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Plan and Abstract of our Presentation at ETRIA TFC2021

Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, OGU)
Mar. 22, 2021

Posted:  Mar. 23, 2021

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 22, 2021)

This is the 4th year of our WTSP Project. 

We are planning to enhance our current Beta Edition of World WTSP Catalogs , especially in two aspects:
(a) Getting attractive and useful introductions to excellent websites (especially at the levels ◎○) written by the site owners themselves, and
(b) Getting contributions of useful manuscripts of Country WTSP Catalogs compiled by voluntary WTSP teams in various countries (listing useful websites with introductions by surveyors or better by site owners).

We have submitted our Abstract to the ETRIA TFC2021 which will be held online on Sept. 22-24, 2021under the organization by Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italy).  The Abstract is written in a well designed TFC2021 format (see the news page) and already accepted for presentation.

Nevertheless, our progress of WTSP so far since last October has been very little, to our regret.  Some survey finds that our WTSP Catalogs are 'not popular' among TRIZ specialists.  We are trying to show the merits of introducing their websites in the WTSP Catalogs by demonstration some pioneering samples.  Good websites have a lot and variety of contents.  Thus writing a handy and close introduction to such websites is not an easy task for site owners; but for the same reasons such introductions are helpful for many TRIZ users and can attract new comers to their sites. On the basis of this understanding, we would like to get collaboration by TRIZ specialists to introduce their websites in the Catalogs, and hence to make our WTSP Catalogs attractive and useful for TRIZ Users and TRIZ specialists. (See the Guideline in .)

Further discussions (mostly among the WTSP Global Co-edtors) on the difficulties of WTSP project are disclosed in the page 'WTSP Mails and Letters (Feb.-Mar., 2021)' (Mar. 24, 2021).

We wish to have pioneers and attractive samples of introduction of your websites.


  Abstract submitted to ETRIA TFC2021

Written in the standard format for the Abstract to TFC2021


Practitioner paper

Title of the paper

World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP) (4):
World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ and Around-TRIZ Sites,
Let's Make Them Attractive and Useful !


Toru Nakagawa1, Darrell Mann2, Michael Orloff3, Simon Dewulf4, Simon Litvin5, and Valeri Souchkov6
1 Osaka Gakuin University,  Japan, nakagawa@ogu.ac.jp
2 Systematic Innovation Network,  UK, darrell.mann@systematic-innovation.com
3 Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ,  Germany, michael.orloff@modern-triz-academy.com
4 AULIVE & Innovation Logic ,  Australia, s@aulive.com
5 GEN TRIZ, LLC.,  USA, slitvin@gen-triz.com
6 ICG Training & Consulting, Netherlands, valeri@xtriz.com

Corresponding author

Toru Nakagawa, nakagawa@ogu.ac.jp


World TRIZ Sites Project, WTSP World TRIZ Catalogs, World Around-TRIZ Catalogs, Global collaboration


To build Catalogs of websites in the world in the areas of TRIZ and related methodologies.  Such Catalogs collect good websites with evaluation and classification, where individual websites are introduced properly, thus forming a reliable and active information source in the relevant  rather wide area.


The Catalogs are to be built by voluntary collaboration of many leaders/specialists in the relevant (especially TRIZ) fields in the world.  A voluntary project 'WTSP' has been working for over 3 years.  Websites are recommended and surveyed in each country/specific field and also in the global scale. 
Structure of the Catalogs and the processes for building them are already established, in a scalable and easy-to-update manner.


The Beta Edition of World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites and Around-TRIZ Sites were built and publicized by the end of June 2020.  The World TRIZ Sites Catalog contains 23 Most Important sites and 39 Important sites, while World Around-TRIZ Sites Catalog contains 34 sites and 128 sites.  All these sites have been individually visited, evaluated and introduced briefly by the WTSP project surveyors. 
These results were reported last autumn in 4 international and 1 domestic TRIZ conferences, held online in Russia, USA, Europe (Romania), Asia (Taiwan), and Japan. 

We are now working to enhance them, especially to make them attractive and useful, by obtaining good examples of site introductions and Country WTSP Catalogs.

Practical implications

It is well known that ordinary Internet surveys on TRIZ (or any other topic) give us a flood of information very messy and missing as well.  The WTSP Catalogs are reliable information source of well selected and evaluated sites with appropriate individual introductions.  Thus they are useful for beginners to experts in TRIZ and many other relevant methodologies.  Websites are good chunks of information, containing the works of a group of authors (i.e., a stream of thoughts), being updated actively and accumulated historically.  WTSP Catalogs are useful to get overview of the works and activities in fields, countries, work-types, etc.

Social implications
(if applicable)

This project is completely voluntary based.  It was proposed by a volunteer, started with a number of supporting volunteers, and inviting many more volunteers in the global TRIZ community.  It intends to overcome some competing situations (in the commercial, philosophical, organizational, or historical sense).  The project outputs, i.e., WTSP Catalogs, may include a diversity of websites coming from any group and may show them in their inherent forms. 

Of course, global and individual collaboration is an ideal, and in fact our project faces all the time from the beginning with the fact that many people support and join the WTSP but very few of them actually work for it. 
We are now encouraging many site owners to write and contribute introductions of their own sites and many TRIZ leaders/colleagues to form country teams and build Country WTSP Catalogs. 
Good (i.e., attractive and useful) examples of site introductions and Country Catalogs will encourage other people, we suppose. 


'Catalogs of websites in specific fields' is an original/new concept and a new material. 

Demonstrating the attractiveness and usefulness of such Catalogs will contribute a new value to the society of information in general.  Prototypes and the processes of building  such Catalogs are also valuable.


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Abstract submitted to ETRIA TFC2021


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