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Why We Ask Site Owners to Write the Introduction of Their Own Sites

Communications between Michael Orloff and Toru Nakagawa

Posted:  Jul. 23, 2020

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jul. 19, 2020)

This page records a series of communications (mainly) between Michael Orloff (Germany) and Toru Nakagawa from Jun. 1 to Jul. 10.  Professor Dr. Michael Orloff, Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ, has experiences of TRIZ since 1963 and volunteered to serve as one of the Global Co-editors of the WTSP project since Mar. 2018.  He plays the role of Region Editor of Russian Region and has made the WTSP list of Russian Languge TRIZ Sites last year.  Surveying hundreds of sites, he selected 40 TRIZ sites and wrote brief ('single line') introduction (with evaluation) of every site.  He got the approval of the description by individual site owners; it must be a difficult job.  

For making the World WTSP Catalogs really useful for users, we are now asking all the site owners in the World WTSP Catalogs to write the introduction of their own sites in the WTSP Standard Form (1 page in A4), and optionally more closely in a free format (about 2-5 pages in A4).  Michael Orloff thought this request almost impossible to achieve and raised a question why it is necessary and who would write such detailed introduction.  This must be serious reactions widely plausible by many site owners in all countries.  Here are real records of communications/discussions between Michael Orloff and myself.  ...

Michael Orloff has now started a "new wave" of Internet surveys of Russian language TRIZ Sites and is communicating with about 50 site owners for asking them to write the site introductions. 

We wish every site owners of good TRIZ sites in the world understand that for them to write introduction of thier own sites is much wanted by many users in the world and is also beneficial for themselves.  Please consider the values of Catalogs of Excellent Restaurants, Guidebooks of Beautiful Sight Seeing Places in the World, etc. 


Jun. 2, 2020

Michael Orloff (Germany) ==> TN

Question:  What and Why should we do?

Jun. 3 TN ==> Michael Orloff + Global Co-editors Reply: 2 Main requirements from users to our Catalogs
Jun. 7, Jun. 10 WTSP Site in THPJ is Updated

(A1P) TRIZ Sites Catalogs () for Print 

Jun. 10 TN ==> WTSP Members/colleagues [WTSP] Letter (19M-3)  
Jun. 10 Richard Lnagevin (USA) <==> TN Presentation plan at TRIZCON2020 (Sept.. 2020)
Jun. 11 Michael Orloff ==> TN Missing Website in the Catalog
Jun. 11 TN <==> Michael Orloff Current WTSP Status
Jun. 14 TN <==> Michael Orloff Your Russian site and English site
Jun. 15 WTSP Site in THPJ is Updated WTSP Site in THPJ is Updated
Jun. 17 TN ==> WTSP Members/colleagues [WTSP] Letter (19M-4)
Jun. 19 TN ==> Michael Orloff Your Russian site and English site (Continued)
Jun. 19 Michael Orloff <==> TN Found new Russian sites
Jun. 30 WTSP Site in THPJ is Updated

Beta Edition of World WTSP Catalogs is posted:
(A) TRIZ Sites and (C)Around-TRIZ Sites Catalogs

Jul.  2 TN ==> WTSP Members/colleagues [WTSP] Letter (20M-1) Beta Edition is Ready  
Jul. 3; Jul. 7 Michael Orloff <==> TN For updating Russina TRIZ Catalogs
Jul. 7 TN ==> WTSP Global Co-editors [WTSP] Letter (20G-3) Presentation proposal to MATRIZ Online Forum 2020
Jul. 8 Simon Litvin (USA) <==> TN & Global Co-editors On Russian TRIZ organizations
Jul. 8 Michael Orloff <==> TN Classification of Roles of site
Jul. 10 Michael Orloff <==>  TN Letters sent to Russian site owners 






TN ==>   WTSP Members/Colleagues       [WTSP] Letter (19GC)   May 28, 2020   

Request for your contribution to World WTSP Catalogs


  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==> TN     Jun. 2, 2020     Question:  What and Why should we do?

