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Edited by Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University)

Posted: Dec. 19, 2015; Updated: Jan. 9; Mar. 3; Apr. 7; Jun. 4; Aug. 19; Sept. 9, 2016;
Feb. 1; Mar. 31, 2017

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Dec. 19, 2015):

The TRIZ Journal was restarted on Jun. 11, 2015 by BMGI, under the leadership of Dr. Phil Samuel (Editor) and Derek Bennington (Managing Director).  Congratulations!!!

The Journal has started posting new articles every month recently.  For supporting its activities and for providing better access to its articles, the present page is separated from the Altshuller Institute's page and a table of newly-posted TRIZ Journal articles is shown.  See the Table.


  News and Activities of the TRIZ Journal

The TRIZ Journal (Restarted on Jun. 11, 2015 by BMGI)   Web site:   (Jun. 19, 2015)

-- Message from the Editor: Restart of the TRIZ Journal (Derek Bennington) (Jun.19, 2015).


 The TRIZ Journal Restarted on Jun. 11, 2015 by BMGI   Web site:   (Jun. 19, 2015)

The TRIZ Journal has been restarted under the operation by BMGI (USA)!! Congratulations !!! All the archived contents of the original TRIZ Journal (founded and edited mainly by Dr. Ellen Domb in 1996) are kept active, while new papers and articles are published from now on.  The new editorial policy has been announced: to accept contributions widely and openly; to ensure the original author's copyrights; to be unbiased and fair; to edit only for clarity, not for content; to be of high quality and professional; etc. I feel it a nice policy for making The TRIZ Journal an active global-hub Public Web site in TRIZ.  Hope many of you be active contributors of articles and frequent readers of the new TRIZ Journal, for proliferating TRIZ and related methods over the world. (Toru Nakagawa, Jun. 19,2015)

  Message from the Editor: To All Authors: A Letter from The TRIZ Journal's New Home (Derek Bennington) (Jun. 10, 2015) (Jun.19, 2015).

Articles:   General Methodology for Creative Problem Solving and Task Achieving: Its Vision (Toru Nakagawa (2013)), Jun. 3, 2015 <== "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (Oct. 3, 2013)  (Jun. 19, 2015)

August 2015 Issue is posted with 3 new articles on Aug. 17, 2015.


  Table of New Articles Posted in the TRIZ Journal   (TRIZ Journal site: )

Note: Categories: A: Article, B: Book Review, E: Editorial; SN: Site News

Articles posted in 2017

Cat. Title Authors Date
A 'Voice of the Product' to Supplement 'Voice of the Customer' Oleg Y. Abramov (Russia)
[Presented at TRIZfest 2015]
Jan. 11, 2017
A A Holistic Approach to the TRIZ Methodology Fernando Yonni, Requena Carlos, Jorge Hawryluk (Argentina) Jan. 20, 2017
A One day at the museum – using a museum as resource for teaching and learning TRIZ C.M. Thurnes (Germany), S. Ikovenko (USA), S. Näther, C. Münzberg, R. Tharmann, I. Faller, A. Lovich (Germany), J. Jantschgi (Austria), R. Adunka, and T. Neumuth (Germany) Feb. 8, 2017
A Futures of Road Traffic Information in Delhi: Application of Functional Analysis in TRIZ Vairaj Arjune and Rajbeer Singh (India) Mar. 6, 2017
E TRIZ-Games and -Simulations: Call for papers Derek Bennington  (Editor) Mar. 9, 2017
A Use of Triz in the evaluation of innovations , products and companies : Can investment decisions be made more objectively? Stefan Schaper (Germany) Apr. 14, 2017


