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WTSP Mails and Letters:  Feb. - Mar. 2021

Toru Nakagawa, Nikolay Shpakovsky (Russia), Simon Litvin (USA), Michael Orloff (Germany), Christian Spraefico (Italy), Michal Halas (Poland), Joanna Majchrzak (Poland)
Mar. 23, 2021

Posted:  Mar. 24, 2021

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 24, 2021)

This is a record of the on-going discussion inside the WTSP project, especially among the WTSP Global Co-editors (i.e., Toru Nakagawa, Darrell Mann, Michael Orloff, Simon Dewulf, Simon Litvin, and Valeri Souchkov).  On Feb. 23, I submitted the Abstract of our WTSP presentation to ETRIA TFC2016, and in my email to the Global Co-editors I reported the current situations of WTSP and asked their help to overcome our difficulties of very little progress since last October.  Simon Litvin informed us, on Mar. 2, of the voices of his partners located in many different countries, saying "WTSP obviously is not very popular in the TRIZ community, mostly because TRIZ entities (or TRIZ providers) do not find the merits of introducing their websites in the WTSP Catalogs".  I responded on Mar. 4 and Mar. 6 from various aspects.  My main point is: "WTSP Catalogs are principally for TRIZ users (and then for TRIZ specialists).  The better we serve for the users by building WTSP Catalogs containing selected good websites with attractive and useful site introductions, the more we, TRIZ providers, get access from users and partners."   We wish to get collaboration by many of you, TRIZ (and relevant methodologies) specialists ans users.

During these months, January through March, I was working (in parallel to WTSP) for the Japanese translation of Darrell Mann's book "Innovation Capability Maturity Model (ICMM)" (2012), and posted its full texts in my website "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".  Its essence can be seen in my posting in LinkedIn, as recorded at the bottom of this page .


Feb. 16, 2021


"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Feb. 6; Feb. 16, 2021)

Feb. 11

TN ==> Nikolay Shpakovsky (Russia)

Invitation to site introduction

Feb. 17

Nikolay Shpakovsky <==> TN

Manuscripts of site introduction

Feb. 23


"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Feb. 23, 2021)

Feb. 23

TN ==> Global Co-editors

[WTSP] Letter (23G-1): Abstract to ETRIA TFC2021; Current situations; What and How can we proceed?

Mar. 2

Simon Litvin ==> TN, Global Coeditors

WTSP obviously is not very popular in TRIZ community.

Mar. 4

Michael Orloff ==> TN

For further discussion

Mar. 4

TN ==> S. Litvin, M. Orloff, Global Co-editors

Responses for discussion [1]

Mar. 6

TN ==> Global Co-editors

Responses for discussion [2]

Mar. 6; Mar. 7

Michael Orloff <==> TN

How can I contribute?  ==> Concrete requests of contribution

Mar. 19

Christian Spreafico (Italy) ==> TN 

WTSP membership application

Mar. 20


"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Mar. 20, 2021)

Mar. 20

Michal Halas (Poland) ==> TN

Your web pages helped me.

Mar. 20;
Mar. 22

TN <==> Michal Halas, Joanna Majchrzak (Poland)

Please try to build Poland WTSP Catalogs in a team

Mar. 21

TN  Posting in LinkedIn

Darrell Mann's book "Innovation Capability Maturity Model (ICMM)" (2012) has been translated into Japanese and posted in my website.


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Feb. 16, 2021

HP Updated
Feb. 23

TN Letter 23G1
Feb, 23

Mar. 2

TN Response 1
Mar. 4

TN Response 2
Mar. 6


Orloff, Mar. 6

HP Updated
Mar. 20

Halas, Mar. 20

LinkedIn posting
Mar. 21


WTSP Guidelines
Oct. 30, 2020  

Abstract TFC2021,
Feb. 23, 2021




  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Feb. 6; Feb. 16, 2021)  

Darrell Mann's Book "Innovation Capability Maturity Model (ICMM)" (2012) is translated into Japanese and posted in full text.  (Preface, Chapter 1 through Chapter 6)  (Toru Nakagawa)


  TN ==> Nikolay Shpakovsky (Russia)     Feb. 11, 2021     Invitation to site introduction

Hello, I hope you are safe and active.
I am looking forward to receive your contributions of site introduction of your Websites. Good examples of site introductions are crucial and most effective for our WTSP Catalogs to get popular among TRIZ and related methodologies' communities.

