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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 19, 2019)

This page basically corresponds to the information in the Index page.  
For each site, the description of “About us” are exerted from the site and shown here as a quick alternative to the site descriptions. We wish the descriptions of sites to be improved later with the collaboration of many colleagues.


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◎ :  Most important in the World WTSP Catalog  =====  ( 5 sites, including 4 already listed sites)


TN3E-01   ◎   ipHandbook     618
                   (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (g3) Knowledge sharing, (f8) Handbook, (e5) Training organizations    このサイト内で検索

About:  This site is based on the comprehensive Handbook and Executive Guide that provide substantive discussions and analysis of the opportunities awaiting anyone in the field who wants to put intellectual property to work. The printed version includes 153 chapters on a full range of IP topics and over 50 case studies, composed by over 200 authors from North, South, East, and West, whereas this online resource contains much more than the Handbook. Among others, users like you are expanding the content with comments, discussions and document uploads.
If you are new to this site, we invite you to use the site guides available for policymakers, senior administrators, technology transfer managers, or scientists. The site guide distills the key points of each IP topic covered by the Handbook into simple language and places it in the context of evolving best practices specific to your professional role within the overall picture of IP management.
The Handbook with the companion Executive Guide, and this web site, have been developed by many dedicated individuals with the intent of making a resource available to the global community for putting intellectual property to work. The entire effort was overseen by an international Editorial Board.
We hope these resources uniquely contribute to efforts in global health and food security and the use of the Handbook and Executive Guide are endorsed by many distinguished individuals from our Board of Patrons.

Topics: 1. Innovation and IP Management: A Contextual Overview  2. Specific Strategies and Mechanisms for Facilitating Access to Innovation  3. The Policy and Legal Environment for Innovation  4. The IP Toolbox  5. Institutional Policies and Strategies  6. Establishing and Operating Technology Transfer Offices  7. Contracts and Agreements to Support Partnerships  8. Inventors and Inventions  9. Evaluation and Valuation of Technologies  10. Patents and Patenting: Balancing Protection with the Public Domain  11. Technology and Product Licensing  12. Dealmaking and Marketing Technology to Product-Development Partners  13. The Public Sector and Entrepreneurship  14. Freedom to Operate and Risk Management  15. Monitoring, Enforcement, and Resolving Disputes  16. Bioprospecting, Traditional Knowledge, and Benefit Sharing  17. Putting Intellectual Property to Work: Experiences from Around the World


TN3E-02  ◎L   Amazon      235,000
                              (f4) Book sellers             このサイト内で検索


TN3E-03   ◎L    Research Gate   11,700,


TN3E-04   ◎L    Wikipedia        80,800
                             (g3) Knowledge sharing              このサイト内で検索


TN3E-05   ◎L    YouTube      1,370,000



○ : Important in the World WTSP Catalog ====== (18 sites, including 3 already listed sites)


TN3E-06   ○    PatSnap          1,500
           UK                  (e2) Software/tool developers, (e8) Solution providers, (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (g3) Knowledge sharing,        このサイト内で検索

Top page:  Accelerate Your Innovation:  Make better business decisions with intellectual property data at your fingertips:  Ideas, Research, Product development, Commercialisation, Protection
Our Solutions:  PatSnap is used by R&D, IP and business intelligence teams to search and analyse documents—including 130 million patents—containing data on how companies worldwide are innovating.
Resources:  Articles, studies, data and reports to help you get the most from intellectual property data, patent search and analysis.
Our Products:  IP analysis, visualisation and workflow tools for professionals at all levels of proficiency.


TN3E-07   ○   IPI (IGE)        1,360
                               (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (c2) National organizations, (c4) Professional organizations     このサイト内で検索

About:  The IPI is responsible for examining, granting and administering industrial property rights (patents, trade marks and designs). It works together with governmental agencies, trade associations and businesses to enforce Swiss indications of source within Switzerland and internationally. The IPI also supervises the collective rights management organisations for copyright and provides information on intellectual property rights to individuals and companies in a variety of ways.  Thus the IPI is the federal government's central point of contact for all questions concerning patents, trade marks, geographical designations of origin, design protection and copyright. Its mandate is set out in the  Statute of the IPI (in German).  It is responsible for drafting legislation and advising the Federal Council and other federal authorities on matters concerning intellectual property. The IPI also represents the interests of Switzerland at international level. Its legal mandate is regulated in more detail on an ongoing basis by the political instances and in particular the head of the Federal Department of Justice and Police.  The IPI is its own legal entity and is independent from the federal government budget.

Our mission:  We are the Swiss Confederation's centre of competence for patent, design and trade mark protection, indications of source and copyright. We help innovators and creators to create value out of their ideas, thus promoting innovation, competitiveness, cultural diversity and social progress.

Note (TN):  IPI in English, IGE in German


TN3E-08   ○   PIUG (The Patent Information Users Group, Inc.)    1,600
                             (b1) Dedicated associations, (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (c4) Professional organizations, (a3) Hub sites,      このサイト内で検索

About:  The Patent Information Users Group, Inc. (PIUG) – The International Society for Patent Information Professionals is a not-for-profit organization for individuals having a professional, scientific or technical interest in patent information. The mission of PIUG is to support, assist, improve and enhance the success of patent information professionals through leadership, education, communication, advocacy and networking. Through this international forum and discussion, we also promote and improve the retrieval, analysis and dissemination of patent information.
PIUG has an active Discussion Forum that is featured on the PIUG wiki, a global collaborative tool with over 1800 subscribers worldwide, and produces a newsletter four times a year. In addition, we have presence in professional and social networking channels, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. The PIUG newsletter contains members' articles, salary survey results, search tips, meeting trip reports, and information on patent database vendor and producer developments.

