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Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Germany

Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)
May 12, 2021

Posted:  May   , 2021

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, May 12, 2021)

This is the results of the Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Germany. 
See the general instruction in the parent page

Please compare with the results at the 1st round (Germany, TRIZ, Sept. 2018) (.doc)

This  page contains:
(A) Outputs of the search results with the heading of 'Site code, Site name, and Site domain URL' 
(B) Summary Table of the Web sites obtained in (A).

Here se list 68 Websites.

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(A) Survey results, Germany

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Survey results in Sept. 2018 (.doc)


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 (A) Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Germany

location= Germany,  language= English, German
Keyword: TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Toru Nakagawa  May 12, 2021


##    ;   GRIN (GRIN Publishing)     ;    http://www.grin.com/ 

The Use of Creativity and Systematic Innovation within the ...
3.2 Systematic Innovation Tools 3.2.1 9 Windows 3.2.2 Function Attribute Analysis 3.2.3 Perception Mapping 3.2.4 Contradiction Matrix & 40 Inventitive Principles 3.2.5 TRIZ Trends of Evolution 3.2.6 Smart Little People. 4 Use of Creativity ...

The Evolution of Innovation - TRIZ Trends and Bionics - GRIN
An Introduction to Evolution. 2. The Theory of Inventive Problems Solving 2.1 Systematic Innovation 2.2 Forecast of Technological Evolution with TRIZ Trends 2.3 Examples for TRIZ Trends 2.3.1 Space Segmentation and Surface Segmentation

##    ;   EasyChair : Smart CFP: TFC2021    ;    https://easychair.org/cfp/tfc21 

CFP - EasyChair
TFC21: ETRIA World Conference "TRIZ Future" 2021 "Creative solutions for a sustainable development". Free University of Bozen-Bolzano ... Topics: creative design sustainability theory of inventive problem solving systematic innovation ...

##    ;   ETRIA (the European TRIZ Association)     ;    https://etria.eu/portal/   

ETRIA - The European TRIZ association
ETRIA World Conference TRIZ Future 2020. Systematic Complex Problem Solving in the Age of Digitalization and Open Innovation. October 14-16, 2020, hosted by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and Cluj IT Cluster, Romania.

##    ;   Fraunhofer IRB (Fraunhofer-Informationszentrums Raum und Bau)  ;    https://irb.fraunhofer.de/   

TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, is the most comprehensive systematic innovation and creativity methodology available. Guided by a strategic philosophy, the method works by restating the specific design task in a more.

##    ;   ICG (Integrated Consulting Group)     ;    https://www.integratedconsulting.eu/ 

Discover TRIZ - Inventive Problem Solving - ICG
Our TRIZ Training is for innovation teams in search of creative methods to solve innovation problems. ... business problems in a way that is predictable, reliable and systematic, all while promoting creativity and most importantly – repeatability.

##    ;   Amazon.de     ;    https://www.amazon.de/

TRIZ: Innovation and Inventive Problem Solving. Handbook ...
The TRIZ methodology has the following advantages over traditional innovation supporting methods such as acknowledged increase of creative productivity, rapid acceleration of the systematic search for inventive and innovative solutions,  ...

##    ;   INNOLOGICS   ;    https://www.innologics.de/ 

INNOLOGICS: Systematic Innovation
Welcome to the world of Systematic Innovation by INNOLOGICS®. Learn about effective methods for innovation and problem solving and generate ideas guided by our innovation experts. Create growth by real innovation. We like to help you ...

##    ;   Yahoo!Search : Images     ;    https://search.yahoo.co.jp/image/search?rkf=2&ei=UTF-8&gdr=1&fr=wsr_gs&p=TRIZ%20%20OR%20%20%22Systematic%20Innovation%22

TRIZ OR 'Systematic innovation'の画像をすべて見る

##    ;   Springer     ;    https://www.springer.com/ 

Systematic Complex Problem Solving in the Age of ... - Springer
Systematic Complex Problem Solving in the Age of Digitalization and Open Innovation. 20th International TRIZ Future Conference, TFC 2020, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, October 14–16, 2020, Proceedings. Herausgeber: Cavallucci, Denis, Brad, ...

