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Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Indonesia

Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Location = Indonesia,  Language = any

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)
Oct. 5, 2021

Posted:  Oct. 7, 2021

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 5, 2021)

This is the results of the Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Indonesia. 
See the general instruction in the parent page

Please compare with the results at the 1st round ( Indonesian language, Sept. 2018) (.doc)

This  page contains:
(A) Outputs of the search results with the heading of 'Site code, Site name, and Site domain URL' 
(B) Summary Table of the Web sites obtained in (A).

Here we list  37 Websites.

I hope this draft document is useful for TRIZ people in Indonesia to construct "Indonesia Part of World WTSP Catalogs".

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(A) Survey results, Indonesia

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 (A) Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Indonesia

location= Indonesia,      language = any  
Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Toru Nakagawa  Oct. 4, 2021


##  △              OpenTrolley - Online Bookstore      https://opentrolley.co.id/ 

An Introduction to Triz (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)
1998/4/15 -TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, is a revolutionary new way of ... Systematic Innovation: An Introduction to Triz (Theory of ...
About Us :  OpenTrolley Bookstore is an online bookstore that serves book lovers in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.  Since January 2012, OpenTrolley Bookstore has served tens of thousands of orders and shipped to various locations in Indonesia. As a locally based company, our advantages are:  Complete collection - 15 million quality imported book titles that are always updated with new book titles every month   Fast: within 8-14 working days the ordered book will arrive at the customer's address   Premium local courier with tracking number so customers don't have to worry about missing books → "zero missing books guarantee".    

##  △                Itenas (National Institute of Technology, Bandung) : Jurnal Itenas (Itenas Journal)       https://ejurnal.itenas.ac.id/ 

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) used to solve that problem. ... TRIZ: Design Problem Solving with Systematic Innovation,.
From Wikipedia:  The National Institute of Technology (ITENAS), is a private, technology-oriented university located in Bandung, Indonesia.   ITENAS was established in 1972 as the National Academy of Technology[1] (ATENAS) by the Dayang Sumbi Educational Foundation with R. Mansoer Wiratmadja as its first rector. ATENAS originally had four faculties, which focused on Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, respectively.  In 1984, ATENAS became the National Institute of Technology,[1] which currently has three faculties, namely the Faculty of Industrial technology, the Faculty of Civil engineering and Planning, and the Faculty of Art and design.
About Us :  Welcome to the website ejurnal.itenas.ac.id.  This website is an online publication facility for scientific journals managed by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M) and Study Programs at the Bandung National Institute of Technology.
Journal :   Green Engineering : Journal of Environmentally Friendly Technology ,  Telecommunication Engineering, & Electronics Engineering; 

##  □△           NKUST (National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)      https://nkust.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/ ==> Taiwan 

TRIZ, systematic innovation and technical creativity - Ex Libris ...
The innovation algorithm : TRIZ, systematic innovation and technical creativity-圖書.

##  △?           DOKUMEN.TIPS      https://dokumen.tips/ 

dokumen.tips > Home > Documents
The Four Pillars of TRIZ - DOKUMEN.TIPS
The Four Pillars of TRIZ Darrell Mann Systematic Innovation ABSTRACT Constructed around the findings of over 1500 person years of research, ...
About Us :  DOKUMEN.TIPS is startup project with goals: Create community to share documents and knowledge online. And to accelerate the development of the community, DOKUMEN.TIPS support members to share unlimited documents. DOKUMEN.TIPS is continuing the construction of tools to support document viewer, slide better in all browsers, mobile devices. Team is also building the data statistical tools to help members assess the quality and extent of community concern.
How can you benefit from joining DOKUMEN.TIPS?  Share and Connect:  Share documents and knowledge that you care with colleagues, customers, friends and those you are interested. You can easily embed documents, slide on the website or share on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  Save the knowledge that you are  We built a platform for members to share documents and information. And we are not related to any other website. Please contact us if you have any problems.

