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Introduction of the Site "MyTRIZ Official Site"

Communications between Eng Hoo Tan and Toru Nakagawa


Posted:  Jun. 15, 2020

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jun. 15, 2020)

MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ and Innovation Association) is very active.   Eng Hoo Tan (MyTRIZ) contributed the site descriptions.  Here is the record of our communications with him for refining the manuscripts.

In 2012, I was invited to their MyTRIZ Conference as a keynote speaker, and I was much impressed with their ways of promoting TRIZ in good collaboration among the government, universities, and industries.  See T.S. Yeoh's MyTRIZ President Address at that time and my Conference Report .


May 29, 2020

Eng Hoo Tan ==> TN  Contribution of Site Description (Manuscript 1)
May 29, 2020 TN ==> Eng Hoo Tan Thanks.  Please write in the Standard Form and closely in a free format.

Jun 4, 2020

Eng Hoo Tan ==> TN 

Site Description in the stanadard form and Close description in a free format

Jun. 4, 2020 TN ==> Eng Hoo Tan Thanks.  Sending information of the Index schemes for the Standard Form.

Jun 5, 2020

Eng Hoo Tan ==> TN  Revised manuscript in the Standard Form.
Jun. 5, 2020 TN ==> Eng Hoo Tan The 3-page description in a free format is nice, but could you please describe your activities in a more concrete way?

See the current manuscripts of site descriptions in the separate page (SiteIntro-MY-01-MyTRIZ.html) stored in the WTSP Catalogs.


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Toru Nakagawa (1)

Eng Hoo Tan (2)

TN (2) TN (3) Site Introduction in WTSP Catalog Close site description in free format  

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  Eng Hoo Tan (Malaysia)  ==> TN      May 29, 2020

Dear Prof Dr Toru, Great to read the request for website introduction.

Enclosed is a write-up that support the introduction to MyTRIZ website. Hope this meets the need of your request.

Keep well and stay safe. Very best, Eng Hoo


This website is the homepage of the Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association (MyTRIZ). 

It carries content related to MyTRIZ activities such as key events marketing, TRIZ training and development calendar, important guideline announcement, annual reporting, success stories, etc.

On a membership subscripted webpage, you will be able to access the Association’s annual reports, financial statements and strategic plans, besides the administrative information, you will also get information related to conference proceedings, consultative case studies and client success stories sharing.

MyTRIZ was formally registered on 20 July 2010 and became a member of the International TRIZ Association on 17 November 2011.

The non-profit organization exists for the benefit of those who know the TRIZ methodology, want to learn TRIZ, and wish to apply TRIZ for the benefit of all mankind. It started with the aspiration to share knowledge within Malaysia but has since extended the knowledge transfer to South East Asia countries.

After 10 years of outreach, MyTRIZ has trained more than 15,000 practitioners.

With the vision to develop innovative people and the mission to be the leading contributor of innovation tools, MyTRIZ is keep well with its motto, to promote, teach and apply TRIZ.


  Toru Nakagawa ==> Eng Hoo Tan  May 29, 2020

Dear Eng Hoo, Thank you very much for your quick response and the manuscript of introduction to MyTRIZ site.

I checked the present description of your site in the World WTSP Catalogs. It simply says:

MY-01   ◎〇    MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association) Official Website
http://mytriz.com.my/    Malaysia    en
Roles: (b1) Dedicated associations, (b4) Domestic conferences, (e5) Training organizations
Main public sites for communication, announcement and sharing knowledge of TRIZ in Malaysia and South East Asia. Contact: Tan Eng Hoo

Could you rewrite your present manuscript in two forms?

(1) Please fill in the WTSP Standard Form of Site Introduction.
Use the file attached in my last email.
This is requested for all the sites in the World Catalogs. The Form (in .docx) will be posted in the table form of .html in the Catalog, without changing the contents.

(2) Please write a closer introduction of your site in a free format in .docx in 2-5 pages of A4 size.
      You may use tables, figures, photos, etc. as you like.

Please think about the readers/users of your site introduction. They are two-fold, I think.

