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Preliminary Internet Searches of TRIZ-related Sites in Various (33+) Countries

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, Japan)  
Sept. 19; Sept. 25 ; Sept. 27, 2018

Posted:  Sept. 21, 2018;
Updated: Sept. 25; Sept. 27, 2018; Feb. 10, 2019

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 19, 2018; Sept. 25; Sept. 27, 2018)

For the purpose of initializing the actual work of building WTSP Catalogs in various countries, I have just tried a preliminary Internet Searches of TRIZ-related sites in several countries.  On the basis of my experiences of such Internet Search of TRIZ-related sites located in Japan , I have chosen the Yahoo!.Japan (instead of Google) as the search engine which has a special option of showing only one representative page for a site and a command URL for the internal search of the site.  The search results for a country (and in specified language(s)) are documented in a MS Word file.  The top part of such a document is shown below  in HTML for explaining how the search was done and how to read and use the document.

The Yahoo!.Japan search engine has the option of specifying a country in each search.  It covers 25 countries (most of European countries, but only 4 in Asia). The engine also has the option of spcifying the target language, either 'any language' or 'one or multiple languages specified among a set of 37 languages'.  It is somewhat delicate because the results obtained for two languages together are less than the total of the two results for each of the languages.  As the search keyword, 'TRIZ' is good enough in Japan (and in many countries) but 'TRIZ or ТРИЗ' is used in Russia (and in some other countries for detecting sites posted in Russian).  In these situations, preliminary Internet Searches were carried out for the countries shown in Table , below.  If you want a similar search result for your country or in your language, please let me know by email.

Preliminary Internet searches have been extended further.  Specifying a language without specifing country is found useful: for some groups of countries (e.g., Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.) and for a country which is not listed in the country option (e.g., Turkish, Persian, Thai, Indonesian, etc.).  These are just trials I can do in Japan. You will certainly be able to do better searches for the sites located in your country (or in your neighboring countries).  (TN: Sept. 25, 2018) 

Preliminary Internet searches have been extended further to the countries: Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Argentina, and Brazil.   Keywords of TRIZ and ТРИЗ and the option of any language are used.  This is the practical limit allowed by the standard options of specifying individual countires in the Yahoo!.Japan search engine.  Please refer the table below.  --- Whenever you make similar (preliminary) Internet searches in your country, please send me the results in a similar .doc format.--  (TN: Sept. 27, 2018)

I know that these preliminary searches are very rough, in the senses: some important TRIZ sites are missing; there should be many more sites in TRIZ; there are many sites relevant but not mentioning TRIZ; there are some special cases written in different languages; Internet search from Japan may be rough for some other unknown reasons, etc.  Covering useful sites as widely as possible and introducing the sites individually by actually visiting them are the important tasks for the WTSP Project. Such work can best be done by the TRIZ colleagues in each country.  Let's work Together ! Connected !!

  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Feb. 10, 2019)   For the purpose of noticing our current situation of WTSP search, I have added the column of 'Number of sites for each country listed in 2008 in Nakagawa's 'Selected 120 TRIZ Sites in the world' , at the right column in the Table below.  After 10 years of TRIZ proliferation, there must be much more TRIZ-related sites worth including in our Country's WTSP Catalgos and World WTSP Catalog.  Deleting noises in Interner searches, adding more good sites, select good, reliable, and useful sites, and introduce such selected sites with fair and appropriate descriptions are our tasks in the WTSP project. 

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Table of Preliminary Internet Search Documents

Sample of Preliminary Internet Search Documnet


Experiences of Building Japan WTSP Catalog

(A6) Outputs of WTSP

(B2) WTSP News 2018


Japanese page


Table of Preliminary Internet Searches (Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 21; Sept. 25; Sept. 27, 2018)




Document   (Click to download)

No. of sites


No. of sites listed in 2008
A. Europe at Austria Any language  PreSearch-Yahoo-A-at-Austria-180926.doc 55 - 5 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 2
be Belgium Any language  PreSearch-Yahoo-A-be-Belgium-180927.doc 51 -14 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 2
ch Switzerland Any language  PreSearch-Yahoo-A-ch-Switzerland-180926.doc 48 -12 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 1
cz Czechoslovakia Any language  PreSearch-Yahoo-A-cz-Czechoslovakia-180926.doc 67 - 8 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 1

de Germany

Engl, German, Rus, Fr, It




dk Denmark Any language  PreSearch-Yahoo-A-dk-Denmark-180927.doc 33 - 11 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 0

