WTSP Mails and Letters (B2-News2018)  

WTSP Mails of Quick Report of ETRIA TFC2018
       Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 3-4, 2018

WTSP Letters (5M) (5I) (5C):  Information and invitation for forming WTSP teams and starting the work

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader), Nov. 14 - 17, 2018

Posted:  Nov. 21, 2018; Updated: Jan. 13; Feb. 6, 2019

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 18, 2018)

Here are the records of emails sent to WTSP people at 3 steps:

(1) Quick Reports of TFC2018 were sent to WTSP Members, and to new Members (to be) with welcome message and some instructions. (Nov. 3 - 4, 2018)

(2) WTSP Letters (5M)   and (5I) were sent to Members/'Members to be' and to Invitees for informing the newly set targe schedule and for asking to form WTSP teams in every country.  (Nov. 14, 2018)

(3) WTSP Letters (5C) were sent to Members/'Members to be'/Invitees of each country for forming a WTSP team in the country and starting the work of WTSP Catalogs of individual countries. (Nov. 15 - 17, 2018) 

  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jan. 13, 2019)

(4) WTSP Letter (6C) were sent to Members/'Members to be'/Invitees of each country for season's greetings and encouraging the team formation. (Dec. 20 - 21, 2018).    
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[WTSP] Mail (M):  Quick Report of WTSP at ETRIA TFC2018 (to WTSP Members)

                                                    Nov. 3, 2018       Toru Nakagawa

Dear WTSP Members,

On Oct. 29 - 31, TFC2018 was held at Strasbourg with 123 participants successfully.

Nakagawa (with 5 Global Co-editors) gave a presentation on WTSP. The paper is already accessible at TFC2018 Web site, and the presentation slides will be posted in a week in my Web site (==> posted: Nov. 14, 2018).

I also had a small booth of WTSP and asked many participants one by one to join the project (by handing out the Summary version of the presentation slides )
and 45 people newly signed in the WTSP Membership Application !!

Thus over 70 persons are now in our WTSP team.
But our WTSP project is still very weak, because almost all the Members are saying VERY BUSY and can't spend so much time.
This is natural and we have to work together as effectively as possible under these situations.

In addition, among the 100 TRIZ Leaders whom I have been sending the WTSP invitation/information so far, nearly 60 people have not yet joined WTSP.
Because of their big influences on the TRIZ communities in their countries and in the world, their help and collaboration are indispensable for the success of our project. This is especially important in the cases of USA and Russia.

I am going to send the Membership Application Form to the signed-in new Members. After receiving the Forms, I will post the names of the Members in TRIZ Home Page in Japan.

Anyway we are at a new stage of starting the actual work of building WTSP Catalogs in each country.

Let's work Together ! Connected !!

Best wishes,   Toru Nakagawa


[WTSP] Mail (new M):  Thanks for joining WTSP; Quick Report of WTSP at ETRIA TFC2018 (to Applicants B)

                                                                          Nov. 4, 2018      Toru Nakagawa

Dear Applicants of WTSP Membership,

Thank you very much for your signing in the WTSP Membership Application during the ETRIA TFC2018 at Strasbourg.    Welcome to WTSP !!

I am sending this email to you about 25 people who signed in the Application but might not be so familiar with WTSP so far.

I attach here my TFC2018 presentation slides for your reference, in PDF . (posted lately (Nov. 14, 2018))

For further basic and up-to date information of WTSP, please refer to the WTSP project page in TRIZ Home Page in Japan: https://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/eWTSP-index.html

Could you please fill in the WTSP Membership Application Form , attached here in .doc (lately changed into .docx), and return it to me in a week?

Yesterday, I sent the following report to the WTSP Members most of whom were absent at TFC2018.

      (snip.  See above. )

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact with me or other WTSP Members in your country.

Looking forward to working with you for realizing our new common vision of WTSP Catalogs and beyond !

Best wishes,   Toru Nakagawa



[WTSP] Letter (5M): Paper presented at TFC2018; Time Schedule (Complete World WTSP Catalog before TFC2019)

                             Nov. 14, 2018      Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)

Hello, I am sending this WTSP Letter (M) to the WTSP Members (who have submitted the WTSP Membership Application Form) and “Members to be” (who have stated the will to join WTSP (by signing in the Membership Application sheet at TFC2018 or else by email communications so far)).

