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Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Israel

Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation" OR ТРИЗ
Location = Israel,  Language = any

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)
Aug. 23, 2021

Posted:  Aug. 30, 2021

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Aug. 23, 2021)

This is the results of the Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Israel. 
See the general instruction in the parent page

Please compare with the results at the 1st round (No:  Israel TRIZ, Sept. 2018) (.doc)

This  page contains:
(A) Outputs of the search results with the heading of 'Site code, Site name, and Site domain URL' 
(B) Summary Table of the Web sites obtained in (A).

Here we list 24 Websites.

I hope this draft document is useful for TRIZ people in Israel to construct "Israel Part of World WTSP Catalogs".

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(A) Survey results, Israel

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Survey results in Sept. 2018 (.doc)


Current Manuscript of WTSP Catalogs of this country




 (A) Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Israel

location= Israel,      language = any  
Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation" OR ТРИЗ
Toru Nakagawa  Aug. 6, 2021


##         LinkedIn       https://il.linkedin.com/ ==> Global

Vladimir Petrov - Owner, TRIZ Master - TRIZPetrov | LinkedIn
TRIZ is a Russian acronym for the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving" – a ... that Triz framework and Triz-based systematic innovation could assist the ...

## □△             ORT Braude (ORT Braude College of Engineering)                https://w3.braude.ac.il/ 

Global Entrepreneurship_Inventive Thinking
Teaching experience : Inventive Thinking (TRIZ) and Systematic Innovation, at HIT Holon. Institute of technology, SCE Shamoon College of Engineering and IDC ...
About Us :  Mission :  Since its inception, ORT Braude Academic College of Engineering has embraced a singular goal: making higher education accessible to all Israelis, regardless of their economic background. At ORT Braude, we consider imparting higher education in the engineering and science fields as a powerful expression of national values and welcome every opportunity to advance this goal. In order to remain relevant in this competitive new world, and provide students with the most current curriculum, we constantly stay abreast of educational and industrial trends. As a result, I am proud to report that ORT Braude continues to grow, flourish, and welcome new, eager students year after year. ....  Now, more than ever, as we must keep pace with the constantly changing technological world, engineers must think out of the box, demonstrate initiative, and possess a broad outlook, self-learning and teamwork skills, and, above all, imagination, creativity, and professionalism. In order to ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared to meet the demands of the modern workforce, we offer a comprehensive support system that includes innovative learning tools, advanced laboratories, personal tutors, and scholarships. ....

##  □△            Technion : TKCI (Technion Knowledge Center for Innovation)          https://innovation.technion.ac.il/ 

Directed Evolution, Innovation and TRIZ
1998/9/24 -TRIZ. Ido Lapidot & Amir Roggel. 1. Directed Evolution,. Innovation and TRIZ ... Systematic Innovation with TRIZ. Amir Roggel & Ido Lapidot ...
About Us :  The Technion Knowledge Center for Innovation was established in 2008 by Prof. Miriam Erez, Recipient of the Israel Prize. Our mission is to promote Innovation through the development, application and dissemination of knowledge among academia and industry.  TKCI conducts academic research on the topic of innovation on the individual, team, organization and national levels, as well as translational research to promote innovation in organizations based on the "Journey of the Idea" model developed by Prof. Erez. The Innovation Knowledge Center has developed a guide to innovation for organizations, within the Israeli Standards Institute.
Top page:  Follow the arrow and join us on the journey of the idea:  Continuing innovation is the key to organizations' competitiveness in the business world. But how should you think about innovation? In what areas should you innovate? Using which tools? How should you incorporate it in other activities? The Technion Innovation Center leads you along the journey of the idea from beginning to its end, while initiating organizational processes, exposing you to tools and methods, academic knowledge, and connection to the academy, the government and many organizations within the industry.  >>  Identifying a need and defining the problem ... >> Idea Generation ...  >> Selecting an idea for implementation ...  >> Mobilizing the Idea towards implementation ... >> Implementing the idea up to Innovation

##         Yahoo!Search (Images)       https://search.yahoo.co.jp/image/search?rkf=2&ei=UTF-8&gdr=1&fr=wsr_gs&p=TRIZ%20OR%20%22Systematic%20Innovation%22%20OR%20%D0%A2%D0%A0%D0%98%D0%97 

TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation" OR ТРИЗの画像をすべて見る

##         Facebook    https://he-il.facebook.com/ ==> Global

TRIZ - تحديات رمضانية المشترك ١: صالح اكرم محمد الحيله...
تحديات رمضانية المشترك ١: صالح اكرم محمد الحيله العمر:١٢ سنة ما شاء الله ادعموه بلايك و مشاركة #تحدي_TRIZ.

