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Message for the New Year 2020

Editor: Toru Nakagawa (Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University), Jan. 14, 2020

Posted on Jan.  14, 2020
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Message (Toru Nakagawa, Jan. 14, 2020)

On the start of New Year 2020, I wish you all the year be healthy, happy, successful, and the World be peaceful.

(Sorry but because of the passing away of my younger brother Akira Nakagawa last March at the age of 75, I would refrain from celebrating the new year.)

Situations in the world, as well as in Japan, are getting unstable and more difficult in many aspects.  In such circumstances, we are studying and promoting 'Creative problem solving methodologies'.  I often feel what I can think and what I can contribute to the society and the world are quite small.  But we have only to accumulate such small things day after day.

Reflecting the last year, I am thinking what I should do this year.  A brief list of them are:

(1) World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP): Last year we have built the First, preliminary version of the World WTSP Catalogs.  This year we should extend and improve them much more.  We have to make them evaluated as "The WTSP Catalogs are usefull to find good and important TRIZ-related sites with fair and close introductions".  For getting such evaluations we need to make good examples of site descriptions after close surveys. 

(2) Continuing the studies and promotion of Creative problem solving methodologies:  Study and introduce excellent papers and articles in the world, build the Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives (on USIT and his further extensions), make some overview maps of various relevant methodologies, translate the "CID course for chldren" (authored by Natalia Rubina) into Japanese, etc. etc.

(3) Further investigate my findings about "Liberty vs Love Contradictions and Ethics".

(4) Try to keep my own daily life creative, healthy, and peaceful. I am now learning photography; See the results:



"Sound of Music"  (Saltzburg (Austria), Apr. 20, 2019, Toru Nakagawa)

"Study-Play"  (Casablanca (Morocco), Oct. 13, 2019, Toru Nakagawa)


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