WTSP: Preliminary Manuscript of Austria Part of World WTSP Catalogs

Preliminary Manuscript of Austria Part of World WTSP Catalogs

Based on the 4th-round survey :
Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Location = Austria

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)
Jul. 23, 2023

Posted:  Oct. 22, 2023

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jul. 23, 2023)

The 4th-round Internet survey was carried out with the conditions: location= Austria, language= Any, Keyword: TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation" (Jul. 24, 2021).   As shown in the Summary page of 4th-round surveys (Nov. 21, 2021) , only 4 sites were evaluated as △ or higher, among the 26 sites detected.  The 4 websites are visited again and introduced here in the revised form.


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Index Table

Site Descriptions

Parent Summary page (Nov., 2021)



Index Table:  TRIZ Sites in Austria

Site Code


Site Name

Site Domain URL



Roles of site



Jantschgi C&R


at (Austria)

de, (en)

(e5) Training organizations, (e4) Consultants, (a1) Dedicated for information sending,



(Biognosis Blog & Tools) (by Elke Barbara Bachler)


at (Austria)


(a2) Public Web sites for information sending, (i3) Personal Web sites, (g3) Knowledge sharing, (e2) Software/tool developers,


□△T, □A ← □△

PfI (Platform for Innovation)


at (Austria)


(b5) Dedicated regional/domestic associations ;  (e7) Networking/matching organizations



Tritium (by Harald Graf-Müller)


at (Austria)


e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,



 Site Descriptions : TRIZ Sites in Austria


AT-01 ;  ○□←□△   ;    Jantschgi C&R  ;    https://www.jantschgi.at/  ;  Location: at (Austria) ; Language: de, (partially en)  ; 
Roles of site: (e5) Training organizations,   (e4) Consultants,  (a1) Dedicated for information sending,

From top pages:  Jantschgi C&R wants to inspire its clients with the topics of innovation & creativity. We offer a comprehensive range of methods and tools of modern innovation management to enable a comprehensive view and discussion of innovation opportunities in the areas of product development, market development and business model development.   We offer you as organizer or together with our cooperation partners a range of training and seminar. (MA TRIZ Certificate Trainings, TRIZ entry level trainings, TRIZ Special Seminars with International TRIZ Experts).   

[Note (TN, Jul. 24, 2024):  This website shows the activities of MATRIZ Official in a compact and up-to-date manner.]


AT-02 ;  ○□←□   ;   Biognosis (Biognosis Blog & Tools) (by Elke Barbara Bachler)  ;    https://www.biognosis.eu/ ;  Location: at (Austria) ;  Language: en  ; 
Roles of site:   (a2) Public Web sites for information sending,  (i3) Personal Web sites,  (g3) Knowledge sharing, (e2) Software/tool developers,

About Us :     Biognosis Blog offers a daily information compilation from diverse online sources concerning the "learning from nature" – plus some blog articles by the website owner.
Biognosis Tools are a product developed by the website owner, to be used for methodical and creative problem-solving – deploying biological input.
Biognosis Acronym : Biology Innovation Opportunity desiGn Nature Openness System Information Structure

From LinkedIn profile:  I am a hidden problem-solving champion, adept at supporting people to find, implement and communicate solutions.    This is due to my education and my job experience in three different fields: chemical engineering, web design and innovation project management. I provide for unorthodox problem-solving AND structured project management in technology, design and business.    My personal motivation is to create SEED aka sustainable ecological economic design. Therefore, I am into learning from nature and creator of the Biognosis Tools.     Top skills : Project Managemen, TRIZ, Biomimetics, Strategy



AT-03 ;  □△T, □A ← □△ ;  PfI (Platform for Innovation)  ;    https://www.pfi.or.at/   ;  Location: at (Austria) ;  Language: de  ; 
Roles of site: (b5) Dedicated regional/domestic associations ;  (e7) Networking/matching organizations

About Us :  The PFI - Platform for Innovation was founded as an association in 2003 and has developed into a competence center in the field of innovation and innovation management in recent years. We are the cross-sector community for users, experts and interested parties. Our members include industrial companies, SMEs, research institutions and science as well as public institutions. The PFI - Platform for Innovation association looks after PFI members in Austria.  Since 2020, net for future GmbH has been organizing our service areas of events, seminars, tools and innovation benchmarking and projects.  With the Platform for Innovation in Germany (PFI-D) we are expanding our cross-industry network beyond Austrian borders.  We look forward to the personal cooperation of our board members, who come from high-profile companies in a wide variety of industries. Your expertise and know-how bring us valuable support as an association and competence center for innovation as well as all member organizations.


AT-04 ;  □△ ;  Tritium (by Harald Graf-Müller) ;   https://www.tritium.at/ ;  Location: at (Austria) ;  Language: de  ; 
Roles of site: (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

Top page :  ... The central question is: is there systematic creativity?  And here's the good news: Yes, this apparent paradox is actually not one - we are all able to develop borderline ingenious (if not "groundbreaking") ideas in an hour, well say in a day at the most.  Our innovation workshops, Triz seminars and lectures on creativity techniques and methods of generating ideas have met with a great response across Austria.  We can help you make the leap in the direction of high creativity and innovation. That is our responsibility - and our passion as innovation consultants.  Your Triz team from Tritium Austria.   ..... Specialty in Design Thinking and TRIZ.



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Index Table

Site Descriptions

Parent Summary page (Nov., 2021)



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