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Surveyor:  Toru Nakagawa (OGU)
                 Mar. 16, 2019

Catalog setting:  Toru Nakagawa
                        Jul. 26, 2019

Posted: Aug. 4, 2019


Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Aug. 3, 2019)

Descriptions of sites expected in this page are not documented well, because at that time I wanted to survey more sites rather than describe individual sites closely.  This page actually corresponds to the information in the Index page.  We wish descriptions of sites to be written later with the collaboration of many colleagues.




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   Case TN2A

Pre2-(2A)-English-World  (Mar. 15, 2019,  Nakagawa Toru)

(1)  Evaluated  ◎ :  Most important in the World WTSP Catalog ===== ( 6 sites) ==

International TRIZ organization


TN2A-01   ◎    MATRIZ (The International TRIZ Association)    Location: USA    Language: en, ru
     Roles: (b1) Dedicated association, (b3) International conferences      Site search 328 pages


TN2A-02   ◎   AI (The Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies)     https://     Location: USA    Language: en
     Roles:  (b1) Dedicated association, (b3) International conferences     Site search  906 pages


TN2A-03   ◎    ETRIA (The European TRIZ Association)     Location: EU    Language: en
     Roles:  (b1) Dedicated association, (b3) International conferences     Site search 76 pages


Important public Web sites in TRIZ


TN2A-04   ◎? ← ◎    TJ  (The TRIZ Journal)     Location: USA   Language: en
     Roles: (a2) Public Web sites, (a1) Dedicated infromation sending     Site search 3,030 pages

The TRIZ Journal started as early as in 1996 as a Web site dedicated for introducing and proliferating TRIZ, by the co-editors of Ellen Domb and Jim Kowalick.  It posted several to ten articles every month written by the editors and various authors over the world, thus served for spreading the understanding of classical and modernized TRIZ in the Western world.  The operation of TRIZ Journal was handed to Real Innovation Network in 2006 but stopped posting new aticles in 2010.  BMGI re-launched it in 2015 but stopped new posting in 2016.  Even during these difficult years, the archives of all the articles were kept accessible.
In January 2018, Darrell Mann, Systematic Innovation, re-launched the TRIZ Journal as the public Web site. A wide variety of articles are posted regularly and frequently, mostly by the Editor himself. 
                                          --- Written by Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 27, 2019

[Note (TN, Feb. 22, 2022):  The browsers, Firefox and Google Chrome, say "This site is not secure to access" and blocks any trial to access. Thus Evaluation is now expresseed as ◎?. ]


TN2A-05    ◎L    TRIZ Home Page in Japan (English)    Location: Japan    Language: en, jp
     ROles: (a2) Public Web sites, (a1) Dedicated infromation sending    Site search  1,170 pages

See JP-01


TN2A-06   ◎     ICG T&C (ICG Training & Consulting)    Location: Netherlands    Language: en
     (e4) Consultants, (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (e1) Method developers    Site search 132 pages

About:    Founded and centered in the Netherlands in 2003 by TRIZ Master Valeri Souchkov, ICG T&C is a company operating with an international network united by the common goals and mission: to develop and bring to the market the best methods, tools, and solutions which boost, leverage, and manage creativity and innovation. Among our customers are both large and small organizations which are willing to not just observe but to create future.    Prior to founding ICG T&C, Valeri Souchkov co-founded Invention Machine Labs in 1989 which pioneered promotion of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation in Western Europe, USA, and Asia. ... In 2000 Valeri Souchkov initiated and co-founded the European TRIZ Association (ETRIA).

Top page:  Our mission is to empower the world with TRIZ-based Systematic Innovation which brings a process of producing breakthrough innovative solutions to a radically new level and helps our customers to transform a fuzzy innovation front-end to a predictable, manageable and highly productive process.

Why TRIZ and Systematic Innovation?:  ... Methods and tools of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation organize and support a process from dealing with ill-defined initial situations towards producing and selecting new ideas with the highest value/costs ratio thus making dealing with an innovation "fuzzy front-end" manageable and predictable. ... Recently enriched with a number of new tools, such as Root Conflict Analysis, Function Analysis, Technology-Market Evolution Matrix, Value-Conflict Mapping, and Innovation Roadmap TRIZ makes it possible to establish a well-structured process of achieving continuous innovation and developing breakthrough ideas for new products, technologies and services in a systematic way. ... Today, innovation becomes a well-planned activity which integrates a wide range of methods, tools, as well as organizational culture, management support, and other crucial ingredients. Such a system becomes available to everyone involved to innovation processes thus immensely increasing the innovative productivity of organizations and individuals.

