WTSP:  Presentation: Japan TRIZ Sympo 2022 (Online, Sept. 1-2, 2021)

WTSP World TRIZ Sites / Around-TRIZ Sites Catalogs (5)
Useful & Attractive Information Source -- Use Actively and Improve Them Further

Japan TRIZ Symposium 2022 (Online, Sept. 1 - 2, 2022)

Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University, Japan),
Darrell Mann (Systematic Innovation Network, UK),
Michael Orloff (Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ, Germany),
Simon Dewulf (AULIVE & Innovation Logic , Australia),
Simon Litvin (GEN TRIZ, LLC., USA),
Valeri Souchkov (ICG Training & Consulting, Netherlands)

Sept. 27, 2022

Posted:  Sept.  30 , 2022

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 27, 2022)     

This is the English version of our presentation at Japan TRIZ Sympoium 2022 held online.  The following documents are posted in this website in Japanese and in English:


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Presentation slides

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See also our paper/presentation at ETRIA TFC2022 (Online, Sept. 27-29, 2022)   


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Abstract Presentation slides top Slides (.pdf)     Japanese page



  Abstracts             Japan TRIZ Symposium 2022 (Online, Sept. 1-2, 2022)


WTSP World TRIZ Sites / Around-TRIZ Sites Catalogs (5)
Useful & Attractive Information Source -- Use Actively and Improve Them Further



We started the World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP) in Dec. 2017 for building Catalogs of websites on TRIZ and Around-TRIZ methodologies (i.e., Creative Problem Solving Methodologies in general) in the world on a volunteer basis. We publicized first the Japan Part of the Catalogs in Mar. 2018 in Japanese (and in Jul. 2019 in English), and then the Beta Edition of the World WTSP Catalogs in Sept. 2019. We have been working to improve/enhance the Catalogs steadily, while asking/inviting many supporters to join the Project.

In Jan. this year, we shifted our activities from mostly 'building' the Catalogs to 'encouraging the use' of Catalogs in parallel to building. We posted "Introduction (for users) of the World WTSP Catalogs" together with the current version of the Catalogs. Particularly, Japan Part of the Catalogs are well prepared on TRIZ and Around-TRIZ methodologies; you are welcome to visit various websites of your interest, learn and master their methods/practices, and communicate with the group of people of the sites. Users' usage and requests are the best motive force for better products/services (i.e., Catalogs).

Since last summer we made the following two activities:
(1) We carried out internet surveys of TRIZ-related sites in 52 individual countries and detected 1200+ websites all together. In 40 countries among them, we detected 725 sites and visited them to briefly introduce and evaluate. But 480 sites detected in 12 countries are not yet visited and evaluated. They include TRIZ active countries: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, and Australia. Since there must be many good TRIZ websites, collaborative work by many TRIZ leaders/ practitioners is highly desired.
(2) Concerning to the Around-TRIZ sites in the world, we re-visited all the websites (about 1000 sites) in the Beta Edition, and enhanced the brief introductions and revised the site evaluation if necessary. We revised the Basic Catalog (◎○) and newly built the Extended Catalog (□) of Around-TRIZ sites.

The World WTSP Catalogs at present are summarized in the table. [Results from (1) are not reflected yet.] While Catalogs of Around-TRIZ sites are now well set up, Catalogs of TRIZ sites are clearly insufficient. In most countries, there are number of supporters of WTSP, but very few of them actually start to work for building WTSP Catalogs in their country. We, WTSP project, show the guideline to divide jobs into small ones which can be achieved individually and in parallel together so that a small Team can build Country WTSP Catalogs. It is a pity that WTSP Teams in countries have not emerged yet in the 5th year of the project. We eagerly wish that site-owners of excellent TRIZ sites (i.e., TRIZ leaders/professionals) to write the introductions of their own site in Standard Tabular Form (1 page in A4) and more closely in free-format (2 to 10+ pages in A4). Surveyors usually can write only brief introductions (3-15 lines), which is the Minimum Necessity level for the WTSP Catalogs. Site descriptions in Standard Form (Mandatory) written by the site-owners enhance the Usefulness of the Catalogs, and Close introductions in free-format (Optional) enhanced the Attractiveness of the Catalogs.

Let's work Together ! Connected !! to make World WTSP Catalogs Useful and Attractive !!! The work gives benefits to ourselves, our organizations, our society, and our world !!!!



  Presentation Slides      (Japan TRIZ Sympo 2022)            

   ===> Presentation Slides (.pdf) 


Outline of Presentation

[1] Introduction: Vision & Brief History of the WTSP Project

     Vision, Website as the unit, Basic requirements for Catalogs,
        Evaluation Criteria of Websites, Brief History

[2] WTSP World Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites:  Structure & Usage

Description of individual websites, Standard Form,  Close introduction,
Structure of a Catalog page,  Country WTSP Catalog,
Structure of World WTSP Catalogs, World WTSP Catalogs,

[3] Outputs: World WTSP Catalogs  (Jul. 2022)

Japan WTSP Catalog,  TRIZ sites in individual countries, World TRIZ Sites Catalogs, 
Building Around-TRIZ Catalogs, World Around-TRIZ SItes Catalogs,
WTSP World TRIZ-related Sites Catalogs

[4] Concluding Remarks

What we learned from WTSP World Catalogs, Examining World WTSP Catalogs,
Problems and Future of the WTSP Project

            Proposal to Establish a New Website Representative in TRIZ


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Abstract Presentation slides top Slides (.pdf)     Japanese page


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