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Preliminary Internet Searches (3) of TRIZ-related Sites in wider scopes in the world

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, Japan), May 16, 2019;

Latest Update:  Jul. 6, 2019

Posted:  May 18, 2019; Updated Jun. 23; Jul. 6, 2019

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, May 16, 2019)

This is the start of the "3rd round" of Preliminary Internet Search of TRIZ-related sites in the world, especially with a wider scope in methodologies and applications.  In the 1st and 2nd rounds of Searches, I used the keyword 'TRIZ' (or 'ТРИЗ' in Russian) alone.  Even though most of the Web sites in the field of TRIZ are covered, we notice that the outputs have missed some important TRIZ sites, such as Darrell Mann's Systematic Innovation site and Simon Dewulf's Patent Inspiration site.  And even more widely, we would like to cover different methodologies and their applications in creativity, problem solving, technology development, business innovation, etc., which share common goals and purposes with TRIZ at some higher levels. 

So I started the '3rd round' of surveys by using different keywords.  At moment, I am going to focus the sites written in English and located in the whole world.  The choice of the keywords is important and delicate.  We will need several (or many) sets of keywords for the survey, on some trial basis.  Generic keywords can cover wider areas but extract many sites not so relevant to our purpose.  Specific keywords, on the other hand, can pick up some specialized sites of our interests in a narrow area; so we will need many sets of specific keywords.  Since we are surveying in a wider scope, we have to check many more sites and select useful sites from them.  This requires us hard work in somewhat not so familiar areas. 

Anyway, the trials of the '3rd round' Internet surveys of TRIZ-related sites (in a wider sense) are to be recorded here step by step.

Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jun. 21, 2019): Survey  Case (3B) is now reported.  It covers the area of 'Creative Problem Solving Method' and its nearby areas, by using somewhat sophisticated keywords.  The case is very fruitful. This case is done in accordance to the new 'Practice Guide' posted on Jun. 14, 2019 (See the PPS of this page).

Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jul. 6, 2019): Survey  Case (3C) is now reported.  I am planning a few more surveys in this series.

Survey code


HTML page

.docx documents

Results (number of sites)


Creat* Think* Method*

May 18, 2019

May 18, 2019

◎1, ○4, □15, △3, -84


Creative Think Method

May 18, 2019

May 18, 2019

◎1, ○15, □65, △31, L 15, -56


(Creative OR innovative OR Systematic) Problem Solve (Method OR Process OR Technique)

Jun. 23, 2019

Jun. 23, 2019

◎10 (L8), ○26 (L 7), □64 (L 7), △32 (L 1), -39


Innovation   (Process OR Strategy OR Method OR management OR Technology) 

Jul. 6, 2019

Jul. 6, 2019

◎3 (L 3), ○36 (L 11), □76 (L 8), △70 (L 0), -19




Preliminary Internet Search (3rd round)

(3A) CreatThinkMethod

(3A2) CreativeThinkMethod

(3B) Creative Problem Solving Method

(3C) Innovation Process


Preliminary Search (Sept. 2018)

2nd round (Mar. 2019)

Japanese page



  PS:  Editor's Short Note (TN, May 16, 2019):

Since we are going to cover various 'TRIZ-related Sites in a wider sense', we will encounter many sites interesting and useful in different aspects.  How widely should we cover them?  How can we classify them?  How can we arrange them?  Which criteria should we have in selecting and evaluating them? ...  These are the questions we have from the beginning.  At the current stage of starting the '3rd round' survey with broader keywords, we now need to face with these questions.  

I am going to find solutions to these problems in two basic approaches.  One is a practical bottom-up approach, where we meet many different sites and handle them one by one, as I am doing in the '3rd round' surveys. 

The other is a systematized top-down approach, where we need to think various schemes/frameworks of categorization.  Concerning to the scopes in different methodologies, for example, we should list up various methodologies and try to categorize/classify them first.  This approach needs trials and discussions in the WTSP project.  I have been thinking about this approach for a couple of months, and got a basic idea in early April.  In a separate page, I will describe my proposal, with the hope that our WTSP Catalogs will become a handy and useful WTSP Database. 


 PPS:  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jun. 22, 2019)

The issue stated in the above PS has been solved recently with the following postings:

(1) Proposal of the WTSP Database System (Toru Nakagawa) (May 24, 2019)

(2) Objectives of WTSP and Practical Approaches for Us: In Reply to Michael Orloff (Toru Nakagawa) (Jun. 2, 2019)

(3) Practice Guide to Complete the World WTSP Catalogs and to Report It at ETRIA TFC2019 (Toru Nakagawa) (Jun. 10; Jun. 14, 2019)

Please follow the 'Practice Guide' (especially as summarized in Subsection 7. Summary ), for various work of listing up and describing TRIZ-related Web sites.


Preliminary Internet Search (3rd round)

(3A) CreatThinkMethod

(3A2) CreativeThinkMethod

(3B) Creative Problem Solving Method

(3C) Innovation Process


Preliminary Search (Sept. 2018)

2nd round (Mar. 2019)

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