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Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Hong Kong

Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Location = Hong Kong,  Language = any

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)
Oct. 3, 2021

Posted:  Oct. 7, 2021

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 3, 2021)

This is the results of the Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Hong Kong. 
See the general instruction in the parent page

Please compare with the results at the 1st round (No:  Hong Kong, Sept. 2018) (.doc)

This  page contains:
(A) Outputs of the search results with the heading of 'Site code, Site name, and Site domain URL' 
(B) Summary Table of the Web sites obtained in (A).

Here we list  16 Websites.

I hope this draft document is useful for TRIZ people in Hong Kong to construct "Hong Kong Part of World WTSP Catalogs".

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(A) Survey results, Hong Kong

(B) Summary Table

Survey results in Sept. 2018 (.doc)


Current Manuscript of WTSP Catalogs of this country




 (A) Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Hong Kong

location= Hong Kong,      language = any  
Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Toru Nakagawa  Sept. 30, 2021


## △                TRIZ Asia - GEN TRIZ          https://trizasia.com/ ==> Multi-national (USA)

Announced an Open House workshop on BASIC LEVEL TRIZ ...
2020/2/27 -During last 20 years, TRIZ-based Systematic Innovation has been adapted practically by all major industries. Many world leading companies such ...
trizasia – Triz Asia
The training is primarily focused on the fundamental principles of systematic innovation utilizing selected analytical tools…
About Us :  About TRIZ Asia-Gentriz : We are a world-class Technical Innovation Solutions Provider that works with global consumer goods, industrial products, and medical products companies to solve their most complex product, packaging, and process innovation challenges.

##       □△      HKQAA (Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency)           https://hkqaa.org/ ==> Around-TRIZ

TRIZ Introduction Workshop - HKQAA
Introduction to TRIZ & Systematic Innovation. ❖ Function Analysis for new product ideas and improvements. ❖ Device Trimming for cost cutting and product ...
TRIZ – Innovative Ideas Generation Method Certified ... - HKQAA
Understand the methodology of TRIZ to be applied to daily problem solving to create new ideas ... Introduction to TRIZ & Systematic Innovation.
About Us :  Corporate Profile :  Established in 1989 as a non-profit-distributing organisation by the Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) helps industry and commerce in the development of quality, environmental, safety, hygiene, social and other management systems. The professionals in HKQAA possess a wide range of international and industrial knowledge and experience to provide the market with a full spectrum of conformity assessment services.   Approved by the The Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA), HKQAA also set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, HKQAA Certification (Shanghai) Ltd, and its Guangzhou Branch, to provide certification services for businesses in the mainland China.   In addition, we set up a subsidiary in Macau and a representative office in Xian, which turned a new page for the development of HKQAA.

## □△            HKSQ (Hong Kong Society for Quality)      https://www.hksq.org/ ==> Around-TRIZ

Innovation in Service Delivery TRIZ in IT & Retails - HKSQ
2013/11/1 -Committee, Institute of Systematic Innovation (www.isi.org.hk) ... TRIZ is an evolving, open-ended system for.
About Us :  History :  The Predecessor of Hong Kong Society for Quality, formed in 1986, was the Hong Kong Group of the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) International Chapter. It was renamed as Hong Kong Society for Quality Control (HKSQC) in 1989 to reflect increasing local involvement. The Society maintains its affiliation with ASQC (subsequently renamed as American Society for Quality, i.e., ASQ) after the name change. In 1997, HKSQC was renamed as Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ).   The Society is a not-for-profit organization established to promote greater awareness of the need for quality in Hong Kong for ensuring product and service excellence through continuous improvement of quality and customer satisfaction, and to provide continuing education to professionals involved in the quality and reliability disciplines.   Being a leading quality management authority in Hong Kong and having a long and well-established relationship with ASQ, HKSQ has been recognized as a WorldPartner of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) since 2002.This status granted by ASQ, a world renowned professional organization in the quality discipline with a 65-year history, is a fitting recognitionthat the contributions made by HKSQ in promoting quality is on a par with other world-class organizations of its kind.   HKSQ is also a founding member of Asian Network for Quality (ANQ). ANQ was established in 2002 with the objective of promoting quality for prosperity and integration in Asian countries. Member organizations of ANQ are non-profit organizations in Asia established to improve quality in human life by contributing to the progress of science and technology, and to the development of of industry through promotional activities in quality and quality management.

