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Some More Final Steps for Enhancing the World WTSP Catalogs

Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, OGU)
Nov. 20, 2020

Posted:  Nov. 22, 2020

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 20, 2020)

We gave presentations on our World WTSP Catalogs at five Conferences in Russia, USA, Romania, Taiwan, and Japan .  The last slide (at ETRIA TFC) is shown here again.

For making these some more final steps easy for us all, I have updated our '(A4) Guidelines for Building World WTSP Catalogs' .  The Guidelines are now fully documented, with step-by-step instructions, templates, links to examples, etc.  Please follow them when you are going to list up websites in your country, write introductions of your site, preparing a manuscript of your Country's WTSP Catalog, and any further activities for the WTSP project. [Note:  File names of some HTML pages and templates are changed consistently (mostly for dropping the '-yymmdd' part in order to use such files while updating from time to time).]

This page intends to guide you, by using several slides from ETRIA TFC2020 presentation , to such activities.  Clicking the slides, they will be enlarged for easier reading.


1.  World WTSP Catalogs (Beta Edition, Jun. 2020)

2.  Three Basic Requirements from Users

3.  Practice Guide for Building Country/World WTSP Catalogs

4.  Evaluation of Sites

5.  Site Introduction (3b) Standard Form to be written by the site owner (Mandatory)

6.  Site Introduction (3c) Close Introduction in free format to be written by the site owner (Optional)

7.  Preparing Manuscripts of Country/World WTSP Catalogs

8.  Concluding Remarks:   Let's work Together ! Connected !!


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World WTSP Catalogs

3 Basic requirements

Evaluation of sites

(3b) Standard Site Introduction

(3c) Close Site Intorduction

Manuscripts of WTSP Catalogs




(A4) Guidelines

Presentation at ETRIA TFC2020

(B4) WTSP News2020


Some More Final Steps for Enhancing the World WTSP Catalogs


The WTSP Project has already built a system of World WTSP Catalogs as the output of 3 years activities.

You may access the whole Catalog system through its top page .  It is remarkable that we have double pillars, i.e., TRIZ Sites Catalogs and Around-TRIZ Sites Catalogs.

Among the World Catalogs listed in the slide, probably the following two may be most convenient for you:

(A2P) World TRIZ Sites Basic Catalog (›jfor printand
(B2P) World Around-TRIZ Sites Basic Catalog (›jfor print.

You may download these PDF files freely, and may print them and use them interactively inside your PCs.


This slide shows 3 Basic Requirements for any Catalog from users, and the current status of our Catalogs.

Collecting good sites widely and show selected sites is the first requirement.  In case of TRIZ sites, we miss many good ones because many countries have not contributed lists of TRIZ sites in their country.  Around-TRIZ sites were surveyed rather intensively visiting about 1000 sites. 

Introducing individual sites is the second requirement.  At moment, most of the sites are introduced in 3-15 lines in free-format, besides basic site information.  We are asking all the site owners to introduce their sites in our Standard Form of 1 page in A4, but very few of them have written so far.

Finding the sites of interests easily is the third requirement. Including keywords from various aspects is our basic plan incorporated in the Standard Form, but accumulation of data is poor at moment.


We should work step-by-step for fulfilling the 3 Basic Requirements shown above.  Practice Guide has been updated and is illustrated here briefly.

(1) Our project is volunteer based.  Please send us Membership Application Form .

(2) List up websites you recommend in your country or on any topic/field using the template and share the list with your friends.  Internet surveys are the next step.

(3a) Write a brief introduction of each site by visiting the site and reading top pages, 'About us' pages, and some other main pages (quickly).  Free-format description in 3-10 lines, besides some basic information for indexing.

(3b) Writing site introductions by the site owners themselves is certainly more reliable, better, and easier, than by any visitor/surveyor.  We ask all the site owners to fill in the WTSP Standard Form of Site Description in one page in A4.

(3c) One page is often too short.  So any site owner is encouraged to submit an optional Close Introduction in free format (2-5 pages or more in A4).


(4) Evaluation of sites is necessary, even tentatively. 

Our Evaluation Criteria are shown qualitatively: i.e., Quality, Usefulness, Attractiveness, Accessibility, and Scope. 

