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Editor:  Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, Osaka Gakuin Univ.), 
Latest Update:   Apr. 25, 2020

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Plan for our 3rd year, 2020 (Feb. 13, 2020)
Welcome to the WTSP Projects / Catalogs (Apr. 3, 2020) (Apr. 20, 2020)

Posted:  Feb. 13, 2020; Updated: Apr. 3; Apr. 12; Apr. 20; Apr. 25, 2020

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Feb. 13, 2020)

This page intends to show up-to-date News about the WTSP Project in brief summary, for the year 2020.  Latest News is shown at the top. Detail information of the News will be posted in separate pages.   See the time schedule of WTSP for 2020

  (B4) WTSP News 2020:  activities, invitations, outputs, etc.  (Latest News at the top)

WTSP Catalog Data: X2TL: 'Tools' SIG Source Data file (Bill Fowlkes) (May 25, 2020)

WTSP Catalog Data is contributed by Bill Fowlkes, forming a SIG (Special Interest Group) in the field of 'Tools' for various approaches with TRIZ and Around-TRIZ methodologies.  14 sites are originally listed, but after eliminating sites already cited in World WTSP Catalogs, 7 sites are found new.  The new sites are listed in the Index-X2TL and Sites-X2TL files, but are not included in the World WTSP Catalogs because of their further needs to enhance the site descriptions.

WTSP Mails and Letters: May 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa) (May 25, 2020)

(1) Bill Fowlkes (USA) <==> TN:   Some comments on reviewing the World WTSP Catalogs
(2) TN ==> Readers in Japan:   HP Update Announcement: Lecture on Creativity (Keith Sawyer), on COVID-19 Pandemic (TN)
(3) Bill Fowlkes <==> TN:   WTSP Manuscripts of 14 sites on 'Tools'
(4) TN ==> Bill Fowlkes:   Thanks. After eliminating the duplication, 6 new sites will be included
(5) TN ==> Global Co-editors:   [WTSP] Letter (19M-1G): WTSP paper has been submitted to ETRIA TFC2020. Urgent tasks for WTSP.

WTSP Mails and Letters: Apr. 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 21, 2020) (May 25, 2020)

(0) TN ==> WTSP Members: [WTSP] Letter (18M-1) Main Pages of Our WTSP Site Have Been Renewed  (May 25, 2020)

(1) Shireen Al Jaouni (Palestine) <==> TN:  Appreciation.  TRIZ sites in Arab countries? (Apr. 6)
(2) TN ==> LinkedIn posting: "Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs" (Apr. 6) ==> See
(3) Igor Polkovnikov (USA) <==> TN: Q: Would you consider to include my site in the WTSP Catalogs? A: Process of making/enhancing WTSP Catalogs. (Apr. 6)
(4) Jean-Jacques Urban-Galindo (France) <==> TN:   TRIZ' capability for concentrating relevant information and clarifying disagreements (Apr. 7)
(5) Mahmoud Karimi (Iran) <==> TN: Great mind and great job! (Apr. 10)
(6) Yury Danilovskiy (Korea) <==> TN:  Introducing "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" to Russian people;  Korea-Russian way of TRIZ (improvement of TRIZ in Korea) (Apr. 10)
(7) TN <==> Ellen Domb et al.:   Please write the Site Introduction of the TRIZ Journal (Apr. 11)

(8) TN ==> WTSP Members: [WTSP] Letter (18M-2) Welcome to WTSP Project/Catalogs, Mails & Letters (Jan.-Apr., 2020), Introduction of "Altshuller Foundation" site    (May 25, 2020)
(9) Bill Fowlkes (USA) <==> TN:   Needs of including sites related to 'Tools' for creative problem solving (May 25, 2020)

From the Leader:  Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs: Top pages of our site are renewed, for your easier access to the Catalogs (Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 21, 2020) (Apr. 25, 2020)

This is an Article I posted in LinkedIn on Apr. 6.  The figure "Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs" in our new page at the top of the WTSP domain is used to guide readers. We finished the Preliminary versions of World TRIZ Sites Catalog (62 sites at ◎〇 levels) and World Around-TRIZ Sites Catalogs (177 sites at ◎〇 levels).  They are much much better than any Internet surveys we can ordinary make.  However, many good and imprtant sites in TRIZ are missing (because manuscripts are not yet submitted from 30-40 countries) and descriptions of individual sites are still weak.  We wish to enhance the WTSP Catalogs further to record many more, important and useful sites and to describe the indivual sites more closely.  'Attractive and Useful' descriptions of individual sites in the world should be the value of our WTSP Catalogs.  Let's work Together ! Connected !! for such a goal.
One-page PDF file of this article, with active hyperlinks, is attached here . Please forward it to your friends, colleagues, studens, customers, etc.