(1) If you have not submitted the Membership Application Form yet, please fill in the Form attached here (in .docx ) and send it to Nakagawa via email as soon as possible.

Here are some information of how to access WTSP information and how to work together in WTSP (for new Members):

(2) “WTSP Index” page inside “TRIZ Home Page in Japan” (THPJ) is the principal source of WTSP information.
The page may be accessible by visiting THPJ with http://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/   and click “WTSP” (in the bright green cell in the links table near the top or the bottom of the page).
Or you may directly access to the WTSP Index page with URL: https://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/ eWTSP-index.html

(3) The WTSP Index page contain indexes to (A) Basic WTSP information and (B) WTSP News.
They include: (A1) Policies, (A2) Organization, (A3) Platform, (A4) Guidelines, (A5) Accesses to the Project outputs, (A6) Publicized outputs, (B1) WTSP News 2017, (B2) WTSP News 2018
Each of these is described in subsequent page in detail.

(4) The (B2) WTSP News 2018 page  currently describes about:
    - Time Schedule
    - WTSP Paper (ETRIA TFC2018)
    - Preliminary Internet Searches in 33+ countries .....

(5) Paper presented at ETRIA TFC2018 is now posted in THPJ:
“World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP) for Building and Maintaining Catalogs of Global TRIZ Resources” (by WTSP Global Co-editors)
Full paper (19 pages), Presentation slides (17 slides), and Summary version of the slides (8slides / 2 page) are posted.
Results of the promotion of WTSP at TFC2018 are also reported briefly.

(6) Time Schedule of WTSP is set as follows (see (A1) Policies ):
    (Dec. 31, 2018) Formation of WTSP teams in every country
    (Mar. 31, 2019) Completion of Country WTSP Catalogs in every country, for open reviewing;
                            First draft of Categorized World WTSP Catalog
    (Jun. 30, 2019) Completion of revised Country WTSP Catalogs and Completion of World WTSP Catalog for open reviewing
    (Sept. 20, 2019) Completion of revised World WTSP Catalogs and revised Categorized World WTSP Catalog
    (Oct. , 2019) ETRIA TFC2019: Report of Completed World and Country WTSP Catalogs and Categorized World WTSP Catalog

Note: For these schedules, we need to expect much differences in the paces of individual countries. Active countries should work earlier and better and demonstrate good examples/practices to other countries.

(7) Thus at present, we should do our best to form WTSP team in every country. Please obtain several Members in your country and assign the Country Editor who leads the team and edits the Country WTSP Catalog.

(8) We already have our platform for our collaborative work. Please check (A3) Platform in the WTSP Index page.

(9) I will send you, in each country, a list of WTSP Members and the people we have been sending our WTSP invitations.

Let’s work Together ! Connected !!

Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa

WTSP Letter (5I):   World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP) Paper at TFC2018; Invitation to WTSP

                                              Nov. 14, 2018     Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)

Dear TRIZ Leaders/Colleagues,
Hello, I am sending this WTSP Letter (I) for informing you of our recent activities in the World TRIZ Site Project (WTSP) and for cordially inviting you as Members of WTSP.

(1) We gave a presentation at ETRIA TFC 2018 (Oct. 29-31, in Strasbourg, France).
    “World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP): for Building and Maintaining Catalogs of Global TRIZ Resources”
     Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ., Japan), Darrell Mann (UK), Michael Orloff (Germany), Simon Dewulf (Australia), Simon Litvin (USA),and Valeri Souchkov (Netherlands)
Full paper (19 pages), Presentation slides (17 slides) and the Summary slides (8 slides) are now posted in “TRIZ Home Page in Japan” (THPJ). See: http://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/
The Summary version of the presentation slides (8 slides / 2 pages) may be the most compact and clear document of WTSP at moment. I attach it in PDF here (again) .

(2) The WTSP Project has been facing a big difficulty, i.e., Many people support the aims of the WTSP project, but very few actually join to work together.
I suppose all of you support the aims of the WTSP project, but are somewhat hesitating or declining to actually join it under your busy jobs.
Slide No. 6 discusses this difficulty. We are trying to divide the jobs into small and clear tasks which can be performed and contributed by many TRIZ colleagues in a cooperative manner.
If 100 TRIZ colleagues like you work together in WTSP, you all can achieve the results of 100 times of your efforts.
The WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ-related sites in the world are the outputs worthy of our collaboration for the purpose of proliferating TRIZ further in the world, we believe.