##  □△           UII (Universitas Islam Indonesia) : DSpace Repository       https://dspace.uii.ac.id/ 

06 daftar pustaka.pdf - dspace UII
TRIZ: design problem solving with systematic innovation, advances in industrial design engineering. Intech. Nur, R., & Suyuti, M. A. (2018).
From Wikipedia :  The Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) is a national private university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was established on 8 July 1945 as STI (Islamic Higher School) by political figures of the day including Dr. Mohammad Hatta, Mohammad Natsir, Mohammad Roem, Wahid Hasyim, and Abdul Kahar Muzakir. STI developed into a university called Universitas Islam Indonesia on 14 December 1947. Historically, UII is the first national university in Indonesia,[citation needed] and it is the oldest private university in the country.[2]  The university is in Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta.[3]

##        Telkom University : Library             https://repository.telkomuniversity.ac.id/ 

DAFTAR PUSTAKA Altshuller, G. (2007). The Innovation ...
Simplified TRIZ, New Problem Solving ... Engineering of Creativity: Introduction to TRIZ ... Systematic Innovation and The Underlying.
From Wikipedia :  Telkom University, also referred to by its acronym of Tel-U, is a private university located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. It was established in 2013 with four institutions, which were under Telkom Indonesia through its education-focused wing, Telkom Education Foundation (now Telkom Foundation), were merged to form the university. These four forming institutions were Telkom Institute of Technology, Telkom Institute of Management, Telkom Polytechnic, and the Telkom College of Art and Design Indonesia. The university, like its preceding institutions, maintains links with hundreds of companies, many of which involved in the telecommunications sector.  The main campus site of Telkom University extends on the 48ha-area of Bandung Technoplex (BT-Plex), on Jalan Telekomunikasi – Terusan Buahbatu, Kabupaten Bandung. Other campus is located in ...  Telkom University was awarded as the number 1 best private University in Indonesia and 14 best University (Private and Public University) in Indonesia

##        Yahoo!Search (Images)       https://search.yahoo.co.jp/image/search?rkf=2&ei=UTF-8&gdr=1&fr=wsr_gs&p=%22Systematic%20Innovation%22%20TRIZ

"Systematic Innovation" TRIZの画像をすべて見る

##        Portal E-Journal Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis         https://ejournal.polbeng.ac.id/ 

kombinasi metode vave (value analysis value engineering ...
V. V. Souchkov, TRIZ And Systematic Innovation, Enschede, The Netherlands: ICG Training & Consulting, 1997-2016. U. Ibusuki dan P. C. Kaminski, ...
About Us :  Focus and Scope: Journal Inovasi dan Teknologi (Inovtek) Polbeng is a scientific research-based journal. The name INOVTEK Journal Polbeng is used because INOVTEK Journal Polbeng is a pioneering journal of Bengkalis State Polytechnic since 2011. Scientific articles can be in the form of research results, original research articles, reviews and scientific studies. Based on the focus and scope of the journal, articles that can be loaded in this journal include:

##        UNP (State University of Padang) : INVOTEK (Journal of Vocational and Technological Innovation)          https://invotek.ppj.unp.ac.id/ 

Perancangan Kontainer Berpendingin pada Sepeda Motor ...
Contradictions that arise between several technical responses in QFD are resolved by the TRIZ method. As the final result, this study recommends 12 target ...
About Us :  INVOTEK: Jurnal Inovasi Vokasional dan Teknologi is a double blind peer-reviewed journal for Technical, Vocasional, Education and Training (VET) related research. This journal provides full open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the science community and the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge and the further development of expertise in the field of Vocational Education and Training (understood in a wide sense and also known as e.g. TVET Technical Vocational Education and Training, Professional Education and Training, Career and Technical Education, Workforce Education).  Publication frequency : tri-annually. Manuscript submissions are welcome throughout the year.

##  △               Ubaya (University of Surabaya) : Repository      https://repository.ubaya.ac.id/ 

Aplikasi Metode TRIZ dalam Upaya Perbaikan Kualitas ...
Supranto (2001): Pengukuran Tingkat Kepuasan. Pelanggan, Rineka Cipta, Jakarta. Zhang, J., Tan, K. C., dan Chai, K. H. (2003):. Systematic innovation in service ...
Application of the TRIZ Method in Quality Improvement Efforts ...
Supranto (2001): Measurement of Satisfaction Level. Customer, Rineka Cipta, Jakarta. Zhang, J., Tan, K. C., and Chai, K. H. (2003):. Systematic innovation in service...

