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Editor:  Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, Osaka Gakuin Univ.)

Posted:  May 7, 2023; Updated: Jun. 29, 2023

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, May 7, 2023)

This page is a Communication Forum for the WTSP Project among WTSP Teams, Members, Readers, etc. together with WTSP Leader and Global Co-editors. 

Communications will be arranged hierarchically (in principle)
     (a) in sections of Month (latest at the top),
     (b) in groups of Topic or Communicating person (earliest at the top), and then
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Jun. 2023

Help to Enhance the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Websites 

Jun, 10 TN ==> TRIZ Colleagues and WTSP Members [WTSP] Letter (34M-2)
PS: TRIZ Forum: On Earthquake Prediction Research and Disaster Mitigation (3rd Index Page) (TN)
On WTSP Organization/Members and WTSP Catalog Data Jun. 20 TN ==>  TRIZ Colleagues and WTSP Members   [WTSP] Letter (35M-1):
[1] Update of (A2) WTSP Organization and List of Members
[2] World WTSP Catalogs: Unfinished Source Data Manuscripts (Index Page)
Jun. 26 Michael Orloff ==> TN:  Inquiry on Catalog Data
Jun. 27 TN ==> M. Orloff:  All the WTSP Catalog Data (published and under preparation)
Some Responses Jun. 22-23 Joanna Majchrzak (Poland) <==> TN:  Preparation for manuscripts in Poland
May 2023
MY-01 ◎ MyTRIZ Site in Malaysia May 7 TN ==> LinkedIn: TRIZ Websites in Malaysia:  MY-01 ◎ MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association) : Most Active & Successful TRIZ Association in the World



  Communications  (Jun. 2023) 


   Help to Enhance the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Websites: Many Good Websites Are Still Missing

  TN ==>  TRIZ Colleagues and WTSP Members    [WTSP] Letter (34M-2)       Jun. 10, 2023  

Hello how are you? 

On Apr. 29, I sent you (and about 170 TRIZ Colleagues) my last WTSP Letter:
    [WTSP] Letter (34M-1AB) Please Help to Enhance the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Websites. Many Good Websites Are Still Missing  

I have received NO positive response so far, to our pity.

We are eagerly looking forward to your contributions of
     Manuscript of your Country Part of the World WTSP TRIZ Catalogs and
     Site descriptions written by individual site owners
          (in Standard Form (mandatory) and in full-length free format (optional))
If you have made some preliminary version, please let me know and send it to me as soon as possible.

I am now waiting for the referee comments on our ETRIA TFC paper, and have to submit the final paper by Jun. 30.
We would like to reflect your manuscripts in it. The time schedule for preparing the Gamma Edition of the World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites by TFC2023 is quite tight.

Please help to make the World WTSP Catalogs "Useful and Attractive".
Best wishes, Toru


PS:  you may be surprised to see my recent article in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" :

TRIZ Forum: On Earthquake Prediction Research and Disaster Mitigation (3rd Index Page) (Toru Nakagawa)   (Jun. 6, 2023)

This topic has become increasingly serious in Japan especially because the risks of earthquake(s) off the central and southern coast of Japan and even bigger than the 2011 East-Japan Earthquake are warned by seismic research community and the Government, saying "70 % possibility for the coming 30 years".

Short-term earthquake prediction is urgently wanted by most Japanese people but Japan Seismic Society and the Government say "it is impossible by the present technology; thus we do not put weights on the prediction research".

In the Forum page I posted two book reviews which I wrote and contributed to the Amazon (Books) website:

(1) "Earthquake Prediction: Development and Prospects" by Tsuneharu Rikitake (Japan Professional Books Publishing, Jan. 2001, 617 pages), review by Toru Nakagawa (Apr. 20, 2015, posted on Amazon website)

(2) "130 Years of Earthquake Prediction Research in Japan: From the Meiji Era to the Great East Japan Earthquake" by Jiro Tomari (University of Tokyo Press, May 2015, 686 pages), review by Toru Nakagawa (Jun. 2, 2023, posted on Amazon website)

My Forum pages are written mostly in Japanese, and just briefly in English.


