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Posted in 2018

 [WTSP] Letters (6C):  Greetings and encouragement of WTSP teams in each country. (Dec. 20-21, 2018) (Toru Nakagawa)  (Jan. 13, 2019)

From the Editor:  New information posted in 2015 and 2016 has been moved to the archive page. (Dec. 13, 2018)

  Introduction/Summary (Social Problems): Principal Contradiction of Human Culture and Solution Directions : ‘Liberty vs Love’ and Ethics (Toru Nakagawa) (Dec. 13, 2018)

This article summarizes my present understandings on the (extremely big) theme shown above, briefly in a page of A4. Please refer the details to the following articles/papers: [1] Univ. Tokyo YMCA Bulletin (2016) , [2] Paper published in TRIZ Home Page in Japan (2018) , [3] Paper presented at ICCI2018

   TRIZ Paper: How TRIZ can contribute to a paradigm change in R&D practices? (Denis Cavallucci) (Dec. 13, 2018)

Keynote Lecture and Advanced Tutorial presented at Japan TRIZ Symposium 2012, held by Japan TRIZ Society, Sept. 6-8, 2012 at Waseda University, Tokyo.  English page: Keynote Paper , Tutorial Slides ; Japanese page: Keynote Paper (translated by T. Takahara, H. Kosha, T. Nakagawa) , Keynote Slides (translated by T. Takahara, H. Kosha) .
This is the set of documents presented by Prof. Cavallucci 6 years ago at Japan TRIZ Symposium 2012 in his Keynote Lecture and Advanced Seminar.  All the documents except the paper in Japanese translation were posted publicly in the HP of JTS in November 2012.  Half a year ago, the Japanese translators (T. Takahara and H. Kosha) and the author sent me their desires of making the full paper in Japanese translation publicly posted.  Under the permission by Japan TRIZ Society, the set of documents both in English and in Japanese are now posted here.   The paper in Japanese translation has been revised by Nakagawa. 
The full paper of the Keynote Lecture is excellent.  INSA Strasbourg in France has been operating a regular graduate course at the Master and PhD levels specialized in TRIZ, as one of the few universities in the world.  Professor Cavallucci's group started with classical TRIZ, introduced OTSM while inviting Nikolai Khomenko, and then built their own IDM (Inventive Design Method) so as to handle real complex problems in industries.  There are five limitations in TRIZ for such a purpose, he says, and IDM is designed to overcome them.  They also built the STEPS software for implementing their methodology.  The full paper seems to be his representative work describing his methodology thoroughly and systematically and guiding their further development.  We can learn much with the paper and the slides.

 WTSP Letters (6M)(6I):  Invitation to WTSP. WTSP pages in THPJ are updated (Nov. 21) (Toru Nakagawa)  (Feb. 6, 2019)

On Nov. 22, 2019, WTSP Letters (6M) were sent to the Members, and (6I) to Invitees for giving information of current status of WTSP as updated in the Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".  Noticing the importance of recording official communications and announcements of the WTSP project, these two WTSP Letters are posted in a new page.

  TRIZ Forum:  Letters from Readers (Oct. - Nov. 2018)  (Nov. 21, 2018).  (Feb. 6, 2019) Index of Letters from Readers   (Nov. 21,2018)

During this period, I gave a paper presentation on WTSP at ETRIA TFC2018 and tried to invite the participants to the WTSP members.  And after TFC2018 I sent many emails for supporting to organize WTSP teams in many countries.  However, there are few receiving emails suitable to be posted here openly. 

  [Japanese page   ]  Toru Nakagawa; Tadayuki Shimada, Toshihiro Hayashi
T. Shimada sent me a comment on my work of 'Liberty vs Love' Contradiction, and it is posted in a separate page.  T Hayashi kindly sent me a congratulation message on the 20th Anniversary of this Home Page. 

Contributed article:  A Comment on Liberty-Love-Ethics from the Standpoint of Kitaro Nishida's Philosophy, (Tadayuki Shimoda; responded by Toru Nakagawa) (Nov. 21, 2018)

   [English page] Toru Nakagawa, Valeri Tsourikov (Belarus)    (Feb. 6, 2019)
( When I posted the Japanese page of ’Letters from Readers (Oct. - Nov., 2018)' on Nov. 21, 2018, I was so busy that I missed to post its corresponding page in English.  Here it is in a slightly simplified form.) The communication by Dr. Valeri Tsourikov is very valuable.  He comments on the importance of consolidating all web sites in one place, to let people finding info on TRIZ easier, and talks about his great challenge of generating creative solutions automatically with Artificial Intelligence.  His Keynote Paper presented at TRIZfest2014 has been posted recently in this Web site both in English and in Japanese translaton. 

  [WTSP] Letters (5M)(5I)(5C):  Information and invitation for forming WTSP teams and starting the work (Toru Nakagawa)  (Nov. 21, 2018)

WTSP Letters were sent on Nov. 14 to 3 groups of people separately, i.e., (5M1) Members, (5M2) Members to be (not yet submitting the Membership Application Form), and (5I) Invited people.  Then on Nov. 15-17, WTSP Letters (5C) were sent to the people (of the type M1, M2, and I) in each country separately for helping them to form a WTSP team and to start making the WTSP Catalog in each country.  Letters (in a generalized style) are shown in the subsequent page.

