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For Further Revisions of the WTSP Catalogs:  Practice Guide and Schedule

Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, OGU), Oct. 20, 2019

Posted:  Oct. 20, 2019

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 18, 2019)

Here I show the Practice Guide and the Schedule for the further revisions of our WTSP Catalogs.

Our current situations, tasks to overcome, and visions are shown here again, citing the concluding slide in our ETRIA TFC2019 presentation (Oct. 20, 2019).


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Practice Guide

Schedule for further revision

ETRIA TFC2019 presentation


WTSP Catalogs Preliminary version WTSP Project Index page Japanese page


  WTSP Practice Guide (for Teams in countries and Teams specialized in methodologies)

(1) Any person who understands the significance of the WTSP Project may voluntarily join WTSP as a member.

We should get as many voluntary members as possible. 
In each country, we should form a Team having a coordinator (WTSP Country Editor).

If you are interested in any methodology (inside TRIZ or AROUND TRIZ), please form a Team (or a group) (maybe accross the borders of countries) and work together in a similar way.

Memberhip application form

(2)  List up Web sites related to TRIZ in each country (or in the specific methodology).

First we should just list up known and recommendable TRIZ-related sites.
Show the list openly to the Team members and others for adding any sites.
Carry out internet surveys to pick up some more sites not known widely.

Template of List of sites

(3)  Describe the basic information and brief introduction of each site.

    (a) Request the site owners to fill in the standard description form.

Refer to the standard classification criteria concerning to the aspects of indexing.

    (b) For the sites picked up by Internet surveys, a WTSP member
           describes the site by actually visiting it. 

Starting at the page shown in the survey, visit its top page, 'About us' page, and some other main pages (quickly). 
Internet search inside the site is often very useful. 
You may write in a relaxed format any items you understand (excerpts may be helpful).
Depending on the tentative evaluation of the site, you may describe the site closely
step by step.

Site description form

(4)  Evaluate each site (tentatively).

To be shown in World WTSP Catalogs:     ◎ Most important  (about top 30)
                                                                ○    Important   (about top 100)
                                                                □ Worthy of World Catalog
To be shown in Country WTSP Catalogs :   △ Worthy of Country Catalog (or Specific Methodology Catalog)
Not to be shown in WTSP catalogs:          ―   Irrelevant, no significance, etc. 

(5)  Make a Table ('Index Table') of sites with basic information for indexing. (.xlsx)

Site name, Site domain URL, Site location, Site language (possibly multiple languages),
Roles of the site, Site evaluation (◎〇□△), and Site Code (in the country Catalog).




Template of
the Index Table of sites

(6)  Make these manuscripts (3) (5) open for review and revision in the country (or people interested in the methodology).

(7)  Convert these manuscripts into HTML pages (i.e., Web pages).

Attach a hyperlink at the Site Code in the Index Table, and the hyperlink must indicate
the anchor point placed at its site description in the Sites Description page.  
Use a browser for testing the operations and hyperlinks of the Country WTSP Catalog. 

(8)  Submit the completed manuscript of the WTSP Catalog (of the Country
       Part or of the Methodology Part) (with the evaluation levels ◎〇□) to the Project Leader. 

Structure of your
Country WTSP Catalog

(9)  Review the World WTSP Catalogs and adjust/revise them if necessary. 


See more details:



  Schedule of Further Revisions of the WTSP Catalogs (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 18, 2019)

(1) Communications in relation to WTSP and manuscripts/updates of any part of WTSP Catalogs will be accepted by the Project Leader at any time when you are ready.

When you start WTSP activities as a Member/Country Editor/etc., please communicate with me for smoother collaboration by forming Country Teams or Methodology Teams.

(2) Please use the templates and refer samples of WTSP Catalogs effectively, and try to make a small Web site of your own Country/Methodology part of WTSP Catalogs as explained above .

Making manuscripts of TRIZ sites in your country, and improving them in site descriptions, are most important at the present stage.  Try to include and describe important/useful sites first and then extend to the sites less known step by step.

If you are interested in some methodology inside TRIZ or AROUND TRIZ, please try to make a small Web site concerning the methodology (just like the top-down survey cases I made for building the AROUND-TRIZ sites catalogs).

(3) Whenever I receive such manuscripts (or their updates), I will post them, as quickly as possible, in the WTSP pages of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", for further cooperation and open reviews.

(4) Every 3 months, I will integrate those manuscripts/updates into the World WTSP Catalogs and post them in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan". 

Country/Methodology parts of the WTSP Catalogs

World Indexes of WTSP Catalogs

Manuscript submission


Submission due

Integration and posting

any time till Dec. 10, 2019


Dec. 10, 2019

Dec. 31, 2019

any time till Mar. 10, 2020


Mar. 10, 2020

Mar. 31, 2020

any time till Jun. 10, 2020


Jun. 10, 2020

Jun. 30, 2020

(5) The WTSP Platform  in the Bitrix24 system will continue to work, after shifting from the Standard Plan to the Free Plan on Nov. 25, 2019

The Platform has never been used actively by any Team so far.  Use of their own PCs or some near-by cloud systems seems to be easier and more effective for Teams of a small number of members.
For myself, the tasks (3) and (4) can be performed more smoothly on my PC and on my Web site than on the Bitrix24 platform.
Thus I decided to shift the Platform in their service plan from the Standard Plan (costing 2,400 USD/year) to the Free Plan.  The number of active users will be limited to 12, but all the documents will continue to be used as before.

(6) Let's work Together ! Connected !! and report much more useful WTSP Catalogs at the TFC2020 next year !!!



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Practice Guide

Schedule for further revision

ETRIA TFC2019 preentation


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