Dear Toru, After attentive translating and studying information from your message of May 28, 2020, I have to tell you, that I did not understand what should be done and why?

1. You have published the list of web-sites as I remember. [ Link does not work for English version: www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/] I have arranged gathering the best Russian web-sites.
To do this work repeatedly is absolutely impossible.

2. In the list mentioned above, there is short description with each web-site and this description was confirmed by each owner of the web-site. To add new description and to ask the owners about making this description is not realistic once more.
And more than that, I cannot imagine who will make long extra-description of 2-5 pages (and what purpose with?) in comparing with existing short one.

If I am wrong please maybe you could find some other reasons to explain me waht could I do.
Kind regards, Michael


  TN ==> Michael Orloff   CC:  WTSP Global Co-editors   Jun. 3, 2020  Reply: 2 Main requirements from users to our Catalogs

Dear Michael,         CC: Darrell, Simon D., Simon L., Valeri

Thank you for your message and your serious cooperation for the WTSP Project.
Since you are now raising a fundamental question about why and what we should do for WTSP, I would like to communicate with you and all the Global Co-editors together.
I'll cite your email here first:  (snips)

(1) I made a mistake in the URL of our WTSP site. Correct: www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/  
I sent the correction letter to all the addressees, as you already received. I also made the correction in my LinkedIn posting. Because of this error you seem to have not accessed the current World WTSP Catalogs, this time.
All the work you have done for the Russian language sites are integrated in the WTSP Catalogs.

(2) I was not careful enough when I sent the May 28 [WTSP] Letter in the same text to about 110 TRIZ people in different positions and in different countries.
Michael has done a hard work of making the list of 30+ sites in Russian language countries. But similar lists were contributed only by Malaysia, China, and Japan, besides you.
(Many more sites are listed in the World WTSP Catalogs, as the result of my (not thorough enough) Internet surveys.)
Thus emphasis in my mail was asking TRIZ Leaders/Colleagues to make such lists in their countries from the start. (This part is already done in your case.)

(3) I wrote about the present situations of WTSP Project/Catalogs in a compact form, first on Apr. 6 as a LinkedIn posting, and posted it in our site on Apr. 21, and sent it in [WTSP] Letter (18M-2) on Apr. 22.
See the 1 page PDF file attached . [Or more closely, please see our paper submitted to ETRIA TFC2020.]

(4) We need to enhance the World WTSP Catalogs in two aspects:
The first is:
(a) Coverage and good selection (= evaluation) of Attractive and Useful sites all over the world.

This is the most important requirement for our Catalogs. If we miss many good sites in our Catalogs, we will lose reliability of the Catalogs. If we show good sites and poor sites together in mixture, the Catalogs will mislead our users/readers. -- Ordinary internet searches would give this kind of information quickly and abundantly.

Good selection (= good evaluation) of sites is really desirable. Very hard but important requirement. Users' evaluation/reputation of any Catalogs mostly corresponds to the degree of fulfillment of this requirement.

In order to fill this requirement, we need wide and fair collaboration by many people in various communities in countries, in specialty fields, and globally.

Thus we need contributions/collaborations of many individuals. In our case, site owners of (good) sites, first of all. Such individuals will contribute to the Project/Catalogs, if they find some merits in doing so, or if they find some demerits in not doing so.

The merits of the Catalogs are clear, if you think about any catalogs of good restaurants, of good hotels, etc. Thus once we build a good basis of our World WTSP Catalogs, those individuals would like to contribute their information to the WTSP Catalogs. We have to achieve an initial result at some high level, before getting people's voluntary joining.

We also need good and fair coordination of some groups of such individuals. We need Coordinators in every country and in various specific fields/topics. Coordination is a hard work. Michael has kindly played the role for Russian language countries. It is very desirable that Russia has (a few) Country Editor(s). Belarus, Ukraine, etc. also have their own Country Editors.

