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Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Pakistan

Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Location = Pakistan,  Language = any

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)
Sept. 17, 2021

Posted:  Oct. 7, 2021

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 17, 2021)

This is the results of the Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Pakistan. 
See the general instruction in the parent page

Please compare with the results at the 1st round (No:  Pakistan, Sept. 2018) (.doc)

This  page contains:
(A) Outputs of the search results with the heading of 'Site code, Site name, and Site domain URL' 
(B) Summary Table of the Web sites obtained in (A).

Here we list  11 Websites.

I hope this draft document is useful for TRIZ people in Pakistan to construct "Pakistan Part of World WTSP Catalogs".

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(A) Survey results, Pakistan

(B) Summary Table

Survey results in Sept. 2018 (.doc)


Current Manuscript of WTSP Catalogs of this country




 (A) Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Pakistan

location= Pakistan,      language = any  
Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Toru Nakagawa  Sept. 17, 2021


## □△            Anatello        www.anatelloglobal.com ==> Multi-countries (UK)

www.anatelloglobal.com > ... > Tools and Techniques
How Heston Blumenthal Can Help Us With TRIZ. - Anatellô
TRIZ offers tools and techniques that can easily be integrated into a broad range of innovation processes and approaches. None more so than the '9-Windows ...

##  △               PU (Punjab University, Pakistan)               http://pu.edu.pk/

News Updates - Punjab University
TRIZ Certification Course Associate Level International Certification and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification
Workshops - Punjab University
TRIZ Certification Course Associate Level International Certification and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification
From Wikipedia: The University of the Punjab, also referred to as Punjab University, is a public research university located in Lahore, Punjab. It is the oldest public university in Pakistan.[1] With multiple campuses in Gujranwala, Jhelum, and Khanspur, the university was formally established by the British Government after convening the first meeting for establishing higher education institutions in October 1882 at Simla.[5] The university was designed by architect Bhai Ram Singh in 1911. University of the Punjab was the fourth university to be established by the British colonial authorities.[6][7]   There are 45,678 students (27,907 morning students, 16,552 evening students and 1,219 diploma students). The university has 13 faculties within which there are 83 academic departments, research centers, and institutes.[1]

##        LinkedIn       https://pk.linkedin.com/ ==> Global

Sajid Iqbal - Assistant Professor - University of Engineering ...
A faculty member at UET Lahore; a TRIZ level-2 practitioner; level-1 instructor; and a CPD resource person for TRIZ and technical writing.
Mariam Altaf Tarar - Lecturer - Institute of Quality ... - LinkedIn
The potential interplay between design thinking and TRIZ motivated engineering educators to redesign the inventive problem solving experience for future ...

##  □△           Sonophilia Foundation        http://www.sonophilia.com/ ==> Around-TRIZ, Mult-countries (Austria)

www.sonophilia.com > ... > The Sonophilia Way
Five Personal Competencies Every Leader Should Cultivate ...
... agenda to secure competitive advantage, most organisations still struggle in creating an environment to foster a mind-set of systematic innovation.
About Us :  Sonophilia Foundation promotes diversity, creativity and critical thinking as the cornerstone of societal well-being, progress and innovation. Sonophilians are a global community of change-makers in business, science, arts and technology, who dare to do things differently and resist the "business-as-usual". Together, we generate and implement ideas that ignite positive, systemic change at scale.

##        UET Lahore (The University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore)               https://www.uet.edu.pk/ 

Dr. Sajid Iqbal - UET Lahore | University of Engineering and ...
His current research interests include nonlinear dynamics, chaos, electronic circuits, TRIZ, and education. He is an HEC approved supervisor.
From Wikipedia :  The University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore (UET Lahore) is a public university located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan specializing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.[3] It is the oldest and one of the most selective engineering institutions in Pakistan.

##  △              Achim Homann         http://www.ho-mann.net/ ==> Germany

erfolgreich. AH
Ein wichtiges Werkzeug, welches bei mir zum Einsatz kommt, ist TRIZ. ... TRIZ ist das russische Akronym für "теория решения изобретательских задач" (Teoria ...

##        NTU (National Textile University, Pakistan)            http://www.ntu.edu.pk/ 

Dr. Muhammad Zubair's Profile - National Textile University
TRIZ. NTU, Faisalabad (2018). Managing Citation in Research using Mendeley. NTU, Faisalabad (2017). Emerging trends in kitting. NTU, Faisalabad (2018/ 2 days). IE TEX. NTU Faisalabad (2018). Professional Experience. Manager.

