WTSP World Catalog (DE Part) Sites Descriptions

World WTSP Catalog (DE Part) Sites Descriptions
    Country Code: DE (Germany)
    TRIZ Sites + Around-TRIZ Sites

Manuscripts prepared by

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, Japan), 
Dec. 16, 2022

Posted:  Dec 16, 2022

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Dec. 16, 2022)

This is the First Manuscript of the DE Part of World WTSP Catalogs, prepared by Toru Nakagawa.  See the Manuscript page for checking the bases of information.

Revision and enhancement of the list of websites as well as the descriptions of individual sites are much desired to be carried out by the TRIZ colleagues working in the country, Germany. 

This page contains the site descriptions for the websites having the Site Code DE-nn (and DEx-mm). Refer the Index Table in the page .


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  Site Descriptions of TRIZ and Around-TRIZ Websites in Germany (DE) (based on the 4th-round survey)

Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ., Japan)   Dec. 16, 2022

TRIZ Sites (◎○□△) in DE (Germany) (4th round survey )


DE-01  ; ◎T;  ETRIA (the European TRIZ Association)     ;    https://etria.eu/portal/   Location: EU (Germany)   Language: en
Roles:  (b1) Dedicated association, (b3) International conferences,  

Top page:  Welcome to the ETRIA Portal: the official website of the European TRIZ Association, where we inform public about our activities and events, and maintain a virtual venue for the ETRIA community to communicate and collaborate. Please note that some functions of the portal are only available to the registered members of ETRIA.

Contents:  Next ETRIA Conference, Past ETRIA Conferences, ETRIA Conference Proceedings, ETRIA Mission and Objectives, ETRIA Organization, ETRIA History, …

 The ETRIA has been set up to accomplish the following tasks: (1) Promotion of research and development on organization of innovation knowledge in general and particular fields by integrating conceptual approaches to classification developed by artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge management communities; (2) International observation, analysis, evaluation and reporting of progress in these directions; (3) Promotion on an international level of the exchange of information and experience of scientists and practitioners in TRIZ, of universities and other educational organizations; (4) Development of TRIZ through contributions from dedicated experts and specialists in particular areas of expertise.

[Note (TN, Nov. 17, 2022):  ETRIA was started in 2001 and has been holding TRIZ Future Conference every year in in autumn.  Proceedings of TFC are published by Springer (for scientific papers) and in special issues of university journals (for practitioner papers).  The conferences were organized by ETRIA in collaboration with local universities/consulting firms in various countries. They were held in UK, France (3 times), Germany (3), Italy (3), Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania (2), Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland (2), Finland, and Morocco.  Itineration of TFC served for stimulating/enhancing TRIZ activities in many countries in Europe.  Good collaboration among academia, consulting firms, and industries in Europe may be an important effects of ETRIA Activities. ]


DE-02   ; ◎T ;   TriS Europe   ;    https://www.tris-europe.com/eng/    Location: Germany   Language: en, de
Roles:  (e1) Method developers, (e2) Software/tool developers, (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

About us :  TriS Europe Innovation Academy was founded under the name TriSolver Consulting in 1998 in Hanover, Germany as a consulting company for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving TRIZ , as the enormous potential of this methodology for systematic innovation was recognized by several leading German companies. Based on his profound knowledge of TRIZ, the TriS Europe founder Prof. Dr.-Ing. Pavel Livotov, a seasoned inventor, author of more than 80 patented solutions and 90 publications on TRIZ, managed to reach and to extend its market leadership in Germany within a short space of time.   Already by 1998 the first TRIZ-software, TriSolver 1.0 appeared on the market, followed by TriSolver 2.0. The web-based software TriS-IDEAS and later TriS IDEAS toolbox have been developed later as result of the close co-operation we have with our customers as a computer-aided innovation (CAI) tool, supporting the innovation management process and idea management, definition of customer-orientated innovation strategies, and the objective evaluation and selection of optimal innovation concepts.
We see ourselves as an expert and confidential business partner in the field of organization and optimization of the innovation management process through providing consulting, software/IT and services. With this complete solution package we are supporting small and medium enterprises, R&D departments, marketing and new product development centres of corporations, supporting innovation champions, product managers, designers and engineers. We help to develop new product or service concepts, to identify precisely true customer benefits and market demands thus securing your business and innovation success.  
Methods :  … The TriS-IDEAS toolbox utilises the best practices in problem solving with TRIZ and Advanced Innovation Design Approach (AIDA).  …AIDA is a holistic approach for enhancing innovative and competitive capability of industrial companies. It can be considered as a pioneering mindset, an individually adaptable range of strongest innovation techniques and advanced innovation methods, best tools and methods of the theory of inventive problem solving TRIZ, organisational measures for accelerating innovation, IT-solutions for Computer-Aided Innovation, and other tools for new product development, elaborated in the recent decade in the industry and academia. … In 2020 the European Commission has placed AIDA on its Innovation Radar as innovation with the high market potential.

[Note (TN, Nov. 24, 2022):  The above description is my excerpts from various pages of the website.  This site is a much extended and modernized version of two earlier websites which are treated here as sub-sites:
TriSolver (TriSolver Consulting)   https://www.trisolver.eu/   A good website showing methods and software at the stage of Classical TRIZ.
TRIZ.it!  https://triz.trisolver.eu/eng/  Free TRIZ learning platform for inventors and innovators  ]


DE-03   ;  ◎TA ; Modern TRIZ Academy (Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ)     ;    http://www.modern-triz-academy.com/   Location: Germany  Language: en
Roles:  (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (e1) Method developers, (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

[Note (TN, Dec. 13, 2022):  This site was not detected in the Internet survey, and inserted here lately.  This site is operated by Michael Orloff.  I knew the pages of his activities of SDGs discussion project with students at Free University of Berlin and also simplified format of applying TRIZ in lecture courses.  But they are only a very small part of his activities and website contents, I found recently.  The website really has a huge accumuration of  knowledge and documents, which have been applied/proven and shown here in detail.  I would like to rewrite this survey after reading the site closely.  Please give me some more time.]

[Note (TN, Dec. 26, 2022):  The site owner, Michael Orloff, has contributed today a full set of site descriptions: (b) Site Description in WTSP Standard Form (1 page) + (c) Close Site Introduction in Free-format (26 pages).  I am posting them here and am relieved from updating my site introduction as a surveyor.]