es Spain

(es Spain) Any

Any language   PreSearch-Yahoo-A-es-Spain-180927.doc 79 - 37 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 2
Spanish   PreSearch-Yahoo-L-Spanish-180922.doc 96 -12 TRIZ  
fi Finland Any language  PreSearch-Yahoo-A-fi-Finland-180927.doc 33 - 3 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 2

fr France

Engl, French , Ger, Rus, It




ie Ireland         2

it Italy

Engl, Italian




nl Netherlands Any language  PreSearch-Yahoo-A-nl-Netherlands-180926.doc 67 - 9 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 4
no Norway Any language  PreSearch-Yahoo-A-no-Norway-180927.doc 32 - 25 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 0

pl Poland

Any language


76 -11


(pt Portugal) Any Portuguese  PreSearch-Yahoo-L-Portugese-180922.doc 82 - 62 TRIZ 0
ro Romania         0
se Sweden Any language  PreSearch-Yahoo-A-se-Sweden-180926.doc 33 - 6 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 1

uk UK

English, Fr , Ger, Rus, It, Sp





B. Russia



by Belarus

ru Russia

Russian, Engl, Fr, Ger, Sp




Engl, Fr, Ger, Sp




ua Ukraine






C. Mid East






il Israel         3
(ir Iran) Any Persian  PreSearch-Yahoo-L-Persian-180924.doc 72 - 1 TRIZ 2
(tr Turkey) Any Turkish   PreSearch-Yahoo-L-Turkish-180924.doc 80 - 1 TRIZ 1
D. Asia

(cn China) Any

cn China

Simplified Chinese  PreSearch-Yahoo-L-ChineseSimplified-180923.doc 82 TRIZ 3

Engl, Rus, Jap,


62 - 6


Traditional Chinese, Rus   PreSearch-Yahoo-D-cn-China-TrChineseRussian-180925.doc 28 TRIZ or ТРИЗ
hk Hong Kong         2
in  India         4
(id Indonesia) Any Indonesian  PreSearch-Yahoo-L-Indonesian-180923.doc 40 -13 TRIZ 0

jp Japan


Japan WTSP Catalog


Completed already


kr Korea

Any language


72 - 4



English (only)


64 - 3


my Malaysis         0
sg  Singapore         0
(th Thailand) Any Thai  PreSearch-Yahoo-L-Thai-180924.doc 37 - 7 TRIZ 2

(tw Taiwan) Any

tw Taiwan

Traditional Chinese  PreSearch-Yahoo-L-ChineseTraditional-180923.doc 71 TRIZ 1
Engl, Rus, Simplified Chinese, Jap  PreSearch-Yahoo-D-tw-Taiwan-EnglRusJap-180925.doc 39 - 1 TRIZ or ТРИЗ
vn Vietnam         1

E. Oceania


au Australia

Any language


42 -11


nz  New Zealand         0







F. North America





ca Canada

Any language


59 - 19


us USA

English (only)


86 -11



Ger, Fr, It, Sp


65 - 20












G. Central & South America


ar Argentina Any language  PreSearch-Yahoo-G-ar-Argentina-180927.doc 52 - 33 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 0
Any Spanish   PreSearch-Yahoo-L-Spanish-180922.doc 96 -12 TRIZ  

br Brazil

(br Brazil) Any

Any language  PreSearch-Yahoo-G-br-Brazil-180927.doc 96 - 59 TRIZ or ТРИЗ 1
Portuguese  PreSearch-Yahoo-L-Portugese-180922.doc 82 - 62 TRIZ
mx Mexico         1
ni  Nicaragua         1







H. Africa






eg Egypt       0
za South Africa       0

I. Others








  Sample document of the Preliminary Internet Search


Preliminary Internet Search 
of TRIZ sites in France

   location= France,  language= English, French , German, Russian, Italian

Toru Nakagawa  Sept. 17, 2018


Note (Sept. 17, 2018, TN):

This is a record of a preliminary search for TRIZ-related Web sites in Germany. 

The options used in this Internet search are as follows:

   - Browser:             Internet Explorer 11  on Windows 10
   - Search engine:     Yahoo! Japan 
   - Keyword:             TRIZ
   - Location:              Germany
   - Languages:           English, German, Russian, French, Italian
   - Number of display:                            100
   - Special option:      'Display the link for searching inside the site'  (Only one representative page is shown
                                                 for each site; other pages can be searched easily by clicking the URL for the internal
                                                search of the site. (see below).)

