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Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Argentina

Keyword = TRIZ OR "Innovación sistemática"
Location = Argentina,  Language = any

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)
Oct. 31, 2021

Posted:  Nov.   , 2021

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 31, 2021)

This is the results of the Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Argentina. 
See the general instruction in the parent page

Please compare with the results at the 1st round (Argentina, Sept. 2018) (.doc)

This  page contains:
(A) Outputs of the search results with the heading of 'Site code, Site name, and Site domain URL' 
(B) Summary Table of the Web sites obtained in (A).

Here we list  10 Websites.

I hope this draft document is useful for TRIZ people in Argentina to construct "Argentina Part of World WTSP Catalogs".

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(A) Survey results, Argentina

(B) Summary Table

Survey results in Sept. 2018 (.doc)


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 (A) Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Argentina

location= Argentina,      language = any  
Keyword = TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Toru Nakagawa  Oct. 30, 2021


##  □               UTN (National Technological University, Argentina)       https://utn.edu.ar/ 

ria.utn.edu.ar > handle
Los 40 principios de inventiva de TRIZ: metodologías para el ...
Los 40 principios de inventiva de TRIZ: metodologías para el desarrollo de la creatividad en ingeniería. dc.creator, Nishiyama, Juan Carlos. dc.creator, Requena ...
From Wikipedia :  The National Technological University (Spanish: Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, UTN) is a country-wide national university in Argentina, and considered to be among the top engineering schools in the country. Hosting over 75,000 students, its student body is comparable to Argentina's third-largest university (the National University of La Plata) and exceeded significantly only by the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) (over 300,000 students). It has 29 semi-independent branches of various sizes located all over the country.
The engineering programs taught at most of those locations are: Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.
It is the only national university in the country with a focus on engineering. Many of the available programs have an intermediate diploma as well, typically after completing up to the 3rd or 4th year (generally Analyst's and Technician's degrees). The university also offers a broad range of degrees at tertiary and postgraduate level, including those of specialist, master and doctorate (PhD) in Engineering.
Due to its strongly federalized approach, it is the only university with campuses across the country, graduating almost 50% of the new engineers in Argentina.
Research and Development is conducted in 18 official centers. Some of the areas these centers specialize in are: Chemical Engineering, Information Technology, Energy research, Environmental Science, Robotics, Mechanics, and Construction Engineering.
[Note (TN, Oct. 30, 2021): https://ria.utn.edu.ar/  is the institute's repository.  It needs to login. ]

##       ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires)        https://www.itba.edu.ar/

ri.itba.edu.ar > handle
Systematic innovation in a world of uncertainty - DSpace Home
The emergence of such innovation ecosystems requires leadership and systemic innovation that incorporates social values, technological creativity, economic ...
About Us :  History : he Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires was created on November 20, 1959 and is the only private University in Argentina specialized in Technology, Engineering and Management.  Management. For 60 years it has contributed to the resolution of the challenges of humanity through university education of recognized excellence, the production of scientific knowledge and international collaboration.  Since its foundation, it has educated students under the values of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership. It pursues a unique educational model in the country oriented to research and the generation of projects, together with the early connection of students with companies.

##        LinkedIn       https://ar.linkedin.com/  ==> Global 

ar.linkedin.com > company > triz
Empleados, ubicación y vacantes de TRIZ | LinkedIn
TRIZ | 134 seguidores en LinkedIn. Read minds of early-stage founders. | TRIZ is the Russian acronym for the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving," an ...

##        Yahoo!Search (Images)       https://search.yahoo.co.jp/image/search?rkf=2&ei=UTF-8&gdr=1&fr=wsr_gs&p=%22Systematic%20innovation%22%20OR%20TRIZ 

"Systematic innovation" OR TRIZの画像をすべて見る

##        Blue Ocean Innovation       https://www.blueocean-innovation.com/  ==> Multi-countries (USA) 

www.blueocean-innovation.com > capacitacion-resolucion
Resolución de Problemas de Inventiva - Metodología TRIZ
BLUE OCEAN INNOVATION es la primera consultora de América Latina dedicada a instaurar la capacidad para innovar de manera sistemática y eficiente en ...

##        UNDEF (University of National Defense, Argentina)       http://www.undef.edu.ar/ 

www.fie.undef.edu.ar > uploads > 2021/08 > manualTrizLicRequena
El creador del método TRIZ fue Genrich Altshuller, un ingeniero ruso que desarrolló la teoría a través del análisis de un millón y medio de patentes de.
About Us :  Vision:  Vision:  The academic community of the Army School of Engineering "Grl Div Manuel Nicolás Savio" is conceived as a learning organization, capable of managing specific knowledge, of interest for the defense, considered strategic and captive; through the development of the substantive university functions: teaching, research and extension.  It works to maintain the recognition of the quality of its academic offerings, the research and development carried out therein, and the technological services it provides, within the context and dynamics of the Argentine Army and society as a whole.
From Second Wiki : The University of National Defense ( UNDEF ) is a public university in Argentina created by law 27,015 [ 2 ] [ 3 ] of the November 12, 2014 and located in the city of Buenos Aires , Argentina .   He is in charge of training military and civilians in different disciplinary areas, and military training for National Defense through undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses. It is constituted on the basis of the University Institutes, which at the time of the law functioned in the orbit of the Ministry of Defense of the Nation and the Armed Forces.   The Defense University project is elaborated on the basis of three existing university institutes (Army University Institute, Naval University Institute and Aeronautical University Institute). Along with them, which were elevated to the rank of Faculties, the National Defense School (EDeNa) was incorporated, which added its three postgraduate courses to the academic offer of the University.