Site Description Form     WTSP (World TRIZ Sites Project)    (Version: 2021/ 3/25  TN)

Team: DE (Germany)  Site Code: DE-03  Writer: Michael Orloff  Date: 2022.12.26




Site Name  **     

Modern TRIZ Academy


Site domain URL       **

https://modern-triz-academy.com, https://mtriz.com


Site Location       **


Refer the codes

Site Language


Refer the codes

Roles of Site

(a1) Dedicated for information sending, (e1) Method developers, (e5) Training organizations,(e4) Consultants, (f8) Handbooks,  (h3) Educational organizations

Refer the codes

Evaluation **

Refer the codes
Use ◎〇□△- marks

Single-line Description **

Training in TRIZ fundamentals with educational methodology and models of Modern TRIZ


Application phase       *

(c1) Idea generation, (c2) Solution building, (c3) Solution evaluation and selection, (d1) Improving and implementing solutions

Refer the codes

Application Fields       *

(c1) Engineering in general

Refer the codes

Methods     *

(m) Classical TRIZ methods, (n) Modernized TRIZ methods, (a4) Training methods, (d1) Creativity training, (f5) Use of knowledge of technology evolution, (g2) Use of contradiction analysis for guiding toward possibly effective idea generation principles,

Refer the codes

Description of Introduction

Key scientifically and socially significant ideas of the site:
organization of mass training in fundamental ideas of TRIZ based on reasonably simplified structures;
development of procedures for studying effective creative solutions (extracting and reinventing);
standardization of the presentation of information about the main components of the process of creating an inventive solution (in the formats of extracting and reinventing);
accumulation of information about the main components of inventive process using the standardized structure of the Meta-Algorithm of Invention "Trend-Reducing-Invention-Zooming" (MAI T-R-I-Z), also focused on the invention of new ideas and solutions;
development of educational complexes fully provided with textbooks, examples and samples, distance learning mechanisms.

Free format, in 5-10 lines

Further Detailed Information

See SiteIntro-DE-03-ModernTRIZAcademy.pdf : "Essay: The Concept of Modern TRIZ and Description of the Content of MTRIZ Website(s) by Prof. Orloff"


Note of description 


Remarks for further revision

Note:  Adjust/expand the cell spaces as you need.
       Refer the codes in "Multi sets of Indexing Schemes for the WTSP Catalog System"

https://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/eWTSP-DatabaseSystem/eWTSP-CatalogSystem-IndexSchemes.html   (2020/11/20 TN).                ** Mandatory,   * Desirable


See Closer Site Introduction:  "Essay: The Concept of Modern TRIZ and Description of the Content of MTRIZ Website(s) by Prof. Orloff"    SiteIntro-DE-03-ModernTRIZAcademy.pdf   (Dec. 26, 2022)   Also see eOrloff-MTRIZ-Essay-221229.html (Dec. 29,2022)



DE-04  ; ◎L;   Amazon.de     ;    https://www.amazon.de/  Location: Global (USA), Language: en, de, many
Roles:  (f4) Book sellers,

[Note (TN):  See the global site:    ◎ Amazon  Global (USA).]


DE-05  ; ○T ;  TRIZ.it!  ; https://triz.trisolver.eu/eng/ ;  Location: Germany,   Language: en, de
Roles :  (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (e5) Training organizations, (e2) Software/tool developers, Top page :  TRIZ.it! Free TRIZ learning platform for inventors and innovators.

The  TRIZ.it!  Website is offered by Prof. Dr. Pavel Livotov from his TRIZ Handbook as a cost-free learning and application platform for inventive problem solving and systematical innovation with TRIZ principles. The following information about  TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is available on the website now:
Innovation technology TRIZ  - a compact introduction into TRIZ
Publications about TRIZ - in English and German
TRIZ Software - TriSolver Idea Generator & Manager, professopnal edition
TRIZ Handbook - a complete TRIZ as e-Book, 2016, 280 Pages (PDF)
Two groups of TRIZ principles for creative problem solving:  12 General Principles - to solve organisational or management problems; 40 Inventive Principles – to solve engineering problems


DE-06   ; ○L ;  Springer     ;    https://www.springer.com/    Location: Germany  Language: en
Roles: (f2) Publishers,

[Note :  See the site already described  elsewhere. ]


DE-07   ;  ○□T ;  TriSolver (TriSolver Consulting)   ;    https://www.trisolver.eu/    Location: Germany  Language: de, en
Roles:   (e1) Method developers, (e2) Software/tool developers, (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

About us :  Services:  Computer-Aided Innovation with TriSolver Software:  TriSolver Software offers unique tools for the systematic development, management and monitoring of innovation process. It can be used for: Innovation management, Quality management, Product and process optimisation, Customer-driven innovation, Training and education, Problem solving, and Protection of intellectual property.
TriSolver Software
The TriSolver "Idea Generator & Manager" is a powerful tool for solution development and innovation management. Designed originally by TriSolver Consulting as an internal idea-generating tool, the software combines the proven problem solving capabilities of the TRIZ technology, customisable knowledge base approach and an intuitive user interface.
IDEA GENERATOR - the complete  TRIZ Toolbox: 40 updated TRIZ inventive principles with examples, Contradiction Matrix with statistical evaluation of recommended principles from several contradictions, 4 groups of TRIZ separation principles for resolving physical contradictions, 12 double principles for business & management, Comprehensive search for solutions using the TriSolver method (TriSolverARIZ), Checklist for the identification and  utilisation of system resources,  76 TRIZ standard solutions with approx. 100 schemes of substance-field analysis,  Evolution trends for prediction of sustainable and disruptive technical development,  Application catalogue of physical, chemical and geometrical effects

[Note (TN, Nov. 24, 2022): TriSolver's software has a full set of databases of Classical TRIZ.  During the use of the software for solving an actual problem, users can smoothly record their solution process and referred/introduced knowledge and solution ideas.  Thus users may naturally enhance the software itself.  The sofware is compact and useful. -- See the enriched/modernized website #  TriS Europe.  ]


DE-08   ; ○□AT ;  Bionic Inspiration.org  (by Michael Sattler )   ;   http://bionicinspiration.org/  location: Germany  Language: en
Roles:  (i4) Personal Blog sites, (g3) Knowledge sharing,

About us :  Bionic Inspiration   . . . is an open source project to collect all known bionic solutions all over the world.   Bionic solutions are answers for problems, offered and proven over millions of years by nature. We should implement them in a systematic way into products by the support of creativity  methods like TRIZ.  Nature has created a fullness of solutions over millions of years, where we must find the basic cause, to make our planet a better place to live.  This website should summarize basic principles how nature has solved problems, for developing new and useful products of an advanced society. The "bionic categories" should help  developers to find the right solution in nature, suitable companies or universities which can support to realize the mission.
Me? I am a mechanical engineer with the ambition to PUSH HUMANITY FORWARD!  Find my CV on: LinkedIn:  Michael Sattler (TU Munich)

Bionic Categories :  adjustable,  aquipotential,  asymmetry,  avoid instead of counteract,  balanced load,  brightness,  change aggregation state,  complex structure,  composite,  continuous action,  dynamic,  energy,  flexible cover,      force  (adhesive,  bendable,  flexible,  cohesive,  friction,  pull/push,  up/down lift),  heat,  length,  local properties, losing information,  losing material,  material quantity,  measuring and detection,  modularity,  multifunctionality,  occurs when necessary,  oscillation, vibration,  oxidation,  periodical action,  porose material,  power,  pre drawing effect,  pressure,  rough instead of smooth,  segmentation,  self service,  separating,  shape,  speed,  stability,   surface,   swarm intelligence,  temperature,  tension,  thermal expansion,  transmitter,  use colors,  volume.

[Note (TN, Dec. 2, 2022):  Unique, attractive and important.  A large number of 'Bionic Inspiration' examples are collected from literature and open sources, such as videos in YouTube, and shown according to the Bionic Categories listed above.]


