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Aug. 2023
We Accept Diversity of Websites in the WTSP Catalogs Aug. 13,

TN ==> LinkedIn: World WTSP Catalogs Accept Diversity of Websites To Get Overall Views of TRIZ from Multiple Perspectives

Aug. 13

Wolfgang Sallaberger (Austria) ==> LinkedIn:  Comment

Aug. 23

TN ==> LinkedIn:  Reply:  4 access pages related to WTSP Catalogs

Access to Country Parts Data from Various Countries Aug. 23,

Michael Orloff <==> TN:  Q&A: Relationship of "4 countries", "52 countries", "40 countries", and "12 countries"

Aug. 24 Michael Orloff <==> TN:  Q&A: Access to Country Parts of various countries, Unfinished manuscripts and Published source data.
Manuscript of MENA (Middle East & North Africa) Region Arabic Websites Aug. 28

Khaled Shoaib (Egypt)  ==> TN : Submission of a table of 15 websites in MENA Arabic Region.

Aug. 28

TN ==> Khaled Shoaib:  Thanks.  I am going to convert your data into the WTSP format of MENA Part of World WTSP Catalogs.

Sept. 1

TN ==> Khaled Shoaib:  "Preliminary Manuscript of MENA Arabic Region of World WTSP Catalogs (K. Shoaib)" is uploaded .  Some points for further improvement.



Jul. 2023
World WTSP Catalogs: Preparation Process and Documents Jul. 1

TN ==> LinkedIn: World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ & Around-TRIZ Websites: Preparation Process and Documents

Jul. 1

TN ==>  TRIZ Colleagues and WTSP Members   [WTSP] Letter (35M-2): LinkedIn Posting:

Prepararion of Taiwan Part Jul. 8

Ming-Hung Sung (Taiwan) ==> TN:  Site descriptions of 8 sites.

Jul. 18

TN ==> Ming-Hung Sung:  I set all your manuscripts into the form of Taiwan Part of World WTSP Catalogs.  Please check them.

Evaluation of Websites Jul. 20

TN ==> LinkedIn:  Evaluation of websites for the World WTSP Catalogs; Delicate but necessary for creating the Values of the Catalogs.

Jul. 21

TN ==>  TRIZ Colleagues and WTSP Members   [WTSP] Letter (35M-3): LinkedIn Posting: On Evaluation of websites

Preparation for Sweden and Norway Parts Jul. 18

TN ==> Kent Häll  (Norway): Could you please serve as the WTSP Country Editor of Sweden and Norway?

Jul. 20

Kent Häll ==> TN:  I appreciate your invitation, but what and how can I help you?

Jul. 22

TN ==> Kent Häll : I wish you to visit TRIZ websites in Sweden and Norway and prepare for the manuscript of Country Parts of World WTSP Catalogs. Here are some instructions.  



  Communications  (Aug. 2023) 


     We Accept Diversity of Websites in the WTSP Catalogs

  TN ==>  LinkedIn     Aug. 13, 2023       See: in LinkedIn ,  in WTSP  

World WTSP Catalogs Accept Diversity of Websites
To Get Overall Views of TRIZ from Multiple Perspectives

In my last posting , we discuss the evaluation criteria of individual websites. We use multiple aspects (i.e., Quality, Usefulness, Attractiveness, Accessibility, and Scope) to allow diversity and to respect the strengths of websites. We talk about the Values of World WTSP Catalogs mostly at the point of the Value of Attractiveness of individual websites, which can be created by the Site owners with their site introductions and which provides the site owners by turn with the Value of publicity. 


We now go ahead to discuss the evaluation criteria of websites from the Values of the World WTSP Catalogs as a whole. We mainly talk about the Value of Usefulness of the World WTSP Catalogs which can be created by the cooperative work of many TRIZ professionals through the compilation of a diversity of good TRIZ websites in the world, and which provides all TRIZ professionals by turn with the Value of Visibility of the field, without mentioning the Values of Useful Information about TRIZ to a huge number of users/readers in the world.

You might have noticed that our Website Evaluation Criteria do not mention restricting (1) approaches/subfields of TRIZ, (2) types/roles of websites, and (3) locations and languages. This choice is because we know a large diversity of TRIZ-related websites in these aspects and we respect such diversity as the source of driving power in the development/evolution of any methodology like TRIZ. Our Evaluation Criteria of WTSP Websites explained in my last posting are applicable and effective (more or less in common) in the divergent situations concerning these aspects (1)(2)(3).