##  □               ZOOZ            https://www.zooz.co.il/ 

The I-TRIZ method Part I - ZOOZ
Is Your Company Innovative? Systematic Innovation and Virtual Products · Adjustment to the Environment · Mouthful of Systematic Innovation. Other Articles on ...
About Us :  The meaning of ZOOZ in Hebrew is both to move and money. Our mission is to help organizations change and grow, while focusing on the outside - by responding to market and client demands, and on the inside - by developing the human resources of the organization. Therefore, our services include consulting and training in the following areas: strategy, marketing and innovation management (client-focused growth), as well as organizational development, creativity and management skills (organization-focused growth) ... ZOOZ was established in 1999, and grown to include some twenty consultants and trainers, of diverse academic backgrounds (MBA, economics, law, engineering, psychology and social sciences) and unique specializations (marketing, product development, international retail, creativity, leadership, motivation and more). ...  We have developed several unique and highly effective consulting and training programs, including: Systematic Innovation (a toolbox a methods for managing innovation), Network-Product (a program to turn local manufacturars into exporters to foreign retail chains), Employee Assesment Development (in which managers develop an assement system to fit their organization), and Transformational Leadership (workshops for practicing effective leadership).
מאמר: הדבר הגדול הבא - TRIZ - ZOOZ
שיטת Ideation/TRIZ הנה מתודולוגיה שיטתית לקידום חדשנות טכנולוגית המשלבת מאגרי ידע (Knowledge Bases) מקיפים עם מגוון כלי תוכנה ייעודיים להגדרה ולפתרון בעיות ...

##         Stier Group              https://stier.co.il/   

stier.co.il > Home > Program - ITTNcon
Program - ITTNcon
Dr. Simon Litvin is one of the world's foremost experts on innovation methodology, including TRIZ, Value Engineering, Six Sigma, etc.
About Us : Stier Group specializes in planning, producing, marketing and managing trade shows and professional conferences.  The company was established in the early 70's, being the pioneer of the trade show industry in Israel.  Over the course of years, the company has developed and become a brand name of success and power. Today the company is a leader and a major player in the trade show and convention industry.  Stier Group's exhibitions and events are leaders in their fields, and constitute an annual meeting point for all key players and decision makers, amongst whom are suppliers, importers, exporters, buyers, investors, entrepreneurs, academic personnel and government officers. Most of our exhibitions focus on the B2B sector and therefore are open to trade visitors only. Nevertheless, some exhibitions are also consumer-oriented and are open to the public as well.

##         HIT (Holon Institute of Technology)            https://www.hit.ac.il/

TRIZ: פתרון בעיות המצאתיות: תהליכים, כלים ושיטות
הופעה של "המצאה" לפי שיטת ה- TRIZ מוגדרת כפתרון בעיה המצאתית. ... תיאורית ה TRIZ (The Theory of inventive problem solving) היא מערכת של חוקים ועקרונות ...
About Us :  HIT Holon Institute of Technology, is a well-established unique and multidisciplinary academic institution, which manages to maintain its young spirit as well as its dynamic and contemporary nature. ... HIT represents the combination of academy and industry, advancing towards the integration of science, engineering, design and management.   
MISSION :  To preserve HIT's unique character - combining dynamic academic education alongside applied research and development, increased collaborations with academic and research institutions, the industry and the society as a whole.   To remain a leading, innovative and state-of-the-art academic institution.  To develop and establish applied research infrastructures for the benefit of groundbreaking technological developments.  To play a significant role in making academic education, associate degree studies, training and enrichment courses tailored to the needs of the Israeli industry and community

##         BGU (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)            https://in.bgu.ac.il/ 

המרכז האוניברסיטאי ללימודי חוץ - קורס פתרון בעיות טכנולוגיות וחשיבה ...
הקורס מציג גישה שיטתית הנקראת I-TRIZ למציאת פתרונות יצירתיים ובלתי שיגרתים לבעיות הנדסיות וניהוליות. המתודולוגיה נלמדת במספר אוניברסיטאות בעולם ונמצאת ...