DE-09   ; □ ;   INNOLOGICS (Association for Logic based Innovation, Problem solving and Idea generation)  ;    https://www.innologics.de/  Location: Germany, Language: en, de
Roles:  (e4) Consultants, (e1) Method developers, (e5) Training organizations, (g9) Multimedia presenters (voice, movies, etc.)

About us :  Since 2003, INNOLOGICS® has investigated and developed methods and procedures in the area of Systematic Innovation. INNOLOGICS® has continually improved methods for idea generation, problem solving, mobilizing innovation in corporations, patent generation and applying the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving TRIZ.
Follow us on our YouTube channel INNOLOGICS® TV and learn about the application of effective innovation methods for real innovation. Our experts explain the proceedings of Systematic Innovation, e.g. the application of TRIZ methods, and the processes of Total Technology Development. They comment regularly on current themes and examine critically interesting implications with the help of innovation principles.
Our experts can be booked as consultants for an effective and efficient innovation process. We apply our proprietary INNOLOGICS® process, which is based on the principles of Total Technology Development. Total Technology Development integrates selected methods, such as value analysis, TRIZ and system technique. The INNOLOGICS® process typically follows phases from task analysis up to the implementation of ideas.
While conventional idea workshops are mainly based on unstructured brainstorming, INNOLOGICS® offers a strict methodical approach. Guided and supported by our experts we guarantee extended and effective idea generation.  With INNOLOGICS®, you avoid trial and error efforts and the random influences of coincidence.


DE-10  ; □TA ;  Springer: Professional     ;    http://www.springerprofessional.de/en/  Location: Germany,   Language: en, de
Roles:  (f2) Publishers, (f3) Repository,

About us :  Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH is the leading provider of classic and digital specialist media in the areas of economics, science, engineering and social studies in the German-speaking world. We offer high-quality content in diverse media forms, ranging from books and e-books, magazines and e-magazine to digital libraries, databases, specialist websites and group events.  … Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH is a part of the specialist publishing group Springer Nature

[Note (TN, Nov. 18, 2022):  With the keyword of TRIZ, many up-to-date papers are detected and are accessible after (free) signing in.]


DE-11   ; □T ;  TFC2015 (TRIZ Future Conference 2015)    ;    https://www.tfc2015.com/   Location: Germany   Language: en

Top page:  Best TRIZ Conference ever – This is the predominant feedback after the TRIZ Future 2015 Conference in Berlin. See impressions from Workshops, Scientific Sessions and evening events.

[Note (TN, Nov. 27, 2022):  TFC 2015 held on Oct. 26-29, 2015 in Berlin sponsored by Tom Spike.  Vivid memories with video (7:39), 30 photos, and a list of 154 participants.]


DE-12   ;  □T ; TRIZ Consulting Group     ;    http://www.triz-consulting.de/   Location: Germany  Language: de
Roles: (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

[Note (TN, Dec. 13, 2022):  This site was not detected by the Internet survey, partly because the site is relatively new.  Inserted here manually.  The site is operated in German language only.  Thus the introduction here is made with excerpts of the website pages translated with DeepL.]

[Top page:  TRIZ Trainings - The theory of inventive problem solving.  The method kit for successful creative problem solving; More ideas in less time than with classic brainstorming; Helps especially in the structured analysis and solution of technical problems; For the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, electromechanics, process and production engineering up to software architectures and business administration. Plannable innovation? Methodical creativity?  Free initial consultation.
About us :  Our Team: Robert Adunka, Jürgen Jantschgi, Jens Hammer, etc.
Training courses: MATRIZ Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3; Lecturer: Robert Adunka.]


DE-13   ; □△ ;  GRIN (GRIN Publishing)     ;    https://www.grin.com/  Location: Germany  Language: de, en, fr, es
Roles: (f2) Publisher, (f4) Book sellers

About us :  Research and publish with GRIN - Your platform for specialist information and easy publishing.
GRIN brings authors and readers together! We are Germany's largest research platform for academic works. At GRIN you will find specialist information from all scientific disciplines – from A such as African Sciences to Z such as dentistry. Research in more than 200,000 publications and stay up-to-date in your field of expertise!  At the same time, GRIN offers a fast and free publication service. With GRIN, you publish in all popular online shops worldwide and are at the same time represented in the local book store – each with its own ISBN. Simply upload homework, final theses, etc., select contract option and become an author!


DE-14  ; □△T ;  HTW-Berlin (University of Applies Sciences, Berlin)    ;    https://www.htw-berlin.de/  Location: Germany  Language: de, en
Roles: (d1) Universities, 

About us :  Brief Profile: Founded in 1994; 13,355 students, largest university of applied sciences in Berlin; 70 study programmes in the areas of design, computing, culture, technology and business; Health research, culture and creative industries — digital economy, renewable energy — energy efficiency as a key research area; 140 partner universities in Europe and overseas.

[Note (TN, Nov. 20, 2022): A number of papers on TRIZ by Prof. Claudia Hentschel.]


DE-15  ;  □△ ; TRIZ Akademie     ;    http://triz-akademie.de/   Location: Germany   Language: de
Roles:  (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

About us :  Who we are and why we do what we do :  The hearts and central nervous systems of the TRIZ Academy are us, Barbara Gronauer (Dipl.-Kult.) and Horst Nähler (Dipl.-Ing.).  Our TRIZ Academy exists because we are convinced of the unlimited creativity and problem-solving power of people.  Because it gives us pleasure to see this confidence confirmed again and again.  Because this so universal theory can help many more methodically inclined people to discover - and further cultivate - their ability to innovate. Instead of hoping for fickle muses.  Because TRIZ shows proven solutions to recurring key questions.  Because it is timeless.  ...  With the TRIZ Academy, you gain a team that has been working together ideally for many years. In addition, we are not full-time TRIZ trainers who are far removed from practice, but are each still pursuing our own ventures. The quality and practical relevance of our services benefit directly from these different backgrounds, perspectives and approaches.


DE-16  ;  □△TA ;  HSO (Offenburg University of Applied Sciences) :  OPUS (Publication Server)    ;    https://opus.hs-offenburg.de/   Location: Germany  Language: de, en
Roles:   (d1) Universities, (f3) Repository,

About us :  OPUS-HSO | Publication Server of the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences:  The library offers to publish electronically generated and qualified documents on its online publication system. This service is for university members only and free of charge. After publication, the texts are available on the Internet and will be archived permanently. The documents are indexed and made accessible in library catalogues and Web search engines.  If you want to search for documents of the university, choose the menu "Search" where you will find several search options. If you want to publish a document, select the menu "Publish"; here you can submit your document to the publication server in just a few steps.

[Note (TN, Dec. 6, 2022):  This site offers a useful Search function.  With the keyword TRIZ, 43 articles are found; 27 of them are authored by Pavel Livotov, Prof. at HSO.  Some statistics of the articles are shown according to the categories, such as Author, Year of publication, Document type, Language, Has fulltext, and Keywords. ]


DE-17  ; △T ;  IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Reutlingen    ;    https://www.reutlingen.ihk.de/  Location: Germany  Language: de
Roles: (c3) Municipal organizations, (e5) Training organizations,

About us : TRIZ:  Beginner group, TRIZ experts and trainings: The IHK Reutlingen regularly starts new beginner groups to learn and deepen the innovation method TRIZ. The focus is especially on the application of the method to own problems from the company and the transfer into the company. The monthly full-day sessions are moderated by experienced TRIZ speakers. After two years of intensive practice and first assignments in the company, the participants change to the TRIZ experts. This group meets three times a year, attends supra-regional meetings on TRIZ, sets its own standards and supports regional universities in teaching TRIZ in lectures. Above all, however, the focus is on the exchange between the companies: this efficient practice and mutual motivation contribute to the integration of TRIZ into the companies' processes.  Regularly offered certified TRIZ training courses provide the tools to participate in these groups. Attendance of a four-day course and the resulting TRIZ Level 1 certificate are the necessary prerequisites for participation in the meetings.