We also have difficulties in getting voluntary Country Editors, in UK, Germany, USA, Korea, etc. etc. Please help me in this aspect.

(5) The second main requirement for WTSP Catalogs is:
(b) Attractive and useful introduction of individual sites (for users).

When we list up a site in our Catalogs, we are recommending the site to our readers/users. Thus we need to attach some introduction of the site.
Readers/users want to know about the site; e.g., who operates?, what fields?, what methods?, applications?, what representative topics?, what is unique?, for beginners?, etc.

We set 3 levels of closeness in the site introduction.

(1) Basic information + single line description
      -- for showing in the Indexes and for categorizing and rearranging all the sites in the Catalogs
      -- Mandatory for all the sites (› ’j

(2) Description in 3-10 lines in a free format
      or Description in the WTSP Standard Form (1 page in A4)
      -- for introducing the site to the readers/users.
         The simpler format is used tentatively when someone other than the site owner describes the introduction.
         The Standard Form should be used by the site owners.
      -- Required for all the sites (› jin the World Catalogs

(3) Description in a free format (2-5 pages in A4)
      -- for introducing the site closely to the readers/ users.    choose any style appropriate to the site.     to be described by the site owners.
      -- Optional and desirable for the sites (›) in the World Catalogs.

Please note (1) is mandatory, (2) is required, (3) is desirable. Don't skip any lower level description.

It takes much time for a visitor (other than the site owner) to write introduction of a site. (Nakagawa spent many many days to write the introductions of sites in the Around-TRIZ Catalogs. Informal description in a simpler form in (2) is used.)

So it is desirable that the site owners write the introductions of their own sites. Site owners know every detail of their sites, e.g., target/ purpose, intended audience, strengths and uniqueness, features, special important articles, etc.

Site owners (of good sites) are proud of their own sites. Thus they want to introduce their sites by themselves. Some owners may think that their sites are introduced well in their top pages. If it is really so, then they should just make them short in an abstract form for (2) and also for (3).

For many good sites of large scales, the level (2) introduction of 1 page is too short, I think. Such a site has developed various methods, published their applications in various fields, etc. Thus the site owners want to explain the advantages of their methods, cases, activities, etc. in comparison to those of other sites.
Writing such introduction in an easy and compact form in 2-5 pages may be a good task. Such an introduction may be very attractive and useful for readers/users of the WTSP Catalogs.

(6) Getting good examples of site introduction at the level (3) is urgently crucial.

I wrote such an example for my site. See :   (This is also accessible in the World WTSP TRIZ Catalog .) My site reflects all the history of my studying, applying, and developing TRIZ (in my own way of extension).
So my site introduction is 16 pages (in A4) containing about 160 references to articles.
The introduction showed 4 slides, which I named 'Best 4 Slides from my 21 years of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" '. This 2 page summary maybe the best and shortest note of my life (especially after encountering TRIZ).


I have been asking a number of TRIZ Leaders to write the site introductions (at level (3)), as you know. In this regard, site introductions by our Global Co-editors are most wanted.
     Darrell Mann: Systematic Innovation site
     Michael Orloff: Modern TRIZ Academy (Your English site)
     Simon Dewulf: AULIVE site
     Simon Litvin: GEN-TRIZ site
     Valeri Souchkov: ICG site
All your sites have uniquely developed TRIZ further, contributed much to the fields of TRIZ and its extensions, and are learned by many people,
... Please find some appropriate style of site introduction in your own ways.

(7) Getting good pioneering examples of site introduction can become best triggers for enhancing our WTSP Catalogs at the present stage. Thus I am asking/encouraging TRIZ Leaders/Colleagues to write site introductions of their own sites and contribute them directly to me, bypassing the orthodox way of forming WTSP Teams and making a list of sites in their countries.

We always need pioneers to overcome difficulties and achieve something new. Many more people will follow.