Welcome to the PIUG Wiki:  Check out content relevant to the whole Patent Information Community including:  PIUG Space – Free public collaborative space for PIUG. Registered users may contribute topics and offer comments.  PIUG Website – Free, open access to PIUG Conference and informational pages, and Members-only Resources


TN3E-09   ○  WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)    54,300
           Switzerland                 (c1) International organizations, (c4) Professional organization, (a1) Dedicated for information sending      このサイト内で検索

About:  What is WIPO?:  WIPO is the global forum for intellectual property (IP) services, policy, information and cooperation. We are a self-funding agency of the United Nations, with 192 member states.  Our mission is to lead the development of a balanced and effective international IP system that enables innovation and creativity for the benefit of all. Our mandate, governing bodies and procedures are set out in the WIPO Convention, which established WIPO in 1967.
What we do:  We help governments, businesses and society realize the benefits of IP.  We provide:  a policy forum to shape balanced international IP rules for a changing world; global services to protect IP across borders and to resolve disputes; technical infrastructure to connect IP systems and share knowledge; cooperation and capacity-building programs to enable all countries to use IP for economic, social and cultural development; a world reference source for IP information


TN3E-10   ○   JPO (Official Website of the Japan Patent Office)     1,100
           Japan             (c2) National organizations, (c4) Professional organizations, (a1) Dedicated for information sending       このサイト内で検索

About: About JPO website (Terms of use) : The Japan Patent Office provides information about its activities  on its website. Users of the Website are required to conform to the terms of use in using the content described herein. Furthermore, use of the Service constitutes agreement by the user with the Terms of Use. Since the contents of the Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice if necessary, users are requested to check this page for its latest version in using the Service. 
Using the content of the JPO website: Information made available on the JPO website (hereinafter referred to as "Content") may be freely used, copied, publicly transmitted, translated or otherwise modified on condition that the user complies with provisions 1) to 6) below. Use of the Content constitutes agreement by the user with the Terms of Use.


TN3E-11   ○   IAM Media      9,200
           UK                (g2) Technology news, (f2) Publishers, (b3) International conferences        このサイト内で検索

About:  IAM is universally acknowledged as the world's leading IP business media platform. It was launched as a magazine in July 2003 to address the need for organisations to maximise the value of their intellectual property and other intangibles, and to examine the strategies they can put in place to do this. IAM now produces a wide range of publications, as well as a weekly email and daily blog.
IAM is unique because it treats intellectual property as a business asset and tool, rather than simply as a legal right. With this unequalled appeal to the boardroom, IAM has established itself as the only IP publication that many senior corporate executives read regularly.
The insight and intelligence IAM provides is topical, timely and continually thought provoking for its subscription-based readership. Editorial quality and integrity are paramount. The quality of the editorial is guaranteed by an in-house team, based in London, Hong Kong and Washington DC, with long-established journalistic track records in the specialist IP and business press, including on titles such as the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. A number of articles are also commissioned from leading figures in the IP business world.
AM also publishes a weekly email which has over 27,000 subscribers. It comprises a summary of popular content and jurisdiction-based international reports from leading law firms. The website hosts a fully searchable archive of all articles and supplements published.
IPBC is widely acknowledged as the world's pre-eminent IP business event and attracts high-level delegates from industry, finance and investment, the law, academia and government, as well as IP intermediaries and aggregators. ...


TN3E-12   ○   European IP Helpdesk       1,190
           EU                (c4) Professional organizations, (e4) Consultants, (g3) Knowledge sharing, (e5) Training organizations   このサイト内で検索

About:  European IP Helpdesk - CONSORTIUM:  The European IP Helpdesk is a service funded by the European Commission (under contract EASME/H2020/2018/008) and managed by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME). It provides free-of-charge, first-line advice and information on Intellectual Property (IP).  The services of the European IP Helpdesk are delivered and managed by a consortium established by the four partners Eurice GmbH, Universidad de Alicante, TUM-Tech GmbH and Universidad de Navarra.

Services: Whether you need personal support on a specific IP issue, want to be informed about the latest developments in the world of IP and Innovation in Europe, or are interested in a training session on IP – the European IP Helpdesk is the right partner to turn to. 
Helpline: Register on the European IP Helpdesk website, or get in touch via phone or fax to receive support on your specific IP issue from a team of experienced legal specialists within no more than three working days.; Newsletter & Bulletin: Subscribe to the European IP Helpdesk email newsletter and Bulletin to keep track on latest developments in the field of IP; Online Library: Download fact sheets, case studies, guides and informative materials from an extensive online library.; Training & Events: Sign up to free webinars, or meet the team at training events and conferences.

Library:  We have developed a broad range of different publications such as guides, case studies and fact sheets which provide hands-on information and practical guidance on how to tackle IP issues in business or at the different stages of an EU-funded collaborative research project. Additionally we offer templates of different agreements and model contracts.


TN3E-13   ○   Legal Vision       2,410
           Australia                  (e4) Consultants, (g3) Knowledge sharing       このサイト内で検索

About:  Our Mission:  To transform legal services.  We believe the way traditional law firms work is not the best way. We do things differently, to do things better. We are energetically building the world's best legal services business. We achieve our mission by living our values and focusing on our drivers.

History:  LegalVision is a team of lawyers, technologists, marketing mavericks, strategists and operations gurus who are drawn together by a shared vision of changing the delivery of legal services in Australia.  LegalVision was born in 2012 as an online legal documents business. The founding team brought together legal expertise, tech sensibilities and a passion for growth.
LegalVision is a team of lawyers, technologists, marketing mavericks, strategists and operations gurus who are drawn together by a shared vision of changing the delivery of legal services in Australia.  LegalVision was born in 2012 as an online legal documents business. The founding team brought together legal expertise, tech sensibilities and a passion for growth.


TN3E-14   ○   Science (AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science))     2,460
           USA                (f1) Journals, (d4) Academic societies, (g3) Knowledge sharing    このサイト内で検索

About:  Science has been at the center of important scientific discovery since its founding in 1880—with seed money from Thomas Edison. Today, Science continues to publish the very best in research across the sciences, with articles that consistently rank among the most cited in the world. ... A trailblazer in online publishing as well, the Science family of publications has grown to include online journals Science Translational Medicine, Science Signaling, Science Immunology, Science Robotics and the open access journal Science Advances. ... Science Advances represents the next generation of online publishing, with rapid publication of significant, full-length research that is available free to readers.
The Science family of journals is published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world's oldest and largest general science organization. The nonprofit AAAS serves 10 million people through primary memberships and affiliations with some 262 scientific societies and academies.