Articles posted in 2016

Cat. Title Authors Date
E TRIZ Journal's January Issue Derek Bennington Jan. 7, 2016
E TRIZ JOURNAL SURVEY Derek Bennington Jan. 7, 2016
A 40 Inventive Principles for Human Factors and Ergonomics Jack Hipple, Stan Caplan, Michael Tischart Jan. 7, 2016
A Does the TRIZ Community Use TRIZ? Darrell Mann Jan. 7, 2016
A Applying TRIZ in Water and Electricity Problems Rudzidatul Akmam Dziyauddin, Sahnius Usman, Haslaile Abdullah Jan. 7, 2016
E TRIZ Journal's February Issue Derek Bennington Feb. 1, 2016
A Use of TRIZ in Business COntinuity Planning Jack Hipple and Steve Ellio (USA) Feb. 1, 2016
A On Developing ARIZ-Universal-2014 Mikhail Rubin (Russia)
(Originally: TRIZfest 2014)
Feb. 1, 2016
A Creativity As An Exact Science in the Resolution of Engineering Problems Yonni, Fernando, Requena Carlos, MalinauskasAgustinac (Argentina) Feb. 1, 2016
E TRIZ Journal's March Issue Derek Bennington Mar. 1, 2016
A Problem Solving without Logic - A Falsification Test Ed Sickafus (USA) Mar. 1, 2016
A Analogy Based Idea Generation with TRIZ Cheol Woong Kim, Min Sik Ryu, Jun Hee Cho, Chae Moon Lim, Bo Min Park, Yong Kyu Lee, Hee Jin Lee, Jae Hee Song and Kwon Hong (Korea)
(Originally: TRIZfest 2014)
Mar. 1, 2016
A Algorithm for Selecting TRIZ Tools Vladimir Petrov (Israel) Mar. 1, 2016
E TRIZ Journal's April Issue Derek Bennington Apr. 4, 2016
A Prospecting new business models with TRIZ José M. Vicente Gomila (Spain)
(Originally: TRIZfest 2014)
Apr. 4, 2016
A TRIZ for Waste Elimination in a “Lean Production” Environment Christian M. Thurnes, Frank Zeihsel, Frank Hallfell (Germany) (Originally: TRIZfest 2014) Apr. 4, 2016
A A New Analysis Model – SAFC Model Mike Min Zhao, Wucheng Zhang (China)
(Originally: TRIZfest 2015)
Apr. 4, 2016
SN The TRIZ Journal Partners with TRIZ Asia for InnovEx Asia 2016   Apr. 15, 2016
E TRIZ Journal's May Issue Derek Bennington May 9, 2016
A What Will Happen After the Final Victory? Eight Thoughts about Nature and Technology G. S. Altshuller and M.S. Rubin (the former USSR)
(Originally: 1978)
May 9, 2016
A What Will Happen after the Final Victory? Eight Thoughts on Nature and Technology - Afterword of 2015. Defeat oneself Mikhael S. Rubin (Russia)
(Nov. 29, 2015)
May 9, 2016
A A New Analysis Model – SAFC Model Mike Min Zhao, Wucheng Zhang (China)
(Originally: TRIZfest 2015)
May 9, 2016

Systematic Value Innovation Approach

Tushar Kanikdale (India) May 9, 2016
A Beyond Engineering: TRIZ for...Marketing, Senior Management, Medicine, Software, Supply Chain, Scientists, Economists, Psychologists...and Me?
Lilly Haines-Gadd
 (Oxford Creativity, UK)
May 9, 2016
SN The TRIZ Expert List has arrived!   May 13, 2016
E TRIZ Journal's June Issue Derek Bennington Jun. 2, 2016

Completing the Altshuller Matrix: What Could be the Principles in the Empty Cells?

S . Tadepalli , G . Murugappan Jun. 2, 2016
A ‘Best’ Inventive Principles? Darrell Mann
(Systematic Innovation, UK)
Jun. 2, 2016

Redesigning the Way Future Engineers Learn to Solve Inventive Problems

Aisha Mahmood (Pakistan), Zulhasni Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Mansoor and Mariam Altaf Tarar ((Malaysia) Jun. 2, 2016

TRIZ Journal's July Issue

Derek Bennington Jul. 6, 2016

Digital TRIZ Tools: The Contradiction Matrix Beta

  Jul. 6, 2016
A Applying TRIZ Across Companies Oliver Mayer , Tiziana Bertoncelli (GE Global Research, Germany), Martha Gardner (GE Global Research, USA) , Robert Adunka(TRIZ Consulting Group, Germany)  [Presented at TRIZfest 2015] Jul. 6, 2016

The Numerical Estimation of Invention Job

Alexandr Bushuev (ITMO University, Russia) Jul. 6, 2016
A 40 Inventive Principles for Lean Production and Operators Christian M. Thurne (University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany) Jul. 6, 2016
E TRIZ Journal's August Issue Derek Bennington Jul. 28, 2016

Generalization of the System of Standard Solutions for Inventive Problem Solving

TriZit Benjaboonyazit (Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, Thailand) Jul. 28, 2016
A Applications of Purpose Axis as a part of Multi Screen Thinking Hong-yul Yoon (TRIZ Center, Korea) ) [Presented at TRIZfest 2015] Jul. 28, 2016