(8) In short, Dear Michael, please write a site introduction of your English site in free format in 2-5 pages of A4.
Show that your site (and your approach of TRIZ) is attractive and useful for many users/readers.

This is the only request at moment to you. Everything will become easier after that, I am sure.


Dear Global Co-editors, I am wondering if you are in severe situations in your business and in life in general due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I wish you stay safe and be active.

Please feed back what you think.  Thanks.    Best wishes, Toru



"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Jun. 7; Jun. 10, 2020)

Please Contribute to World WTSP Catalogs for Making Them More Attractive and Useful for Users (Toru Nakagawa)
World WTSP Catalogs (A1P) World TRIZ Sites Top Catalog () for Print (Toru Nakagawa)


TN ==> WTSP Members/colleagues   [WTSP] Letter: (19M-3)  

WTSP Catalogs (A1P) World TRIZ Sites Top Catalog () in Print (PDF 15 pages)
Please Contribute to World WTSP Catalogs for making them more attractive and useful for users


Richard Langevin (Altshuller Institute, USA) ==> TN   Jun. 10, 2020    Presentation plan at TRIZCON2020 (Sept.. 2020)

Dear Toru, I hope you are well.

I have published your latest letter on our website.

Please consider preparing a report of WTSP for TRIZCON2020, a virtual conference for this year. More information will follow.

Take care, my friend, Richard

TN ==> Richard Langevin    Jun. 10, 2020

Dear Richard, Thanks.

I am interested in the virtual conference of TRIZCON2020.

Best wishes, Toru

Richard Langevin (USA) ==> TN   Jun. 10, 2020

Dear Toru,

Great! I will add you to our list of speakers.
We have not worked up a preliminary Agenda yet, but once we know who will participate, it will be easier to make a plan.

Best regards, Richard


  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==> TN     Jun. 11, 2020      Missing website

Dear Toru,
1) I noticed that the WTSP lists do not have my main website www.mtriz.com or with a second domain name www.modern-triz-academy.com. It is unfortunate that those, who prepared information on sites from Germany, ignored my site. ... I again wrote my application for inclusion in the WTSP project and made a description for this site, the same as you did now and sent me for some other sites in the document  [(A1P)] .

2) I found that some new interesting and even important sites appeared in Russia and Ukraine. Can I contact their owners on behalf of the project WTSP and as a global editor and project editor for Russian-language sites to invite owners to apply for inclusion in the WTSP project?

Kind regards, Michael Orloff


  TN ==> Michael Orloff     Jun. 11, 2020       Current WTSP status

Dear Michael, Thank you for your message. I am going to accept your manuscripts, after some revisions on your side.

(1) The current World WTSP Catalogs (including the (A1P) Catalog) are based on a limited sources of information, as I wrote repeatedly.
In case of TRIZ sites, manuscripts are contributed by Japan, Malaysia, China, and Yourself (for Russian language sites) only. I made Internet surveys TN2A (in the world) and TN2F (USA). This means no data are contributed by 30 or 40 countries, including UK, Germany, France, USA, Korea, etc. etc.

I repeatedly wrote [WTSP] Letters to TRIZ leaders/colleagues in Germany (as well as many other countries), but unfortunately there seem no positive communications among those people (including yourself) to form a Team and to play the role of Coordinators (or Country Editor). Pavel Livotov and Oliver Meyer once accepted to be the Country Editors for Germany. See the WTSP site [(A2) Organization] .  But they did not work so far. They do not exclude your site from a list, but they have not made a list at some meaningful level (as far as in my record).

(2) As I write in the WTSP Guideline, we have the regular orthodox, bottom-up procedure of making a list of sites by the coordination and collaboration of the people in each country, and we have another bypass procedure for a site owner to submit a significant manuscript of site introduction directly to Project Leader.
I am going to encourage this bypass process to you and many others. For this purpose please follow the process below:

(3) Please fill in the Standard Site Description Form . This form requests the user to answer in several aspects for categorizing the site properly. I would like to ask you to understand these aspects properly for our future work at the global level. This Form is 1 page of A4. Thus the free format description of site is about 10 lines or so.

