WTSP:  Call for Contributions: WTSP Catalogs (Gamma Edition, 2023)


Call for Contributions to the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites in the World (Gamma Edition, Sept. 2023).  Country Manuscripts by Apr. 16.

WTSP (World TRIZ-related Sites Project), Jan. 25, 2023

Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, Osaka Gakuin Univ.)

Posted:  Jan. 31, 2023


This page is a call for your contributions to the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites in the World. WTSP (World TRIZ-related Sites Project) is a global voluntary project started in December 2017 under the leadership of Toru Nakagawa. Its goal is to create Catalogs of websites in the fields of TRIZ (in a broader sense) and Around-TRIZ (i.e., various relevant methods for creative problem solving or innovation) in the world. The project has been working for these 5+ years with the support of many volunteers and has published the results on its WTSP website (i.e. a subsite of "TRIZ Holem Page in Japan") and reported every year at ETRIA TFC and some other conferences.

The Beta Edition of the World WTSP Catalogs was released in October 2020. World WTSP Catalogs of Around-TRIZ Sites have been further revised lately and the individual websites are reasonablly well selected and presented. The World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites, on the other hand, have been revised only very slightly since the Beta Edition. The websites in it were compiled by means of (rough) Internet surveys for TRIZ sites in the world and in the USA and by contributions of manuscripts from only 4 countries. The lack of manuscript contributions from many other countries, including several countries that are actively leading in TRIZ, means that many important TRIZ websites are missing from the Catalogs. The tasks of filling in the missing websites and presenting them properly are obviously beyond the capabilities of the Project Leader and should be carried out by leaders/volunteers in the individual countries.

In this situation, the WTSP project urgently asks many people in the TRIZ community around the world to contribute to the completion/improvement of the World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites.  Our goal is to complete the Gamma Edition of the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites in the World and present it at the upcoming ETRIA TFC2023, scheduled for September 12-14, 2023.  Specifically, we want your contributions in the following two forms.

The first is the manuscripts of the Country Parts of World WTSP Catalogs. This should be prepared by a team in each country; listing good websites in the country, visiting them one by one, writing brief introductions to them, and evaluating them according to our WTSP Criteria. It is highly desirable to get descriptions of the sites in our standard one-page form from the site owners themselves. After compiling this information, the country team submits the manuscript of the Country Part of the World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites to the Project Leader. This is the main route of contributions and effective to make the World WTSP Catalogs "Useful".

Second is optional full introductions to the TRIZ sites described by the site owners themselves. The introduction should be written in our (mandatory) Standard Form of one page and also in an optional free format of 2 to 20+ pages. The latter can be written with tables, figures, photos, etc. Such full introductions can be submitted to the Country Team and directly to the Project Leader, and will be published as soon as possible in the World WTSP Catalogs and in the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" as an independent article. This is the additional/optional way of contributions that can make the World WTSP Catalogs "Attractive" for many users.

We wish many TRIZ leaders/colleagues to work for these contributions. To report our new edition of WTSP Catalogs at ETRIA TFC2023, your contributions of Country Parts of World WTSP Catalogs must be submitted by April 16th. We sincerely hope for your cooperation.

Instructions and references are given below. 
Note:   refers to URL of a webpage/website within "TRIZ HomePage in Japan", while  to URL of a webpage/website outside.


1.  General References to the WTSP Project and the WTSP Catalogs

All information about the WTSP Project and the WTSP Catalogs is openly recorded and published on the website "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (in English) [1], operated by Toru Nakagawa, and especially on its subsequent website "WTSP" [2].

A full introduction to the WTSP Project and the WTSP Catalogs at the current state can be found in our paper [3] presented at ETRIA TFC2022 (September 2022), and especially in its presentation slides [4] in a compact and readable form.

The Index page of the WTSP Project  [5] shows the basic information and all the historical records of the project activities for the creation of the WTSP Catalogs.

Introductions of the World WTSP Catalogs for Users   [6] is a good reference for all the users who want to read and use the already established WTSP Catalogs (and may also be useful for developers of WTSP Catalogs to understand the goals).

Current active edition of World WTSP Catalogs is published within [2] with the Top Page   [7] and its subpages organized in a hierarchical way.  Catalogs of TRIZ Sites are headed by their Main Page (A)   [8] and several subsequent pages (or Catalogs) classified with the evaluation grades of websites or with the source (e.g., countries, Internet surveys, etc.).  Among the subsequent pages, (A2) World TRIZ Sites Basic Index (◎○)  [8a] and its print version (A2P) World TRIZ Sites Basic Catalog (◎○) for Print   [8b]  may be most useful, because they show all the TRIZ websites evaluated ◎ Most Important (about top 30) and ○ Important (abou next 100).  The former (A2) is the index file to be used interactively by accessing the site descriptions via hyperlinks, while the latter (A2P) is downloadable in a PDF file containing all the site descriptions arranged in the order of the index.

Similarly, Catalogs of Around-TRIZ Sites have their Main Page (C)  [9] and several subsequent pages, among which (C2) World Around-TRIZ Sites Basic Index (◎○) [9a] and (C2P) World Around-TRIZ Sites Basic Catalog (◎○) for Print [9b] are most useful.


2.  Basic Instructions and References for Preparation of Any Manuscript of WTSP Catalogs

Under [5], we have the web page of (A4) Guidelines for Building World WTSP Catalogs   [10].  It shows a summary of the whole process and then detailed instructions for each step.