##  △               ISIHK (Institute of Systematic Innovation, Hong Kong)    https://www.isi.org.hk/ 

PAST EVENTS GALLERY - Institute of Systematic Innovation
PAST EVENTS GALLERY. 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 · TRIZHRM.jpg. TRIZ L1 @ 2016, HK. Lee Kum Kee Plant Visit_20161016 - 0.png.
UPCOMING EVENTS - Institute of Systematic Innovation
Organization, Event, Date, Details. MA-TRIZ China, 2018 Annual Meeting, 3~4 Nov, 2018, [Link]. First Name: *. Last Name: *. ISI Member No.: Contact No.: *.
About Us :  Institute Profile :Institute of Systematic Innovation, Hong Kong is a non-profit organization. Its defined purpose is to promote innovative initiatives, creativity and systematic innovation in Hong Kong. Our main objective is to drive the development and application of systematic innovation and meet the commercialization and industry interests. The institute is committed to promote various systematic innovation techniques to our youngsters. Within the scope of our services, you'll find wisdom, an intensive and collaborative community of networks to enhance your opportunity for success
Activities :  1. To organize and conduct training ,educational programs, forums, seminars, courses and conferences on the Systematic Innovation and related theory and practice in Hong Kong and other parts of the world.  2. To organize examinations and registration for the Systematic Innovation qualifications and other related professional qualifications.  3. To organize local and overseas firm visits.
[Note (TN, Sept. 30, 2021):  Tis web site seems active only from 2011 tp 2016. ]

## □△            Journal of Guangdong University of Technology      https://www.xml-data.org/ ==> China, Around-TRIZ

关键词: 系统化创新方法 TRIZ 理论进展 实践效果. A Research on Systematic Innovation Method: Theory Development and Effectiveness Assessment.
About :  ...  The Journal aims to reflect the latest scientific research achievements in the university as well as universities at home and abroad, and to disseminate academic theories and value engineering practices. It is mainly devoted to publishing academic papers and research reports on fundamental and interdisciplinary subjects related to mechanics, materials, electrical engineering, electronics, automation, information, computer science and technology, chemical engineering, environmental resources, architecture and management as well as insightful articles on academic discussions.   The feature columns include Extension Forum,  Error-eliminating Study and Comprehensive Study. Special Columns of feature articles will be set up irregularly to publish special manuscripts and frontier research reviews on different disciplines.   Authors are welcome to submit paper(s) to the Journal and  to render enthusiastic support to it so as to make joint efforts to promote academic prosperity and scientific research.

##        Google Scholar        https://scholar.google.com.hk/  ==> Global

Stelian Brad - Google 学术搜索
Enhancing SWOT analysis with TRIZ-based tools to integrate systematic innovation in early task design. S Brad, E Brad. Procedia engineering 131, 616-625, ...

##  □               SSI (SixSigma Institute)       https://www.sixsigmainstitute.org/ ==> Around-TRIZ

Introduction to TRIZ | Six Sigma Institute 六式碼學會
2011/8/11 -Systematic Innovation (SI) Approach – TRIZ. TRIZ has been applied by many successful Fortune 500 companies including Siemens, ...

##  △              HKIE (Hong Kong Institution of Engineers)                https://hkie.org.hk/ ==> Around-TRIZ

TRIZ and Design Thinking - HKIE
2017/5/17 -Institute of Systematic Innovation, Hong Kong ... 5 TRIZ pillars - Functionality, Resources, Ideality, Contradiction, Evolution. IQI. (TRIZ).
About Us :  Mission :  To promote the advancement of engineering and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas.  To provide a broad range of services to members, to assist them in developing their careers and to play their full role in contributing to society.  To maintain a high standard of the profession, and to raise the standing and visibility of engineers.
When Design Thinking Meets TRIZ - The Hong Kong ...
2020/5/14 -Co-organized by. 1. HKIE – MI Division. 2. Institute of Systematic Innovation (Hong Kong). 3. IVE Engineering. Supporting organizations.

##  □               HKIE (Hong Kong Institution of Engineers) : Hong Kong Engineer      https://www.hkengineer.org.hk/

By Ir Dr Victor LO - Hong Kong Engineer
... of the HKIE and Institute of Systematic Innovation, Hong Kong (ISI, HK). ... which include TRIZ, the Russian acronym for the "Theory of Inventive ...
About Us :  Hong Kong Engineer is the official journal of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). This monthly journal covers in-depth articles on engineering topics and up-to-date news about HKIE activities, making it a must-read for all engineering professionals in Hong Kong. It has become a trusted and invaluable part of professional daily life for engineers, whether they are HKIE affiliated or not.