DE-18  ; △ ;  Einstein1 Digitalen Gründerzentrums     ;    https://www.einstein1.net/   Location: Germany  Language: de
Roles:  (e4) Consultants, (e7) Networking/matching organizations, (e5) Training organizations, (e9) Financial organizations

About us :  EINSTEIN1 DIGITAL STARTUP CENTER HOF :  Since 2017, Einstein1 has been the contact point for founders and startups from Hochfranken and the Vogtland district as a digital startup center on the campus of Hof University of Applied Sciences. With a small, highly motivated team, we support regional founders in the further development of their digital business ideas, help with financing issues and proactively ensure networking with important players from business, science, education and politics through events and networking activities. In our own building with coworking space, startup offices, event space and conference rooms, we offer founders, startups, freelancers and coworkers great opportunities for growth and development.


DE-19   ; △T ;   HSNR (Hochschule Niederrhein: University of Applied Sciences)     ;   https://www.hs-niederrhein.de/    Location: Germany  Language: de
Roles:  (d1) Universities, (e5) Training organizations,

About :  About a course:  Systematic Innovation with TRIZ: Methods of inventive problem solving:  About the certificate course : Based on the extensive analysis of patents, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) describes a wealth of knowledge and methods developed from it for the systematic development of inventive solutions to problems. In particular, difficult problems where conventional solution concepts fail can be solved inventively step by step with the help of TRIZ. In Level 1 "Foundation", participants are introduced to the basics of TRIZ and already acquire parts of the tools and methods that they can use for problem analysis and solution search.
Benefits:  You will be enabled to systematically apply the acquired knowledge and skills and to develop inventive solutions to problems.  TRIZ methods are explained and applied using practical examples of concrete problems.  The contents of the four levels are based on the VDI guideline 4521: "Inventive Problem Solving with TRIZ".  The quality of the university certificate courses is recognized by the European TRIZ Association (ETRIA) and confirmed by the award of certificates for each TRIZ level.  The lecturer is author of the book "Systematic Innovation - TRIZ Application in Product and Process Development" [Prof. Karl Koltze].  Target group:  Employees and managers from various industries who are involved in the different phases of the product development process and have to solve challenging technical and non-technical problems.




Around-TRIZ Sites (◎○□△) in DE (Germany) (4th round survey )



DE-20  ; ○A ;  FLIP (Florence Innovation Project)     ;    https://www.ask-flip.com/   Location: Germany  Language: en, de, es, fr, it, pl
Roles :  (g3) Knowledge sharing, (f8) Handbooks

About us :  FLIP (Florence Innovation Project):  565 methods & Tools in 6 languages.  Find the right methods quickly and efficiently.  Benefit from the practical experience of others when selecting methods.  Unfold maximum effect with relevant and target-oriented workshop results.  Inspire your customers and colleagues again and again.
How to find the right method for your innovation task:  Method index with 17 perspectives (Overview, Methods according to Innovation phases, Innovation types, Company size, Focus user, Generated outputs, Innovation ability, Method clusters, Method types, ... Principles, Required input, ...).  (full text) search with keywords, etc/

[Note (TN, Nov. 27, 2022):  FLIP is a useful knowledge base developed under the coordination by the Verrocchio Institute for Innovation Competence, which is a consultant firm dedicated to research and teaching in the field of renewal, transformation and innovation.  See: https://www.verrocchio.institute/en/ .]


DE-21  ; ○AL ;  LinkedIn     ;    https://www.linkedin.com/  Location: Germany è Global , Language:en
Roles: (g4) Social networking,

[Note:  Already listed :     ]


DE-22  ;  ○□A ;  INVENSITY (INVENSITY Technology Consulting)     ;    https://www.invensity.com/?lang=en    Location: Germany   Language: en, de
Roles: (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

About us :  All of our business activities are driven by our inner conviction that technology has the potential to make the world a better place. This is the foundation of our mission and vision that we at INVENSITY work toward every day.   We know that you don't do the greatest things alone, but that you can only do them as a team. That is why the foundation of our actions is a set of values that enable successful cooperation both within INVENSITY and with our clients.
Consulting :  We are able to increase your company performance permanently and sustainably. To do so, we combine in a unique way prepared knowledge, diverse experience and personal commitment of our employees. Our corporate structure is based on three pillars:  Software & Data Science (Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data Systems, Analytics & Sensorics, System & Process Automation),  Processes & Engineering (Systems Engineering, Safety Management, Project Management, Process Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Mergers & Acquisitions, Service Design)
INVENSITY Academy:  3 faculties. 11 schools. 150 courses.  Expand your knowledge and learn from experts. Shape your learning curve with one of our 80+ experienced consultants and trainers.  Our Academy offers partners, talents, and employees a comprehensive framework program to enable them in the best possible way on their path of personal and professional development. Engage in knowledge exchange and take the opportunity to immerse yourself in new subject areas.


DE-23  ; ○□A ;   IC3 (The Innovation Instigators)     ;   https://ic-3.com/en/    Location: Germany  Language: en, de
Roles :  (e1) Method developers, (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

About us :  We are a team of innovation and communication experts, methodology specialists, workshop leaders and entrepreneurs. We are united by the pleasure we take in putting you in a spirit of renewal. Encouraging you to think the unthinkable. And to support you as you think the idea through to its conclusion.   Yes, we are "up to date", but above all, we also bring many years of experience from working with medium-sized companies and international corporations.  We show you that creativity does not need a gene. With our ADT innovation method, we open up a new way of thinking and provide you with the tools and resources that will open up new horizons for your company in a sustainable way.
ADT METHODOLOGY:  Systematic new thinking:  With classic design thinking methods, customers are often observed to determine needs or "pain points". In contrast, our own, more advanced method, Accelerated Design Thinking (ADT) uses the existing know-how in your company to systematically develop new ideas. We use proven scientific thinking tools to break up old patterns of thinking and develop ideas that cannot be developed using traditional customer survey processes. Because often the customer does not see the benefit of these ideas at first glance or the ideas are based on latent needs.  So we accelerate the innovation process tremendously by working directly with the experts from your company. With ADT you can create real innovations that go beyond step-by-step improvements, but still remain within the limits of what is feasible.     Accelerated Design Thinking also functions as a supplement or conclusion to other innovation methods. We can efficiently combine (partial) results that you have achieved, for example, through traditional Design Thinking, scenario planning, Scamper or TRIZ, with ADT and translate them with you into concrete, concentrated concepts. Unleash your innovative power with one of the best networked innovation methods worldwide.
Case :  NWOW - New Way of Working (Video):  Watch Caroline Rombout, the Head of People & Organizational Development of Metro/Makro explain, how their headquarters in Antwerp Belgium embraced COVID as a real opportunity to create more freedom, more choice and a New Way of Working together, while reducing and re-designing their office space and their working processes.