(1) Importance of Diversity of Approaches/subfields of TRIZ

This policy is natural/fundamental and based on the reflection of the emergence/development/evolution of any (academic) concept/method/field like TRIZ. A concept (or method) is originated by a person who recognized and tried to solve a problem, and he/she (or his/her group) enhances it by using his/her background knowledge, introducing knowledge from adjacent fields, and applying it to various problems. When the method is applied to different types/fields of problems, the method adjusts itself by modifying/expanding some parts and gradually forms a variant of the method. When the method grows to have multiple sub-methods and multiple variants, it may try to unify (or simplify) them. Meeting with new application fields, new members of different backgrounds, rival methods, drastic changes in environments, etc. is a challenge for the method to make a big change. The successful evolution of a method under these challenging situations naturally forms some diversity in their approaches, concepts, methods, etc.   If, on the contrary, a method try to stick to the original (old) concept, method, application field, etc., then the method will not grow much. TRIZ is a case of successful evolution in its history of nearly 8 decades as you know. 

The core part of TRIZ is called "Classical TRIZ". It is the methodology started, developed, and established by the originator G.S. Altshuller with his direct leadership in ex-USSR in the era from 1946 to 1985. It is a system of creative problem-solving methods, backed up by concepts of technical system evolution and contradictions, knowledge bases extracted mainly from patents, and applied mostly in the fields of engineering. Extensions of TRIZ since 1985 or the 1990s after the end of the Cold War are collectively called "Contemporary TRIZ" or "Modernized TRIZ", and include a variety of approaches.  

TRIZ in the application fields of engineering/technologies is the mainstream, successfully introduced/applied in various industries in many countries, partly adopting various concepts/methods in industrial engineering and management, and using computer software that supports TRIZ ideation processes in handling various knowledge bases. 

One important extension is the application of TRIZ to the business and management field, where various concepts and methods of TRIZ (in technology) need to be modified/adjusted. Applying TRIZ to the problems in the IT/software fields also requires another way of modification. Bio-TRIZ is an approach to learning numerous hidden ideas which plants and animals (and nature in general) obtained and implemented in their lives through the evolution history of a few billion years and to transfer and apply them to human culture. 

Encountering new application fields and various other methods influences TRIZ; sometimes to adopt their concepts/methods/tools into TRIZ, combine and integrate their concepts/methods/tools into a new extended scheme in TRIZ, and get inspired to generate a new concept/method/tool. Various variations of TRIZ in these ways may sometimes be called Modernized TRIZ. 

To understand/teach/apply TRIZ having such variations, some people in TRIZ try to simplify TRIZ by choosing/extracting the essences of the methods and reforming them into an easy but effective method. Unifying some variety of methods into a generalized method, and restructuring some complicated processes into a new scheme may be other examples of the evolution of TRIZ.  

We, the WTSP project, accept all these different approaches and variations of TRIZ under the evaluation criteria of individual websites mentioned earlier. Selection of good approaches and variations of TRIZ will occur gradually through trials and practices in the real world; that is the history of the evolution of a methodology, like TRIZ, we believe.


(2) Importance of Diversity of types/roles of websites in TRIZ

 Besides the variations of the methodical approach discussed above, we see much diversity of types of websites concerning the roles/positions/purposes of websites, application fields, target audiences, etc. We have a general policy to accept such diversities. To categorize websites, we use the roles of websites; that are close to the roles of the site owners, social positions of site owner organizations, and purposes for the site owner organizations to operate the websites. We set 9 roles first and subdivided them in an ad hoc manner to represent various websites better. 

The main categories of Roles of websites  are (a) Information sending sites, (b) Promoter organizations, (c) Public organizations, (d) Academia, (e) Developer organizations, (f) Publishing organizations, (g) Information sharing, (h) User organizations, and (j) Personal. We categorize websites concerning their roles with TRIZ. Thus, we mean (a) Information sending on TRIZ, (b) Promoting TRIZ, (e) Developing TRIZ, (g) Information sharing on TRIZ, and (h) Users of TRIZ. Please note, for example, many industrial companies who apply TRIZ to their products and present their case studies at conferences and post on their websites are classified as (h) Users of TRIZ.

Category (a) is important. (a1) Dedicated to information sending is a website actively and openly sending TRIZ information (methods, case studies, texts, knowledge bases, etc.) developed by themselves. While (a2) Public Web sites for information sending is a website that invites/accepts good TRIZ information by other groups besides sending information by the site owners. 

In (d) Academia, we notice new forms of education on TRIZ (included in much wider fields) such as (d6)Dedicated education courses, (d7) Open education (MOOC, etc.), (d8) Public education, (d9) Extension Schools.