##        LinkedIn       https://hk.linkedin.com/ ==> Global

Ir Dr Victor Lo - President & Founding Director - LinkedIn
Innovation made easy: TRIZ, Design Thinking, ISO 56002:2019 Innovation Mgt ... ISIHK (Institute of Systematic Innovation, Hong Kong) 香港创新学会BSc, MSc, ...

##  △               SmartWay (Smartway Management Technology)    https://www.smart-way.hk/ 

About Us - Smartway Management Technology
... six sigma black belts and systematic innovation experts. ... who further developed TRIZ into a more comprehensive systematic innovation methodology for ...
About Us :   The best way to know about us is to meet us :  Smartway is a brand new consultancy firm formed by a team of management consultants. The consultant team consists of lean experts, six sigma black belts and systematic innovation experts. With strong practitioner experience, they utilize their knowledge assisting clients to solve management problems with integrated methodologies.  Valuing innovation as the most important strategy of our clients in next decade, Smartway is glad to be the official partner and representative of Systematic Innovation Limited UK, whose owner is international innovation guru, Darrell Mann.  Darrell is a pioneer in innovation who further developed TRIZ into a more comprehensive systematic innovation methodology for applications in IT, Management, Service, etc.  Systematic Innovation Limited's clients include P&G, Samsung, Boeing, Intel, Rolls-Royce, etc. They help these clients to generate profits in billion scales.​  More information about Systematic Innovation Limited UK can be found in http://www.systematic-innovation.com​

## △                HKKMS (Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society)             https://www.hkkms.hk/ ==> Around -TRIZ

Systematic innovation Archives - HKKMS
A one-day special event workshop with Darrell Mann, Systematic Innovation. ... am Tagged with: ignorance management, Innovation, Systematic innovation, TRIZ ...
About Us :  About HKKMS - Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society : The purpose of the Society, which is non-profit making, is to provide a forum for professionals concerned with or interested in knowledge management theory and practice. More specifically, the Society has the following purposes,  to provide an infrastructure and network for professionals in this field in Hong Kong;  To facilitate the development of a network of KM practitioners in HK  To hold events for those interested in KM on a regular basis,  To connect visiting International KM thought leaders to the HK HKKMS community  To collaborate with any and all academic institutions on an ad hoc basis e.g. the KMIRC of The Polytechnic University  To co-operate with like-minded professional organization in Hong Kong and the region  To provide thought leadership in KM to the membership.

##  △               PolyU (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) :  PolyU Electronic Theses                      https://theses.lib.polyu.edu.hk/ 

991022168758603411.pdf - PolyU Electronic Theses
Based on TRIZ, a number of frameworks have been suggested that focus on product ... The innovation algorithm: TRIZ, systematic innovation and technical.
From Wikipedia :  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)[note 1] is a public research university located in Hung Hom, Hong Kong near Hung Hom station. The University is one of the eight government-funded degree-granting tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. Founded in 1937 as the first Government Trade School, it is the first institution to provide technical education in Hong Kong. In 1994, the Legislative Council of Hong Kong passed a bill which granted the former Hong Kong Polytechnic official university status.[8]  PolyU consists of 8 faculties and schools, offering programmes covering applied science, business, construction, environment, engineering, social science, health, humanities, design, hotel and tourism management. The university offers over 160 taught programmes for more than 25,800 students every year.[9] It is the largest public tertiary institution in terms of number of students. As of 2022, the university ranks 91th in the World by THE,[10] 15th in young universities by THE, and 66th internationally by QS.[11]
About Us :  PolyU Electronic Theses :  The PolyU Electronic Theses provides access to the full-text images of the doctoral dissertations and master's theses of the postgraduate students of the University, comprising works in both English and Chinese. It contains citations with abstracts and full-text images of the theses and dissertations.  The Database is available for access by bona fide library users for the sole purpose of research or private study in compliance with the Copyright Ordinance.