TN3E-15   ○    Clarivate Analytics    4,820
           UK                (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (d2) Research institute    このサイト内で検索

About:  Changing the way the world's risk-takers and trailblazers create life-changing innovations.  We believe that human ingenuity can change the world and improve our future.  Clarivate Analytics is a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation. Our vision is to improve the way the world creates, protects and advances innovation.  To achieve this, we deliver critical data, information, workflow solutions and deep domain expertise to innovators everywhere. We are a trusted, indispensable global partner to our customers, including universities, nonprofits, funding organizations, publishers, corporations, government organizations and law firms.
We offer solutions that drive the entire lifecycle of innovation: Scientific and academic research; Patent intelligence and compliance standards; Pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence; Trademark, domain and brand protection.

6 Brands: CompuMark: Giving brands the ultimate certainty on trademarks through industry leading content and expertise.
Cortellis: A suite of life science intelligence solutions that accelerate innovation.
Derwent: World leading patent intelligence, tools and services that power the innovation lifecycle.
MarkMonitor: MarkMonitor helps establish and protect the online presence of the world's leading brands – and the billions who use them.
Techstreet: One of the world's largest collections of industry codes and standards plus powerful tools for standards management.
Web of Science Group: Organizing the world's research information. We make research connect.


TN3E-16   ○   Acclaim IP        193
                               (e2) Software/tool developer, (e8) Solution providers, (g3) Knowledge sharing       このサイト内で検索

About:  The AcclaimIP story:  FreePatentsOnline founders James Ryley and Erik Reeves along with a new partner Matt Troyer conceived AcclaimIP in the summer of 2010.  Our goal from the beginning was to make patent research software easier to use, higher performance and more complete, with innovative features that help our clients do a better job in less time.  The FreePatentsOnline legacy is what keeps us focused on performance. Amazing features that take 30 minutes to run don't get used, so we built on our legacy of performance and created  AcclaimIP is now our flagship product that brings high-end patent search and analysis to our customers at an affordable price.
James has a PhD in molecular biology, is a registered patent agent and a creative at heart.  Erik runs the daily operations of the company including managing the development team and keeps everybody focused on our broad vision.  Matt leads the AcclaimIP sales and marketing effort by interacting with the customers, leading the sales team, and specifying new features from customer requests.
We launched the AcclaimIP in January 2012 with excellent reception. Since then we have consistently improved the software, doing a new build about every two weeks, improving everything from the user interface, performance, new features and new data collections.  In March of 2016, AcclaimIP was acquired by Anaqua, Inc.  The entire team moved over to Anaqua.  We've hired more developers to accelerate our development, more customer service people to better service our customers.  We also acquired 40 full text English translated patent collections, giving us the most complete set of patent data and original PDFs.  We also acquired Patent River who are experts in Public PAIR data, and we look forward to integrating the new data into AcclaimIP.

AcclaimIP Patent Search & Analytics:  Searching through over 100 million patents can be a daunting and time-consuming task. AcclaimIP is one of the fastest, most intuitive, and comprehensive tools for conducting patent searches, analyzing patents, and determining patentability.


TN3E-17   ○    IEEE Xplore Digital Library         635,000
           USA                 (d4) Academic societies, (f3) Repository, (g3) Knowledge sharing, (e1) Method developers         このサイト内で検索

About IEEE Xplore :  The IEEE Xplore digital library is a powerful resource for discovery of scientific and technical content published by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and its publishing partners.  IEEE Xplore provides web access to more than four-million full-text documents from some of the world's most highly-cited publications in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics.
The content in IEEE Xplore comprises: 195+ journals, 1,800+ conferences, 9,000+ technical standards, Approximately 2,400 books, 485+ educational courses.  Approximately 20,000 new documents are added to IEEE Xplore each month.
Access to full-text documents in IEEE Xplore can be obtained from: A broad range of institutional subscription options, Exclusive subscriptions available to IEEE members and IEEE society members, Online purchase of individual documents (at discounted prices for IEEE members)


TN3E-18   ○   Minesoft    291
           UK                 (e2) Software/tool developers, (e8) Solution providers, (g3) Knowledge sharing     このサイト内で検索

About:  Innovative global patent solutions provider.  Founded in 1996, Minesoft is a global patent solutions provider, offering online products and services for: Patent Research, Monitoring and Analysis; Patent Knowledge Management, Archiving and Competitive Intelligence; Intellectual Property (IP) Document Retrieval; Engineering and Technology Research

Top page: Intelligent patent information solutions built for you:  Minesoft develops international searchable patent databases and web-based products for Intellectual Property (IP) research. We offer an array of products for the patent information industry, specialising in patent searching, IP document retrieval, patent analytics and competitive intelligence systems.  Minesoft solutions are developed by patent experts in-house to help harness the power of patent data. Our flagship product, PatBase, is a professional patent search database with global patent coverage and built-in Analytics software.


TN3E-19   ○L    Forbes         20,600
                                 (g1) Mass media             このサイト内で検索


TN3E-20   〇    NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)   5,570,000
           USA                (b2) National organizations, (d2) Researh institutes          このサイト内で検索

About:  Our Mission:  General Introduction:  Understanding nature's mute but elegant language of living cells is the quest of modern molecular biology. From an alphabet of only four letters representing the chemical subunits of DNA emerges a syntax of life processes whose most complex expression is man. The unraveling and use of this "alphabet" to form new "words and phrases" is a central focus of the field of molecular biology. The staggering volume of molecular data and its cryptic and subtle patterns have led to an absolute requirement for computerized databases and analysis tools. The challenge is in finding new approaches to deal with the volume and complexity of data and in providing researchers with better access to analysis and computing tools to advance understanding of our genetic legacy and its role in health and disease.
Creating NCBI:  The late Senator Claude Pepper recognized the importance of computerized information processing methods for the conduct of biomedical research and sponsored legislation that established the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) on November 4, 1988, as a division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NLM was chosen for its experience in creating and maintaining biomedical databases, and because as part of NIH, it could establish an intramural research program in computational molecular biology. The collective research components of NIH make up the largest biomedical research facility in the world.