Note (TN, Sept. 27, 2019): This site has a well-organized top page, not only showing their own training and consulting activities but also introductions, papers, and overviews of TRIZ and Systematic innovation in a wider scope. 
                                          --- Written by Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 27, 2019



  (2)  Evaluated  ○ :  Important in the World WTSP Catalog ====== (15 sites)  ====



TN2A-07    ○   JTS (Japan TRIZ Society)     http://    Location: Japan   Language: jp, en
     Roles:  (b1) Dedicated associations, (b4) Domestic conferences (Mostly in Japanese)     Site search 188 pages


TN2A-08     ○  Design Society    Location: UK   Language: en
     RFoles: (b2) Dedicated (academic) societies    Site search 481 pages


Consultancy / Methods


TN2A-09    ○    Oxford Creativity       location: UK    Language: en
     Roles:  (e4) Consultants, (g3) Knowledge sharing    Site search 263 pages


TN2A-10   ○    GEN-TRIZ     Location:  Canada, USA    Language: en
     ROles: (e4) Consultants,      Site search 31 pages


TN2A-11    ○     AiMTRIZ (Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ )     Location: Germany    Language: en
     Roles: (e5) Training organizations, (e4) Consultants    Site search 32 pages


Knowledge sharing


TN2A-12    ○L←○   Wikipedia     Location: USA (==> Global)    Language: en, many
     Roles: (g3) Knowledge sharing, (g5) Term dictionaries   ==> See TN3D-08    Site search  1,580 pages

[Note (TN, Apr. 2, 2022): Wikipedia is evaluated as ○ in the WTSP TRIZ Catalogs, while as ◎ in the WTSP Around-TRIZ Catalogs. ]


TN2A-13   ○L←○    YouTube     Location: USA (==> Global)    Language: en, many
      Roles:  (g3) Knowledge sharing, (g10) Multimedia presenters   (Note: Many Irrelevant pages)     ==> See TN3D-10   Site search  68,600 pages

[Note (TN, Apr. 1, 2022):  Evaluated as ○ in the TRIZ Site Catalogs, while as ◎ in the Around-TRIZ site catalogs.]


TN2A-14     ○L ←○     SlideShare     ocation: USA    Language: en, many
     Roles: (g3) Knowledge sharing、(g10)Multimedia presentors  ==> See TN3B-04     Site search  2,920 pages

[Note (TN, Apr. 1, 2022):  Evaluated as ○ in the TRIZ Site Catalogs, while as ◎ in the Around-TRIZ site catalogs.]


TN2A-15    ○L←○    LinkedIn     Location: USA    Language: en, many
     Roles: (g4) Social networks、(a3) Hub sites,   ==> See TN3C-03    Site search 9,630 pages

Social Networking Service, mostly for professionals. The site search may be useful for checking TRIZ-relevant companies, persons, sites, etc. 

[Note (TN, Apr. 3, 2022): This site is evaluated as ○ in the WTSP TRIZ Catalogs, while as ◎ in the WTSP Around-TRIZ Catalogs. ]




TN2A-16   ◎○L← ○    Research Gate     Location: Germany    Language:  en, many
     Roles: (f3) Repository, (g4) Social networking,     Site search  42,900 pages


TN2A-17  ◎○L←○    Science Direct     Location: UK    Language: en, many   Site search  2,030 pages
     Roles: (f2) Publishers        ==> See  TN3D-16 ◎○


TN2A-18   ○L←○    Springer : SpringerLink     Location: Netherlands   Language: en, many Site search 2,890 pages
     Roles: (f2) Publishers, (f3) Repository, (f1) Journals,   ==> See TN3B-35   

[Note (TN, Apr. 16, 2022): Springer Link is evaluated as ○ for the TRIZ Catalogs, while as ◎ for the Around-TRIZ Catalogs. ]


TN2A-19   ○    Amazon     Location: USA (==> Global)    Lang: en, many
    Roles:  (f4) Book sellers     Site search 5,390 pages     See TN3D-11

[Note (TN, Mar. 30, 2022):  See TN3D-11 for the site description.  This site is evaluated as ○ in the WTSP TRIZ Site Catalogs, while  as ◎ in the WTSP Around-TRIZ Sitge Catalogs.]


TN2A-33    ○←□  IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology)    Location:  UK    Language: en
     Roles:  (b2) Dedicated (academic) societies    Site search 18 pages

About:   Working to engineer a better world:   We are the IET and we inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community to engineer a better world. As a diverse home across engineering and technology, we share knowledge that helps make better sense of the world in order to solve the challenges that matter. It's why we are uniquely placed to champion engineering. 
A brief history of the IET:  We've come a long way - from the foundation of the Society of Telegraph Engineers in 1871 to the creation of the IET in 2006.
Our Mission:   To inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community, supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society.
Our Strategic Priorities:   Support the transition of students and young professionals into engineering careers.   Engagement with professional development to ensure and demonstrate and grow engineering competency.  Deliver user-centric knowledge solutions for rapid access to relevant content and services.   Demonstrating the public relevance of engineering to society and as a positive career choice.  Working across disciplinary, corporate and geographic boundaries to improve innovation and impact.

