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World View, Attitude and Logic of Life to Survive in the Universe

FIT 2017 (Forum on Information Technology in Japan), O-018, September , 2017, University of Tokyo
Posted on  Aug. 30, 2018

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Aug. 30, 2018)

This is a paper presented by Toshio Takahara in Sept. 2017.  On posting the 4th Collection of Papers written by Toshio Takahara (2016 - 2018) , I feel it necessary to post this paper and its presentation slides in English, because his voluminous works are mostly written in Japanese only.  The author has been presenting his papers every year in FIT (Forum of Information Technology in Japan) in English.  Please refer to his paper in FIT2016 .  And he is going to present at FIT2018 soon in September.

The phrase 'to survive in the universe' is somewhat peculiar, but it intends to eliminate various factors 'happened to be specific to the human kind on the Earth' and to extract really essencial factors in the desirable ways of living and ways of thinking for humans, I suppose.


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World View, Attitude and Logic of Life to Survive in the Universe


FIT 2017 (Forum on Information Technology in Japan),  O-018,
September , 2017, University of Tokyo



In this paper, I deal with intellectual life in the universe as something we can contact and having the world view, the sense of value of continuation of its own species, the attitude of a sense of object which contains relation between own life and object and logic.

A sense of object is an attitude to operate objects as objects. I define the value of this as “liberty” which enhance ability of its own life to change object. [FIT2013]

Already written contents in the past studies mainly written as summary in chap.2 and quoted one are both shown by blue letters. Green letters show examples.

2.Logic of Intellectual Life in the Universe

RET and Contradiction are the base of thought, abduction and argument. [TS2012] [IPSJ2017]

One of the desirable requirement of intellectual life to survive is to understand RET and CU as logic.

2.1 Radical Enumerative Thinking; RET [FIT2012, 13, 15] [TS2012] [THPJ2012, 15/1, 2]

I have been trying to rebuild formal logic of thoughts on everything by the minimum basic concept. The basic concepts are object, granularity and enumeration. [FIT2013, 15] [THPJ2015/1, 2, 3]

Granularity is a range or scope in time, space and attributes of object. [FIT2005/2] [TS2012]

Object is information cut from facts by perception and recognition at a granularity. Object consists of being and relation. Logic is relation between objects. Attributes are contents of the object. [FIT2004, 05/1, 2] [TS2005, 07, 08, 12]

To enumerate is to numerate up to a whole without leakage. Enumeration is physical e.g.: seven colours of rainbow in Japan or logical e.g. kind, a series of value; continuation of species- life- “liberty and love” [TS2012] [FIT2014]. Without enumeration of granularity we might miss the adequate granularity and adequate logic.

RET is to continue to think and review granularity and enumeration of object radically. [TS2012] [IPSJ2017]

2.2 Contradiction [FIT2006, 13, 16] [TS2006, 10, 11, 12] [THP 2012, 15/1,2]

In the World, single thing is not going on by itself as in the previous and following sentences. Because things are all mutually related. So, we should build a concept of a thing with mutual relation. It is Contradiction. It is simply the structure of relation or movement expressed as term1- relation- term2. Contradiction can be used as the minimum model element of the world. [THJP2012]

The differences between term1 and term2 and energy start a Contradiction. Contradiction is divided into two types, which are Contradiction of Resolving Differences which is usual change and Compatible Contradiction which is usual contradiction. [THJP2012]  Contradiction can both deal with movement in an objective world and issue or problem in a human world  in unified manner.

Contradiction itself has its movement. At the long time-granularity, original unit is divided into two objective objects e.g.: male and female, individual and group, work and consumption, objective object and thought e.g.: function and structure, history and logic, and two thoughts e.g.: “think” and “learn”. [TS2011]           .

And each element starts its own development.

One day, if a term is shown by facts or considered to be sub-element or condition of the other term each other, two terms begin continuing to enhance itself and the other term each other. Contradiction of Unity (CU) starts.

CU continue to enhance both terms. [TS2011] [FIT2011, 16]  I make a hypothesis; Something continuing to enhance both terms is CU.

Two objects e.g.: action by sense of unity and action by sense of object, two thoughts e.g.: Contradiction and RET or two attitudes e.g.: modesty and criticism, love and liberty, sense of unity and sense of object form CU.

3. World View and Attitude of Intellectual Life to Survive in the Universe

A world view is a common notion of intellectual life on facts and values of the past, the present and the future. [THPJ2015/3] [FIT2016] The world view affects the sense of value, attitude and logic of intellectual life. [FIT2016]

3.1 Requirements

To live is to decide relation between life and other objects. The life lives under various environment of the planet, its mother star and their movement etc.[IEICE2016]. It is necessary for intellectual life to survive is to act for accidental crises such as solar storm.