Introduction of the Site "Official Altshuller Foundation": Communications between Larisa Komarcheva and Toru Nakagawa (Apr. 21, 2020)

Official Altshuller Foundation is operated by the ceased family of Mr. G. Altshuller, and its site site opens publicly the extensive Archives of Mr. ALtshuller's works and documents.  The site is naturally shown at the top of our World TRIZ Sites Catalog.  On Feb. 28, I asked Larisa Komarcheva (the site owner) to write a thorough introduction of the site.  On Mar. 9, she send me a site introduction in our standard format and an explanation "Why was this website created".  On Mar. 12, I wrote several questions which many readrs would like to learn from the site, and asked her to write some more introduction.  Since she is currently very busy, we have decided to post the communications in Feb.- Mar. here, and to show her descriptions as the Site Introduction in our WTSP Catalogs, on a temporary basis, hoping its enhancement by her in the near future.

  WTSP Site Introduction: The "Official Altshuller Foundation" Site (Larisa Komarcheva (Official Altshuller Foundation), Mar. 9, 2020) (Apr. 21, 2020)

Introduction of the site in our WTSP Standard form.  Description: "The Official G.S. Altshuller Foundation, together with the Rights Holders of the Altshuller copyrights, created this website so that anyone can find amongst all the above of the original texts of the creator of TRIZ - RTV - TRTL, Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller (15 October 1926 – 24 September 1998)."  "Only works by Genrikh Altshuller and Valentina Zhuravlyova are posted on this site."  Why was this website created: "Briefly put: To serve as a reference point for people interested in learning about TRIZ independently; To present the undistorted (or sometimes little-known) works of G.S. Altshuller to users and developers of the theory".

WTSP Mails and Letters: Mar. 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 12; Apr. 21, 2020)

(1) TN <==> Kurt Ed Sickafus (USA): Preparation for "Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives" (Feb. 18, Feb. 20; Feb 27)
(2) Carol Augustin (USA) <==> TN: "Loved the Compilation of Your WTSP Resources" (Feb. 28); See further communications in a separate page
(3) TN <==> Larisa Komarcheva (Russia): Please write a Site Introduction of your "Official Altshuller Foundation" site. See
(4) TN: THPJ Update Announcement: "Dr. Ed N. Sickafus Memorial Archives" Is Now Open (Mar. 25)
(5) Rinka Singh (India) ==> TN: Greetings (Mar. 25)

WTSP Mails and Letters: Feb. 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 12, 2020)

(1) TN: [WTSP] Letter: (17M-1AB/DE) Attractive and Useful !! Our WTSP Catalogs Will Be !! (Feb. 14)
(2) TN: THPJ Update Announcement: 160 Selected articles of THPJ (Feb. 14)
(3) TN ==> Posting in LikedIn: Site Introduction of WTSP Catalogs (1): "TRIZ Home Page in Japan": Features and 160 Selected Articles (Feb. 15)
(4) D. Daniel Sheu (Taiwan) <==> TN: Message; ICSI/GCSI 2020 (Feb. 15)
(5) Richard Langevin (USA) <==> TN: Posted the WTSP Letter in Altshuller Inst. site (Feb. 15)
(6) TN ==> WTSP Global Co-editors: [WTSP] Letter: (17G-1) Please write Site Introduction of yours (Feb. 17)
(7) TN ==> Posting in LikedIn: Best 4 Slides from 21 Years of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan": Essence of TRIZ, Six-Box Scheme, CrePS, Liberty vs Love (Feb. 18)
(8) Michael Orloff (Germany) <==> TN: Plans of training workshops. Will work for WTSP in April. (Feb. 23)
(9) TN ==> Larisa Komarcheva (Russia) (and 3 more TRIZ Leaders separately): [WTSP] Letter (17-P1) Please write Site Introduction of yours for all TRIZ users in the world (Feb. 28)

WTSP Mails and Letters: Jan. 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 12, 2020)

(1) TN: [WTSP] Letter: (16M-1AB, DE) For further improving the World WTSP Catalogs (Jan. 5, 2020)
(2) David Levy (UK) <==> TN:  Solving problems in AI with TRIZ (Jan. 6)
(3) TN: THPJ Update Announcement: Summary of postings (Aug.-Dec. 2019), Greetings New Year 2020 (Jan. 16)
(4) Czeslaw Cempel (Poland) <==> TN: Greetings (Jan. 16)
(5) Yury Danilovskiy (Korea) <==> TN: Creating short video about TRIZ for my grandson (Jan. 16)
(7) T J Yeoh (Malaysia) <==> TN: Plan of teaching TRIZ in a workshop for teenagers (Jan. 16)
(8) Harry Flosser (Germany) <==> TN: Chicko Character: Animation of TRIZ principles (Jan. 16)
(9) Don Masingale (USA) <==> TN: Former activities of promoting TRIZ in Boeing (Jan. 16)
(10) Vladimir Petrov (Israel) <==> TN: 27 TRIZ Books authored by Vladimir Petrov  (Jan. 18)
(11) Leonid Chechurin (Finland) <==> TN: Condolences to Toru; I lost my mother and father last year too. (Jan. 18)
(12) James Kowalick (USA) <==> TN: Q: TRIZ in automobile companies in Japan? Taguchi Method, Kanrisha Yousei Gakko (Jan. 21)