Websites of (e) Developer organizations are most active and lead the development of TRIZ.  They include: (e1) Method developers, (e2) Software/tool developers, (e3) Dealers, (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations, (e6) Seminar organizations, (e7) Networking/matching organizations, (e8) Solution providers, (e9) Financial organizations, (e10) Software/Tool services (free or charged), (e11) Think Tanks

We know it is usual that a website has multiple roles/purposes. Thus we choose multiple roles (using subcategories) in the order of importance for the website. Some surveyor writes the roles of a website simply in alphabetical order such as (a1)(e1)(e4)(e5). But we should better write the roles in the order of importance to distinguish the four cases;

          (e1) Method developer, (a1) Dedicated to information sending, (e5)(e4) 
          (a1) Dedicated to information sending, (e1) Method developer, (e5)(e4) 
          (e4) Consultants, (e1) Method developer, (e5)(a1) 
          (e5) Training organization, (a1) Dedicated to information sending, (e1)(e4)


  (3) Diversity in locations (countries) and languages

We positively accept the diversity of locations and languages. Such diversity means the propagation of TRIZ into various countries widely and also deeply into various national languages. 

One of the most important roles of World WTSP Catalogs is to introduce TRIZ works established and further extended in Russia (and Belarus and Ukraine) and written in the Russian language. Since the 1990s the core parts of Classical TRIZ have already been introduced to the (Western) World, but there should be more TRIZ-related works that have not been well introduced yet outside Russia and in English.  For the introduction purpose, we need site descriptions by the site owners in the WTSP Standard Form and more thoroughly in free format.

Our World Catalogs want to play the important role of introducing many good TRIZ works which are publicized in their own countries in their national languages but are little known in the world in English. Reading proper introduction of websites in the World WTSP Catalogs gives us impressions enough to visit the websites possibly with the help of some machine translators.


We should note that even TRIZ professionals having TRIZ experiences for one or two decades know only some limited parts of TRIZ works in the world. Getting overviews of TRIZ works and activities is important for TRIZ professionals as well as ordinary users and beginners.  The World WTSP Catalogs provide us, especially TRIZ professionals, with the Values of opportunities to compile the overall views of TRIZ and also the Values of studying such overall views of TRIZ.

In the next posting, I am going to talk about the Values of our Catalogs from ordinary users' viewpoints. 

  Wolfgang Sallaberger (Austria)  ==>  LinkedIn  ("TRIZ and Innovation" Group)  Comment   Aug. 13, 2023

@all in this group, if you are sincerely interested in the various aspects of TRIZ then please see that global collection of applied TRIZ . Dr. Nakagawa gives a global collection of TRIZ applications and homepages. You probably will find groups and websites nearby so you can join, you might also find your own website here. Explore here  .  That serves you as professional as well as your children!!!

  TN  ==>  Wolfgang Sallaberger  in LinkedIn  ("TRIZ and Innovation" Group)   Note   Aug. 23, 2023

Dear Wolfgang, thank you very much for your encouraging comment. I now notice your comment posted two weeks ago, and I am sorry for my carelessness.

Since my website "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" contains so many (1,800+ in English) pages, I would like to list URL's of some entrance pages.

(1) Top page of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (in English).  .

(2) Introduction of the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" website, written as a site introduction for the World WTSP Catalogs. 

(3) Top page of the WTSP Project website, inside the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" website.

(4) Top page of the World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ-related Websites. 

(5) Presentations/papers on the WTSP Project/Catalogs: See in (3).
Note: I am going to post our new versions in a few weeks:



     Access to Country Parts Data from Various Countries

  Michael Orloff  ==> TN    Aug. 23, 2023

I wonder why Russian Language countries are not included in your list of  "52 Countries individually surveyed for TRIZ sites in 2021"?

  TN  ==>  Michael Orloff    Aug. 23, 2023

Sorry for my confusing you.    My intention was:

  2020 Beta Edition:  Japan, Malaysia, China, Russian region, USA (Slide #7)

  2021 Survey:          52 countries (other than the above)  (#8)
                                      40 countries (minor in TRIZ):  investigated roughly. (#8)
                                      12 countries (major in TRIZ)   left to be investigated (#9)
                                              (2 of them (UK, Germany) are now fully investigated)

Thus we are handling about 60 countries in total.

  Michael Orloff  ==> TN    Aug. 24, 2023

Please, could you give me once more a link(s) for catalog(s) just for these "about 60 countries" to rethink what could be dome later for WTSP?