 The life need one more requirement to resolve every issue caused by relation between life and other objects.

3.2 Attitudes of Intellectual Life to Survive

An attitude on objects consists of a sense of object and a sense of unity. [FIT2016] [CGK2016]

A sense of unity is an attitude to enhance intellectual life and the other objects including other intellectual individual. I define the value of this as “love”.  [FIT2013]

I make a hypothesis; The life need to have a sense of unity and a sense of object to meet the requirements.

The intellectual life is classified into type O having only a sense of object and type OU having a sense of object and a sense of unity.

Type O have little possibility of survival. If possible, type O should realize function by a sense of unity as much as its own life only by a sense of object.

How to become type OU and take means for the crises are the difficult issue and not yet formulated.

We have an example to have just a chance to become type OU. It is our human being.

3.3 Example: World View and Attitudes of Human Being

To realize value, human being happened to have two stages at different time-granularity, in which evolution works in our body and culture consisting of technology, institution etc. works outside our body. [TJ200306]

1) Human being had agricultural revolution began 8000 years ago and industrial revolution 250 years ago. Since the revolution, human being made development of a sense of object using culture. [IEICE2016] [FIT2016].

Action by a sense of object to deal with varying plant and solar energy gradually increases the quantity of agricultural products and population to bring about an unilateral sense of unity as opposite insufficient concept of the sense of object. It took about 4000 years.

11) The variety of the Earth and the division of labour could start a barter. One day about 6000 years ago a man and woman, I guess, happened to exchange products of their group each other. [TS2010] [IEICE2012] [TS2012] Barter, a sense of difference between ourselves and the others and a sense of possession starts simultaneously. A sense of possession forms a kind of sense of unilateral unity which draw object to subject.

Principle of “equality” [ISZK899-617] in barter had emerged. This make an equality, a sense of difference, series of reasoning and contributes to science. But this make a basis of “crime and punishment” and revenge.

Also barter started economy which is a kind of institution. [IEICE2012] [TS2012] [FIT2016] [CGK2016]

And barter gradually matured the concepts of individual and labour.

12) And growth of population and cooperation creates a sense of belonging to a group. This forms a kind of sense of unilateral unity which draw individual to object. But this also become a basis of sense of conscious elimination from the other group.  

Also, law, a kind of institution and religion, a kind of world view and institution emerged 4000 years ago.

2)  Since industrial revolution, actions by a sense of object are changing objects only for human being on a large scale [IEICE2016] and value of possession of profit conquered the world. The actions did not necessarily enhance value of objects. So, we had many wrong results in institutional and technological area such as sense of belonging to nation and distruction of environment which might cause the ruin of human being. [FIT2016]

3)  After agricultural revolution, human being spent about 4000 years to discover insfficience of unilateral sense of unity and needs to unify a sense of object and a sufficient sense of unity at the same time.

We have come to need to unify the sense reviewing a sense of possession and a sense of belonging.

I guess these are by “minimum energy principle” [FIT2016] at a long time-granularity and an objective- world- granularity.

“Sense of bilateral unity and sense of object”, “love and liberty” and “action by sense of bilateral unity and action by sense of object” are all two terms of Contradiction of Unity which is a structure to continue to enhance two terms. For example, a sense of object can be enhanced by a sense of bilateral unity.  [IEICE2012] [THJP2012, 2015/3] [FIT2013, 16] [IEICE2016] [NKGW2016] [CGK2016] Now human being happens to have a rare chance to realize type OU.


We have type O and type OU of intellectual life. I have no idea on type O to survive. In the real world where energy is limited, type OU have a chance of survival. How to be type OU is an issue to be solved. The solution might be in the abstraction from the case of the human being discussed here on the basis RET and Contradiction.

The issue on energy [CGK2016] and means to take for crises such as collision of asteroid or solar storm by an objective action are not discussed here.

This is the message to the intellectual life in the universe.



I am deeply grateful to NAKAGAWA Toru Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Osaka Gakuin University for giving me a lot of encouragements and useful supports for over ten years.  


Link to papers by TAKAHARA in 2003–2015 are in the following home page by NAKAGAWA Toru.

Shorten name of references means as follows.

TJ: The TRIZ Journal.
FIT: Forum on Information Technology held by Information Processing Society of Japan and the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers in Japan.
IEICE: General Conference of Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers of Japan.
IPSJ:  National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan.
CGK: The Conference of Chugoku-branch Joint Convention of Institutes of Electrical and Information Engineers.
TS: TRIZ Symposium in Japan.
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