TN3E-21   ○L    GEN-TRIZ            31
           USA                   (e1) Method developers, (e4) Consultants         このサイト内で検索

Note (TN) TRIZ sites  and also here Around-TRIZ sites



TN3E-22   ○□          453 
                                (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (a2) Public Web site,      このサイト内で検索

About: is all about providing quality thinking on IP Strategy across the globe from a wide variety of viewpoints.  Please take the time to get to know our contributors – you can see them in the 'Contributors' list visible on most pages.  This is a free service brought to you by Duncan Bucknell Company.


TN3E-23   ○□           1,530       Solutions that drive innovation forward faster.
               USA   en           (e2) Software/tool developers, (e4) Consultants    このサイト内で検索   (Revised by Bill Fowlkes, Oct. 28, 2019) Driving Innovation Forward Faster:  Game-changing InnovationQ intellectual property search software; Largest online prior art disclosure database in the world; Time-saving Professional Search Services

Insight Reports: Actionable Data to Drive Business Decisions:'s Insight Reports use machine learning and statistical analysis to evaluate the strength of either a patent or an idea. They are ideal for business leaders to help discover new insights about patents, technology, competitors, the marketplace and more.


Site Description Form     WTSP (World TRIZ Sites Project)    (Version: 2019/6/13  TN)

    Team: TN3E (Patent)    Site Code: TN3E-23     Writer: Bill Fowlkes (Site Owner)  Date: Oct. 28, 2019  




Site Name  **


Site domain URL       **


Site Location          

us-United States of America 

Refer the codes

Site Language


Refer the codes

Roles of Site

(e2) Software/tool developers,
(e4) Consultants,

(f2) Publishers
(f5) Information retrieval,
(f6) Software/tool/application sellers
(f7) Patent/IP databases,

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Evaluation **

(3) □  Worthy in the World WTSP Catalog

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Use ◎〇□△- marks

Single-line Description  *

Solutions that drive innovation forward faster.


Application phase       *

(c1) Idea generation,
(c2) Solution building,
(c3) Solution evaluation and selection

(e) Intellectual properties

Refer the codes

Application Fields       *

(c1) Engineering in general,

Refer the codes

Methods     *

(c1) Statistical analysis of current situations,
(c2) Cause-effect analysis of problem situations, 
(c3) Logical and critical thinking,
(c4) Systematic thinking 

(e1) Functions and attributes,
(e2) Functional analysis,
(e3) Analysis of root causes,

(f1) Survey of technologies,
(f2) Use of scientific and technical knowledge,
(f3) Use of scientific references,
(f4) Use of patent information,
(f5) Use of knowledge of technology evolution,  

(k1) Patent analysis,
(k2) Patent application,
(k4) Patent protection

Refer the codes

Description of Introduction
             * Driving Innovation Forward Faster:  Game-changing InnovationQ intellectual property search software; Largest online prior art disclosure database in the world; Time-saving Professional Search Services

Insight Reports: Actionable Data to Drive Business Decisions:'s Insight Reports use machine learning and statistical analysis to evaluate the strength of either a patent or an idea. They are ideal for business leaders to help discover new insights about patents, technology, competitors, the marketplace and more.

Free format, in 5-10 lines

Further Detailed Information



Note of description 

This submission is to replace TN3E-23     

Remarks for further revision

Note:  Adjust/expand the cell spaces as you need.
         Refer the codes in "Multi sets of Indexing Schemes for the WTSP DB System" (2019/5/18 TN).
         ** Mandatory,   * Desirable


TN3E-24   ○□    OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)    12,100
                           (c1) International organizations, (a1) Dedicated for information sending    このサイト内で検索

About: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organisation that works to build better policies for better lives. Our goal is to shape policies that foster prosperity, equality, opportunity and well-being for all. We draw on almost 60 years of experience and insights to better prepare the world of tomorrow.
Together with governments, policy makers and citizens, we work on establishing international norms and finding evidence-based solutions to a range of social, economic and environmental challenges. From improving economic performance and creating jobs to fostering strong education and fighting international tax evasion, we provide a unique forum and knowledge hub for data and analysis, exchange of experiences, best-practice sharing, and advice on public policies and global standard-setting.


TN3E-25   ○□   PatentSight     96
           Germany                  (e2) Software/tool developers, (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations        このサイト内で検索

About: PatentSight was founded in 2008 by Nils Omland as a spin-off from the WHU – Otto-Beisheim School of Management. Before founding PatentSight, Nils worked together with Prof. Dr. Holger Ernst for several years in the field of patent valuation and analytics. The pioneering thought leadership of Nils and Holger is expressed in ground-breaking, rewarded and highly-cited scientific publications.  Shortly after the foundation, Holger became the first Senior Advisor at PatentSight and one of the shareholders for many years.
PatentSight launched its first Business Intelligence Software in 2012. Our software solution provides unique, reliable and relevant insights into the patent landscape for decision makers and patent experts in the fields of benchmarking, R&D strategy, trendscouting, M&A, licensing and portfolio optimization. 7 of the top chemical firms use PatentSight's analytics platform. Other blue chip clients come from various industries such as health care, automotive, consumer products, telecommunication, logistics, software, engineering, electronics from around the world.
An important milestone in 2009 was the development of the Patent Asset Index™, a new approach to assess patent quality and to benchmark patent portfolios. Patent Asset Index™ was first endorsed by BASF and Dow Chemical. Since then, the Patent Asset Index™ has been adopted by many more firms from various industries. PatentSight continues to conduct cutting-edge research to advance our understanding about best practices, methods and tools in the field of intellectual property valuation, management and analytics.