  TN  ==>  Michael Orloff    Aug. 24, 2023

(1) The Index page of all the Unfinished Source Data Manuscripts is:  

(2) World TRIZ Sites Project Source Documents of the World WTSP Catalogs; 
       This Index page contains indexes of:

(1) From Teams of Various Countries
(2) Cases of Surveys for TRIZ Sites
(3) Cases of Surveys for AROUND-TRIZ Sites
(4) Contributions of SIGs (Special Interest Group), Mostly on Around-TRIZ Sites
(5) Contributions of (Optional) Full Site Introductions (by individual site owners)

All these source data are basic parts of the Published World Catalogs and are referred from the Index pages of World Catalogs.



     Manuscript of MENA (Middle East & North Africa) Region Arabic Websites

  Khaled Shoaib (Egypt)  ==> TN    Aug. 28, 2023

Dear Prof. Nakagawa, I hope this email finds you well.
Actually I thought that, I've already sent the first trial version of MENA websites list last weeks but I surprised that, I didn't.  So please accept my apology.

Anyway, please find the attached files.  I hope I could support you before your next seminar concerning this great project.

FYI, I'll be busy till the end of October then I'll start second round of research in order to update the related list by other companies / institutions.

Kindly, let me know if you've any comments related to first trial version of MENA websites list.  I'll try to respond to your inquiries in the available time if possible.
Thanks for your kind understanding and all the best to you.   Khaled

 TN ==> Khaled Shoaib   CC: Michael Orloff     Aug. 28, 2023

Thank you very much for your intensive survey results of TRIZ-related websites in MENA region.
I read your two files quickly, and am thinking to arrange your data in a format of WTSP Catalogs.
I will write you again in a few days.  Thanks again, Best wishes,  Toru

        Note:  In a .docx file, a large table contains information of 15 websites with the following collums:
                    Site code, Site name, Site domain URL, Owner/key person, e-mail, Site location, Site language,
                   Role of site, Evaluation, Single-line description, Desc (Y/N), Description (name, date).
                 Another file shows the country codes of the 5 countries to be added in our Guideline page:
                    qa: Qatar, iq: iraq, ae: UAE, kw: Kuwait, dz: Algeria

 TN ==> Khaled Shoaib   CC: Michael Orloff, Adehi Guehika    Sept. 1, 2023

Thank you very much Khaled for your results of intensive survey.

I have just compiled your results into our WTSP Manuscript Form, an HTML page of Index table and Site descriptions. I uploaded the page into our WTSP website, in the manuscript folder.  Please access it directly with the URL: 

"Preliminary Manuscript of MENA Arabic Region of World WTSP Catalogs" (Khaled Shoaib (Egypt)).                 [Note:  this URL is made open on Sept. 10, 2023)]

In the Editor's Note (PS), I write some suggestions for asking you to brush it up.

Thank you very much, Dear Khaled.   This is a very intensive survey and good manuscript.
Please consider to improve further in the following points.

(1) Please use the following form of Site name, in case of a sub-organization:
              PU (Parent University) :   SI (Subsidiary Institute)

(2) Please write the Domain URL  (of the Subsidiary Institute), not a web page.

(3) If a particular web page (or articles) is important, write the reference/URL of the page inside the site description. 

(4) "Roles of Site" are used in WTSP Catalogs to categorize many websites.  Thus, please specify the Roles in the order of importance for the site; 1st Role and 2nd Role (3rd, 4th, ..., if possible).

(5) Your Sigle-line description is well written.  If it is an excerpt from "About us" page (or top pages), please mention it in a way "About us : ".  If it is an introduction that you wrote in summary, the present form is OK.

(6) Evaluation of websites is delicate and important.  Please examine the current gradings while keeping in mind the following points.

(a) For every website, please show two evaluations:  One (T) is the evaluation as a TRIZ website, and the other (A) is the evaluation as an Around-TRIZ (i.e., Creative problem-solving methodologies in general and around TRIZ) site.

(b) There may be some cases where the website of Parent organization (such as, Universities, Journals, Repositories, etc.) is good/important as an Around-TRIZ site, and it includes a few (not so significant) webpages in relation to TRIZ.  Then, high grade for (A), but low grade for (T).

(c) There may be some other cases where a website of a sub-organization (such as institute, laboratory, course, etc.) is significant in TRIZ.  Then show the website in the form of "Parent organization : Sub-organization" with a high evaluation grade in (T). 

(d) Please note that the grades ◎○□ are evaluated in the world standard.  Your current evaluations seem too high for some websites. 

(7) You may write Key person only for the cases whom we may write a message directly (such as the professor leading a course/laboratory, the leader of a consulting firm, the editor of a website, etc), while we may omit for other cases (such as the President of a University).  In the latter cases, we may show the email address (such as info@xxx, editor@xxx).