Guidelines for site description may be seen in . Please fill in the Standard Form (1 page in A4) and also describe your site more closely in free format (2-5 pages or even more), using figures, photos, tables, etc.
If you have any questions or difficulties, please write to me via email.    Best wishes, Toru

  Nikolay Shpakovsky (Russia) ==> TN     Feb. 17, 2021  

Dear Nakagawa-san, We've sent to Dr. Orloff information about remote training course TRIZ trainer.  I hope the information will appear in the your DB  soon.   Thank you for your providing TRIZ for engineering and Universities.

Take my present for you, please — the book about Evolution Trees.  You could take the one here: (snip)  The cover is in the attachment.   Best regards,  Nikolay

  TN ==> Nikolay Shpakovsky      Feb. 17, 2021    

Dear Nikolay, Thank you for your message. May I ask you to send me the manuscripts of your site which you sent to Dr. Orloff? Good for smoother processing in our WTSP Project.

Thank you for your presenting me your Book about the Evolution Trees. I just took a quick look at your many illustrations. They are impressive. Congratulations!      Best wishes, Toru


  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Feb. 23, 2021)  

Darrell Mann's Book "Innovation Capability Maturity Model (ICMM)" (2012) is translated into Japanese and posted in full text.  (Chapter 7, Chapter 8)  (Toru Nakagawa)


  TN ==> Global Co-editors   Feb. 23, 2021      Abstract to ETRIA TFC2021;  Current situations; What and How can we proceed?

How are you? Last night, I submitted an Abstract on the WTSP Project to the ETRIA TFC2021 to be held on Oct. 22-24 in Italy and online. (The due was Feb. 21.)
(1) My initial draft is attached. It is written in an ordinary style.  [omitted here]
(2) The abstract is re-written in the new template of the TFC2021, as attached here [see ], and submitted to TFC through the EasyChair system.
(3) TFC21 accepted the Abstract, as Submission 63. See the message below. [omitted here]

(4) Sorry for not having written you beforehand. Getting your feedback, we will be able to submit our paper in a better shape in April. In fact, our WTSP Catalogs have improved very little since last October, when I presented our paper at 5 conferences held online.

The following is my brief report to you:

(5) (a) I have posted all our WTSP presentations at 5 conferences held online in Russia, USA, Romania, Taiwan and Japan. (Nov. 11)
(b) Our strategy and guidelines are posted (Nov. 22)

(c) Communicating with the following site owners asking for their close site introductions of their own sites:

      * Larry Ball 'TRIZ Power Tools': posted on Dec. 23
      = Nikolay Shpakovsky 'TRIZ Trainer': preliminary draft (Feb. 13 to Michael Orloff and Feb. 20 to TN)
      - Howard Smith (UK) 'Southbeach Modeller': in preparation
      - Nikolay Bogatyrev (UK) 'BioTRIZ': in preparation
      - Daniel Sheu (Taiwan) 'I-SIM, ICSI, IJoSI': no manuscripts     [preliminary documents arrived on Mar. 18, 2021]
      - Claudia Hentschel (Germany) 'Playing TRIZ': no manuscripts
      - Karen Gadd (UK) 'Oxford Creativity': no response
      - Dmitry Kucheravy (France) 'Khomenko's OTSM': no response
      - Boris Zlotin (USA) 'Ideation TRIZ': no response

(d) I have sent emails to the leaders in the following countries encouraging them to form a WTSP Team and contribute a manuscript of their Country WTSP Catalog.

     - Italy: 7 leaders (sent Dec. 7): no response yet   [One Application to WTSP Membership (Mar. 19, 2021)]
     - France: 7 leaders (sent Dec. 7): no response yet
     - UK: 15 leaders (sent on Dec. 9): no response yet
     - Germany: 13 leaders (sent on Dec. 9): no response yet
     - Korea: 11 leaders (sent on Dec. 9): no response yet
     - USA: 26 leaders (sent on Dec. 9): no response yet

I eagerly need your help. What and how can we proceed?            Best wishes, Toru


  Simon Litvin (USA) ==> TN   CC: Global Co-editors   Mar. 2, 2021   WTSP obviously is not very popular in TRIZ community.

