To-Do-List for TRIZ

Editor: Toru Nakagawa (Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University)

Posted on May 10, 2013

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, May 9, 2013)

This Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" serves as an open forum of information exchange for better understanding and usage of TRIZ, especially based in Japan. It intends to be a 'Public Web Site' where papers, articles, and communications by different authors are contributed, as shown in my Vision and Operation Policy . I am, as the Editor, very grateful to many authors and readers in Japan and in the world for their contributions and supports for years since 1998.

There are a lot of items/jobs we should better do, by active use of the present site, for wider and deeper penetration of TRIZ. I wish to get voluntary cooperation by many TRIZ colleagues for such jobs. Thus years ago I posted 'To-Do-List for TRIZ' page in Japanese, but I have not updated it for these 4 years because the backlogs in the list became too long. I have just renewed it in the Japanese page , recognizing the larger part of the items/jobs need to be done in Japan

To my Update Announcement of May 8, I have received a quick responce from my TRIZ colleague abroad, suggesting me his voluntary cooperation. So I am now going to show you my 'To-Do-List for TRIZ' in English. Some significant jobs can be done by international cooperation, I hope.

Could you please advise me and cooperate with me to do the voluntary work for TRIZ penetration?


(1) Information pages for enhancing the usefulness of the present site

-- Revision of the General Index page (Done, Jan. 9, 2013)

-- Installing a keyword search function of the articles inside the present site (Done, Feb. 20, 2013)

-- Rearranging the pages of TRIZ news and activities (Done, Feb. 25, 2013)

  Setting up a page for subscription registration (registering name, email address, and affiliation for receiving the Update announcement of the site).

  Updating the list of TRIZ books published in Japan in Japanese (with annotation)
Revising the list of TRIZ books published in the world especially in English (with annotation)

  Updating the list of TRIZ links in Japan (with annotation)
Updating the list of TRIZ links in the world (with annotation)

 Revising and enhancing the pages on 'TRIZ software tools'

(2) Introductory pages/subsites friendly to TRIZ novices, younger people, and children

  Revising the pages of 'TRIZ Introduction'

  Starting introductory TRIZ sites/sub-sites friendly to TRIZ novices, younger people, and children

-- Should have friendly design and contents for each (sub-)site. Such sub-sites need to be developed and operated by proper Editors, either in some cooperative relationships with the present site or rather independently with a loose linkage with the present site.
-- An earlier trial is "TRIZ Home Page by Students for Students" made at OGU

(3) Enhancing the communications with and among readers

 Enhancing the 'Communications from readers' pages (e.g. )

 Enhancing the 'Collabo Pages' , which show attractive summary of other sites/promoters.

I have just noticed that I prepared a page of 'Collaboration Pages with the Promoters of TRIZ and Related Areas: Aims and Call for Contributions` on Dec. 24, 2010 both in Japanese and in English but Imissed to post it for some unknown reason. The page is now posted (May 10, 2013).


(4) Introducing important overseas articles/papers in Japanese translation

 Japanese translation of 'USIT News Letters' (in 79 issues published by Ed Sickafus)
-- (Under the way, up to No. 28: Jan. 30 - Apr. 6, 2013)

 Japanese translation of important overseas papers presented at conferences or published elsewhere.

-- Necessary to attend at overseas conferences (e.g., ETRIA TFC, TRIZCON, and conferences in Asia, etc.)
-- Should post conference reports and introduce selected papers.
-- I obtained permissions of Japanese translation of a number of papers so far, but could publish only a part of them.


(5) Introducing important Japanese articles/papers in English translation

-- Publicizing Japanese works in the world in English is important, we know. Japan can and should contribute to the world.
-- We wish Japanese authors to present and publsh their works in English as well as in Japanese.


(6) Publication of books

 Rebuild/continue the commercial publication of "TRIZ Practice and Benefits" Series (published formerly by SKI). -- Important issue for me.

Vol. 1. Japanese Edition of Darrell Mann's "Hands On Systematic Innovation" . Continue the publication.

Vol. 2. Japanese Edition of Darrell Mann's "Matrix 2010" . Translation is done; need to publish in place of "Matrix 2003"

 Japanese Edition of Umakant Mishra's "Inventive Principles for Information Technology" . Ready to publish, but need a publisher.

  Authoring and publishing some other books on the topics related to creative problem solbing methodologies and USIT.

(7) Training and proliferation activities

 Would like to extend the chances of giving trainings on TRIZ and USIT.
-- Open training may be more needed, where we can accept engineers from different companies


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