Evaluation changed into ○ from □.  
                                          --- Written by Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 27, 2019


TN2A-38   ◎     12Manage     Location: Netherlands    Language: en, and 11 languages
     Roles: (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (g3) Knowledge sharing, (g5) Term dictionaries, (e7) Networking/matching organizations     Site search 16 pages

Evaluation changed into ◎ from □ , on Management

Top page:  Welcome to the world's #1 website about management: Advance yourself in business administration and management. All you need to know about your management subject on one page. Discuss issues with managers, consultants and academics in our business forums. Sign up for free

About:  Organizational Purpose:  12manage was founded in 2006 to make management know-how available all over the world. In particular for people who can not afford an MBA.   Profile:  12manage is an on-demand knowledge platform for managers, specialists and academics about management. The members of this network are mostly senior managers (60%), as well as management specialists (20%) and management academics (20%). Our knowledge centers are referenced by ± 1,000,000 members. See also: What people think of 12manage.
Knowledge Centers about Management: 12manage provides for each management method, model or concept: a concise description, its history, calculation, usage and application, process steps, strengths and benefits, limitations and disadvantages, assumptions and conditions, references, as well as an interactive member forum. Premium members have additional access to best practices, expert tips, powerpoint presentations, micro-learning videos, resources, and recent news for each method. Our explanations focus on concepts that are both scientifically accepted and applicable in management practice.
12 Disciplines, 12 Languages:  All management knowledge centers are classified into 12 management disciplines: Change & Organization, Communication & Skills, Decision-making & Valuation, Ethics & Responsibility, Finance & Investing, Human Resources, Knowledge & Intangibles, Leadership, Marketing, Program & Project Management, Strategy and Supply Chain & Quality. All management disciplines and knowledge centers are available in English, plus the following 12 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
Management Dictionary and More:  12manage also provides a Management Dictionary with 2000 entries, Management Issues, a Management Start Page, and useful Management Links. We distribute a weekly newsletter.
Special Interest Groups: 12manage members can participate in our SIGs, allowing to network and exchange information with peers all over the world. There is a SIG for each management knowledge center in each language.
Editor, Contributors:  12manage is edited independently (Editor). We try to make using 12manage as simple and user-friendly as possible. We'd like to thank those that made a contribution to 12manage, including the most important people, see our Wall of Fame.
                                          --- Written by Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 27, 2019


  (3)  Evaluated  ☐ :  Worthy  in the World WTSP Catalog  ===== (24 sites) ====



TN2A-20   ☐    TRIZfest (International conference held by MATRIZ) (TRIZfest2018 at Lisbon)    Location: Portugal    Language: en
     ROles: (b3) International conferences       Site search  7 pages


TN2A-21  ☐   TFC (TRIZ Future Conference) (International conference held by ETRIA) (TFC2015 at Berlin)     Location: Germany    Language: en
     Roles: (b3) International conferences     Site search  23 pages


TN2A-22   ☐    Apeiron (Association for Reason-based Innovation, Italy)    Location: Italy   Language: en, it
     Roles: (b1) Dedicated associations    Site search 55 pages

(Note: works, but not )


TN2A-23   ☐     TFC (TRIZ Future Conference) (International conference held by ETRIA) (TFC2018 at Strasbourg)       Location: France    Language: en
     Roles: (b3) International conferences     Site search  59 pages




TN2A-24   ○L← ☐    NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)     Location: USA   Language: en   Site search  92 pages
     Roles: (c2) National organizations, (d2) Researh institutes      ==> See TN3E-20


TN2A-25   ☐     University of Twente Research Information     Location: Netherlands    Language: en, Dutch
     Roles: (d1) Universities      Site search 76 pages




TN2A-26   ☐     Ideaplant     Location: Japan    Language: jp, en
     Roles:  (e4) Consultants, (e2) Software/tool developers     Site search  20 pages


TN2A-27   ☐     Location: Sweden    Language: en
     Roles: (e4) Consultants      Site search  32 pages


TN2A-28   ☐     The TRIZ Group     Location: USA    Language: en
     Roles: (e4) Consultants     Site search  29 pages


TN2A-29   ☐    TRIZ-RI Group     Location: Czech, Russia    Language: en, ru
     Roles: (e4) Consultants    Site search  40 pages


TN2A-30    ☐    Innovation-TRIZ    Location: USA    Language: en
     Roles: (e4) Consultants    Site search  53 pages