Note (TN, Sept. 10, 2023):  "Preliminary Manuscript of MENA Arabic Region of World WTSP Catalogs" (by Khaled Shoaib (Egypt)) is now uploaded as an not-yet finished Manuscript.    




  Communications  (Jul. 2023) 


  World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ & Around-TRIZ Websites: Preparation Process and Documents

  TN ==>  LinkedIn     Jul.  1, 2023         See: in LinkedIn  ,  in WTSP  


World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ & Around-TRIZ Websites: Preparation Process and Documents

We have just submitted our Final Paper to ETRIA TFC2023. "WTSP Report (6) Catalogs of TRIZ and Around-TRIZ Sites in the World (Preparing for Gamma Edition)" by Toru Nakagawa et al. The paper reports our recent activities for building the World WTSP Catalogs, with special attention to overcoming the difficulty: "Many TRIZ colleagues support the WTSP Project, but very few of them actually work to build the World WTSP Catalogs". You have seen such WTSP activities and situations in my series of LinkedIn Postings, such as Abstract , Values of the Catalogs , Call for Contributions , Current World TRIZ Catalogs , etc.

Contributions of manuscripts from country teams have been very little for these six months. Thus, we have decided to postpone building our Gamma Edition from Sept. 2023 (TFC2023) to the end of 2023. We will explain to you how to create the Values of WTSP Catalogs, again in a new series, in order to ask you for your cooperation.

First, in this posting, I am going to explain the (typical) process of building the (Country Part of) World WTSP Catalogs. See the table in the Top Figure.

Stage (1) In each country, form a small group of volunteers (WTSP Team) of TRIZ leaders/pioneers/practitioners. Try Internet surveys (often done already) and gather TRIZ websites you already know. Visit the websites one by one to understand the contents roughly. Then, write Brief introduction to the website using excerpts from top pages, "About us" pages, etc. Describe Basic Information for Index: besides Site name and URL, Roles of site, and Evaluation in 5 grades (◎○□△―)are important.

Stage (2) List selected websites, together with the descriptions. Discussions about the Evaluation and Roles of site are useful. Ask the site owners for checking the site introduction and for writing their own introductions in Standard Form (mandatory) and fully in a separate file in free format (optional). Collecting all the data, make the Manuscript of Country WTSP Catalogs (◎○□△) as a pair of Index file and Site description file, using hyperlinks to connect the site in Index to the site description. Show the Manuscript to the TRIZ community of your country and submit it to the Project Leader.

Stage (3) Project Leader checks the contributed Manuscript itself, and also checks and adjusts with the descriptions in other parts of published World WTSP Catalogs. and edits it into a completed Manuscript of the Country Part of World WTSP Catalogs.

Stage (4) Now the completed Manuscript is published in the World WTSP Catalogs system as one of the source data of the Catalogs.

Stage (5) The sites in the Country Part are now fully incorporated into the Index parts of (various) World WTSP Catalogs. In this manner, all the contributions of Manuscripts from different countries/SIGs are actively used in the Published World WTSP Catalogs. When any site/part is updated/revised, the process (1) through (5) needs to be followed; revision at Stage (5) is done as either an intermediate version-up or a new Edition (for example every 2 years).

Documents/data of the World WTSP Catalogs system are stored and accessed as follows;

(1) (Currently active) Published World WTSP Catalogs: See Top Page of the World WTSP Catalogs . This includes: TRIZ sites: (A1) (A1P) ◎, (A2)(A2P)◎○ ; Around-TRIZ Sites: (C1)(C1P) ◎, (C2)(C2P) ◎○, (C3) □

(2) (Currently active) Published Source Data of the World WTSP Catalogs: See the index page . Usually accessed (implicitly) from the Top Page of the World Catalogs. 

(3) (Intermediate Stages of preparation) Manuscripts/drafts contributed by different countries/SIGs: See the index page . To be accessed only by Catalog developers (country editors, Project Leader, etc.)

Contributions of Country Manuscripts (from WTSP Teams) and Full site descriptions (from Site owners) are very welcome, at any time (hopefully by the end of October) to meet the publication of the Gamma Edition (Dec. 30, 2023).

Let's work Together ! Connected !! to make the World WTSP Catalogs "Useful and Attractive" !!!