##    ;   The Design Society - a worldwide community     ;    https://www.designsociety.org/ 

TRIZ-Driven ECO-Design and Innovation / The Design Society
TRIZ-Driven ECO-Design and Innovation ... Editor: Chakrabarti, A. Author: Regazzoni,'D; Rizzi. C; Russo, D Section: Design for Environment, Safety, Manufacture and ...

Creative stimuli in the form of the TRIZ inventive principles have shown much potential, however the industrial uptake of ... [15] Altshuller, G.S., The innovation algorithm: TRIZ, systematic innovation and technical creativity. 1999, Worcester ...

##    ;   Springer: Professional     ;    http://www.springerprofessional.de/en/ 

Integration of Design Thinking and TRIZ Theory to Assist a ...
The purpose is to guide the thinking and the creative efforts during the development of an innovation project and offer to a user a set of tools to solve the problems that invariably the design process contains. Finally, this chapter illustrates the ...

##    ;   standardsmedia.com (Infotech Standards India Pvt. Ltd.)   ;   https://www.standardsmedia.com/ 

Systematic Innovation : An Introduction to TRIZ, Alla Zusman ...
The pillar of TRIZ is that contradiction can be methodically resolved through the application of innovative solutions.With Systematic Innovation you will learn how to stop seeing conflicts as insurmountable barriers and instead celebrate them as  ...

##    ;   Hanser: Kundencenter     ;    https://www.hanser-kundencenter.de/   

www.hanser-kundencenter.de > ... > QM -Methoden
TRIZ - Innovation mit System | Hanser Kundencenter
TRIZ - Innovation mit System. Allein durch Innovationen können Unternehmen ihre Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und ihr Wachstum langfristig sichern. Häufig entstehen Innovationen aber nur zufällig oder in einem langen Prozess von Versuch und ...

##    ;   LinkedIn     ;    https://www.linkedin.com/ 

SIT Innovation - Systematic Inventive Thinking ® | LinkedIn
SIT Innovation - Systematic Inventive Thinking ® | 7.261 Follower auf LinkedIn Think differently about thinking differently. | We are SIT: We help companies succeed by achieving self-sustaining innovation, both in the immediate and long- term.

##    ;   The Insight Center     ;    http://www.insightcentre.com/ 

TRIZ Introduction, Resources & Links - The Insight Centre
Through his work, Altshuller identified solution patterns in innovative patents, to category's of problems (which TRIZ ... 'Teaching TRIZ as a Systematic Problem Solving Method: Breaking Mindsets': TRIZ paper, TRIZCON2007, USA, April 2007.

##    ;   MINT-Netzwerk Leipzig    ;    http://mint-leipzig.de/  

On a Nearly Forgotten Development of Altshuller's TRIZ
that the systematic and historical origins of TRIZ and the entire tradition that ... Following this systematic discussion, I will then turn to the historical ... WOIS ( Contradiction Oriented Innovation Strategy), Hansjürgen Linde, mentions the.

##    ;   Pothi.com     ;    https://store.pothi.com/ 

Buy TRIZ- AN INNOVATION FIELDBOOK BASED ON TRIZ METHODOLOGY by Dr Yuri Salamatov in India. This is a special reprint edition of the popular book written by Dr. Salamatov, TRIZ Master and Chief Mentor of TRIZ Association of Asia.

##    ;  Business Perspectives (LLC Consulting Publishing Company "Business Perspectives")    ;   https://businessperspectives.org/ 

businessperspectives.org > ... > Issue #1
Commercialization of conventional ... - Business Perspectives
Commercialization of conventional and sustainability-oriented innovations: a comparative systematic literature review ... More recently, the role of sustainability -oriented innovation in achieving economic growth has become equally important.

##    ;   HOMAG     ;    https://www.homag.com/ 

Systematic optimization of production processes | HOMAG
We combine a sustainable continuous improvement process based on lean thinking with innovative technology. In this webinar we will provide you with the basics of the well-proven approach to optimization as well as a sustainable innovative ...