##        UNAND (Universitas ANDALAS) : Repository         https://repo.unand.ac.id/ 

Bank Nagari Cabang Pembantu Universitas Bung Hatta Padang
Keywords. Kata kunci: Kualitas; pelayanan; Kano; Analisis Kuadran; TRIZ ... Systematic Innovation In Service Design Through TRIZ.
About Us :  Focus and Scope :  Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri (JOSI) mainly focuses on optimizations made in soft systems aspects of industrial systems, and its engineering. Discussions on hard systems are welcome if it optimizes the soft systems aspects as well.
Enhancing SWOT Analysis with TRIZ-Based. Tools to Integrate Systematic Innovation in Early Task Design, World. Conference: TRIZ FUTURE; TF 2011-2014, ...
From Wikipedia :  Andalas University (Indonesian: Universitas Andalas, abbreviated Unand) is a public research university in Padang, West Sumatra. Andalas is one of the major public institution of higher learning in Indonesia, and the oldest outside the island of Java. The university is known for its excellence in social sciences and medical program, and has produced numerous distinguished alumni in public and private service. In November 2019, Andalas was ranked fourth best Indonesian research university from a nationwide evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Research and Technology.[1

##        LinkedIn        https://id.linkedin.com/ ==> Global

Karier dan Profil Karyawan Saat Ini di Seven Sigma Innovation
... Research & Technology Roadmapping, Technology Scouting, Open Innovation, Patent Landscaping, Inventive Problem Solving, TRIZ, Systematic Innovation ...

##        Google Scholar        https://scholar.google.co.id/ ==> Global

Helena Navas - Google Cendekia
Integrating TRIZ in project management processes: an ARIZ contribution ... The 2015 International Conference on Systematic Innovation, July, 15-17, 2015.

##        UIN-SUKA (State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta) : Digital Repository       https://digilib.uin-suka.ac.id/ 

PRODUK RADIAL KROMATOGRAFI DENGAN METODE TRIZ" telah ... 4.3.2 TRIZ General Problem . ... 1999 ,The Innovation Algorithm Triz, Systematic Innovation.
From Wikipedia :  Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University Yogyakarta is an Indonesian state university that offers study programs in the field of Islamic science. Currently the university offers programs in Adab, Da'wah, Sharia, Tarbiya, Ushuluddin, science and technology and social science and humanities.
About Us :  digilib.uin-suka.ac.id is the main portal of the Institutional Repository of the State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta which contains the work of the UIN Sunan Kalijaga academic community in digital form which is managed by the UIN Sunan Kalijaga library, hereinafter commonly referred to as the Digital Repository.

##        JUMINTEN (Journal of Management Industry and Technology)               https://juminten.upnjatim.ac.id/

analisis peningkatan kualitas pelayanan dengan metode ...
Kata kunci : kepuasan pelanggan, Kualitas pelayanan, Servqual, Triz ... TRIZ: Design Problem Solving with Systematic Innovation, Advances in Industrial ...

##       UMS (Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta) : JITI (Scientific Journal of Industrial Engineering)            https://journals.ums.ac.id/ 

peningkatan kualitas layanan kepada pelanggan di terminal ...
Keywords. Service Quality; Customer Satisfaction; SERVQUAL; TRIZ ... Systematic Innovation in Service Design Through TRIZ. Annual Conference.
About Us :  Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) is a higher education institution under the Muhammadiyah association which was established on October 24, 1981, as a form of change from IKIP Muhammadiyah Surakarta. Initially, UMS was a Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Surakarta branch of the Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta which was established in 1958. At that time, several majors opened were General Education, General Economics and Islamic Religious Education at the Baccalaureate level.