Using these Criteria, we evaluate each site in the five grades with symbol marks › ’[.  World Catalogs (› jare for people in the world, while Country/SIG Catalogs i› ’) for the people in the country or people interested in the specific topic. 

@Most important (about top 30) in the world Catalog, and Z@Important (about top 100).  See sample cases for evaluation. 

We should evaluate even tentatively, and will review and reevaluate later when we have many sites introduced fully.


(3b) This slide shows an example of Site Introduction written in the Standard Form (one page in A4) for the case of my site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".

Top 7 items (i.e., Site name, Site domain URL, Site location, Site language, Roles of site, Evaluation, and Single-line description) are the Basic information of site to be used in the Index Table of WTSP Catalogs.

Next 3 items (i.e., Application phase, Application Fields, and Methods) are useful (in addition to Location, Language, and Roles, mentioned above) for categorizing the sites in objective aspects. They should be answered by using the Code Tables (in 'Multiple Sets of Indexing Schemes for the WTSP Catalog System') .  For each item, a hierarchical system of categorization codes is prepared, and multiple answers are expected in the order of importance for the site.  Such information will be useful for finding a group of sites of specific interests of a user.

Then we have a cell of 5-10 lines for Description of introduction in free format.
Since this space is too small for introducing good sites, we have an option (3c) of Close Introduction, a hyper-link to which may be set in the next cell.


(3c) An example of the optional Close Introduction written by the site owner is shown here, for the case of my site again. 

Close Introduction may be written in 2-5 pages or more in A4 in free format.  Since there are various types of sites, this is expected to be written in different styles suitable for each site.  Figures, photos, tables, etc. may be used freely.

This slide shows the outline alone of my Close Introduction written in  16 pages in A4. The first part (containing History, Editor, Purpose, Fields/types/scopes of articles, and special features) my be typical for many sites.

At the body part, I have chosen to write Brief explanation of selected 160 articles.  My site has over 1400 articles in Japanese and over 1100 articles in English, written by various international/Japanese authors beside myself.  So I explained selected articles briefly grouping them and along the history.  In this slide titles of some of the topics are shown. -- This body part may be written in quite different styles for each site.


This slide shows the process (5)(6)(7) of preparing the manuscripts of WTSP Catalogs in each country/SIG. 

(5) Using the Basic information of sites, obtained in (3a) and (3b), Index Table of sites (for the Country WTSP Catalogs) are made with the template .  Descriptions (3a)(3b) of all the sites are gathered into a (few) .docx file.

(7) Then they are converted into two HTML pages, i.e., Index page and Site description page.  From each site in the Index page, a hyper-link is set to the site description in the Site description page.  Hyper-links allow any rearrangement of sites in the Index page without influence on the Site description page.

Consequently the two HTML pages in the same folder actually form a small website of the Country WTSP Catalog (Z ’).  Reviewing it and selecting the Z  sites only, you now complete the manuscript of your Country Part of the World WTSP Catalogs. Please send it to the Project Leader for integrating it into the World WTSP Catalogs.


As described so far, we and you, together, can make some more final steps to the Goal of WTSP, i.e., much enhanced editions of World TRIZ-related Sites Catalogs.

Introductions of individual sites in our Standard Form (3b) and, optionally, closer in free format (3c) should be written by the site owners.  This is the first priority for WTSP.  Such full introductions will be accepted directly by the Project Leader, whether or not the site is listed in the Country/World WTSP Catalogs at moment.

Making Lists of TRIZ-related sites in each country is the starting point for most of the countries.  Any user/practitioner can initiate this activities in the bottom-up manner. Try to get as many voluntary people for cooperation.  This is the second-priority but most basic activities for WTSP.

If you are dedicated yourself in the jobs of TRIZ-related methodologies, working in academia, in consultancy, in industry, etc., please get involved in the coordination of your people in the WTSP work.  Please play the leadership in promoting TRIZ-related methodologies in your country and the world.

In a year, the WTSP Catalogs will get many users, from beginners to experts.

All your efforts are helpful for many people and fruitful for yourselves.

Let's work Together ! Connected !!



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3 Basic requirements

Evaluation of sites

(3b) Standard Site Introduction

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Presentation at ETRIA TFC2020

(B4) WTSP News2020



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