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Preliminary Internet Searches (2) of TRIZ-related Sites in the world

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, Japan), Mar. 16, 2019;
Restructured:  Mar. 28, 2019

Posted:  Mar. 18, 2019; Mar. 31, 2019;
Updated: Apr. 9; Jun. 23, 2019

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 15, 2019; Mar. 28, 2019)

Preliminary Internet Searches of TRIZ-related sites were carried out and posted in September 2018 .  My main intention at that time was to survey many/important TRIZ-related sites located in various countries for building the WTSP Catalogs in a bottom-up manner by the collaboration of many TRIZ colleagues.  However, the team formation and actual jobs of survey and describing individual sites have not started smoothly.  Through the recent communications with Michael Orloff, I realize that some rough image/drafts of WTSP Catalogs are necessary/useful, which can be built in a top-down manner as well.  So I started this '2nd round' Preliminary Internet Searches of TRIZ-related sites.

On Mar. 18, 2019, I posted the results of the survey of TRIZ sites written in Russian and survey of TRIZ sites written in English in one page.   Now that I have made four more surveys, I decided to reorganize the pages in a hierarchical manner.  I.e.,

Preliminary Internet Searches (2) of TRIZ-related Sites in the world (this page)   HTML

Preliminary Internet Searches of TRIZ-related Sites (2A) written in English in the world    HTML   .docx

Preliminary Internet Searches of TRIZ-related Sites (2B) written in Russian in the world   HTML   .docx
      Case (2B2) 26 Selected TRIZ sites has been listed by Michael Orloff: HTML    .docx     (Mar. 15, 2019)
   Case (2B3) 35 Selected TRIZ sites has been listed by Nikolay Shpakovsky: HTML    .docx    (Jun. 23, 2019) 

Preliminary Internet Searches of TRIZ-related Sites (2C) written in German in the world  HTML   .docx

Preliminary Internet Searches of TRIZ-related Sites (2D) written in Fench in the world    HTML   .docx

Preliminary Internet Searches of TRIZ-related Sites (2E) written in Spanish/Portuguese in the world  HTML   .docx

Preliminary Internet Searches of TRIZ-related Sites (2F) written in English in USA      HTML   .docx

The process of carrying out the survey, in my intention, is illustrated below .

In the case (2A) for the sites written in English, the process is carried out smoothly till the beginning of step (3). . In the cases (2B) to (2E), however, the process has been done only up to the middle of step (2), because of the limitation in my understanding of such foreign languages.  In case of Russian language sites, Michael Orloff, one of Global Co-editors of WTSP, worked to show a nice list of 26 selected sites. 
For each case (2A) to (2F), an HTML page is made to show the list of the sites, and a .docx file is attached for the convenience of further work for making the WTSP Catalogs.

Please take a look at the current drafts of WTSP Catalogs in the global scale in the HTML pages (2A) to (2F). While compiling these lists, I myself have found many interesting and important sites which I did not know before.  You may find many good sites, familiar or new to you, in your country and in the whole world. 

At the same time, you may recognize some other good sites are missing in these lists. 
In such cases, please write your recommendations and send them to some WTSP Members around you, or better join the WTSP project and work to build useful WTSP Catalogs in collaboration with many TRIZ colleagues in the world. 

WTSP Catalogs should list up selected sites, together with brief-but-close introductions to individual sites, as recommendations to many people in your country and in the whole world, irrespective with unfamiliar, beginner, experienced, and expert to TRIZ.


Note (Toru Nakagawa, Apr. 6, 2019):  The Data Parts of this series of pages are shown in a tabular form. By the ordinary 'Copy & Paste' operation of the whole table into an Excel file, you can get the Table of sites, in a form handy to edit and sort as you like. The data of sites in different pages (2A)  to (2F) may be merged easily (with some ovbious care).

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Process of Survey

Summary of surveys

(2A) Sites in Eglish

(2B) Sites in Russian

(2C) Sites in German

(2D) Sites in French

(2E) Sites in Spanish/ Portuguese

(2F) Sites in English in USA

Preliminary Search in 33+ countries (Sept. 2018)

Japanese page



   Process of Internet Search and handling its results for building a draft of WTSP Catalog

This is a general instruction based on my experiences.  Depending on different situations around you, please adjust/modify the process as you think best.

(1) Searching for TRIZ related pages and sites (typically with Internet Search Engines)

Typically we use Internet Search Engines (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) to get a (large) list of relevant 'pages' having the page title, URL, short excerpts of contents in a few lines. 

We can specify various options to be used in the search.

-  Keyword(s) as queries: Simply 'TRIZ' is often useful.  ('ТРИЗ' in case of sites wirtten in Russian).  
             Later we should consider to survey for TRIZ-related sites in much wider scope by using different keywords.