(4) Your 1 page description in .docx will be accepted as the free-format close site-description (i.e., at the third level description). Could you please refine your manuscript in the following points?

As you see, many (good) sites in the WTSP Catalogs are involved in Modernized (or Modern) TRIZ. So could you please explain in which sense, or in which ways, your methods/teachings are modernized and improved?
Please use figures to explain your ways. Figures can explain the procedure, structure, concepts, etc. more clearly than abstract words.
Please show representative articles/pages in your site. Books are very good references, but they are voluminous, expensive, and not easy to understand the essence.
Web pages and Web articles (or papers) are much easier for the users to access/read. That's one of the reasons why I prefer making the Catalogs of Web sites to Catalogs of books (which are available in Amazon etc.).
You may also describe your way of training people, by using figures, photos, etc. You don't need to shorten or cut some parts of your present manuscript. It may become 3 pages long or so as you like.
I will make a new page of your site with (3) and (4) as soon as possible [whenever I receive your revised manuscriopts], and include the information in the WTSP Catalogs in the Jun. 30, 2020 Edition.

(5) Could you describe some more about yourself in the Membership Application Form? Please use the new Form .  I stopped using the Bitrix24 platform (because it costs and nobody used). Thus at moment we do not have a site 'WTSP Members Only', where I posted the Membership Application Forms of all the members. But I am much interested in your TRIZ experiences since 1963.

(6) I am now preparing (C1P) World Around-TRIZ Sites Top Catalog () in Print.

Thanking you for your cooperation. Best wishes, Toru

  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==> TN     Jun. 11, 2020

Thank you very much, dear Toru!

I have got really support. I will rethink once more how to help you for your great idea to collect all or the best web-sites in the World with TRIZ activity.

Thank again. Michael


  TN ==> Michael Orloff     Jun. 14, 2020       Your Russian site and English site

Dear Michael, Thank you for your message of Jun. 11. I would like you to think one more point:

Could you please handle your Russian site and English site essentially as one site having two language editions.
In my case, I operate "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" site in Japanese and in English. These two language editions are operated for the same purpose having many pages written in the two languages in parallel, but also many pages are written in either one of the languages. For example, WTSP pages are mostly written only in English for the purpose of addressing the work toward international TRIZ community.

I feel this way is better than adopting your two sites at the Most Important (jlevel. Please put your English site as the first subsite and your Russian site as the second subsite.

Best wishes, Toru

  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==> TN     Jun. 14, 2020

Dear Toru, my two web-sites are not the copies. This is just different mentalities! And they are my different childs!

These both sites were as one 8 years ago but were made separate because they have different accents and areas for Russian-speeking people (this area has own and more complex TRIZ-tradition and this is the most important point), and English site is for other World (universal and more simple TRIZ information and approach).

So, elder child is www.mtriz.com and www.modern-triz-academy.com and it is English-world site and managed by my initial company Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ.

The younger child - web-site www.gramtriz.com is Russian-world site and is supported our affiliate department Global Russian-speeking Academy for TRIZ (GRAMTRIZ) for last 8+ years.

These sites contains different textbooks and samples (cases) etc. and have different marketing policy including even specific design (could you be so kind to look and compare these two web-sites).
So, I think that this is quite unique situation to have two different sites by one company. But this is our reality and not only the business directions but different educational and social activities.

I know the price of my work and the developed TRIZ-methods, so I evaluate these both web-sites as very valuable resources for the TRIZ-world contributing original and effective methodoligical approaches for different continents and contingents. These sites just deserve to be marked with  after comparing with dozens professional web-sites. I think that there are about 20-30 professional web-sites deserving this mark and my web-sites are ones of only several specific web-sites wich are very different from others e.g as site for bio-triz of Bogatirev etc.