From the Leader:  Main Pages of Our WTSP Site Have Been Renewed (Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 3, 2020)

Over 2 years of our trials and progress of WTSP project have made our site a lot of new and old information which may be sometimes confusing for you.  I have renewed the main pages with the intentions (1) Clarify various aspects of the WTSP project for smoother work to build the WTSP Catalogs, and (2) Easier to access the WTSP Catalogs for ordinary users/readers. All the main pages from (A1) through (A8) are renewed, while keeping the old pages in the Archives.  Some of the main points are:
(a) Guidelines to build the WTSP Catalogs are shown clearly. Orthodox bottom-up approaches in each country, and bypassing approach to gather Attractive and Useful introduction of good sites.
(b) Smoother practices of preparing drafts, refining them into manuscripts, and building small Web sites by Members in each country, while integrating them into World WTSP Catalogs and public posting in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" by the Project Leader .  The Bitrix24 platform will not be used.  
(c) Current Active Version of World WTSP Catalogs are shown clearly, while the previous versions are archived.
(d) "Welcome to WTSP Projects / Catalogs" page is now accessible with the site domain URL: . Users/readers are smoothly guided to the pages wanted.   See the figure.

 Communication: "Loved the Compilation of Your WTSP Resources" (Carol Augustin) (Apr. 3, 2020)

I received an email with the charming title, as shown above, from a person I did not know before.  Here I post several turns of our communications with her (or him ?).  She happend to encounter our site of WTSP Catalogs and contributed the information of their two sites for extensive e-learning courses in professional skills in business. Their 2 sites are accepted in a new category X1BZ (Business oriented sites) as shown below. It is my pleasure that we can obtain new information about important Web sites in the world by virtue of the WTSP Catalogs themselves.  It is a sign of possible autonomous growing of the World WTSP Catalogs.  

 Two Web sites: eduCBA (○) and WallStreetMojo (□)for e-learning courses of professional skills in business  (Apr. 3, 2020)

In a new category X1BZ (Business oriented sites) the following 2 sites are listed in our World Around-TRIZ Catalog.  The sites are described in the Standard Formats.
X1BZ-01   eduCBA (○)  Online training and video courses for learning finance, software and business skills to achieve professional success.
X1BZ-02   WallStreetMojo (□) Sharng secrets about the best ways to learn Investment Banking, Financial Modeling, Equity Research, Accounting, M&As, Valuations and more.

Plan:  Attractive and Useful !! Our WTSP Catalogs Will Be !! Plans for our 3rd year, 2020. (Toru Nakagawa) (Feb. 13, 2020)

What and how should we do this year?  (1) Forming WTSP teams in each country to build up County WTSP Catalogs, as I proposed last October is certainly the orthodocs bottom-up way we should work.  In addition, I would like to suggest another way, based on the "20 - 80 percent rule" again:
Let's pursue to make our WTSP Catalogs Attractive and Useful !!  We may not pursue Full scale nor Completeness at first.   We just need Attractive and Useful introductions of Attractive and Useful Web sites in the world.  We should invite owners (or any keypersons) who are proud of their sites being Attractive and Useful for many readers/users to describe Attractive and Useful introductions of their sites (in faithful, non-commercial attitude) and to contribute them to the WTSP Catalogs.  If you are ordinary readers/users of TRIZ supporting our WTSP project, please send emails to your leaders and owners of Attractive and Useful sites for writing Attractive and Useful inroductions of their sites.  Once 5 or 10 sites demonstrate such Attractive and Useful introductions of sites, then many more sites will follow.
In practice, for describing/introducing individual sites, we will add the third level (c) to our previous (a) and (b):
(a) Single line in the Index table of the WTSP Catalogs --- Required for every site in the WTSP Catalogs.
(b) Site Description in the Standard Format (about 1 page of A4 size): --- Required for every site in the WTSP Catalogs.
(c) Close introduction of the site in free format (about 2-5 pages of A4): Describe remarkable features and articles. Introduce important/useful articles briefly and attach hyperlinks to them. --- Desirable for world important sites (◎○)in the WTSP Catalogs, and optional for □△ sites.
An example of (c) has been made for Nakagawa's site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", and has been inserted in the Current WTSP Catalogs. Please contribute your manuscripts of Attractive and Useful introductions of Attractive and Useful Web sites in the world.  List of sites with such introductions (c) are shown in this page.
We are planning to give a presentation at ETRIA TFC2020 (Oct. 14-16, 2020, at Cluj-Napoca, Romania).



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