WTSP: Preliminary Manuscript of Czech Republic Part of World WTSP Catalogs

Preliminary Manuscript of Czech Republic Part of World WTSP Catalogs

Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation" OR ТРИЗ
Location = Czech Republic

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)
Jul. 26, 2023

Posted:  Oct. 22, 2023

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jul. 26, 2023)

The 4th-round Internet survey was carried out with the conditions: Location = Czech Republic, language= Any,, Keyword = TRIZ OR ТРИЗ (Jul. 28, 2021).   As shown in the Summary page of 4th-round surveys (Nov. 21, 2021) , 5 sites among the 24 detected sites were evaluated as △ or higher.  The 5 websites are visited again and introduced here in the revised form.


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Index Table

Site Descriptions

Parent Summary page (Nov., 2021)




Index Table:  TRIZ Sites in Czech Republic

Site Code


Site Name

Site Domain URL



Roles of site


○□L ←□

ICG (Integrated Consulting Group)


cz (Czech Republic)
==> Multi countries in Europe


e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,


○□ ←□

TRIZing (by Bohuslav Bušov)


cz (Czech Republic)





BUT (Bruno University of Technology) :Digital Library


cz (Czech Republic))


(d1) Universities, (f3) Repository,

CZ-04 △←□ BUT (Bruno University of Technology) : Course: Project Management of Innovation (Bohuslav Bušov)  https://www.vutbr.cz/en/ cz (Czech Republic)) cz (d1) Universities, (d6)Dedicated education courses
CZ-05 □  TUL (Technical University of Liberec) : DSpace (Digital Repository) https://dspace.tul.cz/ cz (Czech Republic)) cz (d1) Universities, (f3) Repository,
CZ-06 Technický týdeník (Technical weekly) https://www.technickytydenik.cz/ cz (Czech Republic)) cz (g2) Technology news, (g8) (electric) Magazines



 Site Descriptions : TRIZ Sites in Czech Republic


CZ-01  ;  ○□L ←□ ;  ICG (Integrated Consulting Group)  ;  https://www.integratedconsulting.cz/ ;  Location: cz (Czech Republic) ==> Multi countries in Europe ; Language: cz (Czech)   ; 
Roles of site:   (e4) Consultants,  (e5) Training organizations,  

About Us :  Who is ICG? :  ICG is a European consulting team with Central European and Skandinavian roots. Together with executives and employees we develop sustainable transformation processes.
ICG-Capability : We are part of ICG Integrated Consulting Group - consulting company operating in 12 European countries with more than 35 years of experience.  TRIZ.: The training for strategic innovative teams, but also for engineers and technicians, who are looking for creative problem solving.
12 countries:  Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden.


CZ-02  ;  ○□ ←□    ;   TRIZing (by Bohuslav Bušov)  ;    https://www.triz.cz/  ; Location: cz (Czech Republic) ; Language:  cz ; 
Roles of site:

Trizing | Tvorba a Řešení Inovačních Zadání
podporu Goldfire Innovator, doporučují zavedení tohoto metodického a sw. nástroje do studia techniky a do inovační praxe firem. Zavádění metodiky TRIZ a její sw ...

           [Note (TN, Jul. 26, 2023): Access to the website is rejected by browsers for security reasons.]

About us :  TRIZing, z.s. is a registered association bringing together several dozen students, graduates of courses at BUT, university professors and associate professors, innovating company engineers who advocate and support the view that the TRIZ methodology should be used in the teaching of professional subjects, especially in technical universities and in the innovation practice of companies. TRIZing, z.s. is a member of MATRIZ.  The President of TRIZing, z.s. is a certified MATRIZ lecturer, Dr. Bohuslav Bušov.
We want to provide information and publications and training courses on TRIZ methodology, to share the experience of practical implementation of TRIZ methodology in education and companies. ... Bohuslav Bušov is a long-time lecturer of this methodology at universities and in companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, translator and publisher of books and study materials, consultant on technical innovation projects in companies.


CZ-03  ; □△ ;  BUT (Bruno University of Technology) : Digital Library ;   https://dspace.vutbr.cz/ ; Location: cz (Czech Republic) ; Language:  en  ; 
Roles of site:  (d1) Universities, (f3) Repository,

Top page:  Welcome to Brno University of Technology Digital Library - the institutional repository that is managed by Central Library on DSpace system.

[Note (TN, Jul. 26, 2023):   Keyword search gives the following number of references:  Innovation → 2656 results,  TRIZ → 16,  TRIZ & Bohuslav Bušov → 1.]


CZ-04  ;  △←□ ;  BUT (Bruno University of Technology) : Course: Project Management of Innovation (Bohuslav Bušov) ;       https://www.vutbr.cz/en/ ; Location: cz (Czech Republic) ; Language: cz (en)   ; 
Roles of site:  (d1) Universities,  (d6)Dedicated education courses

About us :  Bruno University of Technology:  We are the largest engineering university in the Czech Republic.  We have almost 19 000 proud talents.
Project Management of Innovation:  Aims:  Learn, master and utilize: - methodical and SW tools of the Project Management for planning, preparing and realization of changes in general and Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TIPS/TRIZ) for formulation and solving of technological (product and process) innovation concretely. - methodology TIPS/TRIZ and its software support Goldfire Innovator for analysis, synthesis, verification and data/knowledge mining. 
Bachelor class and Master claass (by Bohuslav Bušov) -- 13 weeks, 26 hours, with test/thesis.


CZ-05  ;  □ ; TUL (Technical University of Liberec) : DSpace (Digital Repository)  ;    https://dspace.tul.cz/  Location: cz (Czech Republic) ; Language: cz  ; 
Roles of site:  (d1) Universities, (f3) Repository,

About us:  TUL (Technical University of Liberec):  We are the only university in the Liberec Region. We have seven faculties and one professional institute. Despite the name, we do not only focus on technical fields, but we also educate economists, teachers, architects and other experts. ... Our university was founded in 1953 under the name of the University of Mechanical Engineering in Liberec, originally with the aim of educating qualified engineers for the local industry. Gradually, our scope expanded, the number of fields and faculties increased, which in 1995 led to the renaming of the Technical University of Liberec. 
The Technical University of Liberec reaches excellent results in the fields of science and research. Let us mention the world-wide unique discovery of industrial manufacturing technology of nano-textiles – the Nanospider. These results, well-known to the public, only increase the reputation of TUL. The Technical University of Liberec can also be proud of its good social, cultural and sports background.

[Note (TN, Jul. 26, 2023): DSpace is the digital repository of TUL.  Keyword search gives the following number of references:  Innovation → 1688 results,  TRIZ → 53, TRIZ & Petr Lepšík → 19.]


CZ-06  ;  △   ;   Technický týdeník (Technical weekly)  ;   https://www.technickytydenik.cz/  ; Location: cz (Czech Republic) ; Language: cz   ; 
Roles of site:  (g2) Technology news, (g8) (electric) Magazines

About us:  A 66-year-old magazine with a focus on industrial practice. The main topics are mechanical engineering, industrial software solutions, control and automation systems, plastics production and processing, energy and heating and, of course, the new fields that are beginning to establish themselves in connection with the so-called fourth industrial revolution. Traditionally, the company has also been involved in research and development in technical colleges at all levels and in specialised research centres. The electronic version of the Technical Weekly is part of the web portal TECHNICKYPORTAL.CZ.

[Note (TN, Jul. 26, 2023):  Keyword search:  "Innovation" → 622 pages.  "TRIZ" ->  28 pages (several pages in 2018, and several more in 2016.)]


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Site Descriptions

Parent Summary page (Nov., 2021)



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