  TN ==> TRIZ Colleagues and WTSP Members        [WTSP] Letter (35M-2)    Jul. 1, 2023

I updated the WTSP site inside "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" on Jun. 30 and posted a new article on LinkedIn.   Some of the main points are:

[a] We submitted our Final Paper to ETRIA TFC2023. The paper writes our efforts for overcoming our difficulty: "Many TRIZ colleagues support the WTSP Project, but very few of them actually work to build the World WTSP Catalogs"
[b] The difficult situations have been apparent for these 6 months. Thus we decided to postpone building our Gamma Edition from Sept. 2023 (TFC2023) to the end of 2023.
Contributions of Country Manuscripts (from WTSP Teams) and Full site descriptions (from Site owners) are very welcome, at any time (hopefully by the end of October).
I should better send individual invitation letters to these people (including you), but it would exceed my capacity, unfortunately.
[c] For overcoming the difficulty, I have started a new series of postings in LinkedIn, where we can expect much larger audience in TRIZ,

Here is the First posting of the new series in LinkedIn: "World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ & Around-TRIZ Websites: Preparation Process and Documents" (Toru Nakagawa, Jul. 1, 2023)     Top Figure (Attached); Full text in PDF (Attached) .
Let's work Together ! Connected !! to make the World WTSP Catalogs "Useful and Attractive" !!!
Best wishes, Toru



   Prepararion of Taiwan Part of World WTSP Catalogs

  Ming-Hung Sung (Taiwan)  ==>  TN    CC: Daniel Sheu (Taiwan)      Jul. 8, 2023  

Please find enclosed a zip file of site description file (Sites-TW.html) containing seven web pages (the ◎○□ levels).     [Note:   ◎ 2 sites,  ○  0, □ 5 ]
Best wishes, Dr. Sung

  TN ==> Ming-Hung Sung       CC: Daniel Sheu      Jul. 10, 2023  

Thank you for your contributing the site descriptions of seven TRIZ websites in Taiwan. I will read them carefully and set up a Manuscript of Taiwan Part of World WTSP Catalogs. Please give me a week for the work.
Best wishes, Toru

  TN ==> Ming-Hung Sung       CC: Daniel Sheu      Jul. 18, 2023  

I have just prepared a draft webpage of " Manuscripts of WTSP Catalogs of Taiwan".
Please see the html file attached.  Its preparation history may be summarized as:

(1) TN (Jun. 12, 2021)  Internet survey of TRIZ sites in Taiwan (47 sites) 
(2) TN (Dec. 18, 2022)  Preliminary draft of Manuscript.  (Only top 3 sites in Taiwan)
(3) MH Sung (Mar. 26, 2023) Preliminary manuscript of 9 sites (written in the WTSP Standard Form (b))
(4) MH Sung (Apr. 10, 2023) Index table of the 9 sites listed in (3) (◎1, ○5, □3)
(5) MH Sung (Apr. 30, 2023) Index (summary) table of 47sites (◎1, ○1, □4, △26, ー15)
(6) MH Sung (Jul. 8, 2023) Site descriptions of the top 7 sites in the Standard Form (b) (◎2, ○0, □5)
(7) TN (Jul 16, 2023) Edited into Preliminary Manuscript of Taiwan Part of World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites by combining the information of (2)(5)(6). (◎2, ○3, □2, △25).

The page is composed of the following sections :
     Index table of TRIZ websites in Taiwan:  included in World Catalogs (◎○□)  7 sites
                                                to be ncluded in Country Catalog (△) 25sites 
     Site descriptions of the top 7 sites (◎○□)

I very much appreciate that Prof. Ming-Hung Sung, WTSP Country Editor of Taiwan, have worked hard to visit 47 websitess detected in the Internet survey, to undrstand and evaluate them, and write introductions to important websites in the WTSP Standard Form,

Please review the draft carefully, because I have adjusted various points from your original documents.   Especially, please note the revision of Evaluation of a few sites.   Tell me any important points you want to refine before posting this openly for the review by your colleagues in Taiwan (and any other people).

Thank you very much Dr. Ming-Huang Sung for your so much efforts and cooperation.
Best wishes, Toru



     Evaluation of Websites for the World WTSP Catalogs:

  TN ==>  LinkedIn     Jul.  20, 2023       See: in LinkedIn ,  in WTSP  


Evaluation of Websites for the World WTSP Catalogs: Delicate but Necessary for Creating the Values of the Catalogs

One delicate issue is the Evaluation of websites in our World WTSP Catalogs. Users/readers of any Catalogs want the Catalogs to show selected good items. This is obvious when we think of Michelin Catalogs of excellent restaurants, Catalogs of World Heritages, etc. Such famous Catalogs have already established their status after a lot of efforts by many people in their history.  And many restaurants, historical sites, etc. make much effort for being registered in the Catalogs.