##    ;   Gian-Lluís Ribechini    ;    https://gianlluisribechini.com/ 

A3 SIR Systematic Innovation Report - Gian-Lluís Ribechini
A3 SIR. Systematic Innovation Report. Gian-Lluís Ribechini Creus. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page 10. Page 11. Page 12. Page 13. Page 14. Page 15. Page 16. Page 17. Page 18. Page 19. Page 20 ...

##    ;   SCHUBERT (Gerhard Schubert GmbH)   ;    https://www.schubert.group/en/ 

Pursuing innovation with an MIT-certified tool - Schubert Group
He sees parallels between the TRIZ method and the innovative spirit of company founder Gerhard Schubert. He, too, approached the improvement of packaging automation in a systematic manner. Michael Graf, Director of Consulting at ...

##    ;   CyberLeninka (CyberLeninka Open Science Hub)    ;    http://cyberleninka.org/    

Enhancing SWOT Analysis with TRIZ-based Tools to Integrate ...
Procedía Engineering. www.elsevier.com/locate/procedia. World Conference: TRIZ FUTURE, TF 2011-2014. Enhancing SWOT analysis with TRIZ-based tools to integrate systematic innovation in early task design. Stelian Brad*a, Emilia Brada.

##    ;   HTW-Berlin (University of Applies Sciences, Berlin)    ;    https://www.htw-berlin.de/forschung 

TRIZ - Innovation mit System - Hochschule für Technik und ...
Zitation. Hentschel, Claudia ; Gundlach, Carsten ; Nähler, Horst Thomas : TRIZ - Innovation mit System, Hanser Verlag, München, 2010, ISBN 978 ...

##    ;  innovations-wissen.de    ;    https://www.innovations-wissen.de/ 

TRIZ - Innovations-wissen.de
Die TRIZ-Methodik unterstützt das systematische Erfinden bei technischen Problemstellungen und ist ein geeignetes Hilfsmittel um Denkblockaden zu überwinden. Es handelt sich um eine Sammlung methodischer Werkzeuge, mit deren Hilfe ...

##    ;   Rohrbeck Heger     ;    https://www.rohrbeckheger.com/ 

Mobiliar – a systematic approach to foresight-driven innovation
2021/4/21 -A relentless focus on the future of the customer and systematic pursuit of innovation. We spoke to Mobiliar's Head of Foresight, Maren Kottler, about how she and her team use foresight to build future-proof innovation strategies.

##    ;   Innovation hat Methode     ;   https://www.innovation-hat-methode.de/

TRIZ - innovation-hat-methode
Einsteigergruppe, TRIZ-Experten und Schulungen. Die IHK Reutlingen startet regelmäßig neue Einsteigergruppen zur Erlernung und Vertiefung der Innovationsmethode TRIZ. Im Fokus stehen insbesondere die Anwendung der Methode an ...

##    ;   IHK (Industrie- und Handelskammer) Reutlingen    ;    https://www.reutlingen.ihk.de/ 

TRIZ: Innovation hat Methode | IHK Reutlingen
Innovation hat Methode. VIGE.co - Fotolia.com. Die Innovationsmethode TRIZ erfreut sich großer Beliebtheit bei den Technologieunternehmen. Mit Unterstützung des IHK-IWW gibt es mittlerweile über 100 TRIZ-Ingenieure in der Region ...

##    ;   LIFIS (Das Leibniz-Institut für interdisziplinäre Studien e.V.)      ;    https://leibniz-institut.de/en/ 

Innovation management and systematic invention (TRIZ ...
Background. In times of ever shorter innovation cycles, the importance of structured innovation management increases both on the company organizational and engineering level. Questions of the systematic approach to requirements loaded ...

##    ;    IJEBA (International Journal of Economics & Business Administration)   ;    https://www.ijeba.com/ 

Application of TRIZ Technique in the Organizations' Activity
2020/8/12 -provisions of the theory of solving inventive problems and levels of problems in the TRIZ, to show the process of the TRIZ ... Hands-on Systematic Innovation for Business and Management. Lazarus. Press. Mann, D., Domb, E.

##    ;  TriSolver (TriSolver Consulting)   ;    https://www.trisolver.eu/

TriSolver/Methodology/TRIZ - Innovation Technology
TRIZ - Innovation Technology. TRIZ is the internationally acknowledged Russian abbreviation for Teorija Resenija Isobretatelskih Zadac, which can be translated as the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, also shortened to TIPS. TRIZ was ...