 WTSP Mails:  Quick Reports of WTSP at ETRIA TFC2018 (Toru Nakagawa) (Nov. 21, 2018)

At TFC2018, Nakagawa presented the WTSP paper and appealed the participants one by one to join WTSP.  We obtained 45 new persons who signed in the Membership Application sheet.  Emails were sent to the WTSP Members on Nov. 3 and to the new Members (to be) on Nov. 4, to report these results and urge them to start a new phase of forming WTSP teams in each country.

 WTSP Plan:  New Target: "To Report the Completion of the World WTSP Catalogs (2019) at ETRIA TFC2019 (in October 2019)" (totu Nakagawa) (Nov. 11, 2018)

We have just set our concrete target as shown above.  And the time schedule for achieving the goal is shown in the (A1) Policies page .  Let's work to complete the WTSP Catalogs of individual countries and the whole world in one year from now ! 

   TRIZ Promotion: WTSP Paper (TFC2018):"World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP) for Building and Maintaining Catalogs of Global TRIZ Resources (Nov. 11, 2018)

WTSP Global Co-editors: Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University, Japan), Darrell Mann (Systematic Innovation Network, UK), Michael Orloff (Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ, Germany) , Simon Dewulf (AULIVE, Australia) , Simon Litvin (GEN TRIZ, LLC., USA), Valeri Souchkov (ICG Training & Consulting, Netherlands); Presented at TRIZ Future Conference (TFC2018), held by European TRIZ Association (ETRIA) and INSA Strasbourg, on Oct. 29-31, 2018 at INSA Strasbourg, France.  Full paper (19 pages) (in HTML and PDF), Presentation slides (17 slides) (in HTML and PDF ), and Summary slides (8 slides/ 2 pages) (in HTML and PDF) .  In the Japanese page, the Summary slides are posted in Japanese translation . 

We made a presentation earlier at Japan TRIZ Symposium (Sept.13-14) with the same title.  But having a sense of crisis "Many people support the aims of WTSP, but very few actually join to work together", I prepared the slides short and clear, describing the background, aims, prototypes, working plan, difficulties and how to overcome them, etc. 

Handing out Summary slides printed on a sheet (8 slides, on both sides), I asked the TFC participants one by one for their voluntary help to WTSP.  45 people newly signed in the application to the Membership of WTSP, to our pleasure. The WTSP has nearly 70 voluntary members now, but is still very weak because all the people say very busy.  We need to work effectively under such a situation.  We set up our goal "Report the Completion of World WTSP Catalog (2019) at ETRIA TFC2019 in October 2019".  For this goal, we should organize WTSP teams in every country before the Christmas/New Year vacation.   

  On the 20th Anniversary of  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan":  Toru Nakagawa (Nov. 11, 2018) 

This Web site "TRIZ Home in Japan" celebrates its 20th Anniversary on Nov. 1.  I am very grateful to you all, including authors, translators, and readers in Japan and around the world, for your continuing support.  This site serves as an open forum of information exchange for better understanding and usage of Creative Problem Solving Methodologies.  Initially, I intended to introduce TRIZ, a Russian-based methodology for mostly technological areas, but year after year the scope of this site became wider and deeper along with the development of such methodologies.  TRIZ itself has evolved to wider application including business and marketing, and has been spreading widely in the world.  My own research has extended to USIT as an easy-to-learn TRIZ, the Six-Box Scheme as a new paradigm of creative problem solving, and CrePS (General Methodology of Creative Problem Solving) which intends to integrate and unify various methods by using the Six-Box Scheme.  Since 2015, I have been trying to apply them to social problems, and I recently presented papers on the fundamental contradictions in Human Culture and their solution directions in the relationships of Liberty-Love-Ethics.  Thus the scope and contents of this site have been slightly changing as a result of natural evolution.

This site is meant to openly publish information and communications on a not-for-profit basis.  Though I have been operating this site as a volunteer, this site is not a personal site but a public forum to be composed of the contributions by readers, as you see already.  Most pages are published in Japanese and in English in parallel for the purpose of mutual understanding and collaboration between Japanese and overseas people.  Four Entrance Pages have been installed in 2012 for your easy access to articles.  Since last November I have initiated the World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP) for building catalogs of TRIZ-related sites in the world by voluntary collaboration of many TRIZ leaders over the world.

The number of visits since November 2005 is (on Nov. 11) 237,172 (increasing by about 3,300 for the last 1 year) to the top page in Japanese and 43,275 (increasing by about 1,600) to that in English.  I wish this Home Page be useful for you readers to solve your various problems.  Readers' contributions either in English or in Japanese are heartily welcome.