-  Language of the sites:  You may sepcify, e.g., Any language, English (only), Japanese (only),
             or multiple languages like English/Russian/German/Spanish .

- Region setting (or location of the target sites):  eihter Any or a specific Country

-  Language for display:  Any one language you prefer

- Number of sites to display at one time:  10, 20, 40,  100, etc.   
             Total number of sites to display is set by the search engine, not expandable(?)

- Order of pages in display:  Usually, in the order of relevance of the target page to the key word(s).
           The evaluation of the relevance, and the ordering of the pages to display are determined by the search engine,
                 and usually uncontrollable by the user. 
          Multiple pages may be shown from a site, often at separate positions. 
          There may be some option to suppress to display similar pages from a same site.
          Yahoo.Japan has the option to limit to display only one page from a site,
              and show the URL for doing internal search of the site.  --- I prefer this option to search for sites instead of pages.

- Items output for a target page:  Usually,
          Title of the page (specified by the author of the page) and the site name, having a hyperlink to the page URL;
          URL of the page usually in the text without a hyperlink (sometimes the URL is shortened in the middle part);
          Excerpts of contents of the page, in the length about 2 to 5 lines. (parts of sentences containing the keywords are often used.)

The output results can be copied into a MS Word file, by use of the simple 'copy and paste' operation. 
It is important to record the results in the Word file while keeping the attached hyperlinks active. 
    -- In the Word file, the keywords (e.g., the title of the page) with a hyperline can be clicked while pressing the CTL key for accessing to the URL directly.  

(2) Visiting the pages and sites, and listing up the sites with rough/tentative evaluation

Using information of single or multiple pages of a site (as obtained above or not) or simply the name of a site and/or its domain URL, we should visit a site and its pages clickly and record the site in the survey results. 

If necessary, you should better collect output information of several pages of a site.

Visiting the site:
By use of URL of a page, visit the page anyway. 
You should better go to the Home page of the site to see the purpose, scope, nature, structure, etc. of the site.
Visiting the 'About us' page is also useful for understanding the person(s) and organization operating the site. 
Then visit various representative pages quickly to find what kind of information are written in which style.

Doing Site search (i.e., internet survey for TRIZ-related pages inside the site) is useful to find the relevance of the site to TRIZ.
--- Yahoo.Japan has outputs the command (in the form of a hyperlink) for carrying out this Site search.
--- With any of your search engine, you should just search again with keywords:  TRIZ  site:[URL of the site domain]  ,
         e.g.    TRIZ   site:https://www.triz-journal.com/
See (and visit) some of the pages displayed in the suvey, and record the number of pages hit by the site search.

I have recently realized the power of automatic translation of contents of the pages in the Google search engine. 
Machine translation can be applied from various (almost any) language to various (almost any) language. 
The translation is surprisingly quick, smooth, and reasonably high in quality. 
This function is very useful for us to read TRIZ Web sites in various foreign languages, and to build up our WTSP Catalogs.

On the basis of these information, we should record the follwoing 3 items and set them in one line as the header of the site:
    Name of the site    (Acronyms should be expanded in the form: Acronym (Full name) );
    URL of the site domain  (in the form such as:  https://www.triz-journal.com/   with a hyperlink to the domain);
    Number of pages hit by the Site search in this site. 

'Type of the site' should be found and recorded. 
I temporariry propose to classify the types of sites in the following way in respect to the roles of the sites:

(a)  Information sending sites (public sites, hub sites, etc.)
(b)  Promoter organizations (TRIZ organizations, academic societies, associations, conferences, etc.)
(c)  Public organizations (international, governmental, community; patent offices, etc.),
(d)  Academia (universities, institutes, research labs, etc.)
(e)  Developers (developers, vendors, dealers, consultants, trainers, training schools, etc.)
(f)  Users organizations (Industries, Agriculture, companies, user groups, etc.)
(f)  Publications (Publishers, journals, repositories, book sellers, mass media, news providers, etc.) 
(g)  Knowledge sharing (Knowledge sharing, Forums, Social Networking Service, Communities, etc.)
(h)  Personal (Personal sites, blogs, personal user groups, etc.)

Note that scopes of methodological areas are not related here, because ther may be different overlapping amonga them.
   (E.g., TRIZ core, creativity, innovation process, TOC, SixSigma, Lean, etc.)

Each site should also be evaluated tentatively (and hence roughly) in the following 5 levels, with symbols.

◎ :  Most important in the World WTSP Catalog
○ :  Important in the World WTSP Catalog
□ :  Worthy  in the World WTSP Catalog 
△ :  Worthy  in Country WTSP Catalogs 
- :  Irrelevant/neglected in the WTSP Catalogs

The symbol mark of evaluation should be put at the top, while the Type (of role) at the end of the title line of the site.