##        UNS (Sebelas Maret University) : IR (Institutional Repository)      https://eprints.uns.ac.id/

PUTRI KHOIRINA FERIKASARI NIM. F0204016 - Universitas ...
Keyword : TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), Quality Function ... Sumber: Systematic Innovation In Service Design Through TRIZ, Zhang, et al., 2003 ...
About Us :  About this Repository:  UNS INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY (UNS-IR) is a digital collection of the University's intellectual or research output. UNS-IR centralizes, collects, preserves, and complies to open access concept of accessing collection of scholarly materials that showcases the research output of Sebelas Maret University communities. Sebelas Maret University Library (https://digilib.uns.ac.id) and Study Program Librarians are responsible in establishing, collaborating, managing, maintaining and disseminating the content of UNS-IR.

##        UNDIP (Diponegoro University) : UEKI (Undip E-Journal)           https://ejournal3.undip.ac.id/ 

usulan perbaikan mesin pendingin menggunakan metode triz ...
Stratton, R., Mann, D., & Otterson, P. (2007). From trade- offs to innovation -the underlying principles of. TRIZ and TOC applied. Systematic innovation and the ...
From Wikipedia :  Diponegoro University (UNDIP) is a public university in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Founded in 1957 as a private university by the Semarang University Foundation, which later in 1960 became public university, and named after Javanese Prince Diponegoro. It is a pioneer of higher learning institutions in Indonesia and the first and oldest education corporation in Central Java. Nationally, Undip is in 6th position in Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education's 2017 ranking[6] and is one of the top 1,000 universities in the world by the 2019 QS World University Rankings.[7]
About Us :  Undip E-Journal: UEKI UNDIP is an E-Journal Portal for Undip Scientific Work. UEKI is a medium for electronic journals published by Diponegoro University as a forum for publishing scientific works.  Base URL for OAI Archive Indexing is http://ejournal3.undip.ac.id/index.php/index/oai   Undip E-Journal Portals:       https://ejournal.undip.ac.id  https://ejournal2.undip.ac.id  http://ejournal3.undip.ac.id

##        UNSADA       https://repository.unsada.ac.id/ 

pengembangan produk gantungan kunci dengan metode triz ...
Pengembangan produk gantungan kunci dengan metode Triz merupakan suatu cara ... Genrich Atshuller, The Innovation algorithm Triz, Systematic Innovation and.
From Indonesian Wikipedia : Darma Persada University (abbreviated UNSADA, http://www.unsada.ac.id) is a university located in Jakarta which is organized by the Melati Sakura Foundation under the auspices of the Indonesian-Japanese Friendship Association (PPIJ), as the Legal Organizing Body. Historically, on November 15, 1965, senior Japanese alumni established the Japanese Language and Culture Academy - ABKJ - which later became the Melati Sakura Foreign Language Academy. A number of senior Japanese alumni who served as directors of the educational institution, ... The Academy of Japanese Language and Culture and/or the MESRA Foreign Language Academy was used as the embryo of the existence of Darma Persada University which was founded by the association of the nation's children who were united and worked in PERSADA, the Alumni Association from Japan.
The establishment of Darma Persada University was initiated by five alumni from Japan: ... With this initiative, they passed the inspiration on to PERSADA under the leadership of the general chairman, Yoga Soegomo, who next invited PERSADA members' meeting. March 1986. ... UNSADA was officially established on July 6, 1986, on the initiative and support of the Japanese Alumni Association (PERSADA) in collaboration with the Indonesian-Japanese Friendship Organization (PPIJ), based on a cooperation charter signed on February 17, 1986. UNSADA started its activities.. by organizing 4 study programs. With the determination to dedicate their knowledge to the state and nation, the founders (who are also members of PERSADA) continuously continue to maintain sustainability and strive to develop UNSADA.  Until now, UNSADA has organized 15 (fifteen) study programs which are accommodated in 4 (four) Faculties and 1 (one) Postgraduate.