DE-24  ;  ○□A ; Michael Ohler Consulting    ;    https://ohlermichael.de/   Location: Germany  Language: en
Roles:  (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (e1) Method developers, (e4) Consultants,

About us :   Michael Ohler:   I consider myself a "curious generalist", more than an expert. Thankfully, in a world of fast and unforeseen change, many opportunities require generalists.   Thanks to 10 years in research and development and 20 years in improvement, innovation, design, strategy and change, here is the blend of work experience I can bring to your team: ++ Business Model Innovation ++ Customer Journey Design ++ Data Mining ++ Design of Experiments ++ Design Thinking ++ Hoshin Kanri ++ Lean Manufacturing ++  Project Management ++ R-programming ++ Six Sigma ++  TRIZ.
I have lived and worked in Germany, France and Brazil, and  collected relevant project experience in China, Egypt, Malaysia, Portugal, the US and most EU-countries.  At school, I have learned Latin and Ancient Greek.  I speak German, French, English and Portuguese.  I can help you in my own capacity or in any of my roles.  Thanks to my network, we may also quickly find the expert you are looking for.

[Note (TN, Dec. 5, 2022):  In the website pages, the Author write about 'What we do', Strategy, Innovation, Improvement, and resources, in a compact, systematic manner with deep insights.  The all-round and well balanced nature of the Author's position is impressive. You are invited to visit his website itself. ]


DE-25    ; □A;  HOMAG     ;    https://www.homag.com/  Location: Germany  Language: de, en, many
Roles: (h2) Companies,

Top page :  HOMAG Group:  Global market leader for wood processing machines.  With a global market share of over 30% and some 7000 employees, we develop wood processing solutions around the world. We manufacture machines for furniture and component production and timber work at 14 locations.  With a presence in over 100 countries and an extensive distribution network, we are your local partner. We offer highly innovative solutions, as demonstrated by over 1300 active patents.

[Note (TN, Nov. 18, 2022):  This site has many impressive videos of their designing/production systems, which are well automated and integrated. ]


DE-26  ; □A ;  SCHUBERT (Gerhard Schubert GmbH)   ;    https://www.schubert.group/en/  Location: Germany  Language: en
Roles:  (h2) Companies,

Top page :  Boiled Down to being the Best:  Simple solutions for every packaging task.  Gerhard Schubert GmbH is a pioneer in the development of modular packaging machines and tailored services for a wide range of industries – from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, beverages, food and confectionery to technical products.  The family business from Crailsheim (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) produces its digital, robot-based packaging machines with a focus on the interplay between simple mechanics, intelligent control technology and scalable modularity.  Not only does the Schubert Group support customers as a manufacturer of packaging machines and automation solutions, it also has a skilled consulting team at its disposal to develop tailor-made solutions for your specific application. 
Our Trade Fairs & Web-seminars,  Learn more about our new web-seminar series Schubert4You.


DE-27 ; □A ;  Rohrbeck Heger     ;    https://www.rohrbeckheger.com/  Location: Germany  Language: de, en
Roles: (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

About us : We are strategic foresight and innovation consultants, motivated by a passion to drive change and future preparedness.  We bring together diverse backgrounds, skillsets, and experience to advise you on foresight for strategy, innovation, and new business development.  We work with you, using our renowned collaborative, systematic and methodical strategic foresight approach. We help you to: Identify new innovation search fields and opportunities; Build a future vision and define a robust, future-proof strategy; Increase organizational agility and your ability to anticipate and act on change
What we do :  Foresight (Ensure future-preparedness);  Innovation & Technology (Identify and capture new opportunities); Strategy (Embrace and manage uncertainty); New Business (Grow beyond existing business);  Academy (Learn for the future)


DE-28  ;  □A ;  c-LEcta – for tomorrow's industry     ;    https://www.c-lecta.com/   Location: Germany   Language: de
Roles:  (h2) Companies,

About us :  c-LEcta is a global biotechnology company specializing in the development, production and distribution of enzyme products. The company uses world-class enzyme engineering and production technologies to provide its partners in the food and pharmaceutical industries with superior biotechnological solutions for innovative industrial applications. Product development is based on the proprietary enzyme technology platform ENESYZ® and is carried out both in-house and in close cooperation with industry partners worldwide. c-LEcta supplies its products to more than 400 customers in over 40 countries. c-LEcta currently employs more than 120 people at its headquarters in Leipzig.
Using our proprietary technology platform ENESYZ, at c-LEcta we develop tailor-made enzymes and microbial production strains that meet the needs of the most diverse manufacturing processes. Since ENESYZ was established in 2004, it has been continuously improved and proven its efficiency time and again.  We have completed more than 50 enzyme engineering projects over the past 18 years, with a technical success rate of >90%.


DE-29   ; □A ;  VDI Group (Association of German Engineers) :  VDI Wissensforum     ;    http://www.vdi-wissensforum.de/  Location: Germany  Language: de, en
Roles:  (e5) Training organizations, (h1) Industrial organizations,

About us : About VDI Group:  Engineers need a strong association that supports, promotes and represents them in their industry. This task is performed by the VDI Group. In doing so, each VDI unit has its own focus. Here, you will find more information on the Association of German Engineers (VDI), the Group and the respective tasks of its companies.


DE-30   ;  □△A ;  EARSandEYES - Creating New Grounds    ;    https://www.earsandeyes.com/en/    Location: Germany    Language: de
Roles :  (e4) Consultants, (e2) Software/tool developers,

About us :  Our claim :  WE LET YOU SHINE   We enable you to make strategically successful developments and decisions through innovative and targeted solutions for all market research questions. Shine with research insights and recommendations that you and others in your company can use immediately.  To fulfill this value proposition, we ask you questions, listen to you and develop your customized research design. The result is not just numbers and data, but solutions that help you and your team make better decisions.   For questions that require ad-hoc results, we offer you with kvest.com the possibility to perform automated pretests within 48 hours, the results of which are available for download in an interactive dashboard.  All this is guaranteed by our competent and innovative team, which will meet you at eye level.


DE-31  ;   □△A ;  HANSER (Carl Hanser Verlag)     ;    https://www.hanser.de/   Location: Germany  Language: de
Roles:  (f2) Publishers,

About us :  Hanser is a respected name on the German publishing scene. Respected by authors, booksellers and readers alike. Hanser products stand for high quality in content and layout, diversity and topicality of subject matter. Competence, professionalism and credibility characterize the actions of the publishing house and the work of its employees.


DE-32   ; □△A ;  Freie Universität Berlin : Refubium (Institutional Repository)     ;    https://refubium.fu-berlin.de/   Location: Germany    Language: de, en
Roles:  (d1) Universities,  (f3) Repository,

About us :   As the Freie Universität Berlin institutional repository, Refubium provides Freie Universität members with a free-of-cost framework to electronically publish documents, doctoral and habilitation theses, as well as research data.  Theses and documents written by Charité members are also accepted.  Different collections correspond to the different institutional units.  Refubium is openly accessible on the Internet. All metadata can be searched without any restriction.