(1) In the case of our WTSP Catalogs, however, owners of TRIZ websites are often not active to contribute their site introductions to the Catalogs. They say "We have already built our website with much effort in a clear, useful, and attractive way;  we are too busy to write an extra introduction for the WTSP Catalog which is not yet widely known; we do not like our websites evaluated by others, especially by our competitors".  This may be a typical response by people to any promotion/publishing media at their initial stage. ==> This loses the opportunity of the Value Creation by the site owners.

(2) Another difficulty exists on the side of (Country/Global) Editors who are responsible for publishing the Catalogs after evaluating many websites. They need to understand the contents of a number of websites, evaluate them with some Evaluation criteria, and publish the results openly. This is a heavy burden for the Editors. Thus many leaders and professionals, who are very busy in their official jobs and business, would not like to take the responsibility as Country/Global Editors of the WTSP Catalogs. Thus, even though almost all TRIZ leaders/professionals support the vision of WTSP, we have active WTSP Editors in only a few countries. ==> This causes a big loss of opportunities for the entire community of TRIZ leaders/professionals to create the Values of World WTSP Catalogs.


We must be aware of three fundamental Points: 

(1) The First Requirement for any Catalog is "To collect good items broadly, select them with evaluation, and show them in categories."  Thus, the quality of Evaluation directly relates to the Values of the Catalogs.

(2) WTSP Catalogs provide website owners the Value of opportunities to make their websites publicly known widely and in full length, and at the same time, the site owners can create Values of the WTSP Catalogs for all the readers/users (including other site owners, TRIZ professionals/practitioners, etc.) with their useful and attractive site introductions.

(3) The Values of WTSP Catalogs are primarily based on the fair and proper Evaluation (and selection) of individual websites, and such Values are created by the editorial work, with proper Evaluation criteria and their application. Thus the Evaluation of websites is the core of Value Creation in the World WTSP Catalogs.


Our basic policy of Website Evaluation is shown in the Top Figure, and also in Call for Contributions , and in the Guidelines .

[1] We use the Multi-aspect Evaluation Criteria as shown in the Top Figure.  They are qualitative and open-ended at first glance, but they can give a clear image of the criteria to a majority of people in the TRIZ community. The criteria do not have commercially oriented aspects, for example. We accept a diversity of websites, which have various strengths and weaknesses. We evaluate websites highly mainly at their strong aspects, unless they are too poor or incorrect in other aspects.

[2] We decide our evaluation as the 5-level grading (with marks ◎〇□△―) as shown in the Top Figure. The levels are defined qualitatively, relying on more-or-less common understanding in the TRIZ community. Websites at the △ level are typically addressed to the people inside the country, written in the national (English or non-English) language, and have contents not so new in the world standard. If the contents are new and original, the websites written in a national (non-English) language and addressed to the people in the country should be graded as □ or higher. The levels 〇 and ◎ mention the numbers of websites as a rough measure. Since we already have assigned many websites at these levels, new websites can be graded or not in comparison with such samples. Please note that we never try Ranking.


[3] Here we write some practical considerations to reduce the difficulties mentioned earlier.

(a) At the initial stage of surveying for TRIZ websites, the surveyor (or recommender) should evaluate every site even tentatively for practical reasons.   We may express the uncertainty of our evaluation in two ways: adding the "?" mark (such as ?, □?, 〇?) and using double marks (such as □△ meaning □ or △). 

(b) It is a good idea for the WTSP Team to discuss the evaluation/grading of each website before fixing it in the Manuscript.   It is much desirable that the WTSP Team in each country has multiple (3 to 5) members to discuss the editorial work and share the burdens.

(c) Site owners may propose the grades of their own websites. All the site owners should be able to see the grading of their own websites in the draft of the Country Part Catalog and talk with the Country Editor. Some reasonable expression of the grade may be set (See (a)).

(d) Grades of websites may be revised according to the suggestions by Global Editors (especially Project Leader) as a result of comparisons with many other websites. The revision history is recorded in the World WTSP Catalogs. Please understand that revisions/readjustments are the results of efforts to improve/update the Catalogs.

(d) We will never take a policy of making Lists of Websites (instead of Catalogs of Websites) to reduce the burdens of the editorial work. Values of Lists are much less than the Values of Catalogs.

(e) We note that various negative responses by site owners and TRIZ professionals mentioned earlier are rather typical at the early stages of any project and that such responses and attitudes will be overcome step by step with our activities and outputs of World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites. 


Let's work Together ! Connected !!  to make the World WTSP Catalogs "Useful and Attractive" !!!