##  △              Pôle - Vehicle of the Future            http://www.vehiculedufutur.com/ == Around-TRIZ, France

Lettre d'information n°35 - Pôle Véhicule du Futur
TRIZ Dans le cadre du GIT Ingénierie (groupe d'innovation technologique), le Pôle Véhicule du Futur a mis en place un Club R&D. L'objectif de ce club est ...

##  ○□          KIE (Knowledge, Innovation & Enterprise) Conference    https://kiecon.org/ ==> International, Around-TRIZ

Resources - KIE Conference
Integrating Lean, Theory of Constraints and Triz for Process Innovation. Anthony I. Anosike & Ming K. Lim. A synergistic approach to process innovation.
About Us :  The International Conference On Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise came out of a larger conference on innovation and entrepreneurship that has been going on for more than a quarter of a century. The KIE was borne out of a desire to emphasize the criticality of knowledge and creativity in innovation. The KIE is a member of the World Education Fellowship, the world's oldest international educational science learned society, has has held conferences in different location around the globe in the last decade.
There has been a number of annual international conferences on innovation, entrepreneurship (not enterprise) and knowledge transfer in recent years, but none has really attempted to provide a common, fertile global platform for practitioners and subject experts in the fields to cross-fertilise ideas and provide insights into emerging issues and challenges. The International  Conference on Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise (KIE Conference) fills this gap. Add this to the KIE conference innovations – the six in-filled events, E. Paul Torrance International Roundtable on Creative Thinking, The Reisman Diagnostic Creativity Assessment Special Interest Group (RDCA SIG), Global Comparative & International Education Forum Roundtable, Kaufman Family Research Symposium, Research Student Workshop, and Big Data Analytics & E-Business Symposium – the result is a truly global cross disciplines conference.
As I look forward to meeting up with you virtually on 27 July 2021, I hope your contribution at the conference will help our global economies to strengthen the links in the knowledge, creativity, innovation and enterprise chain.

## □△           IT-hub (IT-hub College)         https://www.ithub.edu.pk/ ==> Around-TRIZ

Chapter 1 - Technology Management Contents
management, ideation, TRIZ, Phase–gate model, project management, product line planning and portfolio management. Innovation processes can either be pushed ...
Top page :  Thank you for visiting IT-hub official website.  You must be aware of the challenges of today's technology-driven workplaces. Appropriate learning opportunities can help you to face these challenges. Our aim is to help you to learn those skills that make you ready to grasp opportunities available in today's busy marketplace.  At IT-hub you will be learning something new every day. The skills you will learn at IT-hub will open new career opportunities for you. Join our career development program to ensure you must not get left behind.  IT-hub is a state-of-the-art High- tech institution offering admissions in (Intermediate Programs) F.Sc. (Pre-Medical), F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering), FA-IT, ICS, (Under-graduate programs) ADP, BS Computer Science, BSIT, BS Software Engineering, BS Mathematics, M.Sc. Mathematics, and M.Sc. IT. IT-hub also offers professional training, career development certifications, and free community development programs.

##        Yahoo!Search (Images)       https://search.yahoo.co.jp/image/search?rkf=2&ei=UTF-8&gdr=1&fr=wsr_gs&p=%22Systematic%20innovation%22%20OR%20TRIZ 

"Systematic innovation" OR TRIZの画像をすべて見る



(B) Summary Table:  Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Pakistan

location= Pakistan,       language= any
Keyword: TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Toru Nakagawa  Sept. 17, 2021


Site Code

Site Name

Site Domain URL

## □△


www.anatelloglobal.com ==> Multi-countries (UK)

##  △

PU (Punjab University, Pakistan)




https://pk.linkedin.com/ ==> Global

##  □△

Sonophilia Foundation

http://www.sonophilia.com/ ==> Around-TRIZ, Mult-countries (Austria)


UET Lahore (The University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore)


##  △

Achim Homann

http://www.ho-mann.net/ ==> Germany


NTU (National Textile University, Pakistan)


##  △

Pôle - Vehicle of the Future

http://www.vehiculedufutur.com/ == Around-TRIZ, France

##  ○□

KIE (Knowledge, Innovation & Enterprise) Conference

https://kiecon.org/ ==> International, Around-TRIZ

## □△

IT-hub (IT-hub College)

https://www.ithub.edu.pk/ ==> Around-TRIZ


Yahoo!Search (Images)




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(A) Survey results, Pakistan

(B) Summary Table

Survey results in Sept. 2018 (.doc)


Current Manuscript of WTSP Catalogs of this country



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