##    ;   CEPHEI (CEPHEI Project for Industrial e-Learning)     ;    https://www.cephei.eu/en/   

www.cephei.eu > ... > Online courses
Systematic Creativity and TRIZ basics - CEPHEI - Industrial E ...
It is an online course for all interested in algorithms of systematic creativity. We will learn algorithms for step-by-step heuristics, conceptual design, new patentable ideas. Course modules are modern TRIZ and other analytical tools that have ...

##    ;  getAbstract     ;    https://www.getabstract.com/ 

Innovation mit TRIZ von Carsten Gundlach und Horst Th ...
Schade eigentlich, denn hinter TRIZ verbirgt sich ein attraktives Versprechen: Innovation als plan- und strukturierbarer Prozess. Praxisbeispiele belegen, wie dieses Versprechen erfüllt werden kann. getAbstract empfiehlt das Buch allen ...

##    ;   TRIZ Akademie     ;    http://triz-akademie.de/ 

TRIZ as an amplifier for corporate creativity and corporate ...
Staff members with high engagement and highly developed creativity and innovation ability help companies establish an advantageous market position by creating innovative products and services. This process can be positively influenced by ...

##    ;   FLIP (Florence Innovation Project)     ;    https://www.ask-flip.com/

Systematic Inventive Thinking - SIT - ask-flip.com
SIT - Systematic Inventive Thinking is an idea-finding method developed in the 1990s. It is regarded as a further development of the TRIZ method developed by Professor Genrich Altshuller. SIT is a practical approach to creativity, innovation ...

##    ;   L&R (Lohmann & Rauscher International)     ;    https://www.lohmann-rauscher.com/en/ 

www.lohmann-rauscher.com > ... > das magazin
Design Thinking – Innovation Method & Innovation Culture ...
Design Thinking is a systematic innovation approach to complex problems in all areas of life. Instead of starting with the issue of feasibility like a lot of companies do, the users' wishes and needs are the focus of the process. Design Thinkers ...

##    ;   Wiley - VCH     ;    https://www.wiley-vch.de/en/ 

TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem ... - Wiley-VCH
Engineering companies are increasingly recognising and acting upon the need to encourage successful, practical and systematic innovation at every stage of the engineering process including product development and design. TRIZ enables ...

##    ;   IEG (Innovation Excellence Growth)    ;    http://iegx.com/ 

TRIZ Innovation International Certif-IEG provide TRIZ,DFSS ...
TRIZ innovation Level 1Training Courses of American IEG Institute for Innovation is the systematic innovation method of learning new thinking, aiming at helping beginners to understand more about solving technological problems and ...

##    ;   INVENSITY (INVENSITY Technology Consulting)     ;    https://www.invensity.com/?lang=en 

Updates - INVENSITY Technology Consulting: Accelerate ...
Do you want to know how to win the innovation race? Then check out the third part of our three-part blog series about systematic innovation. Our expert in innovation and innovation management Volker Lippitz presents the way to bring forth ...

##    ;   TFC2015 (TRIZ Future Conference 2015)    ;    https://www.tfc2015.com/ 

TRIZ Future Conference 2015 Berlin
Pavel Livotov, Hochschule Offenburg – University of Applied Sciences, Germany Wayne Stuart Mallinson, Test and Data Group (Pty) Ltd, South Africa Darrell Mann, Systematic Innovation, United Kingdom Oliver Mayer, GE Global Research , ...

##    ;   Innovation Lab    ;    https://www.ilab.energy/ 

Systematic Inventive Thinking | Innovation Lab
2018/12/5 -Systematic Inventive Thinking – die SIT Methode stellt sich vor. 5. Dezember 2018 ... Gibt es Regeln oder Muster, die man anwenden kann, um auf eine Idee oder Innovation zu kommen? Ja, die gibt es. Bei der SIT Methode geht es in erster ...