 TRIZ/CrePS Paper (Social problem): ‘Liberty vs Love’ and Ethics: Principal Contradiction of Human Culture and Solution Directions   (Nov. 11, 2018)

Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University);  Presented at ICCI2018 (International Conference on Creativity and Innovation) held by Japan Creativity Society and Kindai University ICMI on Sept. 10-12, 2018, Osaka. 
In addition to the Abstract posted earlier (Aug. 14, 2018), the full paper (in HTML  and in PDF ) and the presentation slides (in HTML  and in PDF ) are posted in English under the permission by ICCI2018.  In the Japanese page, the presentation slides (in HTML  and in PDF ) are now posted in Japanese translation, in addition to the discussion part of paper posted earlier.   The findings in the present study is summarized in a slide as:

Obtained Basic hypotheses of Principal Contradiction (Liberty vs Love) and its solution directions (Ethics):
    ・ The 1st Guiding Principle 'Liberty' is to decide and act for oneself and aims at winning in competitions.  It brings in creativity and innovation in culture and society, but also ruling and conservatism by the winners.
    ・ The 2nd Guiding Principle 'Love' is to love people, serve for them, and aims at happiness of the members.  It brings in reformation, but also control and conservatism for protecting all the members.
    ・ The 0th Guiding Principle 'Ethics' is most basic, and inside human heart shows the directions towards Good.  Fundamental Human Rights, saying 'everybody has the rights to pursue happiness', forms the core of Ethics.
    ・ 'Liberty vs Love' is the Principal Contradiction of Human Culture, which has never been solved yet throughout the human history.
    ・  Keys to solve the Contradiction are Ethics, capable to motivate and coordinate both Liberty and Love.
    ・  The origin of Ethics is the inherent (i.e., DNA built-in) capability of heart to judge what is Good ('Conscience').

Confirmed the significance of present hypotheses in comparison with Ethics references:
  ・ Hypothesis (a)  Principal Contradiction = Liberty vs. Love :   Novel? (yes (?)), Valid? (yes),  Effective? (yes)
  ・ Hypothesis (b) Keys to solving the Contradiction = Ethics :    Novel? (yes (?)), Valid? (yes),  Effective? (yes)
   ・ Hypothesis (c) Origin of Ethics = Inherent capability 'Conscience' :    Novel? (yes (?)), Valid? (yes),  Effective? (yes)
   ・ Hypothesis (d) Good = Guidance of Liberty, Love, and Ethics, together :    Novel? (yes), Valid? (yes),  Effective? (yes)

  TRIZ Forum:  Letters from Readers (Sept. - Oct. 2018)   (Oct. 19, 2018). Index of Letters from Readers   (Oct. 19, 2018)

[English page   ]  Toru Nakagawa; Robert Adunka (Germany), Bohuslav Busov (Czech Republic), Shireen Al-Jaouni (Palestine), Anatoly Guin (Russia), Nikolay Shpakovsky (Russia), and Elena Guin (Russia)
Update Announcements of this home page contain mainly Collection of T. Takahara's Papers (2016-2018), WTSP paper presented at Japan TRIZ Symposium, and results of Preliminary Internet Searches in individual (33+) countries.  Since late September, TRIZ leaders in Germany, Czech, Russia, etc. responded to me to make some trials of surveying TRIZ related Web sites in their countries.  WTSP seems to be starting its activities slowly.

[Japanese page ] Toru Nakagawa; Katsushige Hino, Toshio Takahara
The 4th Collection of Toshio Takahara's Papers (2016-2018), containing 11 papers, is the important articles in Japanese during this period.  Takahara's Research Note 2018 has over 80 A4 pages and is posted in 4 parts.  Hino comments on Takahara and results in a nice discussion.

  Forum: Visiting Mr. Yasuyuki Takaguchi, ex-Chief Priest, of Isshinji Temple in Osaka  (Oct. 19, 2018)

On Sept. 9 and 10, I visited Mr. Yasuyuki Takaguchi, ex-Chief Priest, of Isshinji Temple in Osaka.  He is one of my best friends studying together at Koyo Gakuin, Junior and Senior High School, in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, playing (soft) tennis in a pair.  He studied Architecture at Kyoto University, and later happened to become Chief Priest of Isshinji Temple (Jodo Shu in Buddhism), and worked as Professor at Nara Women University and operated an office as the owner Architect, all at the same time.   Since he and I were working in different fields and living in different areas in Japan, we did not have so much chances of talking deeply even though we knew the hard working of each other.  In the visit this time, I re-recognized his personality and great achievements. So I asked him to contribute a series of articles on his thoughts, activities, and achievements, to TRIZ Home Page in Japan. 

Please take a look at the photo attached here. It shows the inside of a hall 'Sanzen-Butsu-Do', designed and built by Rev. Takaguchi in 2002.  He writes: "This Hall is built just outside of the traditional Isshinji square, facing to a public street and is open everyday from 9:00 to 16:00 for everybody freely, symbolizing an Open Temple. You may encounter with (or be embraced by) Amida Butsu (in the center) and Kannon Bosatsu and Seshi Bosatsu, who have come to save you over the peaks of Himalayas.  I wanted to build a Buddhist Hall with a brilliant chancel and with sky lights coming down through a high ceiling window.  For designing such a Hall, I visited Budhist halls in India, Islamic halls in Turkey, and Byzantine style Christian church in Venice, etc. and extracted the atmosphere common to them."  When I stepped in, I gasped in wonder, and while sitting quietly alone, I felt myself being purified. 