##        UNWAHAS (Wahid Hasyim University Semarang) : Scientific e-Publication Portal           https://publikasiilmiah.unwahas.ac.id/

Berdasarkan hasil analisis dengan metode TRIZ, solusi usulan perbaikan ... Tan, K., Chai, K. (2003a) Systematic Innovation in Service Design Through TRIZ.
About Us :  e-Scientific Publications Unwahas :  The Unwahas Scientific e-Publication Portal is an electronic publishing management system provided to publish scientific papers in the form of journals and proceedings within the Wahid Hasyim University Semarang.

## □                ITS (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology) : Digital Library              https://digilib.its.ac.id/ 

TEORIYA RESHENIYA IZOBRETATELSKIKH ZADATCH (TRIZ) ... dalam TRIZ adalah mencari solusi terbaik ... Systematic Innovation . Swasthu, B. (2000).
From Wikipedia :   Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (Indonesian: Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember; abbreviated as ITS) is an Indonesian public technological university located in Surabaya, East Java, with a strong emphasis on scientific, engineering, and vocational education system. Located on 180-hectares green area, ITS is home to more than 1,000 faculty members and over 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students.
ITS is ranked 1st in Indonesia and 64th in the world based on the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Ranking 2021, which reflects to its strong commitment to support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals under the comprehensive platform of ITS Smart Eco Campus.[7] From the Widya Wahana Project, Indonesia's first solar-powered car, to the Jalapatih Project, Indonesia's first solar-powered ship, ITS is growing as a national powerhouse for green technology and pioneering clean energy innovation in Indonesia, the largest Muslim-populated country in the world.[8][9]  ...
The Indonesian second-oldest public technological institute covers 33 undergraduate programs, six vocational study programs, 20 master programs, 15 doctoral programs, and 20 International Undergraduate Programs (IUP). ...

##  △               UMM (University of Muhammadiyah Malang) : Institutional Repository      https://eprints.umm.ac.id/ ==> Around-TRIZ

analisis proses produksi untuk mengurangi pemborosan
Systematic innovation in service design through. TRIZ. Zhang et al. 2003. 40 Inventive Principles with aplications in servis. Operation Mangement, The TRIZ.
From Wikipedia :  Muhammadiyah University of Magelang (Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang, abbreviated as Unimma) is a private university that belongs to Muhammadiyah organisation. The university was founded in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia on August 31, 1964.
About Us :   About the Repository :UMM Institutional Repository collects, disseminates and provides access to the University of Muhammadiyah Malang publications and digital collections. It contains digitized and digital version of theses, proceedings, research reports and articles produced by academic communities in this university. Full text only accessible on the UMM campus. Users outside the UMM campus can only access the Introduction, Chapter I, Chapter II, and Chapter III.

##        UNPAR (Universitas Katolik Parahyangan) : Repository      https://repository.unpar.ac.id/

perancangan prototipe versi beta untuk - UNPAR Institutional ...
Pada metoda TRIZ terdapat 39 engineering parameters yang didapat dari 2,8 juga ... The Innovation Algorithm – TRIZ, Systematic innovation and Technical.
beta prototype design for - UNPAR Institutional ...
In the TRIZ method there are 39 engineering parameters obtained from 2.8 also ... The Innovation Algorithm – TRIZ, Systematic innovation and Technical.
From Wikipedia :  Parahyangan Catholic University or known by the abbreviation UNPAR is one of the oldest and most prestigious private universities in Indonesia, located in the city of Bandung. ... Parahyangan Catholic University was founded in 1955 by the leadership of the Catholic Church in Indonesia at that time through cooperation between the Bishop of Bandung, Pierre Marin Arntz, O.S.C. and Bishop of Bogor, Paternus Nicholas Joannes Cornelius Geise, O.F.M. in response to a lack of highly educated experts to build Indonesia after the War of Independence.  UNPAR has the motto Bakuning Hyang Mrih Guna Santyaya Bhakti which means "Based on the belief in God, pursuing knowledge in devotion to the community".