[Note (TN, Dec. 5, 2022):  Site search for the keyword 'TRIZ' outputs only 1 item (a book, not so relevant).]


DE-33   ; △A ;  MINT Network Leipzig    ;    http://mint-leipzig.de/  Location: Germany, Language: de
Roles: (c3) Municipal organizations, (g4) Social networking,

About us :  MINT Network Leipzig:  MINT stands for the group of subjects mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology.  The MINT Network Leipzig is the regional group of the federal initiative "MINT - Creating the Future" in the city of Leipzig.
We coordinate Leipzig's MINT activities of universities, research institutions, public institutions, companies, associations and private individuals. We want to improve the attractiveness of MINT professions for young people and thus strengthen Leipzig as a business location. We advocate this together with other forces - also from the business sector. Our goal is to put the MINT Network Leipzig on a broad basis. We call on all interested parties to join the network. The bottleneck of scientific-technical qualified specialists is a structural problem, which already causes a high loss of added value for the German economy as a brake on growth and innovation - with an increasing tendency. Therefore, the MINT Network Leipzig is also active in the field of education policy.


DE-34  ;  △A ;  LIFIS (The Leibniz Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies e.V.)      ;    https://leibniz-institut.de/en/    Location: Germany   Language: de
Roles:  (d2) Research institutes,

About Leibnitz Association (from Wikipedia): The Leibniz Association  is a union of German non-university research institutes from various disciplines.  As of 2020, 96 non-university research institutes and service institutions for science are part of the Leibniz-Gemeinschaft. The fields range from natural science, engineering, and ecology, to economics, other social sciences, spatial science, and humanities. The Leibniz Institutes work in an interdisciplinary fashion, and connect basic and applied science. They cooperate with universities, industry, and other partners in different parts of the world. Taken together, the Leibniz Institutes employ 20,000 people and have a budget of €1.9 billion. Leibniz Institutes are funded publicly to equal parts by the federal government and the Federal states (Bundesländer). Leibniz Association was ranked 3rd in Germany and 56th across the globe.

About us :  LIFIS was founded on May 3, 2002.  The purpose of the LIFIS is to initiate and promote practice-relevant relations between science in general, the Leibniz-Sozietät der Wissenschaften zu Berlin e.V. (Leibniz-Sozietät for short) in particular, and other sectors of society - primarily small and medium-sized enterprises.  In view of the increasing complexity of current and future problems, the interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary cooperation of science and industry is at the center of all efforts. LIFIS does not want to be a research institution in the conventional sense, but rather a 'virtual' institution that organizes and coordinates available potentials at other locations, i.e. that constitutes networks of appropriate competence.  LIFIS is legally independent and has its headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof.     Activities of the LIFIS:  Organization of the LEIBNIZ CONFERENCES, forums, symposia, etc.;      Initiation, organization and coordination of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects;  interdisciplinary projects;      Scientific consulting in the context of such projects;  editing of the internet journal LIFIS ONLINE;  Participation in education and training projects.


DE-35  ;  △A ;  Innovation Lab    ;    https://www.ilab.energy/    Location: Germany   Language: de
Roles:  (h5) User groups,  (e8) Solution providers,  

About us :  What are we all about?  About the future. About developing and implementing new ideas around energy services. About new business models and digital services. And about providing impetus for a sustainable energy future. That's how we're shaping tomorrow today.
What do we do?  We develop new ideas with a healthy dose of curiosity, agility, open eyes and ears, and many years of know-how - after all, we are talking about the energy service provider of the future. We live a "yes, and" culture and we dare to make some mistakes. That's the only way we learn, the only way we move forward.
We set impulses - be it in innovation formats, ideas, market tests, product developments and innovation culture. WE PROVIDE THE IMPETUS.  Innovations shape the future


DE-36   ;  △A ;  KOBV (Cooperative Library Network Berlin-Brandenburg)    ;    https://www.kobv.de/    Location: Germany    Language: de
Roles:  (g7) Libraries

About us :  The Cooperative Library Network Berlin-Brandenburg (KOBV) is the union of all university libraries, all public libraries and numerous research, public authority and special libraries in Berlin and Brandenburg.

[Note (TN, Dec. 6, 2022):  No English pages.  I cannot find a keyword search function.]




  In Other Countries than Germany: TRIZ and Around-TRIZ Sites (◎○□△) (4th round survey )    DEx-mm Sites


DEx-01   ; ○□TA ;  CyberLeninka (CyberLeninka Open Science Hub)    ;    http://cyberleninka.org/   Location: Russia   Language: en
Roles:  (f3) Repository,  

About us :  About CyberLeninka :  CyberLeninka is a small step of the NGO Association "Open Science" to build global cyberinfrastructure. We want to shift community from the web of information to the web of knowledge. Openness is the key to that process because information becomes knowledge when the majority of people perceives it without any borders.  960 363 research papers,
Our principles: Dissemination of knowledge using open access: free, fast, permanent, full-text access to scientific and educational materials in real time.  Most of the data is under the Creative Commons licenses, which enables free distribution and gives people the right to share and use the work


DEx-02   ;  ○□TA ; Springer Nature : Atlantis Press    ;    https://www.atlantis-press.com/  Location: Netherland (China, etc.)  Language: en
Roles: (f9) Open access publishing

About us :  Atlantis Press – now part of Springer Nature – is a global open access publisher of scientific, technical and medical (STM) content which was founded in Paris in 2006. Our mission is to support the advancement of scientific, technical and medical research by contributing to a more efficient and effective dissemination and exchange of knowledge both for the research community and society at large. ... Besides our headquarters in Dordrecht, Atlantis Press also has offices in Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing and Zhengzhou. Over the years the company has attracted a global and experienced group of publishers from different backgrounds as well as an Advisory Board which helps to assess and attract new STM publishing projects and initiatives aimed at further developing technology for publishing digital and interactive content.

[Note (TN, Dec. 5, 2022): Search for TRIZ inside this site gives 55 papers, most of them are authored by various groups in China concerning to case studies.  I feel this website becomes increasingly more important, thus evaluated ○□TA. ]


DEx-03  ; □ ;  CEPHEI (CEPHEI Project for Industrial e-Learning)     ;    https://www.cephei.eu/en/    Location: EU (Finland)   Language: en, ru, cn
Roles: (d7) Open education (MOOC etc.), (d6)Dedicated education courses   

About us : (from LinkedIn:)  CEPHEI is a consortium that consists of 9 Universities from 6 countries. We work with courses from universities and companies.  This project is contributing to the scale-up of flipped and e-learning in the field of Industrial Innovation. Innovation is at the heart of growth for business and industry and gives nations a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. It also enables companies to cut costs through downsizing or re-engineering, thus leading to higher profits and greater revenue.  The CEPHEI consortium consists of one coordinator university, Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland), and eight partner universities from six countries (Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, China, Finland).  It is supported by the Erasmus+ Program of European Commission.