In particular, please read the instructions of the Evaluation Criteria of Websites in our WTSP Catalogs in (4) of [10] (  [11]).

Introducing/describing individual websites is explained in (3) of [10] ( [12]).  We have four levels of site description, i.e., (0) Basic Information, (3a) Brief introuction by a surveyor/recommender, (3b) Standard Form (mandatory) description by the site owner, and (3c) Detailed free-format (optional) description by the site owner.  Please read the instructions of (3b) for introducing a site at any level to understand the items to write and their caegoriztions. 


3.  Contribution of Manuscripts of the Country Part to the World WTSP Catalogs

This is the main/desirable way for the TRIZ community in each country to contribute to the World Catalogs.  Instructions for the whole process are written in the Guidelines [10].

In each country,  please form a Team of several volunteers and appoint one or more coordinators (or WTSP Country Editors).  It is desirable that such a Team be formed in every country, including Russia, USA, China, Japan, UK, Germany, etc. for which a number of websites are listed in the Beta Editon (or recent manuscripts) of World WTSP Catalogs. 

Then list candidate websites based (or operating) in the country, using Internet surveys and recommendations inside/outside the Team.  Internet surveys for TRIZ sites in 52 individual countries were carried out by TN and summarized in Nov. 2021 on page [13].  The raw data and the selected list of websites in each country are accessible via hyperlinks from the page [13]. 

Visit the candidate websites one by one, write brief introductions (including the Basic Information of the website) as a surveyor/recommender, and (temporarily) evaluate the websites. 

Collect the drafts of the site introductions, and review them (especially regarding the Roles of site and the Evaluation) in the Team discussion.  It is also important to add good websites that have been overlooked.

Then rearrange all the selected websites in order of (main) Role of the site and Evaluation.  Prepare a manuscript of the Country Part of World WTSP Catalogs, in the form of two files (i.e., Index of Web Sites and Descriptions of Web Sites), with hyperlinks set for individual Web site from the Index file to the Site Description file.  See the Guidelines [10], and also examples such as the Germany case [14].

The Team should ask/encourage the owners of sites evaluated as ◎, ○, or □ to describe their own sites by filling out the WTSP Standard Form (one A4 page) [15].  This description is mandatory for all sites listed in the World WTSP Catalogs.  The tabular form is inserted immediately after the Brief Introduction of the individual site. 


4.  Description of Individual Website by the Site Owners

Presentation of websites in the World WTSP Catalogs is advantageous, even prestigious, for the site owners to make their websites (and their works/business) widely known (for free!).  Site owners should be able to introduce their sites better than any surveyor.  And such introductions make the Catalogs "Useful and Attractive" for many people in the world, from experts, practitioners, learners, to those who are unfamiliar with TRIZ and related methods.

Therefore, the WTSP asks/encourages the owners of sites rated as ◎, ○, or □ to introduce their own sites by filling out the WTSP Standard Form (one-page table in A4 format in .docx) [15].  For answering to some items, Indexing Schemes should be referred to [16].  This description is mandatory for all sites listed in the World WTSP Catalogs.  The tabular form is inserted just below the Brief introduction of each site. 

In the one-page Standard Form, the space for free-format introduction is limited to about 5-10 lines.  Therefore, an additional file for Detailed Introduction by the site owner is provided optionally. The introduction can be written in free format from 2 to 20+ pages in length, where tables, figures, and photos, etc. can be used.  The style of the introduction should be properly chosen depending on the type and nature of the site (see examples in [17] and  [18]).  The file is stored in the World WTSP Catalogs and is accessible via a hyperlink from the site description.  This option is strongly recommended for the sites rated ◎ or ○.

Site owners should submit their Site Descriptions in the Standard Form and in the additional file to the WTSP Team in their country. If a site owner writes both the Standard Form and the Additional file, he/she may also submit them directly to the Project Leader.  The Project Leader will then include them in the WTSP Catalogs and also publish them as an independent article on the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" as soon as possible. 


5.  Schedule for Submiting Manuscripts and Completing the New Edition

Our schedule is quite tight, as follows:

by Feb. 20


Formation of WTSP Team in each country

by Feb. 20


Team takes a look at TN's survey results, visits the sites quickly, lists candidate sites with rough evaluation, and sends the list to TN.

by Mar. 31


The Team visits the candidate sites one by one, writes Brief introductions, gets Basic Information about the site, and evaluates the site.

by Apr. 16


The Team completes the Manuscript of the Country Part of the World WTSP Catalogs and submits it to TN.

by Apr. 30


TN et al. submit the draft paper on World WTSP Catalogs to ETRIA TFC 2023.

by Jun. 10


Site owners write Site Description in Standard Form and optional Detailed Introduction in a free format (in parallel to <3> and <4>); and submit them to the Team and (in case of full description in Standard Form + Detailed Introduction) to TN.

by Jun. 16


TN submits final paper on World WTSP Catalogs to ETRIA TFC 2023

by Aug. 10


TN compiles the World WTSP Catalogs in the new edition and publishes them on "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".

  Sept. 12-14


ETRIA TFC2023; TN et al. present the paper on World WTSP Catalogs.

by  Oct. 30


TN et al. complete the Gamma Edition of the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ and Around-TRIZ Sites in the World and publish it on the WTSP website within "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".


Let's work Together ! Connected !!  to establish the World WTSP Catalogs "Useful and Attractive" !!!

Access point: Toru Nakagawa: nakagawa@ogu.ac.jp


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