TN3E-26   ○□   AtoS           498
           France            (h2) Companies, (e2) Software/tool developers, (e8) Solution providers, (g3) Knowledge sharing      このサイト内で検索

About:  Atos's mission is to help design the future of the information technology space. Its services and competences are underpinned by excellence in the advance of scientific and technological knowledge and research and in its commitment to learning and education. Across the world Atos enables its customers and all who live and work in the industry, to grow and prosper in a safe, secure and sustainable environment.
Welcome to the product offers pages of Atos in Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Data Center Applications & Transformation, Defense & Mission Critical, Edge Computing, Enterprise servers, HPC, Integrated Systems and Quantum Learning Machine.
Solutions: The disruptive power of digital technologies profoundly changes the business landscape in every sector. As a world leader in business technologies, Atos is your trusted partner for digital transformation. We do not only bring the ultimate services in Business Platforms & Solutions, Infrastructure and data management, Big Data & Security, e-Payments and Digital Services. With our Digital Transformation Factory, we have developed end-to-end blueprints to accelerate your digital strategy. By helping you redesign your customer experience, reinvent your business, streamline your operations and enforce trust & compliance in the digital age, we help you create the firm of the future.


☐ :  Worthy in the World WTSP Catalog ===== ( 37 sites, including 0 already listed sites)


TN3E-27   □   City, University of London      1,210
           UK                       (d1) Universities,        このサイト内で検索

About:  City, University of London is a special place. With skill and dedication, we have been using education, research and enterprise to transform the lives of our students, our community and the world for a hundred years.
Academic excellence for business and the professions: We are a leading international institution and we are committed to academic excellence and focused on business and the professions.
A highly rated institution:  We are proud of the quality of our education, research and enterprise and of our high rankings in recent surveys.


TN3E-28   □    J A Kemp        503
           UK                       (e4) Consultants          このサイト内で検索

About:  Who We Are:  Ranked in tier 1 by The Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners, we are one of the largest UK and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firms, with offices in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Paris and Munich. Established in the 1940s by our founder, John Arthur Kemp, we have grown to become one of a handful of leading UK firms with a strong international practice.   The breadth and depth of our technical knowledge relevant to patents is outstanding, with over 80 science and technology graduates in the firm including over 40 PhDs. No area of science or technology is outside our scope.   Our trade marks team comprises senior professionals with backgrounds in major international law firms. The team has the expertise and resources to handle any trade marks matter.
What We Do:  We draft, file and prosecute patent applications in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We handle patent oppositions and appeals within Europe, especially before the European Patent Office. We add value to your business by advising on patent strategy, such as where and when to file applications. We can help you to manage your patent portfolios in individual countries, regionally or worldwide.  We advise on trade mark selection and strategy and we file, defend and oppose trade mark applications in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We can obtain global protection for your trade marks through international applications before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and by instructing filing and prosecution programmes worldwide.


TN3E-29   □    PRV (The Swedish Patent and Registration Office)     200
           Sweden                  (c2) National organizations, (c4) Professional organizations, (g3) Knowledge sharing     このサイト内で検索

About us:  The Swedish Patent and Registration Office, PRV, is the authority for intellectual property. We constantly work with cutting edge ideas which enable us to strengthen Sweden's growth and competitiveness.  Our vision is to be the obvious center in Sweden for intellectual property. We also aim to be an internationally respected, viable customer-oriented agency. Through our work we stimulate Swedish innovation and entrepreneurship and promote the technical and economic progress of our society.  Our main task is to promote growth and strengthen the country's capacity for innovation and competitiveness. By increasing knowledge and awareness we want entrepreneurs and others in the innovation community to understand that management of intellectual property is the key way to increase profitability. We achieve this through communication and education.

About our Website:  PRV is responsible for ensuring that the information provided at is accurate and updated. However, the information on the website is not intended to be comprehensive. Details which are relevant to certain situations may have been omitted in order to make the information clearer. The contents of the website should therefore not be considered to be a comprehensive source for information concerning intellectual property rights. Readers are encouraged to seek professional advice if they have any questions concerning intellectual property rights.


TN3E-30   □    Fenwick (Fenwick & West LLP)       3,240
           USA                     (e4) Consultants, (g3) Knowledge sharing       このサイト内で検索

About:  For more than four decades, Fenwick & West LLP has helped some of the world's most recognized companies become, and remain, market leaders. From emerging enterprises to large public corporations, our clients are leaders in the technology and life sciences sectors and are fundamentally changing the world through rapid innovation.
History:  Fenwick & West was founded in 1972 in the heart of Silicon Valley—before "Silicon Valley" existed—by four visionary lawyers who left a top-tier New York law firm to pursue their shared belief that technology would revolutionize the business world and to pioneer the legal work for those technological innovations. In order to be most effective, they decided they needed to move to a location close to primary research and technology development. These four attorneys opened their first office in downtown Palo Alto, and Fenwick became one of the first technology law firms in the world.


TN3E-31   □      ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development) Canada  (Government of Canada)     26,500
           Canada            (c2) National organization,       このサイト内で検索

About:  Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) works with Canadians in all areas of the economy and in all parts of the country to improve conditions for investment, enhance Canada's innovation performance, increase Canada's share of global trade and build a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace. We are the federal institution that leads the Innovation, Science and Economic Development portfolio.


TN3E-32   □    J-PiatPat (Japan Platform for Patent Information)
            Japan                (c2) National organizations, (f7) Patent/IP database       このサイト内で検索

Information of usage: J-PlatPat is intended only for standard search/usage of basic information related to industrial property rights. Therefore, the provided information and search functions are limited to standard usage purposes only. For advanced searches or information with a high added value (i.e. professional use), it is recommended to use other services such as those offered by commercial patent information service providers.