TN2A-31   ☐     InnoSupport      Location:        Language: en
     Roles:  (e4) Consultants      Site search  167 pages


TN2A-32     ☐     Liberating Structures     Location: USA    Language: en, fr, de, Dutch, ru
     Roles: (b2) Dedicated (academic) societies       Site search 135 pages


TN2A-34    ☐     TRIZ Consulting, Inc.     Location: USA    Language: en
     Roles:  (e4) Consultants      Site search  22 pages


TN2A-35    ☐     Emeraldinsight     Location: UK    Language: en
     Roles: (f3) Repository, (f2) Publishers      Site search  87 pages    ==> See TN3B-75


TN2A-36    ☐     Technical Innovation Center, Inc.     Location: USA    Language: en
     Roles: (e4) Consultants      Site search  54 pages


TN2A-37     ☐     TRIZ XXI (TRIZ 21)     Location: Spain    Language: Spanish
     Roles: (e4) Consultants         Search site 0 (in English)


TN2A-39    ☐     Google Play     Location: USA    Language: en
     Roles: (f6) Software/applications/tools sellers      Site search  28 pages


Social Networking Services


TN2A-42  ○L←□     ToolsHero     Location:  Netherlands      Language: en   Site search 12 pages
     Roles: (e2) Software/tool developers, (e10) Software/Tool services, (a2)Public Web sites for information sending, (g3) Information sharing   ==> See TN3D-45

On management


TN2A-43    ☐     Meetup     Location: USA    Language: en
     Roles:  (g4) Social networks       Site search  681 pages

A Social Networking Service

Knowledge sharing 




TN2A-44     ☐    MachineDesign     Location: USA    Language: en
     Roles: (g2) Technology news      Site search  15 pages


TN2A-45     ☐    IEEE Xplore Digital library     Location: USA    Language: en
     Roles: (f3) Repository, (b2) Dedicated (academic) societies       Site search  1,680 pages


TN2A-46   ☐    Hindawi     Location: UK    Language: en
     Roles: (f2) Publishers      Site search  53 pages

Open access publishing



TN2A-47 ◎  Systematic Innovation Inc. (Darrell Mann)
       UK    en        (e1) Method developers, (e4) Consultants, (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (f2) Publisher

Note (TN, Sept. 27, 2019):  Darrell Mann has been working very actively for promoting TRIZ in the modernized form, naming 'Systematic Innovation' in a much wider sense.  He authored "Hands-on" book series, including: Systematic Innovation (Technical), Systematic Innovation for Business & Management, Systematic (Software) Innovation, Matrix 2010, trenDNA, Innovation Capability Maturuity Model, etc.  One of the unique basis of his research has been the extensive analysis of patent DB in the world.  The Web site posts a large number of articles reflecting his thoughts ans activities as consultants and lecturers. 
                                          --- Written by Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 27, 2019


TN2A-48    ◎   AULIVE (Simon Dewulf)
                 Australia         en    (e1) Method developers, (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (g3) Knowledge sharing, (f2) Software/tool developers, (e5) Training organization

Note (TN, Sept. 27, 2019): Simon Dewulf, former owner of CREAX in Belgium, moved to Australia and started AULIVE Pty Ltd in 2012.   The AULIVE site has 4 branch sites.

(A) Innovation Logic (  Top page:  AULIVE brings Innovation Logic, a collection of hands-on tools and a systematic method designed to demystify and systematize the space of creativity, innovation and value creation. With 20 years research and development in the domain of innovation, we have distilled the AULIVE method as 6 easy steps to innovate products or processes, with the inspiration tools.  --- The steps are:  Aim: value and function, Use: resources in time and space, Link: your product or process DNA, Import: inspiraton from outside, Vary: change for better function, Elect: ideas to concepts. 

(B) Patent Inspiration ( This site provides with a useful tool for patent searches.  In the free space, the operation of the software is fully demonstrated with a case in two videos.  Surveying patents is possible at the text level freely but needs registration for visualizing them in various graphs.

(C) More Inspiration (  This site is a large collection (currently 4961) of example of Innovations, each shown with a photo/vidoe and explanation.   They have tags of industries and products.  It is remarkable that the essence of innovation of each case is explained with the installed property and the resultant function.  Such properties and functions are well categorized and symbolized (in addition to the text), thus many cases of the same property (or of the same function) are readily shown by clicking the symbol of property (or function).  This site is very useful for obtaining inspiration from various cases.

(D) Production Inspiration (  You can select a function you want to perform and select a state you want to operate on, then a number of ways (i.e., production methods) to achieve the function are shown with illustrations.  E.g., 'Corrodes' 'Solid' gives you 19 production ways. 
                                          --- Written by Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 27, 2019


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