##  □               GARUDA (Garba Rujukan Digital)               https://garuda.ristekbrin.go.id/ 

Perancangan Prototipe Aplikasi Seluler sebagai Media dalam ...
kebutuhan masyarakat, TRIZ dengan matriks kontradiksi dan 40 prinsip inventif untuk memecahkan ... Systematic Innovation in Service Design Through TRIZ.
About :  The Garba Rujukan Digital (GARUDA) is a powerful resource platform for discovery of scholarly publications in Indonesia managed by Ministry of Research, ...
Ministry of Research and Technology / National Agency for Research and Innovation
This site contains: 1,584,715 Articles, 2,391 Publishers, 12,698 Journals, 164 Conferences, and 40 Subject
[Note (TN, Oct. 5, 2021): This site is really a really powerful resource.  E.g., Keyword search with TRIZ gives 48 references (articles) from various universities in Indonesia.  Unfortunately, I cannot find 'About Us' article in this site.]

## △   Nelity (Indonesia's Research Repository)               https://www.neliti.com/ 

fasilitas peralatan dan rak material dengan prinsip TRIZ dan antropometri. Dengan metode ini diharapkan ... Solving and Systematic Innovation Using TRIZ.
93821-ID-usulan-perbaikan-kualitas-pelayanan-pada.pdf - Neliti
DENGAN METODE SERVQUAL DAN TRIZ ... TRIZ, solusi usulan perbaikan kualitas pelayanan yaitu perbaikan alur pelayanan, ... "Systematic Innovation in Service.
About Us :  Neliti is a research repository that helps researchers and decision makers in Indonesia find research, data and evidence. We index journal articles, books, research reports, policy papers, conference papers and datasets from universities, government bodies, corporate publishers, and think tanks.  We created Neliti to address the need for a single repository that collects together important Indonesian research that was previously scattered around the web and difficult to find. Through aggregating research in one database, our goal is to support policymakers and researchers to create evidence-based policy and improve the lives of the Indonesian people.
[Note (TN, Oct. 5, 2021):  Keyword search with TRIZ gives 8 references (articles).  ]

##        WMCU (Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University) : Repository         https://repository.wima.ac.id/ 

(2005). Service Marketing, New. York. Zhang eng al (2003). Systematic innovation in service design through TRIZ,. The TRIZ Journal, September Issue, pp.
[Note (TN, Oct. 5, 2021):  Keyword search with TRIZ gives 11 references.  All of them are undergraduate theses and access may be restricted.]

##        Universitas Pancasila : Lecturer Website               https://dosen.univpancasila.ac.id/ 

international conference on value engineering and management
improving systematic innovation to create competitive advantage of a product. ... (TRIZ) known Value Quality Engineering, Ong (2003).
Top page :  Welcome to Lecturer Website : This website is intended for information on Lecturers at Pancasila University.

##        UNI-SUSKA (Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau) : Repository         https://repository.uin-suska.ac.id/

TUGAS AKHIR Perancangan Ulang Kompor Tungku Bahan ...
2021/8/2 -Kata kunci: Alat tungku bahan bakar kayu, Perancangan alat, TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem ... S., A Systematic Innovation and Patent.

##        UNTAG-SAMARINDA (Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Samarinda)        https://www.untag-smd.ac.id/

Strategic Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
Systematic innovation starts with a thorough analysis of a prob- ... The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) process was developed over a.

##        Akademi Komunitas Toyota Indonesia       https://e-library.toyota.co.id/

Lean Six Sigma Approaches in Manufacturing, Services, and ...
TRIZ-Theory of Inventive Problem Solving: Systematic innovation seeking the "ideal final result." As stated, Lean does not preclude or interfere with other ...

##        USU (Universitas Sumatera Utara) : Talenta          https://talenta.usu.ac.id/ 

JSTI - TALENTA Publisher
T R I Z : Design Problem Solving with Systematic Innovation,. Advances in Industrial Design Engineering , ISBN: 978-953-51-1016-3, InTech, DOI:.

##        UWMY (  ) : Repository       https://repository.widyamataram.ac.id/ 

Systematic Innovation In Service Design Through. TRIZ. TRIZ Journal, September Issues. Gambar 2.1. General Problem Resolving Process by TRIZ.