  TRIZ Forum:  Letters from Readers (Jun. - Aug. 2018)   (Oct. 19, 2018). Index of Letters from Readers   (Oct. 19, 2018)

[English page   ]  Toru Nakagawa
The Update Announcements of this home page are recorded. During this period, appeals for working together in the WTSP project are main activities.  Emails were sent to many TRIZ leaders in various countries, and responses were received. But they are not disclosed here.  Nakagawa posted his papers on the "Principal Contradiction of Human Culture: 'Liberty vs Love' Contradiction and Ethics" presented at (2C) ETRIA TFC2107, (2D) TRIZ Home Page in Japan, and (3A) ICCI2018. 

[Japanese page ] Toru Nakagawa; Tomomi Murata, Yasumasa Ikezoe, Tadasuke Mizutani
The Update Announcements are recorded here in Japanese. T. Murata sent me several photos of traditional fireworks (of 16th century) performed at Yoshida Shrine in Toyohashi City. Y. Ikezoe and T. Mizutani commented on my works of Principal Contradiction.

  WTSP Working Material: "Preliminary Internet Searches of TRIZ-related Sites in Various (33+) Countries (Sept. 21; Sept. 25; Sept. 27, 2018)

Toru Nakagawa (OGU)
Preliminary Internet searches of TRIZ-related sites in various countries have been carried out.  On the basis of experiences in Japan, the search engine Yahoo!.Japan is used with the option of showing only one representative page for a site and a command URL for the internal search of the site.  Specifying the location country and appropriate languages, preliminary Internet searches were carried out for the countries UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Korea, Australia, and USA.  The search results are documented in MS Word and posted openly.  The search will be extended on request.

Searches are extended further for the countries: Spain, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Iran, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and groups of countries speaking Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, etc. (TN, Sept. 25, 2018)

Searches are extended further for the countries: Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Argentina, and Brazil.  Thus the searches effectively cover 33+ countries individually.  See the table  of the .doc files of the searches. (TN, Sept. 27, 2018)

   TRIZ Promotion: WTSP Paper (Japan TRIZ Sympo): "World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP) for Building and Maintaining Catalogs of Global TRIZ Resources (Sept. 21, 2018)

WTSP Global Co-editors: Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University, Japan), Darrell Mann (Systematic Innovation Network, UK), Michael Orloff (Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ, Germany) , Simon Dewulf (AULIVE, Australia) , Simon Litvin (GEN TRIZ, LLC., USA), Valeri Souchkov (ICG Training & Consulting, Netherlands); Presented at Japan TRIZ Symposium 2018, held by Japan TRIZ Society, on Sept. 13-14, 2018 at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo. Slides PDF
Outline:  Introduction and background, Proposal of WTSP, Building Japan WTSP Catalog, Current state and difficulties in WTSP, Findings with Japan WTSP Catalog.  Message is: "Many Wonderful TRIZ-related Web Sites - we already have in Japan ! Why don't you take a look and utilize the WTSP Catalog of TRIZ-related Sites in Japan  .  Let's work Together ! Connected !! We will be able to learn much more soon with the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World !!!"

  Basic Theory: "A Working Research Note on Philosophy (2018): A Note on the Principle of Way of Life of Homo Sapiens Based on Contradiction Model and Radical Enumerable Thinking " (Aug. 30; Sept. 1; Oct. 10, 2018)

Toshio TAKAHARA, Contributed to TRIZ Home Page in Japan on Apr. 12, 2018; Revised on Jun. 13, 2018; Posted on Aug. 30, 2018.  Further revised on Sept. 16, 2018 and Posted on Oct. 10, 2018.
This is an up-to-date working research note written by Toshio Takahara in Japanese for the purpose of describing his system of theories as closely as possible.  Because of its big volume (over 80 pages), it is published here in four parts besides a top page.  Abstract written by the author in English (in 5 pages) is posted in HTML  and in PDF

Concept of Radical Enumerable Thinking (RET) and Contradictions (especially the Contradiction of Unity) are his main methods for investigation.  His up-to-date understanding (in Mar. 2018) of these concepts are described in Part 1 and Part 2.  Then in Part 3 he writes, Objectization (= analysis, seeing objectively, individualization, liberty, criticism, etc.) and Unification (= synthesis, taking subjectively, integration, love, modesty, etc.) should be used repeatedly, hierarchically, with nesting, etc. for the purpose of Resolution of Differences (i.e., problem solving, task achieving, etc.).  And it forms the basis of our ways of living, he says.  He also writes often about the importance of understanding the overview of human history (and its significance), such as the significance of the beginning of barter, and of agricultural revolution and industrial revolution as energy revolutions.  In its Part 4, he writes a preparatory discussion on post-capitalism.  The author describes his various insights clearly.