## △                CUHK (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) : CINTEC (Centre for Innovation and Technology)      https://www.cintec.cuhk.edu.hk/ ==> Around-TRIZ

Introduction on Hong Kong Productivity Council - (CINTEC ...
Systematic Innovation methodology (TRIZ). • Product Design. Improvement. • Downstream R&D. • Technology Transfer. • Business Matching.
From Wikipedia :  The Chinese University of Hong Kong[note 1] (abbreviated CUHK) is a public research university in Shatin, Hong Kong, formally established in 1963 by a charter granted by the Legislative Council of Hong Kong. It is the territory's second-oldest university and was founded as a federation of three existing colleges – Chung Chi College, New Asia College and United College – the oldest of which was founded in 1949.[5]   CUHK is organized into nine constituent colleges and eight academic faculties, and remains the only collegiate university in the territory. The university operates in both English and Chinese, although classes in most colleges are taught in English. Four Nobel laureates are associated with the university, and it is the only tertiary institution in Hong Kong with recipients of the Nobel Prize, Turing Award, Fields Medal and Veblen Prize sitting as faculty in residence.[6]
About Us :  Back ground :  Centre for Innovation and Technology (CINTEC) is the technology transfer arm in the Faculty of Engineering, CUHK. Serving as a bridge between the Faculty and the industry, CINTEC promotes communications, facilitates collaboration and fosters technology transfer to the society. ... ... n summary, CINTEC strives to explore and maintain effective channels to support university technology transfer to the industry. Direct commercialization of university research results is an effective way to facilitate industrial innovation, thereby contributing to Hong Kong's migration towards a knowledge-based economy.

##        Yhoo!Search (Images)         https://search.yahoo.co.jp/image/search?rkf=2&ei=UTF-8&gdr=1&fr=wsr_gs&p=%22Systematic%20innovation%22%20TRIZ 

"Systematic innovation" TRIZの画像をすべて見る

## △                HKPC (Hong Kong Productivity Council)                https://www.hkpc.org/ ==> Around-TRIZ

AR0304.pdf - 香港生產力促進局
2004/7/21 -seminars on TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, abbreviation from the Russian) and another two on systematic innovation.
About Us :  The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) is a multi-disciplinary organisation established by statute in 1967, to promote productivity excellence through integrated advanced technologies and innovative service offerings to support Hong Kong enterprises. HKPC is the champion and expert in facilitating Hong Kong's reindustrialisation empowered by i4.0 and e4.0 - focusing on R&D, IoT, big data analytics, AI and Robotic technology development, digital manufacturing, etc., to help enterprises and industries upgrade their business performance, lower operating costs, increase productivity and enhance competitiveness.
The Council is a trusted partner with comprehensive innovative solutions for Hong Kong industries and enterprises, enabling them to achieve resources and productivity utilisation, effectiveness and cost reduction, and enhanced competitiveness in both local and international marketplace. It offers SMEs and startups immediate and timely assistance in coping with the ever-changing business environment, accompanying them on their innovation and transformation journey.



(B) Summary Table:  Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Hong Kong

location= Hong Kong,       language= any
Keyword: TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Toru Nakagawa  Sept. 30, 2021


Site Code

Site Name

Site Domain URL

## △


https://trizasia.com/ ==> Multi-national (USA)

##  □△

HKQAA (Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency)

https://hkqaa.org/ ==> Around-TRIZ

## □△

HKSQ (Hong Kong Society for Quality)

https://www.hksq.org/ ==> Around-TRIZ

##  △

ISIHK (Institute of Systematic Innovation, Hong Kong)


## □△

Journal of Guangdong University of Technology

https://www.xml-data.org/ ==> China, Around-TRIZ


Google Scholar

https://scholar.google.com.hk/  ==> Global

##  □

SSI (SixSigma Institute)

https://www.sixsigmainstitute.org/ ==> Around-TRIZ

##  △

HKIE (Hong Kong Institution of Engineers)

https://hkie.org.hk/ ==> Around-TRIZ

##  □

HKIE (Hong Kong Institution of Engineers) : Hong Kong Engineer




https://hk.linkedin.com/ ==> Global

##  △

SmartWay (Smartway Management Technology)


## △

HKKMS (Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society)

https://www.hkkms.hk/ ==> Around -TRIZ

##  △

PolyU (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) :  PolyU Electronic Theses


## △

CUHK (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) : CINTEC (Centre for Innovation and Technology)

https://www.cintec.cuhk.edu.hk/ ==> Around-TRIZ


Yhoo!Search (Images)


## △

HKPC (Hong Kong Productivity Council)

https://www.hkpc.org/ ==> Around-TRIZ



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(A) Survey results, Hong Kong

(B) Summary Table

Survey results in Sept. 2018 (.doc)


Current Manuscript of WTSP Catalogs of this country



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