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Editor: Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, OGU)

         Aug. 30, 2022; Latest Update: Oct. 14, 2022


Posted:  Aug. 30, 2022; Updated:  Sept. 16; Sept. 22; Oct. 1: Oct. 14, 2022


Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Aug. 30, 2022; Sept. 16; Oct. 14, 2022)

This is a new page for the proposal and discussion of an expected brand-new website which can be "Representative website in the fields of TRIZ" (and later including the field Around-TRIZ (or we may say Creative Problem Solving Methodologies in general)). 

The proposal was initiated mid June by Toru Nakagawa in relation to WTSP (World TRIZ-related Sites Project) and discussed inside the WTSP Global Co-editors.  The proposal was based on the finding that in the field of TRIZ there exist a number of international associations/conferences and many good websites operated by various consulting firms and academic groups, but no representative website/journal where papers/articles come from various authors over the field and are published regularly.  If we have such a Representative website, many professionals/users/learners may come and learn the whole aspects of TRIZ easily and effectively.  It will serve much for wider and better proliferation of TRIZ (and related methodologies). 

The proposal is now just an initial/preliminary stage, and hence we should make the vision clearer and should create a general consensus in the TRIZ community in the world.  We will need a lot of discussions in the TRIZ community to clarify the vision, build up plans, make a consensus, and start the new organization and the website.  The expected new website is called "Systematic Innovation Review" website (or SI-Review in short) here, for convenience on a temporary basis.

For initializing all these preparation work, we have decided to open this page temporarily inside the WTSP website.  We know that this proposal is much larger in scale and much harder to realize than our WTSP project, and the process need to be carried out more energetically and more carefully to make a general consensus in the TRIZ community.   

Thus we are going to show our visions briefly first and then more closely later step by step for discussing various aspects together with many TRIZ leaders/colleagues/users.  (We posted Section 1. Vision of our Proposal first on Aug. 16, and posted the full body from Section 2. to Section 8. today, Sept. 16, 2022.)  We are planning to have 'Proposal pages' and 'Open discussion pages' as you will see soon.  We will also send our proposal to various TRIZ organizations in the world. 

Fortunately we had a chance of presenting this proposal at the Round Table Session of ETRIA TFC2022 on Sept. 28.  Presentation slides were prepared and posted beforehand in this site and in LinkedIn, and the video (of 5.5 minutes) of the presentation is posted in this site. (Oct. 14, 2022).

Please feedback your (or your organization/groups) thoughts and contribute your ideas, opinions, comments, questions, etc. to this site, either openly or personally to the Editor.  Whenever some form of preparatory organization is established, this site will be moved there.



 Index of Pages:  Proposal Pages and Discussion Pages  

Proposal pages

Discussion pages

Initial introduction to the Proposal

Discussion   (Aug. 30, 2022)

 Discussions (Tomasz Arciszewski (USA), Jura Danilovskij (Korea & Russia) )

Proposal of "Systematic Innovation Review" Website (Toru Nakagawa & WTSP Global Co-editors (Darrell Mann, Michael Orloff, Simon Dewulf, Simon Litvin, Valeri Souchkov)) (Aug. 30; Sept. 16; Sept.22, 2022)

 1. Vision of the Proposal of Establishing "Systematic Innovation Review" Website (Aug. 30, 202)

 2. Who Are Users/Readers and Authors? Needs of Contents.   (Sept. 16, 2022)

 3.  Organization for Promoting and Operating the SI-Review Website  (Sept. 16, 2022)

 4.  Editorial Board, Editorial Advisory, and Editorial Office/Staff   (Sept. 16, 2022)

 5.  Process of Preparing Manuscripts of Papers/Articles   (Sept. 16, 2022)

 6.  Structure and Editorial Operation of the SI-Review website    (Sept. 16, 2022)

 7.  Usage of SI-Review by Readers   (Sept. 16, 2022)

 8.  Financial Issues of SI-Review   (Sept. 16, 2022)

Introductory Slides :