TN3E-33   □    Intellectual Property Office (GOV.UK (Government of the United Kingdom))      
           UK                 (c2) National organizations, (c4) Professional organizations, (a1) Dedicated for information sending      

Top page: Patents, trade marks, copyright and designs:  A to Z: Apply for a patent, Apply to register a design, Apply to register a trade mark, Change or update your patent, Check the designs journal, Check the patents journal, Check the trade marks journal, Defend your intellectual property, Design right, File documents for a pending UK patent, Find a registered design, Find out if you need a licence to copy a creative work, Get a licence to play live or recorded music, Get an uncertified electronic copy of your patent; Get copies of patent, trade mark or design registration documents; Give notice of your intention to oppose a trade mark, How copyright protects your work, Intellectual property and your work, Patenting your invention, Register a design, Renew a patent, Renew your registered design, Renew your trade,     Request UK processing of an international patent application, Search for a patent, Search for a trade mark, Search patent decisions, Search trade mark decisions, Track a trade mark, Update or cancel your registered designs, Update or surrender your registered trade marks, Using somebody else's intellectual property


TN3E-34   □   Canadian Intellectual Property Office    
           Canada               (c1) National organization, (c4) Professional organizations, (f7) Patent/IP database        このサイト内で検索

Top page:  The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is a special operating agency of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. We deliver intellectual property (IP) services in Canada and educate Canadians on how to use IP more effectively.


TN3E-35   □    IP Service World       35
                                 (b3) International conferences, (g6) Museums, exhibitions      このサイト内で検索

Top page:   Europe's largest IP Convention & Trade Fair, the IP Service World, is a very unique event. It is the perfect mixture of a comprehensive trade fair and a top-class convention with contributions from leading experts.
You will get the chance to listen to best practice solutions from top international companies – for example Google, Brose, IBM, Schmitz Cargobull and Siemens. Furthermore you get a direct contact to the most relevant solution providers in the international IP landscape.


TN3E-36   □    Patent iNSIGHT Pro       68

About:  Founded in 2004, Gridlogics is a pioneering end-to-end intellectual property solutions provider whose solutions use proprietary and cutting edge text mining and visualization capabilities to aid IP research and analysis. Our products help clients globally in deriving actionable intelligence from the masses of patent data. 
Patent iNSIGHT Pro has been developed by a team of experts from the field of data mining and analytics automation. Our solutions continue to improve based on feedback from customers and we continue to add new analytics and visualization that can bring out intelligence from patent data with greater clarity and ease.


TN3E-37   □     Business (Australian Government)     1,040
           Australia          (c2) National organizations, (a1) Dedicated for information sending           このサイト内で検索

About: is an online government resource for the Australian business community. offers you simple and convenient access to all of the government information, assistance, forms and services you need. It's a whole-of-government service providing essential information on planning, starting and growing your business.
Like most businesses, we know that our success lies in delivering excellent service to you, our customer. Our customer service charter sets out our commitment to provide you with the service you can expect.
Watch our Introduction to video for an overview of and to find out how we can help you.
We update our website continuously to ensure the content we provide is current and relevant to Australian businesses. The content is written in plain and simple language so that it's easy to understand for as many people as possible.

Note (TN):  "Starting a Business Guide" in this site is an easy and nice introductory.  It has a section fo "Intellectual Properties". Information in the section contains:  IP Australia is the federal government agency responsible for granting rights in patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder's rights. Visit their website to find more information on how IP applies to your business.  The Australian IP Toolkit for Collaboration also helps you understand important issues in collaborations between researchers and business.


TN3E-38   □    BCG (Boston Consulting Group)      95
           USA                 (e4) Consultants,        このサイト内で検索

About:  Boston Consulting Group partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities. BCG was the pioneer in business strategy when it was founded in 1963.
To succeed, organizations must blend digital and human capabilities. BCG's diverse, global teams bring deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives to spark change through leading-edge management consulting as well as data science, technology and design, digital ventures, and business purpose. We work in a uniquely collaborative model across the firm and throughout all levels of the client organization to deliver results that help our clients thrive.
What We Believe:  Whether you want to advance an idea, a capability, or the world at large, BCG is with you every step of the way. We excel in the business of human potential, and believe in its power to shape strategic, organizational, economic, societal change, and beyond.


TN3E-39   □    OC Patent Lawyer (James Young)        673
           USA                 (e4) Consultants, (g3) Knowledge sharing        このサイト内で検索

About Firm: My name is James Yang and I am a principal with the firm of Klein, O'Neill & Singh LLP.  Our practice focuses solely on intellectual property (IP) law, meaning we do not form corporations or prepare wills and trusts. Our workload allows us to focus on IP law and nothing else. As a result, we are able to dig deep into the nuances of current cases and statutes to guide our clients in identifying, acquiring and exploiting their IP at a cost efficient level and effective manner.
f you're interested in working with us, then call me to discuss your patent matter. Or, you can review the free learning resources I've created, so that you can begin to learn the nuances of IP law.

Learning Resources: The first eight sections are designed to help you get to patent pending or patented as soon as possible. The last section is designed to help you with your trademarks.
1. Invention Agreements; 2. Protect Inventions; 3. Patent Applications; 4. Patent Process; 5. Patent Costs; 6. Worldwide Patents; 7. Responding to Office Actions; 8. Patent Infringement; 9. Trademarks:

Four types of intellectual property you can use to protect your idea and ...


TN3E-40   □    UpCounsel      13,200
           USA                     (e4) Consultants, (e7) Networking/matching organization, (g3) Knowledge sharing        このサイト内で検索

About: U pCounsel is the first legal platform that helps fast-growing companies build their own custom legal teams. With the largest network of independent lawyers in the world, UpCounsel can tackle any legal project -- whether it's a one-time consult, a part-time specialist on retainer, or an entire freelance legal department. By streamlining the attorney / client workflow with technology that includes online documents and digital signatures, it offers a truly 21st century legal experience.  Founded in 2012 to accelerate business by revolutionizing the way legal work gets done, UpCounsel lawyers have completed work on behalf of tens of thousands of companies, including some of the best startups and the Fortune 500.
Resources: Patent Law Resources: Learn how to patent your ideas from start to finish with hundreds of free guides including how to do a patent search, how to patent your idea, and more.   Startup Law Resources: Avoid costly legal mistakes and learn how to incorporate your startup, raise venture capital, protect your intellectual property, and everything in between.


