TRIZ: News and Activities in the World (2023)
TRIZ: News and Activities in the World (2023)

Edited by Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University)

Posted:  Jan. 27, 2023

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jan. 25, 2023)

This is the index page of news and activities in the field of TRIZ (in a broader sense) in the world. The articles are arranged in the order of the (main) organizers (in alphabetical order). Details such as press releases, event announcements, calls for papers, conference programs, seminars, reports, etc. are accessible via hyperlinks to the organizers' websites.



  AI (The Altshulller Institute for TRIZ Studies, USA)

TRIZCON2023     not announced yet

  ETRIA (The European TRIZ Association, )

TFC2023 (World Conference TRIZ Future 2023)
      To be held on 12.-14. Sept. 2023,  at Coburg University, Germany
      Call for Papers  (Abstract submission: Feb. 2, 2023; Full paper: Apr. 23, 2023; Final Paper: Jun. 18, 2023)

 I-SIM (Institute of Systematic Innovation Methods, Taiwan)

ICSI2023 (The 14th International Conference & Global Competition on Systematic Innovation (ICSI & GCSI)
       To be held on Sept. 28-30, 2023,  at Guangdong Business and TechnologyUniversity, Guangdong, China (On-site & On-line Meetings)
       Call for Papers (Abstract submission: Jul. 31 15, 2023; Full paper: Sept. 8  Aug. 31, 2023)


  JTS  (Japan TRIZ Society (NPO), Japan)

Japan TRIZ Symposium 2023            Not announced yet

  MATRIZ (The International TRIZ Association)


  MATRIZ Official (The International TRIZ Association, Offcial)

         ITC 2023 (The 1st MATRIZ Official Conference "The International TRIZ Conference -2023") 
               To be held on Aug. 30 - Sept. 2,  2023, at Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria.
               Call for Papers    (Abstract submission: Mar. 1, 2023; Full paper: Jun. 1, 2023; Final paper: Aug. 1, 2023)



 MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association)





 WTSP (World TRIZ-related Sites Project)

World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites (Gamma Edition, Sept. 2023)
       Call for contributions (Manauscript of Country Part of the World WTSP Catalogs: Apr. 16, 2023)



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