It so happened that during my work for your project, I studied hundreds of sites systematically and through this I understood even more the importance of my sites and methods, for which I consider it my duty to thank you.

And I have supported your project voluntary and with great interest and ready to do it further and I believe for your support also.       Yours, Michael


"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Jun. 15, 2020)

Introduction of the Site "MyTRIZ Official Site" (Eng Hoo Tan (Malaysia))
World WTSP Catalogs -- (C1P) World Around-TRIZ Sites Top Catalog ij for Print (Toru Nakagawa)


  TN ==>   WTSP Members/colleagues     [WTSP] Letter (19M-4) 

World WTSP Catalogs -- (C1P) World Around-TRIZ Sites Top Catalog () for Print


  TN ==> Michael Orloff     Jun. 19, 2020

Dear Michael, Thank you for your message of Jun. 15, and am sorry to be late in responding.

I am sorry I wrote my last message of Jun. 14, without reading your two sites closely and understanding your work well.

I have visited your English site yesterday and have learned your approaches and various activities. Especially your work for the Global Challenges at TU Berlin is interesting and unique, I recognized. I will be happy to receive your manuscript of the site introduction of your English site.

Please write in the Standard Form and also in a free format more closely. The WTSP Catalog readers want to know through your introduction what they can learn in your site, how unique and important your approach/methods/teachings are, and what you have achieved with your approaches, etc.

I am very happy to learn that through your own systematic surveys of TRIZ sites you get the overall view of the TRIZ sites in the world. I very much appreciate your voluntary support of the WTSP project and your so much contribution.

I accessed your Russian site today but it replies:
      http://www.gramtriz.com/ Server error 500 - Internal server error.
      There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.
Could you please check your site?
Best wishes, Toru


  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==> TN    Jun. 19, 2020   Found new Russian sites

Dear Toru, thank you very much for your sincere letter.

Yes, this morning we in Berlin found damages on the English site and a complete stop of the Russian-language site. It’s a pity that you got into this situation. Our sites are regularly attacked. The administrator and programmers work for us in Canada, so it will be possible to contact in about 6 hours, now it is night there.

1) I will do everything you recommend.

2) I would like to replenish the catalog with new Russian sites, and if you support this, I will send a letter to the new (with known names) owners.

3) I think that the same descriptions of sites could be requested from the Russian owners of at least significant sites. Do I understand this task correctly?

4) I am very sorry, but Komarcheva no longer sent me letters and did not answer my two letters on TRIZ history topics.

Kind regards, Michael

  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==> TN     Jun. 19, 2020

Dear Toru;     both web-sites are working after our appeal to provider to restart server. Michael

  TN ==> Michael Orloff     Jun. 19, 2020

Dear Michael, Thank you very much for your message. I am sorry for you that your sites are so often attacked.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

(1) I am wondering about the situations of our Global Co-editors. They are safe and active, I hope, but may be not only busy but also in difficult days in their business because of the pandemic.

On Jun. 3, I replied to your email with CC to all other Global Co-editors.    (snips)

After that message, I and you had various communications and have got better understanding with each other, to my pleasure. But we have not sent any further message to the four people. Would you please write some brief message to them about our present understandings? Getting their help is very important for the Project.

(2) Yes, please send letters to the owners of new Russian sites.

(3) Yes, we would very much like to have site descriptions by the owners of significant Russian sites. It is a pity that many  sites (not only Russian sites) do not have site descriptions by the site owners yet.

(4) I will wait for some time till Komarcheva understands the users' requests and the merits of writing good introductions in the Catalog.

I am trying to write personal letters to site owners of  sites in the Around-TRIZ Catalogs. Getting their support is important for us to improve the Around-TRIZ Catalogs.

Best wishes, Toru

  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==> TN     Jun. 21, 2020

Dear Toru, there are last several days to complete one of the projects for company SkyWay. During going days I have to check about 200 tests and have checked last two days about 300. It is very hard work to make grades and individual qualification characteristic for about 120 persons.

