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Editor:  Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, Osaka Gakuin Univ.)

Posted:  Aug. 30, 2022;  Updated:  Sept. 16, 2022


Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Aug. 30, 2022)

This is the Discussion Page in the initial stage on
Proposal of "Systematic Innovation Review" Website (Toru Nakagawa and WTSP Global Co-editors, Aug. 30; Sept. 16, 2022).

Feedbacks from various TRIZ organizations, groups, and individuals will be posted here.  Please send us your (or your organization/group's) thoughts, including opinions, ideas, suggestions, comments, questions, etc. We will show such feedback here openly with your signature (in most cases) or anonymously (in case you want), or will not disclose in case you specify 'Personal' in the feedback. 

Discussions among many organizations and persons are very important for the TRIZ community to form a general understanding and consensus on the vision and plans of the SI-Review Proposal.  We believe that establishing a Representative website like SI-Review in this Proposal is a very big challenge for the whole TRIZ community for the purpose of active development/application/proliferation of TRIZ and the contributions of TRIZ to the world.  We should think, plan, agree, prepare, establish, and operate such a new websites, Together ! Connected !!

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Aug. 30, 2022

Tomasz Arciszewski (USA)


Scopes of 'TRIZ', 'Inventive Engineering', 'Invention', and 'Innovation'.

Aug. 31, 2022

Jura Danilovskij (Korea & Russia)

Strong support

Strongly support the idea.  Will spread the vision widely to my many students.










  Discussions:  Communications from Readers and Organizations/Groups

  Tomasz Arciszewski (George Mason University, USA) ==> TN     Aug. 30, 2022

Thank you for sharing this document with me.  My several comments:

  1. I guess that it is a proposal for funding. For whom? How much? I would explain the context of the text
  2. The term "Innovation" means in the American English "the process of transforming a solution/an invention into a market product".  We have first the inventive process followed by the innovation process. I think that this term is misleading here.
  3. You must be clear: is it about TRIZ or about all engineering problem solving methods? Is it about TRIZ or about Inventive Engineering?

I think I understand the underlying problem. TRIZ experts think that all Inventive Engineering is about TRIZ and want to attract all people looking for solutions related to inventive problems and innovation.  On the tactical level it may work for short time, but it is a big strategic mistake. People soon discover that it is about TRIZ only, not about innovation, and disappointed run away.  This problem was destroying Ideation with Zion's extremely aggressive marketing and overpromising. I suggest that you rethink the use of the term "Innovation" and focus on TRIZ in its various form.

TN (short response) Aug. 31, 2022 :   Thanks.   Scope and naming of the website: See Sec. 1.4 and also later postings.

  Jura Danilovskij (Samsung, Korea and Russia) ==> TN     Aug. 31, 2022

I strongly support the idea of such a site.
I am ready to send articles there about our results both in the field of positive experience of real design based on TRIZ and in the field of developing new technologies for training inventive thinking skills.
I am proud to meet you.

TN (short response) Aug. 31, 2022 :   Thanks for your strong-support message. Please talk with your friends and spread the vision.

  Jura Danilovskij (Samsung, Korea and Russia) ==> TN     Aug. 31, 2022

These are my 500 students in Russia,
There are 3000 more students in South Korea, where I have been working for 16 years.
Of course, I will orient them both Russians and Koreans so that they continue to deal with TRIZ as a science about the evolution of technologies, and for this we need a good and VERSATILE international journal. I have 30 very active students who have long understood that TRIZ is a new young science.



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