TN3E-41   □     CenterForce       441
           USA                 (b4) Domestic conferences, (a1) Dedicated for information sending           このサイト内で検索

About: CenterForce Team: Steve Camac, President:  Steve sets the strategic direction for the company as well as each summit's editorial content. His focus is to develop quality conferences that cover hot button topics and provide high-level networking opportunities for business communities. Steve's conference and trade show experience includes leadership positions at IQPC (International Quality and Productivity Center) and IIR (Institute for International Research). Steve started Centerforce based on the core belief that conferences, when done well, are a powerful and effective business solution.

Note (TN): This company have been organizing two big series of conferences: IP Strategy Summit Series and The Women in Law Summit Series; in each series about a dozen conferences are held every year in various cities in USA, e.g., Boston, NYC< Silicon Valley, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, etc.  Announcements with speakers and agenda are posted in the Web, without the contents of the talks.


TN3E-42   □     Hitachi        1,750
           Japan                  (h2) Companies        このサイト内で検索


TN3E-43   □     Cipher        213
                                 (e2) Software/tool developers, (e8) Solution providers       このサイト内で検索

Top page:  The power to make better strategic decisions:                                                 Cipher is the world's most advanced patent analysis software. Unlock the largest library of scientific information by harnessing the latest advances in machine learning. Cipher can analyse and compare one million patent owning organisations, fast. Cipher is the only software which can be tailored to create landscapes based on your patented technologies, providing a fresh source of competitive intelligence.

Note (TN)  Not many screen shots of the software, I cannot understand what the software actually does.


TN3E-44   □    GreyB          1,260
                                       (e4) Consultants, (c5) Funding organization, (g3) Knowledge sharing        このサイト内で検索

About:  What you need to know about GreyB?  Let's start with a cliché, every company is unique!. So what is special About Us at GreyB?  Well, it's our founding philosophy making us a stronger partner for our clients. With a continuous focus to a systematic, almost scientific approach to hiring, learning & development to build teams that deliver. These teams are the essence of GreyB. They translate your high-value opportunities into a win or help you with efficient risk mitigation in the changing landscape of the industry. So imagine, you have access to a trained team of right people (experience, expertise, and attitude), who can help you in a plug and play model for research.  Our success is established in being critical for winning patent litigations, scouting new technology, selling of business based on IP, benchmarking your competition, risk assessment in FTO's, etc.  There is value in this offering. There is value in working with GreyB.

PATENT STRATEGY BLOG:  Find tried and tested patent strategies from the industry experts.


TN3E-45   □    Virtuoso Legal        346
                                       (e4) Consultants, (g3) Knowledge sharing        このサイト内で検索

About:  World Class Intellectual Property by Virtuoso Legal: Virtuoso Legal are a boutique firm of world class intellectual property solicitors. Over the past 10 years we have successfully represented clients in hundreds of intellectual property matters.
Our principles are: Expertise: Intellectual property is a broad area covering: registration, commercialisation and litigation. It may include things such as: trade marks, copyright, design rights, patents, confidentiality, website agreements, and much more. To manage IP correctly, well versed solicitors are required. Intellectual property is the only legal area that Virtuoso legal operates in. Our experts take every step to remain at the head of the field.


TN3E-46   □    Center for International Governance Innovation     1,140
           Canada               (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (g2) Technology news      このサイト内で検索

About:  We are the Centre for International Governance Innovation: an independent, non-partisan think tank with an objective and uniquely global perspective. Our research, opinions and public voice make a difference in today's world by bringing clarity and innovative thinking to global policy making. By working across disciplines and in partnership with the best peers and experts, we are the benchmark for influential research and trusted analysis.
Our research initiatives focus on governance of the global economy, global security and politics, and international law in collaboration with a range of strategic partners and have received support from the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, as well as founder Jim Balsillie.
VISION: CIGI strives to be the world's leading think tank on international governance, with recognized impact on significant global problems.
MISSION: CIGI will build bridges from knowledge to power by conducting world-leading research and analysis, and influencing policy makers to innovate.
BELIEFS:  CIGI believes that better international governance can improve the lives of people everywhere, by increasing prosperity, ensuring global sustainability, addressing inequality and safeguarding human rights, and promoting a more secure world.


TN3E-47   □     Udemy         2,820
           Japan                  (h3) Educational organizations   このサイト内で検索


TN3E-48   □     Elementary IP      5
           USA                     (e2) Software/tool developers      このサイト内で検索

Home page: The Next Generation of Patent Analytics:  Custom AI Analytics for your projects.  Tell us what patents or classifications are of interest. We provide customized online tools for analytics: Search​, Clustering​, Mapping.
High Performance Search for your data:  Upgrade your search infrastructure to Deep Learning AI. We provide custom features with proprietary tech: Document Zoom​, Word Graph​, Document Finder​.
Welcome to the Similarity Word Graph:  Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence discovers contextual relationships between words.  It captures "o-nyms" - synonyms and more - that can expand or narrow the scope of search. These "similar" words are a roadmap to precise, semantically relevant search.


TN3E-49   □     CSO       3,840
           USA               (g2) Technology news, (a1) Dedicated for information sending      このサイト内で検索

About: CSO serves enterprise security decision-makers and users with the critical information they need to stay ahead of evolving threats and defend against criminal cyberattacks. With incisive content that addresses all security disciplines from risk management to network defense to fraud and data loss prevention, CSO offers unparalleled depth and insight to support key decisions and investments for IT security professionals.


TN3E-50   □     TC (TechCrunch)        5,240
                                       (g2) Technology news    このサイト内で検索


TN3E-51   □    Official Microsoft Blog      769
           USA                     (h2) Companies, (a1) Dedicated for information sending   このサイト内で検索


TN3E-52   □     EU Science Hub        97,500
           EU                    (c1) International organization, (d2) Research institutes, (g3) Knowledge sharing このサイト内で検索

About: We are doing science for policy:  The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is the European Commission's science and knowledge service which employs scientists to carry out research in order to provide independent scientific advice and support to EU policy.
Research:  Our scientific work supports a whole host of EU policies in a variety of areas from agriculture and food security, to environment and climate change, as well as nuclear safety and security and innovation and growth.  Our research topics give a deeper insight into that support of EU policy, while you can also discover the unique laboratories and facilities where our scientists work.
Creating and managing knowledge:  As the European Commission's knowledge and science service, the JRC plays a central role in creating, managing and making sense of collective scientific knowledge for better EU policies.