I hope to be more free from next Thursday-Friday. We can arrange some plan to restart my activity for WTSP.  So, see you soon from Thursday hopefully. .
Kind regards, Michael



"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Jun. 30, 2020)

World WTSP Catalogs -- Beta Edition Is Ready, with Two pillars (TRIZ and Around TRIZ) and Catalogs (Z) for Print (Toru Nakagawa)


TN ==>  WTSP Members/Colleagues    [WTSP] Letter (20M-1)     Jul. 2, 2020

Full set of World WTSP Catalogs (Beta Edition) are posted


  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==> TN     Jul. 3, 2020     For Updating Russian TRIZ Catalogs

Dear Toru, I am not in Berlin and will be in the office from Monday 6th of July. I have finished a big project and have short pause to do some other works. Please look at https://rsw-systems.com/news/mtriz-training-2

Next week I plan to realise my intention to address to new web-sites in Russian-speaking space to add in Russian catalog. Also I intent to stimulate the owners of web-sites to write introduction to their sites. Michael

  TN ==> Michael Orloff     Jul. 5, 2020

Thank you, Dear Michael. Your interview article is very interesting for me. Thanks. Toru.

  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==> TN     Jul. 6, 2020       Surveying Russian language sites

Dear Toru, I have started "new wave" in searching the Russian-language web-sites to add the catalog. My goal is to find new sites and to invite the owners to prepare the annotations about their sites. Michael


  TN ==> Michael Orloff     CC: WTSP Global Co-editors    Jul. 7, 2020

Dear Michael, Thank you very much, Michael. Getting site introductions by the site owners of Russian language sites are really important. There are many immportant sites in Russian, I suppose, but not so well known in other countries in the world. I will support you for your "new wave" activities.

Dear Gobal Co-editors, esepcially Simon Litvin and Valeri Souchkov, could you please write to your many TRIZ leaders/colleagues in Russian speaking world for asking them to write their site introductions? It is desirable that the Board members of MATRIZ understand the importance of the WTSP project.

Hoping similar activities start in many other countries, Best wishes, Toru


  TN ==> WTSP Global Co-editors    Jul. 7, 2020   [WTSP] Letter (20G-3)    Presentation proposal to MATRIZ Online Forum 2020

Dear WTSP Global Co-editors,

I have just submitted a presentation proposal to MATRIZ Online Forum 2020 (Sept. 25-28, 2020).
Title: Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World Built by the Voluntary WTSP Project
Authors: 6 Global Co-editors (Toru Nakagawa, Darrell Mann, Michael Orloff, Simon Dewulfe, Simon Litvin, Valeri Souchkov)
Please see the Word file attached [not attached here].

I am also planning to give an online presentation at TRIZCN2020 (Sept. 2020).
I am not good at presentations, but will do my best.
Best wishes, Toru



Simon Litvin (USA) ==> TN and WTSP Global Co-editors   Jul. 8, 2020   On Russian TRIZ organizations

Dear Toru, Thank you for the MOF-2020 presentation abstract.

I am currently preparing the updated list of active Russian TRIZ organizations and entities that are using TRIZ on a regular basis. I am doing it jointly with MATRIZ Board Member from Russia Mr. Alexey Fomenko.
I hope this list will be ready by the end of the next week.

For your information: TRIZ application in Russia is growing exponentially during last 4-5 years. Several biggest Russian corporations established internal TRIZ Departments. At least a dozen of TRIZ Masters are working in these departments.

Best regards, Simon

TN ==> Simon Litvin    CC: WTSP Global Co-editors   Jul. 9, 2020

Dear Simon Litvin, Thank you for your information.

I know MATRIZ has a large and important list of Member organizations using TRIZ actively in the world. Update of it will give us useful information.

Listing TRIZ organizations (of MATRIZ Members) by MATRIZ and making Catalogs of TRIZ-related Web sites by WTSP are approaches having slightly different, but similar, overlapping goals.
Along your MATRIZ activities, please mention about the WTSP Project/Catalogs to your colleagues.