  Top page (Abstract, Table of Contents, Conclusion, References) (Aug. 30; Oct. 10, 2018)

  Part 1. Radical Enumerable Thinking (Mar. 2018)  (Aug. 30; Oct. 10, 2018)

  Part 2. Contradiction Model (Mar. 2018) (Aug. 30; Oct. 10, 2018)

  Part 3. World View and Value Generating Sense of Object (Liberty) and Sense of Unity (Modesty and Love)   (Aug. 30, 2018)

  Part 4. On Artificial Intelligence, Logics in the Universe, Unified Theory of Humans, and Preparation for Post-Capitalism   (Aug. 30; Oct. 10, 2018)

  Basic Theory: "World View, Attitude and Logic of Life to Survive in the Universe " (Aug. 30, 2018)

Toshio Takahara, FIT 2017 (Forum on Information Technology in Japan), O-018, September , 2017, Univ. of Tokyo.
On posting the 4th Collection of Papers written by Toshio Takahara (2016 - 2018), I feel it necessary to post this paper and its presentation slides in English, because his voluminous works are mostly written in Japanese only.  The phrase 'to survive in the universe' is somewhat peculiar, but it intends to eliminate various factors 'happened to be specific to the human kind on the Earth' and to extract really essential factors in the desirable ways of living and ways of thinking for humans, I suppose.

  Basic Theory: ‘The Fourth Collection of Papers Written by Toshio Takahara (2016 - 2018) : "Theory of Resolving Differences (4) Radical Enumerable Thinking and Contradiction Model for the Way of Life" (Aug. 30; Oct. 10, 2018)

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been publishing all the papers presented by Toshio Takahara since 2003, resulting 47 papers in total for these 15 years.  This 4th Collection covers all the 11 papers published by the author from 2016 to 2018 in relation to TRIZ in a wider sense.  Most of them are written in Japanese and some in English.  All the documents are posted here in PDF with links, and some of them are posted in HTML pages as well.   The author is trying to think over everything radically, generally, and systematically for building his original system of theories.  Thus he defines/re-defines various concepts and terms, which make his theory not easy to understand for readers at first.  For getting introduced, you may read the introductions (or Editor's note by Nakagawa) to the the Collection (1)(2003-2007) , Collection (2)(2008-2012) , and Collection (3)(2013-2015) of Takahara's Papers.

In English pages, the paper presented at FIT2016 was published in Nov. 2016, and another presented at FIT2017 is now posted separately. The most important document in the 4th Collection is the Working Research Note (2018) posted now in 4 parts in Japanese , and its abstract written by the author is posted in English .   

 Forum: Software: Fuda-Memo is Open for Public Use: A Simplified Fuda-Yose Software without using Excel   (Aug. 14, 2018)

Akihiro Katahira ('Daiichi Kousha' ), Contributed to ”TRIZ Home Page in Japan" on Aug. 11, 2018.
The author is a unique thinker in creative problem solving (see (Jan. 18, 2015)) and the developer of Fuda-Yose Tool, which Nakagawa used much for Visual Thinking on social problems (see (Nov. 25, 2016)).  He has just developed Fuda-Memo software and introduces it in this home page.  It is another simple, nice, and useful software for Visual Thinking.  English version is not ready yet.

 TRIZ/CrePS Paper (Social problem): ‘Liberty vs Love’ and Ethics: Principal Contradiction of Human Culture and Solution Directions   (Aug. 14, 2018)

Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University);  Paper to be presented at ICCI2018 (International Conference on Creativity and Innovation) to be held by Japan Creativity Society on Sept. 10-12, 2018, Osaka.  Only Abstract is posted in English page (full paper will be after the Conference). 
The main purpose of this paper is (after presenting the Basic Hypotheses) to discuss on 'Implications of the present Hypotheses in Comparison with the conventional/standard theories of Ethics and Philosophy'.  The discussion section has subsections: 7.1 What is the real root of the directions of Ethics ?; 7.2 Nature of Ethical Principles/Rules; 7.3 Comments on modern Ethics, especially on Utilitarianism; 7.4 Liberty vs Love Contradiction in place of Sidgwick’s Dualism of Practical Reasoning; 7.5 Discussion on Rawls’ “Principle of Justice”; 7.6 Liberty, Equity, and Fraternity; 7.7 Concepts of Good and Happiness in the Present Study.  Having studied several books in Ethics closely in Japanese, I now have confirmed my understanding that the Basic Hypotheses postulated in the present study are quite different from various preceding works in reference and provide with new aspects and theory of significant importance.  In the Japanese page, Abstract, Discussions, and Conclusion are posted in Japanese translation

 WTSP Appeal:  An Appeal for Building Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World (WTSP Global Co-editors) (Jun. 25, 2018) 

This is an Appeal to TRIZ Leaders/Colleagues over the World from the six WTSP Global Co-editors together; i.e., Toru Nakagawa (Japan), Darrell Mann (UK), Michael Orloff (Germany), Simon Dewulf (Australia), Simon Litvin (USA), and Valeri Souchkov (Netherlands).

While the activities and accumulated knowledge of TRIZ and relevant methodologies become larger and larger, Internet search for them comes more difficult because of so much noise. In order to solve such a difficulty, we propose to build Catalogs of TRIZ-related Web Sites in the world. We had a prototype in 2008 and have recently demonstrated WTSP Catalog of TRIZ-related Sites in Japan . On the basis of these experiences, we are going to form a WTSP team in every country and build WTSP Catalog of each country and then of the World.  Why don't you join WTSP ? Could you please post this Appeal in your own Web site or forward it to your colleagues, as a sign of your support for the WTSP project?

