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Contributed or surveyed information

Compiled by Toru Nakagawa (OGU)

Catalog setting:  Toru Nakagawa,  Mar. 12, 2020

Posted:  Apr. 3, 2020


Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 12, 2020)

Here we compile the Web sites in the Business-oriented fields, on the basis of contributions (or survey results) from readers and experts.  The sites are arranged currently in the order of their arrival at our WTSP project.  Please note the evaluation of sites is tentative yet.  See the source file: 




  X1BZ: WTSP Collection of Business Oriented Sites

Contributed or surveyed information, compiled by Toru Nakagawa


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Online training and video courses for learning finance, software and business skills to achieve professional success.    





(e5) Training organizations (E- learning Portal), (h3) Educational organizations,

Sharng secrets about the best ways to learn Investment Banking, Financial Modeling, Equity Research, Accounting, M&As, Valuations and more.




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