WTSP would like to cooperate with MATRIZ as well as ETRIA and AI, and wish to get their support.
Best wishes, Toru


  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==> TN     Jul. 8, 2020        Classification of Roles of site

Dear Toru, today I was quite ready to complete the message about the Introductions for web-sites but I cannot find the recommendation for classification of “Role of site”.

For example for my site I have classification as (e1) Method developers, (e4) Consultants, (e5) Training organizations, (e8) Solution providers, (h3) Educational organizations
Also I have found in the document [(A1P)] some similar but different classification for Chinese site CN-01

So, where could I get the full list for the Role definition to send to the web-site owners with a purpose to self-definition of their web-site classification in Role.
Best regards, Michael


  TN ==> Michael Orloff       Jul. 9, 2020        Roles of site

Dear Michael, Thank you for your efforts.

(1) The Roles are defined full in 

(2) This URL is mentioned in various pages such as:
- (A) World TRIZ Sites Catalogs (top page, explanation of the Catalog)
- (A4) Guidelines for Building World WTSP Catalogs
         (3) Describe the basic information and brief introduction of each site.
         (5) Make a Table ('Index Table') of sites with basic information 
- In the Standard Form of Site Description (.docx) as:
      Refer the codes in “Multi sets of Indexing Schemes for the WTSP Catalog System”

When you send your emails to sites owners, please send a typical one to me by CC or BCC.
I will be of your support. Best wishes, Toru


  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==>  TN     Jul. 10, 2020   Letters sent to Russian site owners

Dear Toru, thank you for pointing right information about web-sites coding etc.
Today I did the next:

1) I have completed and sent the proposal to prepare an annotation for the Russian web-sites from existing catalog of WTSP,

2) I have sent for 11 web-sites finded by me in Internet for the last days to invite them into the catalog.

I have sent one of my messages today to you in copy.
So, I will wait and collect the answers untill 23 of July.
After this date I will prepare and send information to you.
Kind regards, Michael Orloff

  Michael Orloff (Germany) ==>  Site owners in Russian region  (CC: TN)     Jul. 10, 2020

Dear Colleagues,
On the initiative and under the guidance of Professor Toru Nakagawa ([nakagawa@ogu.ac.jp]), Japan, the catalog of all sites in the world continues to be devoted to the development and / or application of TRIZ, training in the fundamentals of TRIZ, consulting or otherwise related to TRIZ. This nonprofit project is called the WTSP (World TRIZ-related Sites Project) -.

At one time, I responded to the idea and invitation of Professor Nakagawa and volunteered to help create the WTSP catalog.
This year Prof. Nakagawa turned to country editors to help site owners compose annotations of their sites and submit these annotations to the WTSP project.
All explanations and questions are contained in the attached documents [not attached here].

ATTENTION: we ask all interested participants of the project to send your data no later than Wednesday, July 23.
Best regards, Michael Orloff


  TN ==> Michael Orloff       Jul. 10, 2020

Dear Michael,   I have just received your (sample) mail to Russian site owners.  

Thank you very much for your efforts for asking many site owners in Russian language countries to write their site descriptions.

Your table with 11 new sites is very impressive.
We hope that many site owners understand the significance of World TRIZ-related Sites Project and its Catalogs and respond to your letters.

May I ask you 3 points?

(1) Please show the WTSP site URL as: https://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/
This is the domain name and goes to the Welcome page.

(2) Please show the URL of the particular section of the Guidelines for writing the site introduction

(3) Please send the Standard Form of Site Description (.docx), which is explained above (2) . This .docx file is attached here also [not attached here].
Please note that this Standard Form i1 page in A4) is requested for every site (Z j and the Free format description (2-5 pages in A4) is optional and desired for the sites (Zj.

It's nice you have clearly set the due date Jul. 23.
Best wishes, Toru




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