 Appeal:  We need Your Help to build WTSP Catalog of TRIZ-related Sites in Your Country: Toru Nakagawa  (Aug. 22, 2018)

  TRIZ Forum:  Memorial of Mr. Masatoshi Hotta (Toru Nakagawa)   (Jun. 25, 2018)

Mr. Masatoshi Hotta, the former Managing Director of Japan TRIZ Society, has passed away on June 8, 2018.
In 1997, leading a department in Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI), he started to introduce TRIZ into Japan in contract with Invention Machine Corp. He organized users group and users Consortium, and held study meetings every month and completed the Japanese Edition of IM TechOptimizer software, thus contributed much to the dissemination of TRIZ to industries in Japan. He was also involved actively in organizing and managing Japan TRIZ CB and NPO Japan TRIZ Society, serving as the Managing Director. At the end of 2012 he quitted his consulting firm SKI and resigned from management of JTS.  We remember him with his strengths in organization and practices and his warm heart of accepting people.  In memory of Mr. Masatoshi Hotta we have a memorial page here.  Please send us information of him and your messages for him. 

 TRIZ/CrePS Paper (Social problem): 'Liberty vs. Love': The Principal Contradiction of Human Culture (2) The 'Liberty vs. Love' Contradiction and 'Ethics' at the Personal Level (D)   (Jun. 25, 2018) (Jun. 25; Aug. 14, 2018)

Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University); Extended paper in Japanese (D) published in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", Jun. 25, 2018.
 I extended the paper (A) presented in the Proceedings of Japan Creativity Society Conf. 2017 by adding much discussions, and submitted it to the Journal of JCS on Sept. 15, 2017.  But I received a rejection reply on Jan. 10, 2018, mainly because of not enough reference to preceding works on Ethics.  I revised the paper further on Jan. 14 and Feb. 27, 2018, but the review process was not opened again. ---- Since presenting my basic hypotheses thoroughly is important at this stage, I think, I am publishing the Extended Paper (D) here in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" in the Japanese page .  English translation is not ready, but the headings of the Discussion section are shown in the brief note in English . (Jun. 25, 2018)

Full paper in English translation has been posted, in HTML and in PDF (Aug. 14, 2018). Its Discussion section has following sub-sections: 6.1 Contributions of the Creative Problem Solving Methodology (TRIZ/CrePS); 6.2 Verifications of problem situations, relevant references, and hypothesis setting; 6.3 Structure and significance of the Basic Hypotheses; 6.4 Possibility of Common Basis of Ethics in Human Culture; 6.5 Significance and influences of the First Principle Liberty: Reformism and conservatism; 6.6 Significance, influences, and limitations of the Second Guiding Principle Love: Reformism and conservatism; 6.7 Social roles of the 0th Guiding Principle Ethics; 6.8 Factors which make the Principal Contradiction of Human Culture 'Liberty vs Love' even more difficult to solve.

 TRIZ/CrePS Paper (Social problem): 'Liberty vs. Love': The Principal Contradiction of Human Culture (2) The 'Liberty vs. Love' Contradiction and 'Ethics' at the Personal Level (C)   (Jun. 25, 2018)

Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University); Presented at European TRIZ Association (ETRIA), TRIZ Future Conference (TFC) 2017, Oct. 4-6, 2017 at Lappeenranta (Finland).  The paper has been published officially by ETRIA as: Nakagawa, T., 'Liberty vs. Love': The Principal Contradiction of Human Culture (2) The 'Liberty vs. Love' Contradiction and 'Ethics' at the Personal Level.  Journal of the European TRIZ Association, INNOVATOR, ISSN 1866-4180, 02/2017 Volume 04, pp. 97-104 .  . In this HP, I am posting the paper in HTML  and in PDF and the presentation slides in HTML and in PDF .

In September and October last year, I presented papers with the same title at 3 conferences: (A) Japan Creativity Society Conference (Sept. 9-10), (B) Japan TRIZ Symposium (Sept. 21-22), and (C) ETRIA TFC2017 (Oct. 4-6).  Presentations (A) and (B) were already posted in the page   (Sept. 28, 2017), so I am posting this presentation (C) in the same page.  The full paper together with the presentation slides describe the Author's findings fully in English. 

  TRIZ Forum:  Letters from Readers (Jan. - May 2018): Starting the World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP)    (May 19, 2018). 

[English page   ]  Toru Nakagawa (Japan); Alexander Kashkarov (Russia), Shahid Saleem Arshard (Australia), Maksymilian Smolnik (Poland), Juergen Jantschgi (Austria), Sebastian Koziolek (Poland), Simon Litvin (USA), Robert Adunka (Germany), Michael Orloff (Germany), Navneet Bhushan (India), Julian Vincent (UK), Tan Runhua (China), Yury Danilovsky (Korea), Denis Cavallucci (France), Dmitry Kucharavy (France), Roland De Guio (France), Sylvio Silveira Santos (Brazil), Shireen Al - Jaouni (Palestine - Jerusalem)
Starting the WTSP project is the main issue during this peirod.  Various trials for building the WTSP Catalog of TRIZ-related sites has been carried out first in Japan, and are reported and demonstrated to many TRIZ leaders across the world.  Responses by 17 TRIZ leaders are posted in this Forum page. 