##         Michlalot.co.il          https://www.michlalot.co.il/   

www.michlalot.co.il > ... > מקצוע.נט
קורס TRIZ-פיתוח חשיבה המצאתית מקורית- מכללת מקצוע.נט - אתר ...
מעוניינים לפתח את היכולות היצירתיות שלכם? בואו לקרוא את כל הפרטים אודות קור TRIZ- פיתוח חשיבה המצאתית מקורית הייחודי של מכללת מקצוע.נט.
TRIZ course - development of original inventive thinking:  Profession.net College offers a TRIZ course - development of original inventive thinking, focusing on the TRIZ method developed by Henrich Altshuler, who lived and worked in the Soviet Union.   Theoretical studies take place online, in distance learning - via the Internet from anywhere. Thereafter, practical training will be conducted in factories throughout the country - Ashdod, Yavne, Holon, Netanya, Kfar Saba, Haifa.

##         Think-Tech Center (Systematic Inventive Thinking Center)             https://www.think-tech.co.il/ 

ТРИЗ - Tеория решения изобретательских задач
В это же время выходит в свет новая версии «TRIZ-IL» и «TRIZStorming», адаптированные к требованиям израильского рынка. В 1997 г. автором была издана книга « ...
Top page :  THE AMERICANIZED VERSION OF "TRIZ-IL" : OutCompete LLC is the American Branch of Think-Tech Center company. It would be wrong on our side to pretend that the OutCompete Innovative Approach is totally unique and was developed "from scratch." Not at all. This Approach is rather the collection of thoughts about the ways to deal with unsolvable challenges of our lives. A lot of techniques of OutCompete Approach had been learned from "TRIZ-IL" & "TRIZStorming", from colleagues, mentors and teachers. Research conducted by its manager Len Kaplan, finally, resulted in the "natural" thinking process.

##         Dan Dinur - Workshops and Tutorials         https://www.dandinour.co.il/

פיתוח חשיבה יצירתית ויושמה בשטח- systematic innovation
פיתוח חשיבה יצירתית וישומה בשטח - Systematic Innovation. אתם לפני/בתחילת העבודה על תכניות העובדה ל2017. באיזשהוא שלב אתם מבקשים מהמנהלים/עובדים "לחשוב מחוץ ...

## □△             Rankup (Rankup Consulting & Training)    https://www.rankup.co.il/ ==> Around-TRIZ

עמוס רדליך - חדשנות, יצירתיות ויזמות פנים ארגונית
Rankup יעוץ והדרכה מציעה סדנאות, קורסים וליווי תהליכי הטמעת חדשנות פנים ארגונית ופיתוח יצירתיות.
About Us: Hello, my name is Amos Redlich and I am the CEO and owner of Rankup Consulting and Training.  I conduct workshops in innovation, creative thinking, design thinking, technology problem solving and developing innovative business models.  I developed the "inspiration levers" method for creative thinking and problem solving. Underlying the method is a simple idea: to be creative we must face two obstacles: defeating the mental fixations that block our creativity and overcoming the creative insecurity inherent in most of us. These two factors make it difficult for us to express our creativity.  The "inspiration levers" method presents the inventor with thinking strategies alongside practical examples of its application. The strategies are universal and suitable for many cases, but the examples illustrate a specific solution. Inspired by strategy and example, the inventor throws his insights into the problem he is researching, and devises a new idea to solve it.

## □△             RHS (House of Scientists and Specialists of Rechovot) (founded in July 1991)              http://rehes.org/en/index.html  ==> Around-TRIZ

ТРИЗ: меньше проблем, больше жизни
2009/6/24 -На этих законах была позднее построена Теория Решения Изобретательских Задач - ТРИЗ. Что она дает реально? Во-первых, позволяет перейти от ...
In a main page:  The development of an active life attitude on actual problems of life in Israel being one of the mainstreams in the House of Scientists and Experts of Rechovot activities.  Another direction is gathering information and creation of the databank related to repatriates - inhabitants of Rechovot and the vicinities being figures in science, technology and culture.  In the House of Scientists and Experts make a series of lectures in actual directions of science and technology, concerning various aspects like economics, law, and in particular, pension ensuring, etc.; a series of lectures in the range of "the Torah and the science", , lessons and consultations of experts for schoolpupils and students; vocational guidance meetings of experts with youth on the basis of trades information...  You are welcome to get information of the arrangements , to take part there and offer new up-to-date topics...

