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Earthquake Prediction Research and Disaster Mitigation
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Editor: Toru Nakagawa (Emeritus Professor, Osaka Gakuin University)

Posted (in Japanese): Jun 6, 2023; Latest update: Feb. 18, 2024
Posted (in English):  Feb. 18, 2024

Posted (in English): Feb. 18, 2024

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Feb. 15, 2024)

This is the English page of 'Earthquake Prediction Research and Disaster Mitigation : eEQP-News-2022 Page', corresponding to its Japanese page , but translated in a simpler manner.



Posted in 2022 and earlier

  Book Review: Tsuneharu Rikitake, "Earthquake Prediction: Development and Prospects" (Japan Professional Books Publishing, Jan. 2001, 617 pages), Toru Nakagawa (Apr. 20, 2015, posted on Amazon website)  ("TRIZ Home Page in Jaan", Jun. 6, 2023) . .

A complete compilation of earthquake prediction research up to the year 2000. An excellent book, professional yet easy to read for everyone.




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