Dear Toru, First of all, thank you for developing and submitting the abstract to TFC-2021. I really appreciate your hard work and dedication in promoting the WTSP project. Actually, you are the soul and engine of this project.

However the WTSP project obviously is not very popular in TRIZ community. That's why your heroic efforts to get new information from different regions and countries are not so successful.

My US-based company GEN TRIZ. LLC. has strategic partnership agreements with partners in multiple countries, like Russia, India, China, South Korea, Israel, Colombia, Taiwan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, etc.

I've asked recently my partners in these countries why they are not participating in the WTSP project and not sharing the websites of TRIZ entities in their countries. There are several causes, but one is in common in all countries:
      TRIZ providers don't understand what are the outcomes of WTSP activities.
      Simply speaking - what specifically TRIZ-based entity can get from the WTSP network.
If we cannot formulate it clearly, the WTSP project will go to nowhere.

Possible incentives for participation in the WTSP project could be as following:
     - Having an access to modern TRIZ R&D results and "invisible" publications.
     - Having an access to international TRIZ resources.
     - Having an access to the potential clients database.
     - Having access to the Global Knowledge Network of subject matter experts who are vitally important for making TRIZ solutions practical and tangible.
     - Other

I am open to discuss.         Best regards, Simon

  Michael Orloff ==> TN     Mar. 4, 2021     For further discussion

Dear Toru, I have got a copy of letter from Mr. Litvin with his opinion that your project needs to be additionally substantiated, what is its practical value and attractiveness for potential partners who own their websites.

I asked you the same question over a year ago .
I am still thinking about it and will also look for a way to help you and support your project in the future.

And now I have two more questions:
1) Did you receive enough help from your partners to create web-sites catalogs for different countries for WTSP?
2) web-site catalogs for which countries do you need to improve further?

Kind regards, Michael


  TN ==> Simon Litvin, Michael Orloff  and Global Co-editors      Mar. 4, 2021    Responses for discussion [1].

Dear Simon Litvin, Thank you very much for your message and discussions.
Dear Michael, Thank you for your efforts and questions.

We need more discussions about our difficulties or unpopularity of the WTSP Projects and WTSP Catalogs. There are many points to be discussed.

(1) "what specifically TRIZ-based entity can get from the WTSP network."

This is a rather difficult question in the current global situations, where many TRIZ-based entities would think to compete with one another instead of cooperating with others.
World WTSP Catalogs should be the tangible outputs of the Project and can be used by all the TRIZ community members and many more ordinary learners and users of TRIZ (and related methods) in the world.

(2) Our most important question is:

"what specifically people interested in TRIZ (and related methods), from the unfamiliar, beginners, users, practitioners, to experts, can get from the WTSP Catalogs built and supported by the cooperative work of the WTSP Project"
And "how various TRIZ-based entities can serve for better outputs (WTSP Catalogs) and for better activities for such people".
The better/more we can serve for people, the more we will get benefits from them in our TRIZ-based activities.

(3) The World/Country WTSP Catalogs should be reliable guides to the good information sources on TRIZ (and related methods), particularly using websites as the unit of information source.

Websites usually have a clear philosophy of their themes, approaches, activities, etc. organized by a group of people having years/decades of history, and yet active in updating. Websites are organized more or less consistently, accessible easily, and obtainable free of charge, etc.

(4) Ordinary TRIZ practitioners/users do not know wide enough (without saying deep enough) about various good methods/practices of TRIZ (and related methods). Even TRIZ experts can not know various excellent and emerging ones in different countries.

But we often have not enough time to survey and read them.
We need a good selection of websites, and good (brief but close enough) introduction of the individual sites.

(5) Taking a look at the World WTSP Catalogs (of TRIZ and Around-TRIZ) actually may be a good start for realizing the (possibility of) usefulness of them.

We have the portable/downloadable versions of the WTSP Catalogs (especially A2P and B2P).

-- Isn't it a good idea to post them in your web sites?   I.e., to make:
   WTSP Catalogs are accessible at the five Global Co-editors' sites and some more?