(3) Make a draft of some (part of) WTSP Catalog, by rearranging the sites and describing the introductions of individual sites

Drafts of some (part of) World WTSP Catalog should include the sites at the evaluation levels of ◎, ○,  and □.
Drafts of some (part of) Country WTSP Catalogs should include the sites at the evaluation levels of ◎, ○, □, and ,
    under the condition that the sites belong to (or located in) the specific Country. 

The sites should be rearranged in some order, with the aids of the evaluation levels and the role types of the sites.
In case of World WTSP Catalogs, I prefer to arrange the sites according to the Evaluation levels first and then to the role types.
   -- This way of arrangement may be useful to integrate several such drafts into a consistent manuscript of the World WTSP Catalog.
In case of Country WTSP Catalogs, I prefer to arrange the sites according to their role types first, and then to their evaluaton levels.
   -- This way of arrangement may be suitable for the Country Catalogs having a smaller number of sites.. 

We have to visit Individual sites again to read representative pages and describe the site introduction.
Such introductions should be written in a fair way, expalining its usefulness, significance, reliable souce of information, uniqueness, and other positive sides, etc. and not in a way of advertizing, exaggertating, speaking badly, etc. 

Making the list of sites at the stage without site description and with tentative evaluation is our strategy to make the collaborative work easier in the WTSP project. 
Coordinators (typically, Country Editors) may ask the site owners and other WTSP Members to descibe the introductions of sites, while dispatching such jobs to several team members.
Making the overall structure of Draft Catalogs visible help the WTSP Members and any other TRIZ colleagues outside WTSP to work in collaboration.

(4) Review and revise the drafts of WTSP Catalogs step by step and build up a hierarchical set of WTSP Catalogs.

The drafts of some (part of ) WTSP Catalogs may be built littel by little by the collaborative work of many people.
The drafts should be made open to WTSP Members and later publicly for review and revision by many people collaborately.
For such collaborative work, every pieces of authoring, comment, recommendation, description, revision, selection, etc. should be recorded with the date and the name of the person.  

At this stage, we should better use actively our WTSP Platform in the Bitrix24 groupware system in Cloud. 
WTSP documents can be uploaded, viewed, edited, and downloaded by many WTSP Members together in a multiplex manner.
Versions of documents are automatically recorded and handled by the Bitrix24 system. 

The parts and the whole WTSP Catalogs are refined step by step by many WTSP Members, and will be opened to public as the Interim set of WTSP Catalogs for the purpose of accepting various comments and suggestions from many people outside.

Then finally the 2019 Edition of the full set of our WTSP Catalogs is going to be reported at the ETRIA TFC2019 Conference (to be held on Oct. 9-11, 2019 at Marrakech, Morocco).

For this goal, we have to think and solve various problems and to carry out many tasks.
We will certainly work out on them step by step.

Let's work Together ! Connected !! to build our WTSP Catalogs for the people in our countries and in the whole world !!!


Note (TN, Mar. 31, 2019):  If you know and do any other good methods/techniques of suveying and data handling, please inform of them to us, the WTSP project.  And information and recommendation of good sites are alway welcome.  Please communicate with some WTSP Members or TRIZ leaders around you.  Thanks.  


   Summary of the (2nd round) Survey Results  (Mar. 31, 2019)

Code Site location Site language Keywords HTML page .docx file Sites found Remarks
(2A) World Englsih TRIZ

◎ 6, ○ 13, □ 29, △ 33, - 25

TN  Mar. 16, 2019

(2B) World Russian ТРИЗ

106 sites

TN  Mar. 7, 2019

(2B2) World Russian ТРИЗ

26 selected professional sites +49 user pages

Michael Orloff  Mar. 16, 2019

(2B3) World Russian ТРИЗ

35 selected professional sites +73 'Random' sites

Nikolay Shpakovsky  Jun. 23, 2019

(2C) World German TRIZ

107 sites, - 7 sites

TN  Mar. 22, 2019

(2D) World French TRIZ

90 sites , - 8 sites

TN  Mar. 23, 2019

(2E) World Spanish/Portuguese TRIZ

50 sites,  - 73 sites

TN  Mar. 25, 2019

(2F) USA English TRIZ

◎ 6, ○ 11, □ 27, △24, - 22

TN  Mar. 27, 2019









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Process of Survey

Summary of surveys

(2A) Sites in Eglish

(2B) Sites in Russian

(2C) Sites in German

(2D) Sites in French

(2E) Sites in Spanish/ Portuguese

(2F) Sites in English in USA

Preliminary Search in 33+ countries (Sept. 2018)

Japanese page


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