WTSP:  Presentation (1): MOF2020 (Russia, Sept.24-27, 2020)

Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World Built by the Voluntary WTSP Project

MATRIZ Online Forum 2020 (Russia, Sept. 24-27, 2020)

Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University, Japan),
Darrell Mann (Systematic Innovation Network, UK),
Michael Orloff (Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ, Germany),
Simon Dewulf (AULIVE & Innovation Logic , Australia),
Simon Litvin (GEN TRIZ, LLC., USA),
Valeri Souchkov (ICG Training & Consulting, Netherlands)

Nov. 8, 2020

Posted:  Nov. 11, 2020

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  Editor's Note@iToru Nakagawa, Oct. 30, 2020)     

This is Presentation (1) among the 5 conference presentations given in Autumn 2020 on the WTSP project by Toru Nakagawa and 5 co-authors.

(a) Proposal of presentation : submitted on Jul. 7, 2020@

(b) Notice from MOF2020 that our presentation is going to be accepted as one of the 'Poster presentations'.

(c) Presentation slides in English (.pptx) and Digest version of the Presentation slides in Russian (.pptx) were submitted on Sept. 2, 2020

(d) At the MOF2020, the organizers announced the existence of several 'poster' presentations, without providing access to them.

(e) Organizers announced that files of ordinary presentations and 3 'poster' presentations will be ready for posting both in English and in Russian in a few weeks.


   Following documents are posted here:

Proposal of presentation (= Extended Abstract)@

Presentation slides (28 slides) in English (originally .pptx)@(posted in PDF)

Presentation slides in Digest Edition (13 slides) in Russian (originally in .pptx)
                 (posted in HTML)   and   (posted in PDF)


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Abstract Presentation slides (English) (PDF) Presentation slides (Digest) (Russian) (HTML) @Presentation slides (Digest) (Russian) (PDF) @ @



@ Extended Abstract (MOF2020)@ (submitted: Jul 7, 2020)

Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World Built by the Voluntary WTSP Project

TRIZ has been evolving and playing important roles in the world as one of most significant methodologies for creative problem solving and systematic innovation in technologies, societal and humanity fields.  However, getting reliable and up-to-date information of TRIZ and related methodologies is not easy, paradoxically in the flood of information in modern IT world.  So we started to build Catalogs of Websites in these fields (by volunteer-based World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP) since Dec. 2017) .  We choose Websites as the units of information sources (instead of Web pages, papers, books, etc.), because of their open/ready accessibility and stable quality in the up-to-date ever renewing contents.

We have completed a beta edition of our World WTSP Catalogs, having two pillars, i.e., World TRIZ Sites Catalogs and World Around-TRIZ Sites Catalogs. The former covers the fields with keywords TRIZ/„S„Q„I„H (and some more), while the latter covers much wider fields surveyed with keywords including: Creative thinking, Creative problem solving, Innovation, Quality/value/cost/productivity, Patent, etc. The former are based on contributions by Country Teams and some Internet surveys, while the latter are built by intensive Internet surveys of nearly 1000 sites.  All the sites are described for introduction either by site owners or by surveyors who visited them one-by one, and are evaluated (tentatively) in 5 grades, i.e.,  Most important (about top 30), › Important (about top 100),   Worthy in World Catalogs, ’ Worthy in Country Catalogs, | Insignificant/irrelevant.

We have built World TRIZ Sites Basic Catalog (Z), with 23  sites and 39 Zsites. This Catalog possibly misses many good sites, because only 4 countries (Japan, Malaysia, China, and Russian language region) contributed while 30 to 40 other countries have not.  World Around-TRIZ Sites Basic Catalog (Z) contains 33  sites and 127 Z sites, supposed to be well balanced in coverage of the wide fields and brief yet reasonable site introductions.

The structure of the Catalogs are well established for collecting and updating many manuscripts of sites and for integrating them into World Catalogs.  The Catalogs have Indexes of sites, classified by their (main) roles of site.  In one form of the Catalogs, the site descriptions are referred by clicking the hyper-links in the Index to the original site description files.  In another form, i.e. Catalogs for Print, the individual site descriptions are arranged just after the Index; thus Catalogs for Print may be downloaded in PDF without charge/registration (under the copyrights remaining at the WTSP project), may be printed and used on PC just like in the WTSP site.  

The WTSP project is voluntary based, proposed by Toru Nakagawa, supported by many TRIZ colleagues, and having about 70 Members.  However, very few of them actually work for WTSP, because active TRIZ persons are always too busy in their jobs. Having a clear vision of the WTSP Catalogs and finding practical processes to build them are the keys for encouraging the people.  We have already demonstrated such goals and processes, and are now hoping active involvement by many TRIZ colleagues. 

Usefulness of Catalogs (and requirements for Catalogs) may be clear when we see Catalogs of good hotels, Catalogs of good restaurant, etc.  WTSP Catalogs should collect and select (= evaluate) good sites and should introduce individual sites closely, attractively, and fairly.  Such tasks can best be achieved by cooperation of many site owners and voluntary team members in every country.  Coordinators (or Country Editors) are the key persons we need for the WTSP project.  Let’s work Together ! Connected !! for further promotion of TRIZ and related methodologies.



@ Presentation Slides in English (28 slides) in PDF   @ (submitted: Jul 7, 2020)

Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World Built by the Voluntary WTSP Project


@ Presentation Slides in Digest Version in Russian (13 slides) in HTML    @ (submitted: Sept. 2, 2020)

                                                                                               ===> PDF

„K„p„„„p„|„€„s„y „S„Q„I„H-„ƒ„p„z„„„€„r „r „}„y„‚„u
„R„€„x„t„p„~„ „t„€„q„‚„€„r„€„|„Ž„~„„} „„‚„€„u„{„„„€„} WTSP    („D„p„z„t„w„u„ƒ„„)














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Abstract Presentation slides (English) (PDF) Presentation slides (Digest) (Russian) (HTML) @Presentation slides (Digest) (Russian) (PDF) @ @


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Table of 5 Conferences Presentations (WTSP3) in 5 Conferences (Autumn, 2020) (1) MATRIZ MOF (Russia, Sept. 2020)@ (2) TRIZCON2020 (USA, Oct., 2020) (3) ETRIA TFC2020 (Romania, Oct. 2020) (4) I-SIM ICSI2020 (Taiwan, Oct. 2020) (5) JCS Conf. 2020 (Japan, Nov. 2020) Abstracts of the 5 presentations Authors' Profiles Japanese page


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