From Top page :  CEPHEI :    Cooperative E-learning Platform for Industrial Innovation.   ...  The universities face two challenges that are big opportunities at the same time. One is the digitalization and communication paradigm. The students are digital natives and use technologies all the time while most universities practice the traditional pattern of teaching. In response to their needs, universities need to adapt learning to Millennials. Another challenge is the necessity to link the education with the practice, integrate the reality of professional innovation activities to the context of education according to the demand of industry.  Thus, the best university of tomorrow is one that is able to orchestrate the wide diversity in the supply of teaching materials, project-based learning in international multidisciplinary teams and real needs of industry and society.   This project is contributing to scale-up of flipped and e-learning in the field of Industrial Innovation. 

[Note (TN, Nov. 25, 2022):  This project, as a result of preparatory activities for few years, started in 2019 under the support of the Erasmus+ Program of European Commission.  The website now shows about 30 digital courses, most of them are currently on going.]


DEx-04  ;  △T ; Triz-Austria.com (The Austrian TRIZ Website) (by Siegfried Luger)   ;    http://www.triz-austria.com/    Location: Austria   Language: de
Roles:  (a2) Public Web sites for information sending,

About us :  The Austrian TRIZ Platform:  The TRIZ information platform "triz-austria.com" provides companies, organizations and universities with a guide to the application of systematic innovation based on the TRIZ methodology and informs about current TRIZ and innovation topics.  TRIZ (Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch) = Theory of Inventive Problem Solving was researched by Genrich S. Altshuller through extensive patent and creativity studies.    The main findings of TRIZ are:  Innovations arise from the application of a few innovative principles and laws; Innovations do not occur by chance, but follow the principles of technical evolution;  Innovative solutions are those that use existing resources, transforming harmful properties into useful ones;  Contradictions are the germ cells of innovation, which can be fundamentally solved by TRIZ (instead of compromises)

[Note (TN, Dec. 3, 2022):  This website was authored by Siegfried Luger (Luger Research) for introducing TRIZ in a compact and systematic way.  However it seems no longer updated after 2006. 
The Author seems still active in the field of lighting, with his website:  Luger Research e.U. | Institute for Innovation & Technology:  We foster a global understanding of future lighting solutions. We do this by raising awareness, communicating and supporting the lighting industry and research, and by facilitating partnerships. This enables lighting technologies and trends to contribute to sustainability and well-being, for a better future. https://www.lugerresearch.com/ ]


DEx-05   ;  ○A ;  getAbstract     ;    https://www.getabstract.com/    Location: Switzerland   Language: en
Roles:  (f11) Book/video recommendation, (g7) Libraries

About us :  How it works:  What is a summary?  With so much relevant knowledge out there, you could be reading all day long, every day. But who has the time? At getAbstract, we developed a highly efficient method to summarize knowledge. getAbstract summaries are compact, easy to digest and short enough to read in just 10 minutes. Every getAbstract summary contains: 1. Rating: Learn about the must reads in every category; 2. Recommendation: Find out why the content is relevant to you; 3. Take-Aways: Grasp the main learning points at a glance; 4. Summary: Absorb the essence of the content in 10 minutes or less; 5. Quotes: Read the most compelling quotes from the original book,  article,  video or podcast; 6. About the Author: Learn about the authors' professional background ; 7. Source Link:Find the original book, article, video or podcast

[Note (TN, Nov. 25, 2022):  Many channels are set in a hierarchical and yet cross-linked manner.  When we input a keyword or a channel, several relevant channels are shown.  By clicking a channel, many book/video titles are shown, and each title may be introduced in the form of 'summary' as explained above.  The summaries are well edited, and may be accessible with various devices, in various forms (text, PDF, video, audio, etc.).  This is a useful tool to explore/survey/learn books, in stead of papers/webpages.  Setting one's favorite channels, the site recommends you selected books/videos regularly.]


DEx-06   ;   ○A ; Liberating Structures     ;   https://liberatingstructures.com/    Location: USA (and many countries)  Language: en, and many
Roles:  (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (e1) Method developers, (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

About us :  ... This website offers an alternative way to approach and design how people work together. It provides a menu of thirty-three Liberating Structures to replace or complement conventional practices. ... Liberating Structures are easy-to-learn microstructures that enhance relational coordination and trust. They quickly foster lively participation in groups of any size, making it possible to truly include and unleash everyone. Liberating Structures are a disruptive innovation that can replace more controlling or constraining approaches.   ...  The extended edition of our Design Cards has been released. Besides the 33 original Liberating Structures it contains 11 more LS, Punctuations, variations of LS as well as some duplicates of frequently used LS.
Matchmaker - easily find the right LS:  With the Matchmaker you can find the right Liberating Structures for your current challenge. Choose what you want to achieve:  Share  ideas, know-how, experiences, challenges, or to share them;  Disclose,  discover, create, develop or improve opportunities, obstacles, solutions, ideas;  Analyze,  investigate, recognize, clarify, detail;  Design strategies, provide variants;  Helping, get help, collaborate;  Plan and prepare.
LS Selection Matchmaker: What Serves Your Purpose?:  1. Rapidly share challenges and expectations while building new connections;  2. Make the purpose of your work together clear;  3. Together, look back on progress to-date and decide what adjustments are needed;  4. Stop counterproductive activities & behaviors to make space for innovation;  ... 33. Observe and record actual behaviors of users in the field.
Liberating Structures Menu:  Each LS in this table is designed to achieve the objective with the same number:  1. Impromptu Networking;  2.  9 Whys;  3.  What, So What, Now What;  4. TRIZ;  ...  33. Simple Ethnography

[Note (TN, Dec. 4 2022):  LiberatingStructures.com has its origin in the cooperation by Keith McCandless and Henri Lipmanwicz in USA around 2000, made early workshops in Latin America in 2002-03, and expanded quickly in USA, Europe, etc.  Its sub-site LiberatingStructures.eu shows that  Liberating Structures is operating its sub-sites in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Belgian, Russian, Italian, Polish, and Spanish.  ]


DEx-07    ; ○AL ;  The Design Society - a worldwide community     ;    https://www.designsociety.org/  Location: UK,  Language: en
Roles:  (d4) Academic societies (in general fields),

[Note (TN):  Already listed as:     The Design Society ]


DEx-08  ; ○□A ;   IEG (Innovation Excellence Growth)    ;    http://iegx.com/   Location: China  Language:  en
Roles:  (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

About us :  As a leader of innovation management consulting field, IEG (Innovation Excellence Growth) dedicates to helping the global enterprises improve innovation capabilities. Relying on accumulated rich management consulting experiences in all walks of life, along with a profound research on international innovation methodologies, IEG is in cooperation with customers and helps them become innovative enterprises, and makes them obtain a breakthrough improvement in the aspects of management innovation and technological products innovation in innovative strategic planning.
Our Services :  Business Model Innovation (Design Thinking); Technology Innovation (Technology Roadmap, TRIZ, Lean Design, Patent Portfolio);  Product Innovation (DFSS);  Factory Management (DMAI2C, Lean Six Sigma)


DEx-09  ; □A ;  ICG (Integrated Consulting Group)     ;    https://www.integratedconsulting.eu/  Location: EU (Austria)  Language: en,
Roles: (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,  