   [Note (TN, Mar. 23,2021):  World WTSP TRIZ Basic Catalog (A2P) is posted in the Altshuller Institute's Website.]

(6) Top 100 sites (i.e., Z@sites) of TRIZ in the world with the standard format (1 page in A4) of individual site introduction may be a reasonable goal of our WTSP TRIZ Catalog.

Similarly, top 100 sites of Around-TRIZ sites for the WTSP Around-TRIZ Catalog.

(7) Actually, the introduction in 1 page is often too short. Thus we encourage the site owners to write their introduction in several pages in free format, using figures, tables, etc.

Such close introduction would attract more readers. This can be done individually, and will be posted quickly.

(8) Making a list of selected TRIZ Catalogs in each country is the orthodox bottom-up manner.
We need to form a WTSP Team with Country Editor(s) in every country.

(9) We want to have pioneers for (7) and for (8).

Site owners of active sites are always very busy, I know. Thus some staff or relatively young persons may be good for actual work of surveying sites and collecting site introductions.

I sent several emails for asking some people for such pioneering work, as I mentioned in my last mail to you .

Please communicate with your partners and discuss among us more.              Best wishes. Toru


  TN ==> Global Co-editors      Mar. 6, 2021   Responses for discussion [2]

I would like to add some more words to correspond more directly to Simon Litvin's list of possible incentives for TRIZ entities (or TRIZ providers):

(1) Basic assertions in the WTSP project.

The tangible output of the project is the (collection of) WTSP Catalogs, in the forms of World/Country Catalogs, Top (j/ Basic (›j/Extended (› jLevel Catalogs, Index/Printable Type Catalogs, and TRIZ/Around-TRIZ Catalogs.

Another aspect of the tangible outputs is the extended list of active TRIZ providers, who represent themselves in their own websites which are one of the most useful forms of (research/sales) promotion in the current Internet era.

The most important expected intangible output of the WTSP project is the voluntary cooperation of many TRIZ providers (and TRIZ users) to build the Country/World WTSP Catalogs in every individual country and also in the global scale.

Thus networks of TRIZ providers may be available if any TRIZ provider just wants to access others.

Another most important expected intangible output of WTSP is the thorough collection of information about publicized research/practice results, about research/education/practice/ promotion activities, etc.
Such information is originated by individual TRIZ providers (research/education/consulting/ application persons) and is publicized sometimes originally or more often in the forms of re-posting articles published in conferences/journals/ books.
Various information originated by a TRIZ provider is usually expressed in an integrated manner in his/her website.

(2) Now let me respond to the suggestions of possible incentives for TRIZ Providers:
- Having an access to modern TRIZ R&D results and "invisible" publications.

Modern TRIZ R&D results are certainly accessible through the WTSP Catalogs.
Such results are usually published originally as papers/lectures in conferences and in journals, and are often posted in their websites in full text or are certainly accessible through some URLs to such conferences/journals.

The word '"invisible" publications' is confusing.
"Publications" mean that they are presented in the public domain so as to be accessible either freely or through some procedures including memberships, qualification, charges, etc.

Sometimes consultants and user companies show only some abstract information of their research results of their methods/application without disclosing the full contents.  
Such information is not in the public domain. They choose such a strategy for their business purposes. Contents of such information can only be accessible through some appropriate business procedure.

"Publications" are very often not known widely. Thus there are many publications which a specific person does not know, and seemingly invisible or non-existent.

WTSP Catalogs try to make many publications widely known, visible, and accessible.

(3) - Having an access to international TRIZ resources.

World WTSP TRIZ Catalogs are really the access to international TRIZ resources.

Good TRIZ resources are collected, evaluated, classified, and listed carefully, and are introduced individually by the site owners (or by surveyors), as the results of cooperative work by many TRIZ experts and users all over the world.

Various TRIZ resources which have been known only among domestic people are listed and introduced in English according to global criteria.

(4) - Having an access to the potential clients database.

This is not the direct intention of our WTSP Project/Catalogs.

WTSP Catalogs are access to TRIZ provider database from various clients. Clients access to the WTSP Catalogs to find appropriate (TRIZ) providers for their needs/interests.
Some provider(s) chosen will get access from the clients.