##    ;   IC3 (The Innovation Instigators)     ;   https://ic-3.com/en/ 

The Innovation Instigators - IC3 GmbH
UNLEASH YOUR POWER TO INNOVATE. We are a team of excellent innovation experts and specialise in combining systematic innovation with inspiring communication. We support you with ...

##    ;   EARSandEYES - Creating New Grounds    ;    https://www.earsandeyes.com/en/ 

Systematic innovation: the EARSandEYES InnoCircle ...
Market research for systematic innovation. Using our systematic innovation management we can support you throughout the entire innovation process – from the initial insight generation through to the final launch of the product. No matter ...

##    ;   Charité (Universitätsmedizin Berlin)    ;    https://www.charite.de/en/ 

www.charite.de/: Innovation and systematic development: Charité ....../charite_2030_innovation_and_syste...
Charité 2030
2020/11/30 -Charité 2030: Innovation and systematic development. Back to Overview ... Its bold and innovative vision for pioneering developments within research, teaching and health care was presented today. The aim of this strategy is ...

##    ;   ESJ (Emerging Science Journal)    ;    https://www.ijournalse.org/ 

Use of TRIZ, and TRIZ with Other Tools for Process ...
Ruchti, B., and Livotov, P. "TRIZ-Based Innovation Principles and a Process for Problem Solving in Business and Management." the ETRIA World Conference 2001, Bath, UK, (2002): 177-186. Mann, D. "Systematic Win-Win Problem Solving In ...

##    ;  Bionic Inspiration.org     ;   http://bionicinspiration.org/ 

bionicinspiration.org > ... > Systematic Innovation
Systematic Innovation | bionicinspiration.org
It is important to know how systematic innovation can occur by the use of creativity methods which should stimulate your inner spirit. Make your company innovativ! Inspired by Johnson, S. "Where good ideas come from" and Peter A. Gloor ...

##    ;   Publikationen Wirtschaftsinformatik    ;    https://pubs.wi-kassel.de/ 

A systematic literature review.
ICT-Enabled Service Innovation in Human-. Centered Service Systems: A Systematic. Literature Review. Completed Research Paper. Stefan Kleinschmidt 1 stefan.kleinschmidt@unisg.ch. Christoph Peters 1,2 christoph.peters@unisg.ch.

##    ;   Sciendo    ;    https://sciendo.com/ 

A Review of TRIZ Tools for Forecasting the Evolution of ...
2017/3/29 -Finally the innovation roadmaps have been shown. The use of individual tools has been supported by practical examples taken from research performed by the authors, and the usefulness of individual methods was evaluated.

Use of Triz SU-Field Models in the Process of Improving the ...
2018/9/29 -TRIZ & Systematic Innovation. TRIZ and xTRIZ Techniques For Technology and Engineering Applications. Training Course Techniques: Advanced Part. Enschede: ICG Training & Consulting. Verein Deuche Ingenieure (2015) ...

##    ;   Triz-Austria.com (Die Österreichische TRIZ Plattform )    ;    http://www.triz-austria.com/ 

Widersprüche sind die Keimzellen der Innovation, die mittels TRIZ fundamental gelöst werden können (anstelle von ... you are getting it right, then this is where TRIZ offers a systematic approach not shared by other problem solving tool kits."

##    ;   HANSER (Carl Hanser Verlag)     ;    https://www.hanser.de/

www.hanser-kundencenter.de > ... > QM -Methoden
TRIZ - Innovation mit System | Hanser Kundencenter
TRIZ - Innovation mit System. Allein durch Innovationen können Unternehmen ihre Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und ihr Wachstum langfristig sichern. Häufig entstehen Innovationen aber nur zufällig oder in einem langen Prozess von Versuch und ...

##    ;   Liberating Structures     ;   https://liberatingstructures.de/ 

TRIZ – Liberating Structures
TRIZ. Schaffe Platz für Innovation durch das Stoppen von kontraproduktiven Aktivitäten und Verhaltensweisen (35 Minuten). Jeder Akt der Schöpfung ist zuerst ein Akt der Zerstörung – Pablo Picasso ...

##    ;   Sysmano Academy     ;    https://sysmano.academy/ 

Triz-Basis Kurs - SYSMANO Academy
TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is a collection of systematic creativity, innovation and problem solving methods. The methodology helps to solve difficult technological challenges in developments and increases innovation. TRIZ is ...

