of the Whole Process (16 slides) in PDF 


[2] (Jan. 7, 2007)


[3] (Sept. 20, 2005)


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