(a) People in your country and some more in your neighboring countries, who may have/want chances to get involved in your MyTRIZ activities (either as regular members or occasional visitors).
Vivid descriptions of your activities and contents of your document repository (accessible only by members) may be of interest for them.

(b) People outside your country, especially TRIZ leaders, promoters, practitioners, etc. who would/could learn from MyTRIZ activities and MyTRIZ ways of applying TRIZ (and related methodologies).

When I was invited to your MyTRIZ Conference, I was very much impressed with your way of promoting TRIZ & Innovation methods under the cooperation of government, universities, and industry (Intel), and also with the energetic atmosphere of your conference and people. (See my Participation Report and my posting TS Yeoh's Keynote. )

Please write your strategy, activities (history, facts, achievements, etc.), your way of understanding/applying TRIZ, etc.
We would very much like to learn from various Keynotes, representative papers/presentations, Competitions, etc.

The style of writing closer site-introductions may be quite different depending on the types and nature of the sites. Such styles are not shown yet. (For my site, I used historical review of 21 years of evolution of my research and activities. It may be a case operated by an Editor/main author for a long time.)
Please show a prototype of site introduction for an association promoting TRIZ.

Thanking you again for your cooperation,        Best wishes, Toru


  Eng Hoo Tan (Malaysia)  ==> TN      Jun. 4, 2020

Dear Prof Dr Toru, I have re-written the website description into the given format.

Please refer to attach for the information in the required template. I'm unable to open the reference table for code checking. Will be happy to update the information if we can get the reference table.

I have written about the website in an open format. Added some pictures to support the write-up.

Do let me know if you need more information. Will try our best to obtain them for you.
Very best, Eng Hoo


  Toru Nakagawa ==> Eng Hoo Tan  Jun. 4, 2020

Dear Eng Hoo, Thank you so much for your two manuscripts.

(1) Sorry for the link broken. It is:  https://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/eWTSP-DatabaseSystem/eWTSP-CatalogSystem-IndexSchemes.htm

(2) Your extended site-description is nice. We wish to have some more concrete information of your recent activities with hyperlinks. Please give me a night to think.

Thank you. Best wishes, Toru


  Eng Hoo Tan ==> TN      Jun. 5, 2020

Dear Prof Dr Toru, Thank you for the link. Have updated the information per the guideline. Enclosed is the updated file.

Stay safe, stay well and take care, Very best, Eng Hoo

  Toru Nakagawa ==> Eng Hoo Tan  Jun. 5, 2020

Dear Eng Hoo,

(1) Thank you for your revised file of Standard Site Introduction. I read it and modified so as to match (my) intention of the Form. See attached. Sorry that such intentions are not explained explicitly.

(2) Concerning to the closer Site Introduction, it is not easy to request you specifically. But I feel my email to you on May 29 writes the general points of requests.

You describe various activities and achievements in general terms. Could you please add some more concrete, vivid description to them? Your strategies, ways of promotion, conferences, competitions, trainings in universities, education in secondary schools, participation by people from nearby countries, etc. are all interesting for TRIZ Leaders and practitioners in the world. Please show links to important articles in your site (or else the ones describing about MyTRIZ activities in conference papers, etc.)

I agree the evaluation of MyTRIZ to be ◎. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

(3) I have just made (A0P) World WTSP TRIZ Sites Top Catalog (◎)in Print, which is in a style of ordinary Catalog combining the Index and the Site Descriptions of all the ◎ sites together, and in print.
This should be the form which users want. This makes the current situation of our WTSP Catalogs clear. I.e., many ◎ sites are NOT introduced well.

Best wishes, Toru


==>>   See Site Introduction of MyTRIZ Official Site   in a separate page and also in the (A0P) Catalog.

              In the Standard Form:  Written by Eng Hoo Tan (Jun. 5, 2020), minor revision by TN (Jun. 5, 2020)

              In a free format:  Written by Eng Hoo Tan (Jun. 4, 2020),  expected to be enhanced in near future.


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TN (2) TN (3) Site Introduction in WTSP Catalog Close site description in free format  

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