##    ;   karriere bibel     ;    https://karrierebibel.de/ 

karrierebibel.de > ... > Job & Psychologie »
TRIZ Methode: Systematische + erfinderische Problemlösung
Das Ganze folgt aber einem einfachen Schema, das aus wenigen Bausteinen besteht: TRIZ Methode Beispiele Definition Erklaerung Innovation Problemloesung. Ausgangspunkt ist das spezifische Problem, das Sie lösen wollen oder für das ...

##    ;   Markets Germany     ;    https://www.marketsgermany.com/ 

German Hydrogen Commissioner: "This is about establishing ...
German Hydrogen Commissioner: "This is about establishing an integrated, systematic solution". Markets Germany spoke to Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, Innovation Commissioner for Green Hydrogen at the German Federal Ministry of Education and ...

##    ;   PDF Drive    ;   https://pdf-drive.com/ 

Innovation Algorithm:TRIZ, systematic innovation and ...
2020/2/1 -Innovation Algorithm:TRIZ, systematic innovation and technical creativity [1sted.] 0964074044, 9780964074040 ... Description:A milestone in the development of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), this book is the ...

##    ;   c-LEcta – for tomorrow's industry     ;    https://www.c-lecta.com/

Innovation strategy - c-LEcta
Our systematic innovation approach identifies exciting and promising process and product opportunities for our technologies with highly attractive market potentials. At the same time, we are constantly working to advance our proprietary ...

##    ;   EasyChair : Publications     ;    https://easychair.org/publications/

Artificial Intelligence Affordances for Business Innovation: A ...
Using a systematic six-step literature review methodology conducted with an iterative disposition, seven major affordances of AI for business innovation were identified, i.e. (i) Automate business processes, (ii) Customise end user interaction, (iii) ...

##    ;   I3PM (The International Institute for IP Management)    ;   http://i3pm.org/ 

Hands On Systematic Innovation for Technical Systems - I3PM
2011/11/30 -Mr. Mann, former Rolls Royce chief engineer and University of Bath industrial fellow for systematic innovation ... 35% learn piece-by-piece as the situation demands, and 5% are bitten by the TRIZ virus which can lead to ...

##    ;   Springer Nature : Atlantis Press    ;    https://www.atlantis-press.com/ 

Innovative Design for Vortex Micro-Nano Bubble generator ...
In order to solve the issues of the micro-nano bubble generation technology, that generally exists high energy consumption and low bubble production, TRIZ method of technical contradiction inventive principles was utilized to provide ideas to ...

##    ;   Einstein1 Digitalen Gründerzentrums     ;    https://www.einstein1.net/

Mit TRIZ neue Ideen für systematische Innovationen ...
2020/9/11 -In der Patentabteilung fanden damals die russischen Erfinder Altschuller und Shapiro heraus, dass besonders innovative Erfinder regelmäßig Widersprüche " knacken". Die Psychologie hinter der systematischen ...

##    ;   HSNR (Hochschule Niederrhein)     ;   https://www.hs-niederrhein.de/ 

Weiterbildung: TRIZ - Hochschule Niederrhein
Die Qualität der Hochschulzertifikatskurse wird von der European TRIZ Association (ETRIA) anerkannt und durch die Vergabe von Zertifikaten für jeden TRIZ-Level bestätigt. Der Dozent ist Autor des Buches "Systematische InnovationTRIZ- ...

##    ;   Michael Ohler Consulting    ;    https://ohlermichael.de/

Systematic Innovation – Michael Ohler Consulting
Use this or a similar roadmap to stay on track. Yet, what makes all the difference is the right blend of methodologies: + TRIZ + Biomimicry + Design Thinking + Axiomatic Design

##    ;   Freie Universität Berlin : Refubium (Institutional Repository)     ;    https://refubium.fu-berlin.de/ 

Hackathons as Stepping Stones in Health Care Innovation ...
2020/6/9 -Feasibility and outcomes were assessed, leading to the development of systematic recommendations for future hackathons as a vehicle for bottom-up innovation in health care. Methods: A 2-day hackathon was conducted in ...