[Japanese page: Toru Nakagawa; Administrator of 'Idea Generator', Chiharu Fukuda
Reports and announcements of WTSP, especially the output 'WTSP Catalog of 92 TRIZ-related sites in Japan (in Japanese)', are sent to many readers of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan". Communications with two blog site owners are recorded.

 WTSP Organization:  List of current Members, and the WTSP organization are posted. (May 19, 2018) 

 WTSP Letter:  For Forming WTSP Teams to Build WTSP Catalog in Each Country (Toru Nakagawa) (May 19, 2018) 

A WTSP Letter was sent on Apr. 24 to about 100 TRIZ leaders in the world for asking their support for the WTSP project.  We are at the stage of finishing the preparation and starting the actual work of building the WTSP Catalog, but our WTSP project is still very small and weak for carrying out the actual work.  Voluntary cooperative work are urged not only to the TRIZ leaders addressed but also to any TRIZ practitioners and TRIZ learners. 

 In summary, the current jobs for us to do in the WTSP Project are:
   (a) Please join the WTSP Project by sending your Membership Application Form to Nakagawa.
   (b) Form a team of WTSP Members in your own country; Volunteer to be Country Editor.
   (c) Record the Internet survey of TRIZ sites in your country and list the sites.
   (d) Write down introductions to the TRIZ sites one by one in your own language first.
   (e) Collect the manuscripts and make a Catalog of TRIZ-related sites of your country in your own language first.
   (f) Make a Catalog of selected TRIZ-related sites of your country in English (translation), and integrate it into the World Catalog.
Let’s work Together ! Connected !!

  WTSP Project:  Current Working Manuscripts of the WTSP Catalog are posted (Toru Nakagawa)   (Apr. 24, 2018). 

Only the sites new or revised from the Base document (version 2008) are shown.  The .docx file for each Region will be updated every 1-2 weeks.
Update of Working files: (May 19, 2018)

  WTSP Outputs:  Catalog of TRIZ-related Sites in Japan (in English) (Toru Nakagawa)   (Apr. 4; Apr. 24, 2018). 

24 imporant TRIZ-related sites in Japan (type (a)) (and additional 68 sites) are introduced with annotation (and in shorter form) in English.  Most of the sites are written only in Japanese, but there are some sites written in English as well as in Japanese.  Some of the sites are particularly mentioned here briefly:
   01 (a) (d)  TRIZ Home Page in Japan (Toru Nakagawa):  Most active site since 1998 posting TRIZ articles and papers internationally.
   03 (a) (c)  Japan TRIZ Society (NPO):  Nation-wide center for promoting TRIZ, organizing Japan TRIZ Symposium every year.
   09 (a) (b) IDEA Corp. (Mamoru Zenko): Active consulting firm promoting integral use of QFD-TRIZ-TM and Goldfire software.
   10 (a) (b)  MOST (Kazuya Yamaguchi): Consulting firm promoting integral use of QFD-TRIZ-TM and AI (big data analysis).
   12 (a) (b)  Ideation Japan, Inc. (Teruyuki Kamimura):  Actively promoting Ideation-TRIZ, strong in IP field.
   14 (a) (g)  TRIZ Study (Shinsuke Kurosawa):  Posting many papers by G. Altshuller and other Russian authors in Japanese translation.
   16 (a) (b)  Pro-Engineers (Shigeru Kasuya):  An active consultant promoting TRIZ/USIT, posting many introductory articles.
   17 (a) (b)  IdeaPlant (Rikie Ishii):  Conducting workshops for enhancing idea generation; developed 'TRIZ Brainstorming Cards'.
   18 (a) (e) (Osamu Kumasaka): Active portal site connecting Issues in monodukuri (60 issues) to Methods for solutions (118 methods) by getting support of many professionals.  This is a nice new business model, I think.

Catalogs like this in each country and at the global level should be very useful for many people who want to learn TRIZ and creative problem solving methods.  Learning the existence and activities of these many TRIZ-related sites, we TRIZ practitioners are much sitmulated: Let's work Together!, Connected!! for building up the world Catalog in World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP)!!!

  WTSP Outputs:  Catalog of TRIZ-related Sites in Japan (in Japanese) (Toru Nakagawa)   (Mar. 17, 2018). 

In the Japanese page, a full manuscript for the Catalog of TRIZ-related Sites in Japan has been posted, as a preliminary part of the WTSP World Catalog.  It introduces 92 sites, describing in 2 to 8 lines each.  It is remarkable that about 2/3 of the sites are new sites in these 10 years.  Almost all the sites are posted in Japanese only. 
In the present English page, I temporarily show 25 important sites in Japan, by simply listing the site name and its URL to the main page, without any further description.  Please give me time for preparing the English version.

