WTSP: Preliminary Manuscript of Hungary Part of World WTSP Catalogs

Preliminary Manuscript of Hungary Part of World WTSP Catalogs

Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation" OR ТРИЗ
Location = Hungary,  Language = any

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)
Aug. 1, 2023

Posted:   Oct. 22 , 2023

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 Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Aug. 1, 2023)

The 4th-round Internet survey was carried out with the conditions: Location = Hungary, language= Any, Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation" (Sept. 11, 2021).   As shown in the Summary page of 4th-round surveys (Nov. 21, 2021) ,   among the 13 detected sites, 4 of them were evaluated as △ or higher (for TRIZ and Around-TRIZ).  The 4 websites are visited again and introduced here in the revised form.


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Index Table

Site Descriptions

Parent Summary page (Nov., 2021)



Index Table:  TRIZ Sites in Hungary

Site Code


Site Name

Site Domain URL



Roles of site


△T, □A ← □  Lean Six Sigma Consulting  https://leansixsigma.hu/

hu (Hungary)

hu (Hungarian)

(e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

HU-02 △T,A ←△  SMARTii (Smart Innovation Institute Ltd.)  https://smartii.net/en/ hu (Hungary) en (English (e4) Consultants, (e8) Solution providers,
HU-03 ーT, □A ← △  Education Office of Hungary Government :  DTK (Digitális Tankönyvtár (Digital Library))  https://dtk.tankonyvtar.hu/

hu (Hungary)

hu (Hungarian)

 (f3) Repository, (c2) National organizations,


ーT, □A ← □  MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) : REAL (Repository of the Academy's Library)   http://real.mtak.hu/ 

hu (Hungary)

hu (Hungarian), , en (English

(f3) Repository, (d4) Academic societies (in general fields), 



  Site Descriptions : TRIZ Sites in Hungary


HU-01  ;  △T, □A ← □  ;  Lean Six Sigma Consulting ;  https://leansixsigma.hu/  ;  Location: hu (Hungary) ;  Language: hu (Hungarian)   ; 
Roles of site:  (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

Top page :  LEAN SIX SIGMA process development: Training, Mentoring, Project Management
Some statistics about us:  We have been operating since 2005;  500+ Lean Six Sigma project; 250+ released Green Belt certificate; 300+ mFt validated savings   
TRIZ Training (by Cash Flow Navigator Consulting Ltd.;  As the TRIZ method can hardly be read in the Hungarian literature, in order to avoid misunderstandings, we present English-language slides with Hungarian-language narration.)   By the end of the 2 day long training candidates will be able to Think according to the TRIZ way and become more creative, Use their own knowledge and experience more effectively, Understand problems more clearly, Improve the speed of problem solving.


HU-02  ; △T,A ←△  ;  SMARTii (Smart Innovation Institute Ltd.)  ;  https://smartii.net/en/ ;  Location: hu (Hungary) ;  Language: en (English)   ; 
Roles of site:  (e4) Consultants, (e8) Solution providers,

About Us :  Dear Visitor!  Be welcome on our webpage, that we created to showcase the work of our team, the SMARTii team. We are publishing here our ideas, achievements, mission, vision and also our notifications on the happening of the world. SMARTii is a special team specialized in green and renewable energy, but we also pay attention to other environmental questions. Our basic activity is developing our own innovative technologies, systems, machinery and tools in the aforementioned fields.  On the "For Investors" page we are providing information to our future partners.  On the Inventions page, you can read about our actual developments and projects.  At the Articles page, we are citing recent articles which show what we are interested in, what inspires or annoys us. 
The TRIZ is a not widely known innovation analyzing and developing methodology, that we are an expert of. Using this methodology and developing it for our taste we worked out our own SID (SMARTii Invention Development) method. When we are dealing with innovation, development, products, machines, or analyzing, evaluating, correcting processes, or solving technological problems we are using our SID


HU-03  ;  ーT, □A ← △  ;  Education Office of Hungary Government :  DTK (Digitális Tankönyvtár (Digital Library)) ;  https://dtk.tankonyvtar.hu/ ;  Location: hu (Hungary) ;  Language: hu (Hungarian)   ; 
Roles of site:  (f3) Repository, (c2) National organizations,

Top page (Google Translate) :  Welcome to the page of the Digital Library :  Dear Readers! We have reached the last stage of the development of the new Digital Teaching Library, in which the old Teaching Library page https://regi.tankonyvtar.hu/hu will be deactivated on August 31, 2021. If you cannot find your previously used documents, please contact us at tankonyvtar@oh.gov.hu!    The purpose of the dynamically expanding and renewing Digital Library (DTK), developed by the Office of Education, is to support the studies and scientific work of those participating in higher education by publishing high-quality specialist books, textbooks, and notes.

Categories in the repository:  (1) Digital Journal Library:  Digital versions of journals with limited access; (2) Digital Library: Textbooks, notes, and electronic course materials published by the Digitális Tankönvytár (Digital Library); (3) University Digital Library: Digital teaching materials created by universities


HU-04  ;  ーT, □A ← □ ;  MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) : REAL (Repository of the Academy's Library) ;  http://real.mtak.hu/  ;  Location: hu (Hungary) ;  Language: hu (Hungarian), en (English)  ; 
Roles of site:  (f3) Repository, (d4) Academic societies (in general fields),  ==> Around TRIZ

About us :  Welcome to the Repository of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. This archive contains full-text publications of research projects funded by MTA, ELRN and/or OTKA/NKFIH and project reports from OTKA/NKFIH.  

[Note (TN, Aug. 1, 2023): Search for "TRIZ" gives 10 references, but they are not so relevant to TRIZ.  Note:  https://real.mtak.hu/ does not work, use http://real.mtak.hu/ instead.]


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Index Table

Site Descriptions

Parent Summary page (Nov., 2021)



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