TN3E-53   □     Appleyard Lees         620
           UK                       (e4) Consultants, (g2) Technology news      このサイト内で検索 

About:  Established in 1852, Appleyard Lees is a leading intellectual property law firm with a long history – but a modern outlook.  We have a talented, energetic and experienced team of over 45 patent and trade mark attorneys and specialist IP solicitors. We recruit the very best professionals who have a passion for their individual field areas of specialism, and enjoy diverse and challenging work.  We have a creative, friendly, ethical and supportive culture because we truly believe this helps our people deliver outstanding service to our clients, and that's our number one priority.


TN3E-54   □   Intellectual Property Magazine      983
                                (f1) Journals, (g2) Technology news, (a1) dedicated for information sending          このサイト内で検索

About:  Intellectual Property Magazine (IPM) is for: Private practice – Ensuring you are informed of all the latest IP trends that impact you and your clients.  In-house counsel – IP strategy and objective assessment to help you protect, leverage and monetise your IP portfolio.
Covering patents, trademarks, copyright, licensing, internet law, design and brand management, IPM is your essential IP information resource.  Detailed industry analysis from the world's leading IP lawyers; Case commentary and in-depth, unbiased court reports;  The latest IP trends explored and debated;  Interviews with high profile and influential figures; IP strategy and best practice for in-house counsel


TN3E-55   □    Entrepreneur        2,850
                                   (g1) Mass media, (f1) Journals, (g2) Technology news       このサイト内で検索



TN3E-56   □△    Metis Partners      494
           UK                       (e4) Consultants          このサイト内で検索

About:  Metis Partners are a multi-disciplinary IP firm with a proven track record in the assessment, exploitation, monetisation, valuation and sale of intellectual property assets ("IP assets").  Our focus is on helping our clients maximise the value from their IP assets using a range of business strategies and we have helped organisations of all sizes from private to plc, large and small, across all industries.  The company was set up in 2003 by founder and director, Stephen Robertson and in the time since, we have grown to become an expert team of lawyers, accountants and technical experts with over 50 years experience in IP management, valuation and analysis working from our offices in Glasgow (you'll find us in the big tower in the photo above!) and Berkeley, California.


TN3E-57   □△   Intellectual Property Association of Japan     31
           Japan    jp, en     (b1) Dedicated associations, (f1) Journals, (b4) Domestic conferences    このサイト内で検索

Top page:  ... To promote intellectual studies that will meet such needs, the Intellectual Property Association of Japan (IPAJ) was founded in October 2002 (and later incorporated in August 2006) by researchers who were the creators of intellectual property, and corporate managers who were their main users. As it can be seen from the organization's scheme, members from a broad range of intellectual property fields were brought together to facilitate the research activities in interdisciplinary studies, such as science and technology, management, law, and economics.
By taking part in IPAJ's research activities, you can acquire the knowledge that will help your company adapt to an ever-changing intellectual property environment. Whoever is interested in intellectual property is welcome to join us at IPAJ.


TN3E-58   □△    JPDS (Japan Patent Data Service Co.)        17
           Japan                  (f7) Patent/IP databases, (f5) Information retrieval        このサイト内で検索

About: Products & Services:  JP-NET: JP-NET is the Internet patent information retrieval service using the dedicated browser and provides Japanese patent, utility model design and trademark with legal status information.  Also worldwide database for 80 countries including US, EP, PCT etc. are available.  JP-NET Web: JP-NET is now available through general web browser.  Search, display and output of 80 countries data are available.


TN3E-59   □△   Forum Institut              
           Germany                  (e5) Training organizations, (e6) Seminar organizations    このサイト内で検索

About:  The FORUM Institut für Management, founded in 1979 in Heidelberg, is an international group of institutes that concerns itself with the training of corporate specialists and executives.  First-class speakers, current topics, high-quality seminar materials and excellent on-site support ensure the high quality of our seminars and symposia.  So far, more than 300,000 professionals and executives from all European countries have participated in FORUM Institut events.
Our Company Profile:  110 employees; EUR 14,5 million turnover; 1,500 events per year; 4,500 seminar days per year; 20,000 participants per year; Corporate partners in Italy, Jordan and Spain

More about Intellectual Property Law:  Choose from our broad range of training programmes. We provide training, practical and advanced courses, and conferences on various topics related to intellectual property, ensuring first-class training with experts from in-house, public and private practice.


TN3E-60   □△    Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet      240
           Japan                  (c2) National organizations      このサイト内で検索


TN3E-61   □△   University of Stuttgart     800
           Germany                           (d1) Universities             このサイト内で検索


TN3E-62   □△    Robert Yaman          12
                                       (i3) Personal Web sites     このサイト内で検索

About: Who am I?  Robert Yaman: I'm an animal advocate, effective altruist, scientist, and software engineer passionate about cellular agriculture.  Having spent much of my life advocating for farmed animals, learning about cell-based meat for the first time felt like finding cheat codes for an incredibly high-stakes video game. Instead of spending the next decade nudging public opinion little by little, we could skip right to the end: a world where animals are no longer exploited for agriculture because they're no longer the most effective mode of production.  Nothing else seemed as important for me to work on, so last year I left my software engineering job at YouTube to work on cell-based meat. Since then, I have been looking for the most effective ways I can use my skills to move the industry forward.

Blog (Nov. 14, 2018): "How I Underestimated Plant-Based Meat"


TN3E-63   □△   AJ Park         572
           New zeeland                 (e4) Consultants, (g3) Knowledge sharing        このサイト内で検索

About: AJ Park is a leading provider of intellectual property law services in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region. With offices in Auckland and Wellington, we have one of the largest, most experienced teams of intellectual property experts in the area.  For over 125 years, we've helped companies and individuals identify, develop, protect, commercialise, manage, and enforce their IP rights in New Zealand, Australia, and throughout the world.


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