(3) As I wrote in the Quick Report of TFC2018 to the WTSP members, I talked with the TFC participants one by one using the Summary slides, and 45 people newly signed in the WTSP Membership Application sheets.
Thus WTSP has about 70 Members (or Members to be), but it is still very weak, because almost all of them say VERY BUSY.
Anyway, we are coming at the new stage of starting to form WTSP teams in various countries and to start working to describe introductions of individual sites and build the WTSP Catalogs in every country.

(4) We set our concrete target as:
     Report the Completion of the World WTSP Catalogs (2019) at ETRIA TFC2019 (in October 2019).
For this schedule, we should form WTSP teams in every country before Christmas vacation season.

(5) In this situation, we eagerly wish all of you to join and work together in WTSP. Since you have good leadership in the TRIZ communities in your country and in the world, please contribute to make the aims of WTSP into reality.
Please fill in the WTSP Membership Application Form attached here and send it to Nakagawa via email.

(6) For further information of the WTSP Project, please visit our “WTSP Index” page inside “TRIZ Home Page in Japan” with a direct URL: https://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/ eWTSP-index.html

Let’s work Together ! Connected !!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes, Toru



WTSP Letter (5C): For forming the WTSP team and starting to build the WTSP Catalog of your country

Dear TRIZ Colleagues in CountryXXX,

                                Nov. 15, 2018 Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)

Hello, I am sending this WTSP Letter (C) to TRIZ Colleagues in each country who are either WTSP Members, WTSP Members to be, or Invitees to WTSP, for asking your cooperative work in WTSP.

(1) As you might already know, we have set our goal of WTSP  concretely as:
        To Report the Completion of the World WTSP Catalogs (2019) at ETRIA TFC2019 (in October 2019).

(2) For achieving this goal, we should work at moment:
    (a) To form a WTSP team of several Members, with Country Editor(s) assigned, in every country
    (b) Search for various TRIZ-related sites in your country and list up candidate sites to be introduced in the WTSP Catalog.
    (c) Start to visit such sites one by one and describe introductions of them in your own language.

      -- All these collaborative work are to Complete your country's WTSP Catalog for the sake of people inside and outside of TRIZ in your country.
          Such work can best be done, and hence should be done, by a team of WTSP Members in your own country.

(3) For the smooth formation of WTSP team in your country, here I show a list of people related to WTSP so far:

    Members (Membership Application Form is already accepted):
          NameAAAAA         EmailAAAAA
          NameBBBBB         EmailBBBBB

    Members to be (who stated to join WTSP but not yet submitted the Membership Application Form):
          NameCCCCC         EmailCCCCC
          NameDDDDD        EmailDDDDD

    Invitees (Information and invitation of WTSP have been sent to since a year ago)
          NameEEEEE          EmailEEEEE
          NameFFFFF           EmailFFFFF

    Note: Any other persons besides those listed here are welcome to join WTSP and work together.

(4) Please join WTSP and submit your Membership Application Form as soon as possible.
The Form has been changed from the .doc format to the .docx format recently for the security reasons; please use the new Form  attached here.

(5) Could you please volunteer or assign Country Editor(s) of CountryXXX among you?
Since CountryXXX is very active in TRIZ, there exist many good (and sometimes new) TRIZ-related sites. So it may be a good idea to have multiple Country Editors (with a chief among them).

We hope all of you make a good WTSP team of CountryXXX with the leadership of the Country Editors, for starting to build the WTSP Catalog of CountryXXX.
Please work early and effectively and demonstrate your good examples and practices to WTSP people of other countries.

(5) I made Preliminary Internet Searches for TRIZ sites over 33+ countries in the world individually as shown in my Web site: https://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/eWTSP-B2-News2018/eWTSP-News2018-PreliminarySearch-180919.html

See the search result for CountryXXX in the file: https://....

   --- You may find it rather noisy and insufficient. It is the situation when any people new to TRIZ finds in their Internet Search for TRIZ. We are trying to provide much better guidance to them with the WTSP Catalog.

Let's work Together ! Connected !!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes, Toru



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