     TN ==> TRIZ Colleagues and WTSP Members        [WTSP] Letter (35M-3)    Jul. 21, 2023

I posted a new article about WTSP on LinkedIn yesterday.
My LinkedIn Profile is: linkedin.com/in/toru-nakagawa-b2453216

My new article is: "Evaluation of Websites for the World WTSP Catalogs: Delicate but Necessary for Creating the Values of the Catalogs"
      Its Top Figure (.gif) and its full text in .PDF are attached here.
      This article will be posted on the WTSP website (inside "TRIZ Home page in Japan") in a couple of days.

Please contribute Site Descriptions (by site owners) and Manuscripts of Country Part of World WTSP Catalogs (by WTSP Team of each country).
Best wishes, Toru



  Preparation for Sweden and Norway Parts

    TN ==> Kent Häll  (Norway)      CC:   Linus Wretblad, Mats Nordlund          Jul. 18, 2023

With the introduction by Linus Wretblad, I am very happy to write to you for the first time on behalf of WTSP.
We have been working at a voluntary international project WTSP (World TRIZ-related Sites Project) since Dec. 2017. I am the proposer and Project Leader of WTSP.

WTSP aims at creating the "Catalogs of TRIZ (and Around-TRIZ) Websites in the World" as a reliable information source on TRIZ and Creative Problem-Solving Methodologies in general.
We already built and published the Beta Edition of World WTSP Catalogs in Oct. 2020 and are working to enhance them further. I developed the World WTSP Catalogs of Around-TRIZ Sites already on the basis of Internet surveys of about 1000 sites written in English.

As for World Catalogs of TRIZ Sites, I have been asking many TRIZ leaders/colleagues to develop their Country Part of Catalogs first, in order to cover good websites written in various national languages in addition to English.
We have a large number of WTSP members and supporters in various countries, However, many of them are busy in their work/business, and very few of them actually work to develop their Country Parts of the World Catalogs.
Thus our World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites are still insufficient and missing the data from many countries.

In this situation we want volunteers of Country Editors of WTSP Catalogs in every country and want them contribute manuscripts of Country Part of World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites.
We should appreciate it very much if you would join our WTSP Project and serve as the Country Editor of both Sweden and Norway.

For your further information:
(1) Quick overview: Slides Presented at ETRIA TFC2022 (Sept. 2022) Attached here its title slide (.jpg) and 13 slides (.pdf).
(2) Our Website of the WTSP Project (inside "TRIZ Home Page in Japan")
(3) Call for Contributions to the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites in the World (Jan. 2023)
(4) A series of my posts in LinkedIn   Its latest (Jul. 1, 2023) 

Looking forward to hearing from you,    Best wishes, Toru

   Kent Häll  ==> TN      (via LinkedIn)            Jul. 20, 2023

I appreciate your invitation and I will add you as a connection, but I don't see how and what I can do to support your efforts with TRIZ websites,

I think that with the upcoming AI disruption it will be very easy to find and use resources online on the subject of TRIZ.    Please feel free to read my post (in LinkedIn) : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/algorithm-creativity-kent-hall?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_ios&utm_campaign=share_via

     TN ==> Kent Häll      CC:   Linus Wretblad, Mats Nordlund          Jul. 22, 2023

Thank you for your accepting connection with me and for your interest in supporting our WTSP project.
I wish you to survey for good websites in the field of TRIZ (and Around-TRIZ, i.e., Creative problem solving methods in general) operated in Sweden and Norway.

(1) I made Internet surveys for TRIZ websites in 52 individual countries including Sweden and Norway in 2021.
See its parent page :   Preliminary results for Norway: See   The raw data for Sweden (19 sites): See  

(2) We would like you to visit these websites one by one and write brief introductions to them (by using excerpts from the top page, "About us" page, etc.) and make a draft of Country Part of World WTSP Catalogs.
An example of such a draft may be seen in the case of Germany. See:  
Some of the detected sites do not include much information about TRIZ. You may evaluate them "ー", i.e., irrelevant or not worthy of including in the WTSP Catalogs.
Please follow the "Guidelines" for the details. Evaluation and Roles of site are important information to be shown at this early stage.

(3) Our current focus is TRIZ websites with evaluation ◎○□ (to be included in the World Catalogs). TRIZ websites (△), and Around-TRIZ website (◎○□△) may be collected later.
If you are interested much in Around-TRIZ websites, your contribution will be very welcome.

(4) I read your article "Is there an algorithm for creativity" with much interest. Your example is nice to learn how we can get help from generative AI.
But at moment, GPT would not introduce a website as properly as the site owner can do, and would not evaluate websites according to our Evaluation criteria.

I feel I am asking you so much work. But probably, you will find five or so TRIZ websites in Sweden, I guess. That is the information we want to have at moment. Then we should ask the site owners to write introductions to their own websites.
Best wishes, Toru







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