##  □               Gaiki            https://gaiki.org/ ==> Around-TRIZ 

gaiki.org > que-es-el-pensamiento-inventivo-sistematico
¿Qué es el "Pensamiento Inventivo Sistemático"?
La esencia de los métodos TRIZ y SIT es controversial en sí misma ya que en lugar de «pensar fuera de la caja», se trata de hacer todo lo contrario…
[Note (TN, Oct. 30, 2021):  Two creative persons, Florencia Ortelli (Architect and workshop design leader) and Facundo Arena (Music producer and writer), promote Creativity workshops with their 'Gaiki' creativity method.  They explain the name 'Gaiki' taken from a Japanese word for Outdoor atmosphere and from another Japanese word 'Ikigai' meaning 'Your reason for being'.  I am much impressed with their illustration of 'Ikigai' as the overlapped area of 4 important motives together, i.e., What you love, What the world needs, For what you can get paid, and What you are good at.  They think 'Ikigai' is the origin of creativity for all people and promote their Gaiki method in their creativity workshops mostly in business and general fields.  They have adopted various creativity and innovation methods into the Gaiki mehtod.  They mention SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking) in their blog but do not adopt TRIZ yet.] 

## △                CyTA (Administrative Science and Technique)     http://cyta.com.ar/ ==> Around-TRIZ

cyta.com.ar > beta > mono_innova
Monografías - CyTA
Leva disponibiliza una selección bibliográfica sobre: Design Thinking / ARIZ-TRIZ / CANVAS / Propiedad Intelectual / Patente / Diseño / Marca / Vigilancia ...
About Us :  CyTA is a communication tool, aimed at transferring the knowledge generated by the scientific activities of Research and Development in the field of Applied Social Sciences.   CyTA intends to collaborate in business management activities aimed at ensuring the "Sustainable Socioeconomic Development", when these are given in the framework of the "Sustainable Development Goals" of the United Nations .   CyTA declares its commitment to make an "Accessible Web" for all people, regardless of their capabilities, who need and require access to the resources we provide. To this end, we have created new "accessible Web pages" and are adapting older resources on the site.

## △                Elearning Total        https://site.elearning-total.com/ ==> Around-TRIZ

site.elearning-total.com > cursos-utn-ingenieria-triz-inno...
Convertite en una máquina de innovar | Elearning Total
... Resolución de Problemas de Inventiva (TRIZ) para que puedas aplicarla eficazmente como lo hacen empresas líderes en innovación tecnológica como Samsung, ...
About Us :  WHO WE ARE:  We are the platform used by prestigious Universities to dictate their Distance Training proposals, globalizing education overcoming the limits of time and borders.
MISSION:  That you have access to quality education to improve yourself, overcoming the limitations that prevent you from training, stimulating your special talents to the maximum.
VISION :   The inclusion of new technologies and a profound reform of the pedagogical model will make education a space of interest for new generations.
Strategy :  Stimulate the interest of students in a warm and collaborative environment, assisting them in a personalized way in the learning process.

## △                La Opinion   https://diariolaopinion.com.ar/ ==> Around-TRIZ   

diariolaopinion.com.ar > argentinos-destacados
TRIZ, una historia tan interesante como la metodología en sí ...
2012/10/14 -La metodología TRIZ fue concebida en la Unión Soviética durante la Guerra Fría. Su creador fue condenado y enviado a Siberia por una carta ...



(B) Summary Table:  Internet Survey (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Argentina

location= Argentina,       language= any
Keyword: TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation"
Toru Nakagawa  Oct. 30, 2021


Site Code

Site Name

Site Domain URL

##  □

UTN (National Technological University, Argentina)



ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires)




https://ar.linkedin.com/  ==> Global


Yahoo!Search (Images)



Blue Ocean Innovation

https://www.blueocean-innovation.com/  ==> Multi-countries (USA)


UNDEF (University of National Defense, Argentina)


##  □


https://gaiki.org/ ==> Around-TRIZ

## △

CyTA (Administrative Science and Technique)

http://cyta.com.ar/ ==> Around-TRIZ

## △

Elearning Total

https://site.elearning-total.com/ ==> Around-TRIZ

## △

La Opinion

https://diariolaopinion.com.ar/ ==> Around-TRIZ




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(A) Survey results, Argentina

(B) Summary Table

Survey results in Sept. 2018 (.doc)


Current Manuscript of WTSP Catalogs of this country



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