Thus it is crucial for a provider to develop good methods/ applications/practices/websites and to introduce their websites in the WTSP Catalogs for demonstrating their attractiveness and usefulness on a fact basis.

WTSP Catalogs may also be helpful for TRIZ providers to survey various user applications of TRIZ by use of Websites of conferences/journals/consultants, etc.

(5) - Having access to the Global Knowledge Network of subject matter experts who are vitally important for making TRIZ solutions practical and tangible.

This is NOT the intention of the WTSP project/Catalogs.

(6) - Other

WTSP Catalogs are emerging as a reliable information source of TRIZ Websites (or TRIZ providers) in the world.

Users and experts in (and around) TRIZ community use them to learn overall situations of TRIZ in the world and to find appropriate partners and consultants for their needs.

Hence it is crucial for TRIZ providers to be introduced (or rather to introduce for themselves) in the WTSP Catalogs. Such introduction must be fair, attractive, and useful, on the fact basis with no hypes nor commercial propaganda.

WTSP Catalogs request site introductions to be written in a mandatory standard form (1 page in A4) and in optional free format (2-5 pages or more in A4).

We now want to have pioneers and early-adopters of site owners to write such close site-introductions. Manuscripts will be accepted at any time by the WTSP Project Leader and will be listed in the WTSP Catalogs as quickly as possible.

As the partners of GEN TRIZ, multiple countries are listed: Russia, India, China, South Korea, Israel, Colombia, Taiwan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, etc. TRIZ activities in some of them, especially Colombia, Turkey, and Kazakhstan, are unfamiliar in the world.

Please consider to introduce TRIZ activities in such countries in the form of Country WTSP Catalogs, individual site introduction, or a brief introductory article.
WTSP Catalogs have a policy of listing at least one TRIZ website in each country in the World Catalogs (› ).

Looking forward to your feedback and discussions,        Best wishes, Toru

  TN ==> Global Co-editors      Mar. 6, 2021      ETRIA TFC2021 Abstract

Our Abstract is now approved by ETRIA TFC2021. See the mail from TFC2021, and also our Abstract attached .

We need to fill in new contents and results of our project by the end of April when we send our full paper.

I need your help !!             Best wishes, Toru


  Michael Orloff ==> TN     Mar. 6, 2021     How can I contribute?

Dear Toru, I have studied the Abstract.
What should I do to contribute something really useful further in your project or in the presentation at TFC21?

  TN ==> Michael Orloff    CC: Global Co-editors      Mar. 7, 2021     Concrete requests of contribution

Dear Michael, Thank you for your message.
I wish to ask you to do:

(1) Please post some of principal World WTSP Catalogs in your own website:
         Either A1P (j or A2P (Zj (Print type) of TRIZ and
         Either B1P (j or B2P (Zj (Print type) of Around-TRIZ

Please download them in PDF from the WTSP website and test them on you PC and on your website. Please tell me of any errors and any suggestions to improve.
- I actually find some errors in the hyperlinks and various points to improve. I will improve them in a month or so.

(2) Please choose several (about 5) websites in Russian Region, which you think most valuable and unique (i.e., not known well outside Russia) and their site owners are cooperative.

And please communicate with such site owners to contribute their site introductions written in the Standard Form and also more closely (and attractively) in Free-format.

In this sense please allow me to communicate with Nikolay Shpakovsky directly to improve his manuscripts much more. We need really good examples of site descriptions.

Introductions to your own site(s) need to be checked. I want your site(s) to be introduced more attractively with figures, photos, cases, etc.

(3) Do you have any suggestions for starting cooperative work for WTSP in Germany?

I have a trouble that my emails do not reach Pavel Livotov because of the SPAM protection on his side. Could you please tell him to put my email addresses in his 'white' list? nakagawa@ogu.ac.jp and toru.nakagawa@jcom.home.ne.jp

Thanking you again,          Best wishes, Toru

  Michael Orloff ==> TN     Mar. 7, 2021      OK. 

Thank you, Toru!   I put the topics in my schedule.