   On WTSP Organization/Members and WTSP Catalog Data

  TN ==>  TRIZ Colleagues and WTSP Members    [WTSP] Letter (35M-1)       Jun. 20, 2023  

This [WTSP] Letter is an e-mail communication for reporting and promoting WTSP (World TRIZ-related Sites Project).   It is sent to about 200 people in the TRIZ Community around the world.    Most of you are familiar to [WTSP] Letter for many years, while some of you may be new to it even though you might know about WTSP to some extent.   We wish you to join/support the WTSP project as an important activity for proliferating TRIZ world wide.

I have updated the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"    tonight (dated Jun. 19) and posted the following two articles:

[1] Update of (A2) WTSP Organization and List of Members

The page '(A2) Organization of WTSP' has been updated.
The list of Members includes 94 people from 33 different countries. About 40 of them have submitted the Membership Application Form, while others have explicitly expressed their will to join WTSP but have not yet submitted the Application Form,

We have been sending our [WTSP] Letters to about 200 people around the world since the start of the project.   So there are many TRIZ leaders and colleagues who are not listed in the table, but who support the WTSP project.
If you want to contribute to the WTSP, please contact the Country Editor of your country or one of other WTSP leaders shown here.

[2] World WTSP Catalogs: Unfinished Source Data Manuscripts (Index Page)

Before being published in the World WTSP Catalogs, individual manuscripts (e.g., for a country or a SIG) must go through the following 5 Stages:

(1) Initial survey stage,
(2) Preliminary manuscript stage,
(3) Completed manuscript stage,
(4) Published source data stage,
(5) Published World Catalog stage.

Stages (1)(2) are carried out by country/SIG teams, while stages (3)(4)(5) are carried out by the Project Leader (TN).

Manuscripts at various stages are received by TN from countries/SIGs and are openly posted (or just mentioned) on this WTSP site as a basis of further improvement.

This new page lists such unfinished manuscripts which are at Stages (1) to (5), for the purpose of recording without loss/missing, making access easier, and encouraging further preparation/improvement of the manuscripts.

It currently lists:

Internet surveys of 52 individual countries (Stage (1a)),
Summary of Internet surveys of 40 countries (1b);
Preliminary manuscript of websites in Korea (2b),
Partial & preliminary manuscripts of websites in Taiwan (2a),
Revised manuscript of websites in Russian-language region (3a),
Completed manuscripts of websites in UK (4a)(4b),
Completed manuscripts of websites in Germany (4a)(4b),
Completed revised manuscript of websites in Malaysia (4b).

Please contribute new/revised manuscripts of websites in your country/SIG.
We would like to improve/enhance the World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ websites and publish a new edition this year.

Let's work Together ! Connected !! to create the World WTSP Catalogs Useful and Attractive !!!

Best wishes, Toru


 Michael Orloff (Global Co-editor, Germany) ==> TN    Jun. 26, 2023

I would like to ask you the list of the all web-sites gathered in WTSP till today. Studying this list (or lists) I could rethink once more the size and value of the actual results, and also about other possible perspective for the WTSP and possible web-site of WTSP.         Yours, Michael

 TN ==> Michael Orloff    Jun. 27, 2023

Thank you for your attention.
All the WTSP Catalog materials are as follows:

(1) Published as the official current edition of World WTSP Catalogs:
         See its top page:   
         This includes: (A1)(A2) (A1P)(A2P)
                                (C1) (C2) (C1P) (C2P) (C3)

(2) Official Source Data contributed by countries and surveyors
         and form the basis of (1) and
         used and accessed as the Site Description parts of (1):

         Source Documents of the World WTSP Catalogs:

     -- (1)and (2) are officially published for the open use.

(3) Unfinished Source Data Manuscripts

Manuscripts for (2), which are at various intermediate stages of preparation and unfinished yet.
These are documented for further revision/enhancement by developers (e.g., country teams, surveyors, and Project Leader),
at the back-end of the World Catalog system, without public access from (1) and (2).

See: Unfinished Source Data Manuscripts (Index Page) 

Please note the explanation of intermediate stages (Stage (1) to Stage (5)) in the page.
Some manuscripts at their early preparation stages (1)-(2) are received but not posted here due to the request by the editors or my decision. (See the cases of Korea and Taiwan.)
Some almost-finished manuscripts at Stages (4) and (5) are also shown in (2) above (e.g., UK and Germany cases).

