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WTSP Letter:

For Forming WTSP Teams to Build WTSP Catalog in Each Country

Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, Osaka Gakuin Univ.), 
Apr. 24, 2018

Posted:  May 19, 2018

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, May 17, 2018)

This WTSP Letter was originally sent to about 100 TRIZ leaders in the world on Apr. 24, 2018 and is posted here openly with some minor updates.  Reviewing our current postitions of WSP project, I have written down the tasks we should carry out at the present stage (in about 4 months before September).  Our current tasks are to form a WTSP team (of several members) in each country and to write introductions of TRIZ-related sites  one by one in each country first in their own language and then in English.


WTSP Letter: For Forming WTSP Teams to Build WTSP Catalog in Each Country


                                                          Apr. 24, 2018

Dear TRIZ Leaders,

       Toru Nakagawa
          Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University
          World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP) Project Leader 

Hello, how are you?

I hope you and your group are fine, active, successful, and hence very busy as ever.


 I am writing this letter to you and about 100 TRIZ leaders over the world for asking for your support and contributions on behalf of WTSP (World TRIZ Sites Project).

As you know already, I proposed the WTSP project last November and started the activities backed-up by the support from many of you.  Our goal is to build a Catalog of TRIZ-related Sites in the World by the collaboration of many TRIZ leaders in the World.  We have already set up the policy, guidelines, collaboration platform, basic document, sample documents, etc., and posted such information in our Bitrix24 platform and in our Web site “TRIZ Home Page in Japan”. 

Just finishing the preparation stage, we are now at the start of actual collaborative work, i.e., to survey and write the introductions of individual TRIZ-related sites one by one.  There are a large number of useful TRIZ sites which are written in many different languages, and hence contribution and collaboration by many people including you are indispensable for the success.  Our WTSP project team is still rather small and weak.  I would like to report the current WTSP situations frankly and wish you to join and contribute actively to this voluntary project.

(1) Table 1 shows the people whom I am sending the present letter [This Table is not posted in this Web site (TN, May 17, 2018)].  I have been sending WTSP proposals/reports to the 95 people with INV mark in the table since last November.  All of them are TRIZ leaders in their countries and in the world and are good friends of mine for many years.  9 more people accessed to me later for joining the project on reading WTSP information in my email or Web site.  (For the sake of privacy, email addresses are not shown in Table 1.)

(2) 17 people with the M mark in Table 1 are the current members of WTSP, who sent me the Membership Application Form.  Another 17 people with the P mark wrote to me positively to support/contribute to the project but not have sent me their Membership Application Form yet.  I sincerely wish ALL OF YOU to join WTSP and work Together! Connected!!

(3) It is practically important to have a team of WTSP Members in each country.  The team work together in collaboration.  Please assign (or volunteer) Country Editor, who leads the team in your country in editing the Catalog of TRIZ-related sites in your country.  Such a Catalog in each country is useful for ordinary readers/users in the country. 

In many countries where non-English languages are normally used, most of TRIZ sites use their own language.  Thus it is desirable to make the Catalog first in their own language, and then to make the Catalog in English containing selected sites. -- Japan is such a case; I have made a Catalog in Japanese with 92 sites fully annotated , and then made a Catalog in English translation containing 24 selected sites fully annotated .  Please take a look of them in my Web site.

In the case of big TRIZ countries, e.g., Russia and USA, we should better have multiple Country Editors, corresponding to locations or TRIZ schools/approaches, 

(4) It is also necessary to have several Global Co-editors in the WTSP project.  They are expected to  decide, promote, direct, and conduct the WTSP project to achieve its goal.  Nakagawa volunteered to be the Project Leader, i.e., one of Global Co-editors.  I asked Darrell Mann to be a Global Co-editor, especially responsible for structuring various fields and methodologies of TRIZ and relevant methods (as an alternative to structuring the Catalog of sites in the aspect of countries), and he accepted the assignment.  Michael Orloff volunteered to be a Global Co-editor, to our thanks; he has his background in Belarus, is now working in Germany, and has accesses to Mid-East and African countries.  We wish to have several more volunteers for Global Co-editors among you all. 

In the original plan we assumed to have Regional Editors.  But I now feel, Global Co-editors and Country Editors may be able to play most part of the roles of Regional Editors.

[See the current organization in the separate page (A2) . (TN, May 17, 2018)]

(5) The first practical job for us is to survey for TRIZ-related sites in the Internet.

This survey should be done in every country for the sites located in the country.  Actual processes using Google and Yahoo! are reported in the case of Japan .  Since details of search tools are different in countries, please adapt the process to your own situations. 

Once the survey is done, the results on the browser can be recorded and shared by the team in the country.  In the case of Japan, about 70 sites were finally selected among 400 hits of sites and about 20 more sites were added using various knowledge. 

This survey process may be most difficult in USA because of its huge number of possible sites.  So this should be done in the team collaboration.

(6) The second job is to write down introductions to individual sites.  And I feel this job is the current bottleneck for our project.

We should write introductions/annotations of individual TRIZ-related sites carefully.  We want to introduce good and useful sites to many people, who are unfamiliar, beginner, practitioner, or expert in TRIZ and relevant methods.  Our introductions need to be attractive, understandable, fact-based, concise, correct, fair, etc.  So we must actually visit the site and read its (at least some typical) pages to understand the structure, characteristics, intention, quality, etc. of the site. 

Writing introduction to a site necessarily reflects the writer’s evaluation to the site, either implicitly or explicitly.  Simply listing a site in the Catalog means some positive evaluation to the site by itself.  Thus we cannot avoid evaluation of sites.  We should do our best to evaluate various sites and introduce selected, highly evaluated sites in our Catalog.

(7) Since site owners know their sites fully, it may be a good idea to ask them to write the introductions to their own sites.  In such a case the description should be checked in its fairness, non-commercial, non-advertising attitude, etc.  Many site owners are busy and are not so willing to write introductions in the desirable way we ask. 

So WTSP members/supporters, who are experts in TRIZ, may write introductions to various sites.  This is often practical.  In such a case, we must be careful to be fair.  It may be a good idea to show our manuscripts to the site owners for them to check and improve the description.

Another possibilities are to get contributions of site introductions from ordinary readers/visitors of the sites.  Fresh impressions by such people are interesting.  But their descriptions should be checked in its correctness, fairness in comparison to other many sites, etc.  Country Editors, for example, may adjust/edit the introductions. 

(8) Receiving various manuscripts of site descriptions and editing them properly will be our third job.  This is currently done by Nakagawa and posted in TRIZ Home Page in Japan.  But soon in the active stage of our project, this job should be primarily carried out in each country by the Country Editor.  The manuscripts of Catalog of each country will be collected and posted in the TRIZ Home Page in Japan and in our Bitrix24 platform .  For the operation in the Bitrix24 platform we may need several technical supporting staff. 


In summary, the current jobs for us in the WTSP Project are:

   (a) Please join the WTSP Project by sending your Membership Application Form to Nakagawa.
   (b) Form a team of WTSP Members in your own country; Volunteer to be Country Editor.
   (c) Record the Internet survey of TRIZ sites in your country and list the sites.
   (d) Write down introductions to the TRIZ sites one by one in your own language first.
   (e) Collect the manuscripts and make a Catalog of TRIZ-related sites of your country in your own language first.
   (f) Make a Catalog of selected TRIZ-related sites of your country in English (translation), and integrate it into the World Catalog.

Let’s work Together ! Connected !! -

  Note (TN, May 17, 2018):  Current WTSP Organization and List of Members are posted in a separate page: (A2) Organization .



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