##    ;   kobv (Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin-Brandenburg)    ;    https://www.kobv.de/ 

a systematic review of Multi-criteria decision analysis
stages of medical innovation: a systematic review of Multi-criteria decision analysis. (MCDA). Philip Wahlster1*, Mireille Goetghebeur2, Christine Kriza1, Charlotte Niederländer1, Peter Kolominsky-Rabas1 and on behalf of the National  ...

##    ;   HSO (Offenburg University of Applied Sciences) :  OPUS (Publication Server    ;    https://opus.hs-offenburg.de/

Systematic Innovation in Process Engineering ... - OPUS 4
2019/1/16 -The research work analyses the relationship of 155 Process Intensification (PI) technologies to the components of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ ). It outlines TRIZ inventive principles frequently used in PI, and ...

---------------------  Note (TN, May 12, 2021) The following 4 sites were detected near the top in a preceding search (on the same day) but are missing in the present search.  We should include them here.

##    ;   Modern TRIZ Academy (Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ)     ;    http://www.modern-triz-academy.com/ 


##    ;   TRIZ Consulting Group     ;    http://www.triz-consulting.de/ 


##    ;   VDI Group :  VDI Wissensforum     ;    http://www.vdi-wissensforum.de/ 


##    ;   IHK (Die Industrie- und Handelskammer) - Siegen  ;    http://www.ihk-siegen.de/  




(B) Summary Table:  Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Germany

location= Germany,  language= English, German
Keyword: TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Toru Nakagawa  May 12, 2021


Site Code

Site Name

Site Domain URL


GRIN (GRIN Publishing)



EasyChair : Smart CFP: TFC2021



ETRIA (the European TRIZ Association)



Fraunhofer IRB (Fraunhofer-Informationszentrums Raum und Bau)



 ICG (Integrated Consulting Group)









Yahoo!Search : Images






The Design Society - a worldwide community



Springer: Professional



standardsmedia.com (Infotech Standards India Pvt. Ltd.)



Hanser: Kundencenter






The Insight Center



MINT-Netzwerk Leipzig






Business Perspectives (LLC Consulting Publishing Company Business Perspectives)






Gian-Lluís Ribechini



SCHUBERT (Gerhard Schubert GmbH)



CyberLeninka (CyberLeninka Open Science Hub)



HTW-Berlin (University of Applies Sciences, Berlin)






Rohrbeck Heger



Innovation hat Methode



IHK (Industrie- und Handelskammer) Reutlingen



LIFIS (Das Leibniz-Institut für interdisziplinäre Studien e.V.)



IJEBA (International Journal of Economics & Business Administration)



TriSolver (TriSolver Consulting)



CEPHEI (CEPHEI Project for Industrial e-Learning)






TRIZ Akademie



FLIP (Florence Innovation Project)



 L&R (Lohmann & Rauscher International)



Wiley - VCH



IEG (Innovation Excellence Growth)



INVENSITY (INVENSITY Technology Consulting)



TFC2015 (TRIZ Future Conference 2015)



 Innovation Lab



IC3 (The Innovation Instigators)



EARSandEYES - Creating New Grounds



Charité (Universitätsmedizin Berlin)



ESJ (Emerging Science Journal)



Bionic Inspiration.org



Publikationen Wirtschaftsinformatik






Triz-Austria.com (Die Österreichische TRIZ Plattform )



HANSER (Carl Hanser Verlag)



Liberating Structures



Sysmano Academy



karriere bibel



Markets Germany



PDF Drive



c-LEcta – for tomorrow's industry



EasyChair : Publications



I3PM (The International Institute for IP Management)



Springer Nature : Atlantis Press



Einstein1 Digitalen Gründerzentrums



HSNR (Hochschule Niederrhein)



Michael Ohler Consulting



Freie Universität Berlin : Refubium (Institutional Repository)



kobv (Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin-Brandenburg)



HSO (Offenburg University of Applied Sciences) : OPUS (Publication Server)



Modern TRIZ Academy (Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ)



TRIZ Consulting Group



VDI Group : VDI Wissensforum



IHK (Die Industrie- und Handelskammer) - Siegen





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