##        URINDO (Respati Indonesia University) : Repository       https://repositorii.urindo.ac.id/ 

Untitled - Smart Campus URINDO
2011/9/22 -TRIZ is a systematic analysis by providing a guideline of the system that can be improved. ... Hands on systematic innovation.
About Us :  Welcome to the Respati Indonesia University (URINDO) Repository system:  This system was created to collect digital data on Research Articles, Thesis, Thesis and Books made by URINDO students and lecturers.

##        UNNES (Universitas Negeri Semarang) : Repository       https://lib.unnes.ac.id/ 

strategi pemasaran koran wawasan dalam mempertahankan ...
"Enhancing SWOT analysis with TRIZ-based tools to integrate systematic innovation in early task design". Technical University of Cluj-.
About Us : Universitas Negeri Semarang Repository is an online archive service which is managed by Universitas Negeri Semarang library, using EPrints as a repository manager, this website established for collecting, managing, saving, preserving and disseminating digital copies of intellectual output of Universitas Negeri Semarang such as academic journal, books, theses, dissertation, conference paper, and other types of research publication. The main objective of this repository is to provide long-term, public, open access and easily retrieve to the digital collection to support teaching-learning process.

##        UNPATTI (Universitas Pattimura):               https://unpatti.ac.id/ 

Product Design and Development; Sixth Edition. - Program ...
1992/3/19 -Terninko, John, Alla Zusman, and Boris Zlotin, Systematic Innovation: An Introduction to TRIZ, St. Lucie Press, Boca Raton, FL, 1998.

##        UST (University of Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa)    https://jurnal.ustjogja.ac.id/

perancangan alat bantu mandi dan aktifitas toilet portabel ...
2021/7/28 -The Innovation Algorithm: TRIZ, Systematic Innovation and Technical Creativity. Technical Innovation Center, Inc.



(B) Summary Table:  Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Indonesia

location= Indonesia,       language= any
Keyword: TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Toru Nakagawa  Oct. 4, 2021


Site Code

Site Name

Site Domain URL

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OpenTrolley - Online Bookstore


##  △

Itenas (National Institute of Technology, Bandung) : Jurnal Itenas (Itenas Journal)


##  □△

NKUST (National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)

https://nkust.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/ ==> Taiwan

##  △?



##  □△

UII (Universitas Islam Indonesia) : DSpace Repository



Telkom University : Library



Yahoo!Search (Images)



Portal E-Journal Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis



UNP (State University of Padang) : INVOTEK (Journal of Vocational and Technological Innovation)


##  △

Ubaya (University of Surabaya) : Repository



UNAND (Universitas ANDALAS) : Repository




https://id.linkedin.com/ ==> Global


Google Scholar

https://scholar.google.co.id/ ==> Global


UIN-SUKA (State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta) : Digital Repository



JUMINTEN (Journal of Management Industry and Technology)



UMS (Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta) : JITI (Scientific Journal of Industrial Engineering)



UNS (Sebelas Maret University) : IR (Institutional Repository)



UNDIP (Diponegoro University) : UEKI (Undip E-Journal)






UNWAHAS (Wahid Hasyim University Semarang) : Scientific e-Publication Portal


## □

ITS (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology) : Digital Library


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UMM (University of Muhammadiyah Malang) : Institutional Repository

https://eprints.umm.ac.id/ ==> Around-TRIZ


UNPAR (Universitas Katolik Parahyangan) : Repository


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GARUDA (Garba Rujukan Digital)


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Nelity (Indonesia's Research Repository)



WMCU (Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University) : Repository



Universitas Pancasila : Lecturer Website



UNI-SUSKA (Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau) : Repository



UNTAG-SAMARINDA (Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Samarinda)



Akademi Komunitas Toyota Indonesia



USU (Universitas Sumatera Utara) : Talenta



UWMY (  ) : Repository



URINDO (Respati Indonesia University) : Repository



UNNES (Universitas Negeri Semarang) : Repository



UNPATTI (Universitas Pattimura):



UST (University of Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa)





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