The results of the search on the browser are copied onto MS Word and adjusted the style slightly:

   - Copy & Paste:      Pasted with the option of using the style of the target page.  (This option keeps the
                                                 hyperlinks imbedded in the search results.)
   - Adjust the style:     The header line for each site is shown in the ‘Heading 2’ style of this document.
                                   All other lines are shown in the ‘Standard’ style of this document. 

Notes for reading this search results:

   - Number of displayed items: 76
   - Sellection of site/URL:        As is output by the search engine.  No change in the order.
   - Description of the page:        As is output by the search engine. 
   - Imbedded hyperlinks:          Keywords with an underline have a hyperlink imbedded.
   - キャッシュ :                    Cache.  URL to the shown page. 
   - このサイト内で検索 :       Command for the internal search of this site.   An example is:

Notes for using this search results: 

       This is just a preliminary search result.  Probably, nice to glance the current situations of internet search on TRIZ
       in Germany.

       Wider search for TRIZ-related sites, visiting individual sites, describing introductions to them, evaluating and
       categorizing them for the WTSP catalog, etc. are required.

       Please refer Nakagawa’s experiences and processes for making Japan WTSP Catalog as an example:


TRIZ Matrix / 40 principles / TRIZ contradictions table

www.triz40.com/ - キャッシュ - このサイト内で検索

TRIZ Interactive Matrix, TRIZ 40 principles and 39 feature contradiction table.

TRIZ Tabelle und 40 Prinzipien

www.triz40.com/TRIZ_De.php - キャッシュ - このサイト内で検索

TRIZ - 40 Prinzipien und 39 Parameter - TRIZ Tabelle.


www.triz40.com/aff_TRIZ_to_ASIT.php - キャッシュ - このサイト内で検索

From TRIZ to ASIT by Dr. Roni Horowitz, creator of ASIT.

TRIZ 40 Principles

www.triz40.com/aff_Principles_TRIZ.php - キャッシュ - このサイト内で検索

40 TRIZ principles to solve technical problems (list of the 40 TRIZ Principles)

TRIZ | MeetSYS - Cabinet d'expertise sur l'application de la théorie ...

meetsys.com/en/triz - キャッシュ - このサイト内で検索

The “theory of inventive problem solving” (TRIZ) was developed at the end of the Second World War by Genrich Altschuller, scientific-engineer working in the " Inventions Inspection" department of the Caspian Sea flotilla of the Soviet Navy.

La méthode TRIZ - E-marketing

www.e-marketing.fr/...1078/.../La-methode-TRIZ-325774.htm - キャッシュ - このサイト内で検索

2017年11月27日 - En résumé. La méthode TRIZ part du principe que les solutions aux problèmes rencontrés durant la conception d'un nouveau produit s'appuient sur un nombre limité de principes. Ce constat a été renforcé par l'analyse d'une ...

Exemple d'application industrielle de TRIZ - Eduscol

(Adobe PDF) - htmlで見る

eduscol.education.fr/.../6528-exemple-dapplication-industriell... - このサイト内で検索

industrielle de TRIZ. Edité le 17/11/2010. Lionel GENDRE – Cédric LUSSEAU. L' exemple ci-dessous est traité par Gwenola Bertoluci [1] dans sa thèse. L' entreprise propose à ses clients, les constructeurs automobiles, des produits finis  ...

Introduction aux principaux outils de TRIZ

(Adobe PDF) - htmlで見る

rb.ec-lille.fr/l/.../TRIZ-resolution-creative-de-problemes.pdf - このサイト内で検索

D'identifier les spécificités de TRIZ. • Reconnaitre les concepts fondateurs de la méthode. • Décrire les outils principaux. • Identifier des liens et différences avec d 'autres approches de créativité et résolution de problèmes. 2. D'utiliser 3 outils ...

TRIZ : 40 Principes Inventifs de Résolution des Contradictions ...

www.180-360.net/triz-40-principes-inventifs-contradictions-te... - キャッシュ - このサイト内で検索

Le listing des 40 principes inventifs TRIZ (de Résolution des Contradictions Techniques) avec, aux colonnes F1 et F2, deux relevés (1) de la fréquence d' application de chaque principe (1 = le plus souvent utilisé ... 40 = le moins souvent ...


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Table of Preliminary Internet Search Documents

Sample of Preliminary Internet Search Documnet


Experiences of Building Japan WTSP Catalog

(A6) Outputs of WTSP

(B2) WTSP News 2018


Japanese page


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