These (1)(2)(3) are all the WTSP Materials which are active or to be active in our World WTSP Catalogs.
Best wishes, Toru



   Some Responses

  Joanna Majchrzak (Poland) ==> TN      Jun. 22, 2023

I apologize for the late respons.
If still there is the chance to contribute to your work, please let me know:
     - should I prepared some short description of our status in Poland, related with the numer of website recommended for WTSP,
     - and maybe add some comments/ opinion related with the actual status?

Best Regards, Joanna.

  TN ==> Joanna Majchrzak     Jun. 22, 2023

Thank you for your message.

Yes, of course please contribute manuscripts/reports about the websites in your country at any time.
    Manuscript of a number of websites, on a fact basis, and
    your comments about the situations of WTSP activities,
    and any further.

I understand that poland has at least three important TRIZ groups,
     Prof. Sebastian Kozilorek's group, who organized ETRIA TFC 2016,
     Dr. Jerzy Chrząszcz's group, who organized TFC 2022, and
     Dr. Sergey Yatsunenko's group, who is the new President of MATRIZ.
Can you get any support from them?
Best wishes, Toru

 Joanna Majchrzak (Poland) ==> TN      Jun. 23, 2023

Dear Professor, thank you for your reply.

OK, so I will try to
(1) summarize the actual status of our Website and activities which have been already conducted in order to integrate the knowledge related with TRIZ and produce here in Poland      - I can prepare that till 30th of June,

(2) I will try to communicate and cooperate with the other people here and collect some further understanding related with our cooperation and perspective of our TRIZ groups.

Thank you Professor.      Best Regards, Joanna.






  Communications  (May 2023) 


    MY-01 ◎ MyTRIZ Site in Malaysia

  TN => LinkedIn            May 7, 2023

TRIZ Websites in Malaysia: MY-01 ◎ MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association) : Most Active & Successful TRIZ Association in the World

Eng Hoo Tan has submitted the Index table of TRIZ Websites in Malaysia. It contains 1 ◎, 0 ○, 4 □, and 13 △ websites, with some minor updates (including the two new △ websites) of their Jun 2019 version.

The ◎ website is MY-01 MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association) Official Website.   E.H. Tan explains the progress of TRIZ in Malaysia as follows:

Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association idea was mooted in 2009 by an industry player, an academic official and a government agency. The Association was officially established in March 2011 and joined the International TRIZ Association in November 2011.

With various support from global and regional TRIZ experts in its early days, the community has since progressed to share TRIZ with more than 15,000 practitioners in the South East Asia region. TRIZ continues to be promoted, taught and applied in industry, university and school. Thanks to the passionate community, TRIZ was promoted, taught and applied in industries, universities and schools. The knowledge was even compared, and researched with Borneo natives' tribal knowledge.

The Association was recognized as a leading ASEAN social enterprise initiative for the contributions.

He also sent us the MyTRIZ Annual Report 2022. It is a vivid report of activities in 19 slides with many photos. Slide No. 3 is very interesting to me, and is shown as the top image of this post. It talks about the Responsibility of MyTRIZ Association. The scope and depth of their recognition of responsibility are remarkable. In fact, they carry out many different activities to achieve these goals. It is noteworthy that the 13 △ websites (i.e., not listed in the World WTSP Catalogs but worthy in their Country WTSP Catalogs) are all university websites that offer teaching and training courses in TRIZ.

On the WTSP Website within "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", I have updated the Index table of Malaysia Websites    and included their Annual Report (in HTML and in PDF) as an additional section of their full site description file .

I once participated, in 2012, at their MyTRIZ Conference as one of the keynote speakers and enjoyed much with their presentations, competitions, and social events. Dr. TS Yeoh's keynote speech (as the MyTRIZ President) was impressive and was reposted on my website .

MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association) is the most active and successful association in TRIZ in the world, at the national/regional level. It can be a target model not only at the country level but also at the domestic-local and even international levels.


--- Note (TN, Jun. 28, 2023) :   No responses/communications for over a month in May, to our pity.
    Meanwhile we had discussions among the Global Co-editors what to do to overcome our difficulties in developing the World WTSP Catalogs smoothly.   And I also spent much time to study on a topic very serious in Japan, i.e., "earthquake prediction research and disaster mitigation". 
     Please see the [WTSP] Letters issued on Jun. 10 and Jun. 20.



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