Proposal of Establishing a New Website Representative in TRIZ and Related Methodologies in the World

[1] (in SI-Review Website)  (Sept. 16, 2022)

[2] (LinkedIn Postings) (Sept. 18; Sept. 23; Sept. 25)

[3] (Video presentation at Round Table Session of ETRIA TFC2022) (Oct. 14, 2022)





Initial introduction to the Proposal   (Toru Nakagawa, Aug. 24, 2022; Sept. 16, 2022)

From mid June to early July this year, we had internal discussions among the Global Co-editors on the need of a new 'Representative website in TRIZ'.  The discussions were triggered by Toru Nakagawa with writing in the manuscript of our ETRIA TFC2022 paper on WTSP, which is co-authored by the six WTSP Global Co-Editors, i.e., Toru Nakagawa, Darrell Mann, Michael Orloff, Simon Dewulf, Simon Litvin, and Valeri Souchkov.

The last paragraph of the Concluding Remarks section of the paper is:

One specific point Nakagawa noticed: 
In the TRIZ community there are a number of international associations/conferences and many good websites operated by individual consulting firms and academic groups, but there exists no 'representative' place where good TRIZ works are coming from various groups in the world to be published regularly. 
The TRIZ Journal served as the leading journal for promoting TRIZ in the early stage, but not in recent years. 
A new website, so to speak "Systematic Innovation Review", is anticipated to be established and operated by some solid international collaboration in the global TRIZ(-related) community.

We had hot discussions on this proposal, e.g., Do we really need such a new journal/website?  What is the value proposition of the new website?  Various papers from different authors/groups might have a risk of confusing readers concerning the integrity of TRIZ.  Can we make a general consensus in the TRIZ community for starting such a website?  Isn't it just a Utopian illusion?  How can we achieve the vision?  etc. etc.   

On Jul. 11, I wrote down my proposal in a big diagram (like a simplified Affinity Diagram) in order to discuss further in various aspects of the issue.   The discussion has been calmed down, probably because all the Global Co-editors more-or-less understood the vision and the directions to go and they have been back for working in their extremely busy jobs, I suppose. 

Thus I am going to show you Our proposal here, with brief overall image first, and then with closer presentations step by step for clarifying various aspects of the vision and its tasks.  Converting the diagram format into ordinary text format, I will show our Proposal in two forms, i.e., in html (the Proposal page ) and in .docx (Word file  ) for easier revisions/commenting.

The topics of Our Proposal may be arranged as follows:    (This part is slightly updated,  Sept. 16, 2022)

1. Vision of the Proposal of Establishing "Systematic Innovation Review" Website
           Purpose/value proposition; Background;  Scope; Name of the website; Categories and nature of articles; How to get manuscripts;
           Organization for promotion & operation, Relationships with other websites

2. Who are users/readers and authors? Needs of contents..
           Professionals, users, and beginners in TRIZ; Professionals, users, and beginners in other methods:
           Categories/types of articles;

3. Organization for promoting and operating the website:
           Promoters at the initial stage;  Collaboration in the global TRIZ community; New organization; Choices of organizational forms;

4. Editorial Board, Editorial Advisers, and Editorial staff
           How can we form Editorial Board and Editorial Advisers; Who we need in our Editorial office?

5. Process of preparing and posting articles
           How to get manuscripts; Peer review operation

6. Structure and Editorial operation of the website
           Structure of the web site;  Editorial operations of the website

7. Usage of the website by users
           Registration necessary?   Charge;   Copyrights;  Communication with users

8. Financial Basis of the Website
            Possible costs ;  Possible alternative ways fo income


The Proposal has been posted initially on Aug. 30 (Section 1.), and fully on Sept. 16 (Sections 2. to 8.).


SI-Review Proposal: Index page

(Initial) Proposal

Proposal (.docx) Presentation slides and video






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