Trend of Transition of Engineering Systems to Microlevel Today and Tomorrow

Yury Danilovsky (Gen3, Korea), Sergey Ikovenko (MIT, USA), Rajesh Menon (GILBARCO USA - Coimbatore , India) [Presented at TRIZfest 2015] Jul. 28, 2016
A Classification of TRIZ Techniques U sing a Cognition - Based Design Framework Philip Samuel and Michael Ohle (BMGI)  [Presented at ETRIA TFC 2014] Sept. 2, 2016
A TRIZ-based Innovative concept design of a small mobile horizontal axis wind turbine Thursday Emmanuel and Zhao xin Jun (Northeastern University, China) Sept. 2, 2016
A TRIZ in the real world: What's next for a termite control company? Jack Hipple (USA) Sept. 2, 2016
A TRIZ and Cancer David Drummonds Sept. 2, 2016
A Systematic Busineee Innovation: A roadmap

Valeri Souchkov (Netherlands)
[Presented at TRIZfest 2015]

Oct. 4, 2016
A Integrating TRIZ with Front End of innovation frameworks Philip Samue, Derek Bennington (BMGI, USA), Ellen Domb (USA)
[Presented at ETRIA TFC2015]
Oct. 14, 2016
A TRIZ-Based Cause and Effect Chains Analysis vs Root Cause Analysis

Oleg Y. Abramov (Russia)
[Presented at TRIZfest 2015]

Oct. 26, 2016
SHERPA CISR Certification Course and Discount for TRIZ Journal Readers SHERPA Sustainability Institute Oct. 27, 2016
Update: The TRIZ Journal Expert List TRIZ Journal Nov. 3, 2016
A Multi-Screen Analysis for Innovation Roadmapping Valeri Souchkov (Netherlands)
[Presented at TRIZfest 2014]
Nov. 7, 2016
A Identification of Conceptual Directions at the Initial Project Stage Yury Fedosov, Pavel Sedykh (Russia)
[Presented at TRIZfest 2015]
Nov. 23, 2016
A Teaching, Learning & Applying TRIZ in University Issac Lim Sing Sheng, Khoo Boon How, Tan Eng Hoo (Malaysia)
[Presented at TRIZfest 2015]
Dec. 5, 2016
  Development of a Device for Detecting Glaucoma Using Classical and Expanded TRIZ Matrix Mahesh B. Mawale, Abhaykumar Kuthe, Ravishekhar Dhakate, Sandeep W. Dahake (India) Dec. 28, 2016


Articles posted in 2015

Cat. Title Authors Date
B Book Review: Innovation on Demand - By Victor Fey and Eugene Rivin TRIZ Journal May 7, 2015
E To All Authors: A Letter from The TRIZ Journal's New Home Derek Bennington Jun. 5, 2015
A Su-Field Analysis for Information Processing System Vladimir Petrov Jun. 2, 2015
A General Methodology for Creative Problem Solving and Task Achieving: Its Vision Toru Nakagawa Jun. 3, 2015
A 17 Secrets of an Inventive Mind TRIZ Journal Jun. 2, 2015
A A New Approach to Su-Field: Structural Analysis Vladimir Petrov Jul. 27, 2015
A Ideality Equation Alex Lyubomirskiy Jul. 27, 2015
A 40 Inventive Principles of Automotive Tushar Kanikdale Jul. 24, 2015
E TRIZ Journal's August Issue TRIZ Journal Aug. 17, 2015
E TRIZ Journal’s October Issue TRIZ Journal Sept. 28, 2015
A A Brief History of TRIZ Valeri Souchkov Sept. 22, 2015
B Mark Barkan's New Book: Success Factor Mark Barkan Sept. 22, 2015
A Case Study with TRIZ: Allocation System for a Processing Machine Horst Nahler Sept. 22, 2015
B Book Review: The Ideal Result (by Jack Hipple) Ellen Domb Oct. 19, 2015
A Breaking Through and Aolving Problems Mike Carter Nov. 11, 2015
A Discovering Innovation Steven Ungvari Nov. 2, 2015
A Value Conflict Mapping Plus (VCM+): Adding Business Dimensions Andrei Kuryan Nov. 2, 2015
E TRIZ Journal's November Issue TRIZ Journal Nov. 2, 2015
A 40 Inventive Principles for Genetic Diagnostic Laboratories Jiri Drabek Nov. 2, 2015
A Using the TRIZ System Operator to compare traditional product development to crowdsourced product development Timothy Brewer Dec. 1, 2015
A Applying TRIZ on a Biz Model Lorentz Buchler Dec. 1, 2015
A TRIZ and Systematic Business Model Innovation Valeri Souchkov Dec. 1, 2015
A Crowdsourced and crowdfunded business models viewed as complete (technical) systems Timothy Brewer Dec. 1, 2015
E TRIZ Journal’s December Issue TRIZ Journal Dec. 1, 2015





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