About us :  ICG is a European consulting team with Central European and Skandinavian roots. Together with executives and employees we develop sustainable transformation processes. Our clients are future-oriented companies and public organizations who want to move something. We are experienced change experts that are fully committed to your tasks – with professional expertise, emotion and without any frills.  140 consultants and 12 European countries.
A unique business model : For us, our name ICG Integrated Consulting Group means to live a special, integrated business model. More than 30 experienced consultants are shareholder of the European-wide ICG group. The shareholder of the business units have entrepreneurial autonomy and are connected by common values, holacracy-like rules, common project work as well as professional learning and development processes.  It is our vision to form a European change consultancy group based on our unique business model that serves as a real alternative to the big mainstream consultants for regional and global organizations: "With high impact and more value for money". Furthermore, ICG aims to be a role model for sustainable, agile and responsive organizations.
Competences : Agile organizations, Change management, Digital transformation, Workshops and large group events, Innovation, Leadership, Operational excellence and Lean, Collaboration between organizations, Public administration and services, Redesign organizations.  Countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden


DEx-10   ;  □A ; The Insight Center     ;    http://www.insightcentre.com/  Location: UK  Language: en
Roles:  (e4) Consultants,

Top page :  The Insight Centre: Delivering breakthrough innovation and change.  Your products, services and technologies have a limited lifetime......(snips)…The Insight Centre helps its clients to confront the process of 'Disruptive Breakthrough'. We have a portfolio of tools and processes underpinned by 20 years technical and change management experience in a wide range of industries and environments. We work in five key areas: Products, Process, People, Projects, and Portfolios.


DEx-11  ; □A ;  Pothi.com     ;    https://pothi.com/   Location: India,  Language: en
Roles:  (f10) Self-publishing,  (f2) Publishers,   

Top page :  Writing is hard. Publishing should be easy.  You have done the hard work of writing your best book. We help you turn it into a beautiful, professional book and present it to the world. Self publishing the way it should be: easy setup, full control, no inventory, wide distribution.


DEx-12  ; □△A ;  standardsmedia.com (Infotech Standards India Pvt. Ltd.)   ;   https://www.standardsmedia.com/  Location: India  Language: en
Roles:  (f4) Book sellers, (f2) Publishers,

About us :  Established in 1992 by selling Indian Standards after registering with Bureau of Indian Standards, a national standards body of India. In order to promote this operation further and to meet our customers requirements for International Standards, we entered in the field of foreign standards also and by our continous efforts, fair and smooth dealing, the following International agencies have given us the opportunity of direct dealing : (snips) 
we have specialization in publishing/distributing books on the following topics : 5S's, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO/TS 16949, QS 9000, Benchmarking, Engineering, Environment, KAIZEN, KANBAN, Lean, SIX SIGMA, SPC, TPM, TQM, TRIZ


DEx-13  ;   □△A ; Liberating Structures     ;   https://liberatingstructures.de/    Location: Germany  ==> Multi-countries (USA)  Language: de ==> en, and many
Roles:  (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (e1) Method developers, (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations,

Top page :  Liberating Structures is a well-filled method box that allows to include and involve everyone. The individual Liberating Structures have their specific purpose and allow to tackle even bigger challenges step by step. They combine carefully structured skillful sequences, goal-oriented questions and illuminating metaphors. In this way, they can liberate interactions.   ...  The extended edition of our Design Cards has been released. Besides the 33 original Liberating Structures it contains 11 more LS, Punctuations, variations of LS as well as some duplicates of frequently used LS.
Matchmaker - easily find the right LS:  With the Matchmaker you can find the right Liberating Structures for your current challenge. Choose what you want to achieve:  Share  ideas, know-how, experiences, challenges, or to share them;  Disclose,  discover, create, develop or improve opportunities, obstacles, solutions, ideas;  Analyze,  investigate, recognize, clarify, detail;  Design strategies, provide variants;  Helping, get help, collaborate;  Plan and prepare.
LS Selection Matchmaker: What Serves Your Purpose?:  1. Rapidly share challenges and expectations while building new connections;  2. Make the purpose of your work together clear;  3. Together, look back on progress to-date and decide what adjustments are needed;  4. Stop counterproductive activities & behaviors to make space for innovation;  ... 33. Observe and record actual behaviors of users in the field.
Liberating Structures Menu:  Each LS in this table is designed to achieve the objective with the same number:  1. Impromptu Networking;  2.  9 Whys;  3.  What, So What, Now What;  4. TRIZ;  ...  33. Simple Ethnography

[Note (TN, Dec. 3, 2022):  This seems to be a practical and systematized collection of objectives and suggested measures in the field of human interactions.  Sorry but I do not have time to dig in any deeper.  ]

[Note (TN, Dec. 4, 2022):  See the Super website: Liberating Structures  https://liberatingstructures.com/ (USA).]


DEx-14   ; □△A ;  I3PM (The International Institute for IP Management)    ;   http://i3pm.org/   Location: Switzerland   Language: en
Roles:  (g4) Social networking, (e5) Training organizations,

About us :  Our mission : The International Institute for IP Management (I3PM) is the hallmark of professional associations for the quality in IP management, recognized internationally for its excellence as a supportive professional network with high standards and an emphasis on quality assurance in IP management as defined in the ISO 56005 and DIN 77006 standards. I3PM stands for quality standards in IP management. We are a neutral body that supports the implementation of quality and standards of IP management. 

[Note (TN, Dec. 5, 2022):  This is an NPO intending to be an (a2) Public Web sites for information sending, but seems relatively new and many parts of the website are under construction.]


DEx-15  ; △A ;  Business Perspectives (LLC Consulting Publishing Company "Business Perspectives")    ;   https://businessperspectives.org/  Location: Ukraine   Language: en
Roles: (f2) Publishers, (e4) Consultants,  

About us :  LLC "Consulting Publishing Company "Business Perspectives" is a company, which: is a publisher of international academic journals;  on a voluntary basis, holds the events, directed towards development and harmonization of Ukrainian academic journals towards the best world practices;  realizes the project on the assessment of Ukrainian academic journals with regard to their compliance with international publishing standards (Journal's International Compliance Index (JIC Index));  provides the consulting services concerning the establishment of the academic journal and its management.
LLC "Business Perspectives" was established by Serhiy Kozmenko, Olga Kozmenko, and Liudmyla Ostapenko in 2003 (Sumy, Ukraine). The Company is a privately-owned commercial organization, which is funded at the expense of article processing charge (APC) for open-access articles, publishing of books, payments for consulting and other services, advertising and other activities stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine and Company's Statute.  
We are full of ambitious plans. That is why the company constantly invests in WEB-platform development, innovative projects and, most importantly, human resource development. The company has supported and will support scientists from Ukraine and other countries with emerging economies, and developing countries. For them, we apply full or partial financing of processing the best articles at the expense of the company. This is about 15 percent of the published articles. We feel the impact of competition in the publishing market. This does not frighten, but inspires us. We believe in the future of Ukrainian science and are ready to work towards it. We finance the development and implementation of the Journal's International Compliance Index (JIC Index) to help young and promising Ukrainian journals in their quest for best publishing practices. We are also ready to cooperate with such journals as a publisher and invite them to our publishing platform.


DEx-16   ; △A ;  Gian-Lluís Ribechini    ;    https://gianlluisribechini.com/  Location;Spain, Language: es
Roles: (i4) Personal Blog sites,




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