TRIZ News: "The TRIZ Journal" has been re-launched already under the operation by Darrell Mann (Systematic Innovation, Inc.) (Jan. 30, 2018)

Thanks and Conglaturations!!!  Visit it with the URL:

WTSP Project: Starting the preparation of 'A Catalogue of TRIZ-related Sites in the World' (1) Findings through Practices in Japan (Toru Nakagawa) (Jan. 30,, 2018)  (2) For more practical ways of preparation (Toru Nakagawa) (Feb. 7; Feb. 11, 2018)

For the actual start of preparing 'A Catalogue of TRIZ-related Sites in the World', I am now working to search and collect TRIZ-related Sites in Japan and to write brief introductions to them.   I now realize that we need to handle a huge volume of information, even exceeding my expectation.  Here are some findings and suggestions for our work.  [** Notice: Depending on countries there seem various differences in the options of search engines and in the situations of TRIZ-related sites.  Thus in each coutry, please adapt/modify your practical procedures to meet our common goal.]
For the search of TRIZ-related sites, we should better use Yahoo! instead of Google, with the keyword of 'TRIZ' and with the settings of 'Local area', 'Our own language', and the option of 'Display the link for searching inside the site'. Copy the full results of the search onto an MS Word document while keeping the hyperlinks active.
For each site shown in the search results, carry out the search inside the site; then we can get the search results of many TRIZ-relevant pages inside the site.  Visit each site actually to take a look at important pages and write a brief introduction to the site. (Description in the Guideline is revised as: 'Single line introduction' ==> 'Brief introduction' (in 2 to 4 lines, in a free format).
Because of much diversity among the sites, we are going to classify them according to their nature into 9 Categories, such as (a) TRIZ information sending sites, (b) Consultants etc. in TRIZ, (c) Academic societies, etc. (d) Universities, etc.   Depending on the nature of the site, quality and quantity of information, and importance, etc., we should introduce important sites closely to some detail, while less important ones just briefly.
There exist many important relevant sites without mentioning TRIZ explicitly. So we should carry out broader searching for them at the second stage.  How to search them and how to arrange them in our (second type of) Catalogue of TRIZ-related Sites are now under consideration by our 'Global Co-editor' Darrell Mann.
Project members are encouraged to start the search and description work in their own country in the manner describe above and in the Guidelines.

On the basis of the policy in (1), a more practical way of describing individual TRIZ sites and list of them has been shown by relaxing the Guidelines. MS Word instead of Excel may be used, and plain text formats may be easier to write than tabular formats.  A Word file  of the 'Selected 100 TRIZ Sites in the World' (composed by Nakagawa in 2008) is going to be used as the sample and base document for updating and enhancement. Corresponding to this practical ways, the WTSP Guideline is revised partly. (Feb. 7, 2018)

The base document is posted openly in the WTSP platform ( )   and in this Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" .  File name is: WTSP-ListSItes-Global-Stage0-180210.docx . See the Instructions in the File how to review and revise this Catalog of Sites.   Revised versions of the document will be publicized in the WTSP platform (probably every month or two) and also in this Web site (probalbly in a shorter interval).  (Feb. 11, 2018).

Another important change in the Membership: WTSP members may or may not use the WTSP platform. Since many people are too busy to learn the Bitrix24 operations, they prefer to use their ordinary tools of MS Word and emails. See the page WTSP (A2) Organization . (Feb. 12, 2018) 

  TRIZ News:  TRIZ News in Japan   (Jan. 25, 2018)

Japan Creativity Society (JCS) and Kindai University are going to hold International Conference on Creativity and Innovation (ICCI2018) on Sept. 10-12, 2018 in Osaka, Japan  (Jan. 25, 2018)

Japan TRIZ Society (JTS) is going to hold 14th TRIZ Symposium in Japan on Sept. 13 - 14, 2018 in Tokyo. (Jan. 25, 2018)

  TRIZ News:  TRIZ News Outside Japan   (Jan. 25, 2018)

ETRIA TRIZ Future Conference 2018 will be held on Oct. 29 - 31, 2018 at INSA Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France. (Jan. 25, 2018)

TRIZfest-2018 Conference and related events will be held on Sept. 13-15, 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.   (Jan. 25, 2018)

ICSI 2018 is to be held on Jul. 18-21, 2018, in Hsinchu, Taiwan. (Jan. 25, 2018)

TRIZCON2018 will be held on May 6-9, 2018 at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA (Jan. 25, 2018)

 From the Editor:  Message for the New Year 2018  (Jan. 25, 2018)

Editor: Toru Nakagawa (Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University), Jan. 15, 2018
Greetings from Japan for a Happy New Year 2018!! Wish the year be peaceful in the World, and healthy, happy, and successful for you all.  Posted is an English translation of my New Year Card which I sent to about 200 friends in Japan whom I met before my TRIZ days. 

Happy New Year 2018 !!
Since my retirement of OGU in 2012, I have been continuing my research and proliferation activities on the methodologies of creative problem solving. I am trying to extend application areas of the methodology from technolgies to social/human areas.
At the base of social problems related to poverty, we find the conflicts in arguments for self-responsivility and for mutual help. And further down at the root, I have found the 'Principal Contradiction of Human Culture', as show in the figure (right). The two Principal Principles 'Liberty' and 'Love' do conflict everywhere. 'Ethics' is supposed to motivate and coordinate the two Principles, but it should overcome the basic inclination of 'Obedience' in old 'Morals' and stand on the basis of dignity and essencial equality of every person. The three Principal Principles, i.e. Liberty, Love, and Ethics, should be establlished in every person and every organization/society. 
The swallows in the photo show naturally and sincerely 'Liberty, Love, and Ethics'.
I wish you all for your health and success, and for a peaceful new year.
January 1st, 2018   Toru Nakagawa

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