Really, Nikolai Shpakovsky is my colleague and not a competitor, we are both from Minsk, Belarus, and we were in contact for several years during our cooperation at the Dr. Tsouricov project "Invention Machine", we have met also during his and my work at Samsung.  We are in contact now via messages, and I believe that you may cooperate doubtlessly with any of us and without "permission" from someone of us :))

I inform you next week about my possibility to do something further.         Best to you, Michael

  Christian Spreafico (Italy) ==> TN     Mar. 19, 2021     Membership application

Dear professor Nakagawa, I would be grateful to be able to participate voluntarily in your project "World TRIZ-related Sites Project". In attachment the application form.     best regards,  Christian Spreafico


  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Mar. 20, 2021)  

Darrell Mann's Book "Innovation Capability Maturity Model (ICMM)" (2012) is translated into Japanese and posted in full text.  (Chapter 8 through Chapter 12)  (Posting completed) (Toru Nakagawa)


  Michal Halas (Poland) ==> TN     Mar. 20, 2021      Your web pages helped me.

Dear Toru, Thank you very much for your great work with keeping all the TRIZ publications. Recently your web page helped me a lot, as original ETRIA TFC2016 conference website is no longer available and I could use your web page to find an article and author I was interested in.

Is there any way I could help to support your webpage? For sure you are paying for web services, so I could add to this? Many other web pages are showing how to support them, please think about such possibility.

We have third wave of COVID now in Poland (and Europe), 3 people I knew died, no one from my family and no one from TRIZ community here in Poland. But still it is sad. It will be over sometime soon.

Thank you again for your splendid work,         Michal Halas, Poland

  TN ==> Michal Halas   CC: Joanna Majchrzak, MS, LK (Poland)     Mar. 20, 2021

Dear Michal Halas, It is my pleasure that my webpages helped you find a paper presented in ETRIA TFC2016.

Thank you for your message of suggesting your help to our work.
Osaka Gakuin University, from which I retired in 2012, is still supporting me to use their Web server and email address, and occasional technical assistance, all for free. So I manage to operate all my work on the basis of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", by tel-working at my home.

Could you please help us to promote TRIZ in the form of the World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP)?
The Guidelines for building Country/World WTSP Catalogs are posted in my site .

In Poland Mrs. Joanna Majchrzak, Assistant Professor at Poznan University of Technology, has volunteered to be the WTSP Country Editor; and Maksymilian Smolnik (Krakow) and Lukasz Kogut (Zlotoryja) are WTSP Members.
Would you please communicate with them and try to build Poland WTSP Catalogs in a team? I am sending CC of this mail to the 3 persons.

Looking forward to hearing from you again,           Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa

  Joanna Majchrzak (Poland) ==> TN  CC: Michal Halas, MS, LK      Mar. 22, 2021     Poland WTSP Team

Dear Professor, I would like to kindly thank you for your e-mail.

And, I am glad to see the new interest in supporting the TRIZ eWTSP.

Thank you.          Best Regards, Joanna.



  Posting in 'TRIZ and Innovation' Group in LinkedIn (Toru Nakagawa)  (Mar. 21, 2021) 

Darrell Mann's book "Innovation Capability Maturity Model (ICMM)" (2012) has been translated into Japanese and posted in its full texts in my website "TRIZ Home Page in Japan". In the English page, I show an extended Table of Contents, where sub-section titles are made newly for better readability.

  The Figure 8.5 shown above is newly made in the Japanese Edition, in order to clarify the Author's writing. The relationships between the Innovation capability and possible Innovation results are described here clearly. Its left part comes from Fig. 8.1 (5 Levels of Innovation Capability) after rearranging the 5 levels from bottom to top. Its right part comes from Fig. 8.4 (5 Types (or 5 Levels) of Innovation Results). Its middle part represents the Author's explanation with arrows, showing possible Innovation Outputs based on the ICMM Innovation Capability Level. This figure happens to represent the essence of the whole ICMM book. You may refer to the original Darrell Mann's ICMM Book. We are very happy to introduce Darrell Mann' excellent work in Japanese translation. I should have learned the book much earlier; but the book still gives us a lot of new understanding of the nature of innovations and what we should do to build up our organization's capability to innovate.  


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Orloff, Mar. 6

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LinkedIn posting
Mar. 21


WTSP Guidelines
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Abstract TFC2021,
Feb. 23, 2021



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