## □  IATI (Israel Advanced Technology Industries)          https://www.iati.co.il/  ==> Around-TRIZ

ITTN BROCHURE 20-B.fh9 - IATI - Israel Advanced ...
Litvin is the founder and CEO/President of GEN TRIZ, LLC the biggest TRIZ-based company in the world. Dr. Litvin led numerous international consulting projects ...
Who We Are :  IATI is Israel's umbrella organization of the high-tech, life science and other advanced technology industries, with hundreds of paying members from every level and aspect of the ecosystem, including Venture Capital Funds, Israeli Mature Companies, R&D centers of MNC's, Start-Ups, Incubators, Stock Exchanges, Tech Transfer Organization, Academic Institutions, Innovation Centers, Hospitals, Municipalities, service Providers and more. Through this broad range of members, IATI connects Israel's tech ecosystem, provides solutions and support at all levels, and integrates the various sectors of the industry with strategic and ongoing governmental goals.
We are active in the fields of local and global networking, business development, Knesset lobbying, promotion of STEM education, and event and conference hosting. We represent Israel in strategic cooperation agreements with various foreign countries and regions to promote mutual R&D and trade interests and provide our members with access to top-tier R&D, marketing, and financial service providers, venture capital investors, top-tier global delegations, and much more.
We also support government activity, ....
Our Forums and Committees meet on a regular basis to brainstorm and launch projects to support Industry interests such as; tax policies, IP protection, STEM education, and more.
We aim to advance the high-tech & life science industries and position them as leading Israeli and global trades.

##         Ecology & Environment -- Journal for Science and Environmental Policy       https://www.magazine.isees.org.il/

כתב עת למדע ומדיניות הסביבה - אקולוגיה וסביבה
The innovation algorithm, TRIZ, systematic innovation and technical creativity. Worcester, MA: Technical Innovation Center, Inc.

##         Complex      https://www.hamichlol.org.il/ 

גנריך אלטשולר – המכלול
2019/9/2 -... המכונה "טריז" (TRIZ), ותאוריות נוספות, כמו TRTS - תיאורית התפתחות מערכות טכנולוגיות, TRTL - תיאורית התפתחות אישיות יצירתית, ...
Top Page:  Welcome to the complex!  The complex is a project to compile a collaborative, Jewish and reliable encyclopedia in clean language and Torah speculation, which everyone can edit. The complex now has 283,924 entries, of which 1,489 entries were created in the complex.

##        INCOSE_IL (The Israeli Society for Systems Engineering)                https://incoseil.org/  ==> Around-TRIZ  International: INCOSE

ד"ר אלכסנדר צ'רנובלסקי - INCOSEIL | האיגוד הישראלי להנדסת מערכות
ד"ר אלכסנדר צ'רנובלסקי מומחה עם ניסיון רב בשיטות classical- TRIZ ו- TRIZ-IL & TRIZStorming לחשיבה המצאתית שיטתית ופתרון בעיות טכנולוגיות.

##         Google Scholar        https://scholar.google.co.il/ ==> Global

François Rousselot - Google Scholar
Linking contradictions and laws of engineering system evolution within the TRIZ framework. D Cavallucci, F Rousselot, C Zanni.

##         ToStudy        https://www.tostudy.co.il/ 

מה זו שיטת Triz? - ToStudy
2014/10/14 -המילה "Triz" היא ראשי תיבות בתרגום לשפה הרוסית ל: "תיאוריית פתרון בעיות המצאתיות". לפי השיטה, כל אדם ניחן בפוטנציאל יצירתיות ויכולות ...

##         A2B (Aid to Business)         http://www.a2business.co.il/ 

קורס פיתוח חשיבה המצאתית מקורית לפי שיטת טריז | הדרכות למנהלים ...
תחום. מועד הסדנה. האכסיומה הבסיסית של שיטת ה-TRIZ היא שכל המערכות מתפתחות לפי חוקים מסוימים, את החוקים הללו ניתן ללמוד ולהשתמש בהם לפתרון בעיות המצאתיות ...
About Us :  A2B – corporate profile and mission:  Introduction :  The economic conditions of the Israeli market and the need to "go global" have compelled many leading commercial enterprises to adjust their corporate structures and adapt their manpower force accordingly, in an effort to create a competitive advantage, both locally and internationally.
What do we offer :  A2B (Aid to Business) is a training and consultant firm, providing a large range of services in the field of business, technology and logistics for senior and middle management in both commercial and industrial enterprises.  The wide range of services is designed to offer creative solutions for the ever changing needs of business enterprises, operating in a global and competitive environment.  A2B`s workshops focus on technological and logistics topics, advanced marketing techniques, financial management, legal aspects, policy and strategy, managerial proficiency as well as professional information retrieval.  Training services are offered in Hebrew as well as English, for the convenience of organizations with international business connections.

## □   Campus Junior        https://www.campusjunior.co.il/ 

חשיבה המצאתית - CAMPUS JUNIOR קמפוס ג׳וניור
מבוסס על השיטה והקורס האקדמי (TRIZ) שפיתח אלטשולר. לסדנאות לפיתוח חשיבה המצאתית בצורה מובנית, שיטתית, בפלטפורמה אינטרנטית ובמתכונת הבאה: מה נלמד?
About Us :  Who we are :  An innovative and unique platform that develops, promotes and practices 'entrepreneurial technological education' among children (nano-students) aged 6-12. We have created an educational platform in a university format that combines three main study tracks (technology, science, entrepreneurship) in the nano-university style. 
our vision : Establish a global campus network that will bring children closer to the world of technology and entrepreneurship and provide the younger generation with the tools necessary to develop the essential and universal skills required in a knowledge-based society and a complex and changing economy.
Our goals :  Improving the 'starting point' of the nano-student. Stimulate excitement, inspiration and mental flexibility and at the same time, impart academic knowledge and shape the way things are conducted at future key points. Promote excellence in each and every one of the children in Israel and around the world.   Establishing a local and global entrepreneurial technology community made up of Campus Jr. students, parents who understand the importance of the campus and its contents, lecturers and inspiring entrepreneurs. All this through a global campus platform based on its knowledge and content from Israel.  Promoting technological education - entrepreneurs among girls at an early stage and promoting technological education - entrepreneurs among low-income populations through assistance programs and scholarships.

##         DavidMath                https://davidmath.co.il/ 

familia cajón hospital como sacar pegamento triz de la ropa ...
Home. familia cajón hospital como sacar pegamento triz de la ropa Confundir Esquivo dos. Cómo quitar pegamento de la ropa - ¡Métodos infalibles!

##         KEB (Keynote Economy Blog) (by Eyal Benjamin)                https://keb.co.il/

5 essentials for corporate innovation (+1) - Eyal Benjamin
2016/12/12 -... innovation platforms, ideations, competitions, patents, rewards, brain storming, co-creation, TRIZ, business model canvas, agile, ...
About :  Welcome to the Keynote Economy Blog:  Hi, I am Eyal. A serial entrepreneur and a strategic innovation professional. Strongly believe in the power of knowledge and values in changing the world. Currently I support to level management teams in building the future of their business, alongside being the academic director of the Innovation executive program at Lahav, Tel Aviv university and head of the entrepreneurship division at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Jaffa.




(B) Summary Table:  Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Israel

location= Israel,       language= any
Keyword: TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation" OR ТРИЗ
Toru Nakagawa  Aug. 6, 2021


Site Code

Site Name

Site Domain URL



https://il.linkedin.com/ ==> Global

## □△

ORT Braude (ORT Braude College of Engineering)


##  □△

Technion : TKCI (Technion Knowledge Center for Innovation)



Yahoo!Search (Images)




https://he-il.facebook.com/ ==> Global

##  □




Stier Group



HIT (Holon Institute of Technology)



BGU (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)






Think-Tech Center (Systematic Inventive Thinking Center)



Dan Dinur - Workshops and Tutorials


## □△

Rankup (Rankup Consulting & Training)

https://www.rankup.co.il/ ==> Around-TRIZ

## □△

RHS (House of Scientists and Specialists of Rechovot) (founded in July 1991)

http://rehes.org/en/index.html  ==> Around-TRIZ

## □

IATI (Israel Advanced Technology Industries)

https://www.iati.co.il/  ==> Around-TRIZ


Ecology & Environment -- Journal for Science and Environmental Policy






INCOSE_IL (The Israeli Society for Systems Engineering)

https://incoseil.org/  ==> Around-TRIZ  International: INCOSE


Google Scholar

https://scholar.google.co.il/ ==> Global





A2B (Aid to Business)


## □

Campus Junior






KEB (Keynote Economy Blog) (by Eyal Benjamin)




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